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David Bowie - No Plan -
Published: 1 year ago By: DavidBowieVEVO

By: DavidBowieVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

2, 806, 923 views

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"No Plan" video directed by Tom Hingston

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Kate Harker
'Kate Harker' 2 days ago
This is so beautiful. Every time I re-watch this video I try to convince myself that I'm not going to cry, and then I end up bursting into tears. It's a little blurry, but it looks like the street image and lichen on the television screen at 2:17-2:22 was taken from the "Underground" video. Does anyone know for sure if I am correct?
dog spoon for sale
Im not crying alone
Mare Sole
'Mare Sole' 1 week ago
Oscura ipnotica inquietante bella .
'EL2MEGAS' 2 weeks ago
This album was his good bye to all of us, he had to go back to his own time and dimension... thank you David
Rael Hoxha
'Rael Hoxha' 2 weeks ago
Hi everybody! I'm a great Bowie lover (not fan) I love every little detail of his life long performances and I like to say about his late songs, mostly what he has left behind, that he is the greatest creator of them all and he will always be a breakthrough for all artists that will come after him. all of the songs that he released after his death deserve a "black star" in the rock n'roll hall of fame as the most influential and distinguished artists of all times. His latest work should be called "songs from beyond" sorry for this indulgence, but this is my first and drunken, comment ever in YouTube... I had "No Plan" to do this, I wish you enjoy Bowie's songs whenever, and keep being weird with style, don't forget to mention him to your kids when time comes!!!
Dog Head
'Dog Head' 2 weeks ago
love it
Sony Anderson
'Sony Anderson' 2 weeks ago
champagne supernova
'champagne supernova' 2 weeks ago
It's been two years without you, Bowie. I miss you ❤️
Mai Mohamed
'Mai Mohamed' 2 weeks ago
jean kulig
'jean kulig' 3 weeks ago
This makes me sad but can't stop watching it!
duperflex duperflexić
R.I.P David Bowie bless us down here...😖
'Vexanize' 3 weeks ago
omfg this is so brilliant how he shows that he's trapped in sound in our screens on this website and anywhere else forever, with no plan. AGH GENIUS
Deadeye Spider
'Deadeye Spider' 3 weeks ago
There's probably an easter egg hunt afoot.
Asher Adson
'Asher Adson' 4 weeks ago
Imagine walking home one night, you happen to look over, and the TVs are having an emotional breakdown
'JKOANRALS kJAORAl' 1 month ago
I just realized that this song has certain similarities to "Us And Them" by Pink Floyd, am I the only one to hear this?
Bill Wright
'Bill Wright' 1 month ago
Cool video, like one more transmission from Major Tom from the Great Beyond. I've created three David Bowie videos on my channel, the best of which is "After All," which looks like a haunted sideshow. The others are "Life On Mars" and "Black Country Rock."
Mia Torres
'Mia Torres' 1 month ago
It's like he's still alive
Paco Nichols
'Paco Nichols' 1 month ago
A hero lost to time, I hope to someday look down on Earth with you Bowie
poupée lapin
'poupée lapin' 1 month ago
No Plan
Arthur S Sena
'Arthur S Sena' 1 month ago
Trataria da morte, do lugar digital ou do espaço? Obviamente, os três, simultaneamente, mas torço cegamente que seja do último, como num adeus pós-morte. Dois anos depois e eu ainda impactado...
'FatboySim' 1 month ago
2 years 😱😱😱😭😭😭😭
Dear My Friend
'Dear My Friend' 1 month ago
It still makes me cry...
kaspiks tv
'kaspiks tv' 2 months ago
he always get plan
kaspiks tv
'kaspiks tv' 2 months ago
😢😢😢noooo dawid bowie he is death
'legasiguy' 2 months ago
1:09 1:58 "Just like that bluebird. . ."
'legasiguy' 2 months ago
2:53 Major Tom on his journey.
The Ol
I can barely listen to song because it makes me so calm and happy I sob every time.
'LillianaBMS' 2 months ago
David Henderson
'David Henderson' 2 months ago
Love you David
jcubestuto 1
'jcubestuto 1' 2 months ago
R.I.P David bowie
kaspiks tv
'kaspiks tv' 2 months ago
great david bowie☺
Alejandro Mariani
'Alejandro Mariani' 2 months ago
toda su musica es impresionante.un maestro
'vi0lentth3rapy' 2 months ago
I love you so much David. Thank you for your music. It has changed my life so much. Us Capricorns always seem to connect.
TheHellGamer 2PZ
'TheHellGamer 2PZ' 2 months ago
Il est mort
Biznes Immigration
'Biznes Immigration' 2 months ago
He seems not to abandoned us... There is no grave, and still he releasing new songs... He is with us.
Linda Collette
'Linda Collette' 2 months ago
Repose en paix !
Christopher Builder
'Christopher Builder' 2 months ago
'mina0102' 3 months ago
Definitely, a man from Mars
keys Official Music Channel
A total artist...this song is the proof that with just few notes and a great urge for communication music can be the greatest wonder of the universe. Bowie knew this and here's what we much heartfelt, so much immense...thank you David...R.I.P.
Lucia Stamati
'Lucia Stamati' 3 months ago
Love you Dave I know you're out there I know you are that bluebird to get you you literally saved my life and you made your own into a work of art including the ending of it and I can't say any more than to upset
luiz guilherme moreira sales
IHello i am Braisl The voice amazing David Bowie
king catnip
'king catnip' 3 months ago
thank you david for breaking my heart from beyond the grave
'IVIIiIIVI' 3 months ago
I like the bird theme.
Mark Gillan
'Mark Gillan' 3 months ago
Keep flying DBowie,,
jeff kendall
'jeff kendall' 3 months ago
another great song....
'FatboySim' 3 months ago
2 years now 😭👽
TheReal Wheatington
'TheReal Wheatington' 3 months ago
Any Bowie songs similar to this one??
Peter Brazier
'Peter Brazier' 3 months ago
Klaus Voglhofer
'Klaus Voglhofer' 3 months ago
....david left 2 years ago.... but he will never leave our minds.... for the greatest singer ever.... life without you is not the same....
'something0686' 3 months ago
You've gotta have a scheme, You've gotta have a plan
Scott Bridshaw
'Scott Bridshaw' 3 months ago
2 years holy fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
'PurelyAfrican' 3 months ago
I remember this from lazurus. It's so much more beautiful when he sings it. :-/
Fernando Perez
'Fernando Perez' 3 months ago
Thanks for your music Mr.Bowie
Alec Swenor
'Alec Swenor' 3 months ago
It's almost as if he's speaking to us from beyond the grave. Beautiful song.
Lobotomía Films
'Lobotomía Films' 3 months ago
2 years now, still missing you David. Thnx for everything.
Kristjan Bushi
'Kristjan Bushi' 3 months ago
LindHayls This
'LindHayls This' 3 months ago
2018, another year without you ❤ but you're always here.
'Corn8lius' 3 months ago
Two years.
Gregory Kadonsky
'Gregory Kadonsky' 3 months ago
Jolyon Cheung
'Jolyon Cheung' 3 months ago
happy birthday David. Miss you loads.
Ke Ry
'Ke Ry' 3 months ago
Happy Birthday, David! Miss you so much!!!
David Bowie Radio
'David Bowie Radio' 3 months ago
'TheParagade' 3 months ago
Happy Birthday, David!
Magus None
'Magus None' 3 months ago
Happy Birthday, Starman. We miss you.
foxfabio1 fabio
'foxfabio1 fabio' 3 months ago
Happy Birthday David !💔💗. . . . . 01/08/2018
'B C S' 3 months ago
No matter how sick David became, He still created beautiful music for Us. David truly loved His fans....Rest in peace Starman... ❤️
SeenUnSeen SeenUnSeen
happy birthday my muse my reason to be....
'Jams' 4 months ago
one year.
Tiago Grasel Giachini
Wherever I may go Just where Just there I am All of the things that are my life My desires My beliefs My moods Here is my place without a plan. Another year without you, Rest in peace
Pseudo Nym
'Pseudo Nym' 4 months ago
meine güte...habe gescrollt ohne ende David ich hätte gerne mit dir eine nacht verbracht,ohne hintergedanken!
Gerald Teplan
'Gerald Teplan' 4 months ago
thank you, david! i will always love you...
daniel ball
'daniel ball' 4 months ago
Pure.Serene. Crystalline. Complete. Its like a diamond shot me in the middle of my forehead.
pablo acuña
'pablo acuña' 4 months ago
Pat Frei
'Pat Frei' 4 months ago
Yhe failing newton... tesla rocks
'Rocky' 4 months ago
Ya know even though he is dead I think he writes these songs in the stars
Rodhy Lamb
'Rodhy Lamb' 4 months ago
This is SAD BUT BEAUTIFUL! Just could've been David ! We'll be missing u dude!!
'IBPACE MUAWIYA' 4 months ago
أنا أحب ديفيد بووي
'cyberopbug' 4 months ago
Would most of you agree? David was the best friend you never met? Always there (in music) when you needed him, always had the right words to say, always soothed you....
'poison.berry' 4 months ago
Please, could anybody tell me on which album this song is ? - I didn't kow it, it's sad but wonderful. - Please, tell me if you can ! - thank you.
Rafael Wenzel
'Rafael Wenzel' 5 months ago
This video should’ve been nominated at the Grammy! 🏆👏🏻🔝
'Kukenango' 5 months ago
Did he just give us the finger at 3:38 ?
'DrVornhoff' 5 months ago
I have heard of phones in vocals, but this is insane with that image from Black Tie/White Noise sessions. True genius (as always).
Giant StoneEater
'Giant StoneEater' 5 months ago
And to think that we know there are planets around the closest stars....and with near-lightspeed probes we could see actual up close images of them in about 15-20 years. David transcended space in all aspects, inner and outer. It is not....quite....yet....
Amy Draws
'Amy Draws' 5 months ago
I'm crying again! you will never be forgotten David! <3
Draven Goodwin
'Draven Goodwin' 5 months ago
I miss you
'workventrus' 5 months ago
Bowies ashes should have been sent to space
The Ol
This is the song that keeps me going. I remember when I first found this on Vimeo (before it was both on Youtube or iTunes), I was in my hotel looking out at the city lights up to the Empire State Building (my hotel had an amazing view). But as I listened to this and looked down to see the dimly lit streets to see people bustling around, living their own lives, this made me love NYC. Each and every person has their own story and reasons for what they do, but we’re all connected and united because of the city in which they share. And honestly it may sound like nothing or even stupid but honest to God thinking about that snowy December night while I listen to this brings me to tears with how happy and peaceful I feel. This is my pure bliss.
Adam Simpson
'Adam Simpson' 5 months ago
These were my thoughts on the 1 year anniversary of the passing of David Bowie:
Massimiliano Furlanetto
RIP my dear friend
Jim P
'Jim P' 5 months ago
It’s when you find your not alone.
'OldSoul' 5 months ago
i wonder what he's got planned for us in 2018
Sigfredo Segarra
'Sigfredo Segarra' 6 months ago
he is died right
Sigfredo Segarra
'Sigfredo Segarra' 6 months ago
he is died
Tee Hee
'Tee Hee' 6 months ago
Sobbing uncontrollably.
Skye L A
'Skye L A' 6 months ago
Pat Frei
'Pat Frei' 6 months ago
'María' 6 months ago
I miss you.
'DaEpicFirestar' 6 months ago
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