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David Bowie - No Plan -
Published: 6 months ago By: DavidBowieVEVO

By: DavidBowieVEVOPublished: 6 months ago

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No Plan EP available now for download and streaming:
"No Plan" video directed by Tom Hingston

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'thepopo592' 14 hours ago
It's poetic really, how it kinda explains what happened after, he was kinda brought back from the dead, and spread throughout the internet, and tv where everyone mourned infront of their tvs and screens and in the streets
'Steelyfan77' 3 days ago
My mother (who is the center of my universe) passed not long before this was released so naturally, in my mind, the two will never be disconnected. Mom...say hi to David for me...I love you
'elsa1942' 3 days ago
It's almost like he's alive again...
Random Stuff101
'Random Stuff101' 5 days ago
I like to think that Bowie made this song after his death, since it was released after. It makes me feel like he is somewhere, still making music. It was what he wanted to do with his life, and what he is most likely doing after his life. I will always love you Starman, Ziggy, Major Tom, Aladdin. I will always love you David Bowie.
Mel Delacroix
'Mel Delacroix' 2 weeks ago
Yes, I'm Still Crying-
'Bluttraumer' 2 weeks ago
Wow I love it!
'D WAR' 2 weeks ago
I miss you BlackStar.........
Peter George
'Peter George' 2 weeks ago
Sorry Dave...if it didn't have your name on it, it wouldn't last for 10 seconds of play time...Yes, you're image and stage craft was larger than life & iconic, and you had a great influence on social/cultural norms and there were a few really great songs like Fame, Lets Dance, Space Oddity & Young Americans but other than that your MUSICAL contribution was limited...RIP
'kiddiediddler' 2 weeks ago
newton electrical hahaha
daniel ball
'daniel ball' 2 weeks ago
This is not..quite...yet...what if he killed off the stage name " David Bowie" and is actually retired now living out the rest of his days as "David Jones" his original birth given name...what if?
'Deathcop' 3 weeks ago
This jumped me when i got the notification
Grecia Alexandra
'Grecia Alexandra' 3 weeks ago
i feel sad and happy... what the hell os going on? nobody can kill to starman. Not even God. the only criature who can is Bowie.
MikeWord[World eye of Earth]
Такое чувство, что он где-то рядом...
Tony George
'Tony George' 3 weeks ago
So beautiful but so sad
Ty Vm
'Ty Vm' 4 weeks ago
Such a beautiful song, thank you Mr. Bowie.
'MONDO GYPSY' 4 weeks ago
This is real time. Now and Forever.
Serena Bell
'Serena Bell' 4 weeks ago
What extraordinary sound! maybe it's just the reverberation of his soul, Bowie you're always on our souls
'Hiberusflumen' 4 weeks ago
Canciones como esta valen más que carreras enteras. Pone los pelos de punta la letra y la forma que tiene de cantarla, la despedida de este mundo de alguien con quien hemos tenido la fortuna de coincidir en el tiempo.
Tarot del misterio
'Tarot del misterio' 1 month ago
El gran genio y maestro 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Lisa Almira Burke
'Lisa Almira Burke' 1 month ago
David Bowie created, lived, and gave so much! I will always love you David Bowie!
'akwalek' 1 month ago
what a lovely song. I miss you.
kimberly bruce
'kimberly bruce' 1 month ago
Joaquin Campero
'Joaquin Campero' 1 month ago
esta cancion siempre me hace llorar
Martin Curry
'Martin Curry' 1 month ago
Underrated SuperStar.
Moviestar Memories
'Moviestar Memories' 1 month ago
I just received this LP, and David left a clue....on the paper label there is a star map.
Barry Spencer
'Barry Spencer' 1 month ago
'Kayzlaza' 1 month ago
I think that rocket at the end was about Space Oddity
'nallly' 1 month ago
New Live Bowie coming on June 16. David Bowie: Cracked Actor Live LA 1974. The only problem is it is virtually the same concert as his David Live in Philadelphia from the same year.
'nallly' 1 month ago
I hate to use the word "special" but this is a special song. I'm going to have my wife play it exactly 1 year after I die. I'll be in an urn on the mantle right next to the flat screen TV I used to watch. No, she will not throw my ashes in the dumpster...
Alex Twister
'Alex Twister' 2 months ago
I can't believe I don't live under the same sky as he anymore.
Teddy Furstman
'Teddy Furstman' 2 months ago
It reminds me of Us and Them from Dark side of the Moon by Pink Floyd but in a loving way. RIP David Bowie Sax is cool tho.
LukeStardust 215
'LukeStardust 215' 2 months ago
Starman ?
Miranda Monroe
'Miranda Monroe' 2 months ago
💜🕊👑 I 💜 🇾 🇴 🇺 🇻 🇪 🇷 🇾 🇲 🇺 🇨 🇭 💜🕊👑🕊
Moviestar Memories
'Moviestar Memories' 2 months ago
MARS,or maybe a museum on 2nd ave. Or just a dream...the enterweb.
Moviestar Memories
'Moviestar Memories' 2 months ago
How much you want to bet he sent his ashes, or at least some, into space?
Moviestar Memories
'Moviestar Memories' 2 months ago
And thank you for the vinyl.......
Moviestar Memories
'Moviestar Memories' 2 months ago
GOD, that was beautiful.......THIS is what I like.Anyone catch the TV screen whitenoise image?
Loka Nunda
'Loka Nunda' 2 months ago
lola dell
'lola dell' 2 months ago
Achingly beautiful song ...
'Mikedg' 2 months ago
Legends Never Die.
Matt Gardiner
'Matt Gardiner' 2 months ago
To my little brother who just passed away with lung cancer at the age of 18. Are you nowhere now? I can't imagine the feelings, that one day I too will feel.
Melly Melon
'Melly Melon' 2 months ago
The fuck with all these god posts? STFU and let the adults enjoy the song.
'Destroynkill34' 2 months ago
I need a bowie tv like that how much
'Destroynkill34' 2 months ago
omg its been over a year and I'm still as sad as when I found out
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I wasn't either
Margaret Thatcher
'Margaret Thatcher' 2 months ago
Very clever lyrics, enigmatic. The lyrics makes it seem as Hough the sentence will end like a normal sentence and yet, instead, comes an almost unexpected juxtaposition of existence... very interesting and very clever
'RedRose' 2 months ago
David Bowie is not dead. He's been much luckier than other stars who really died in 2016. I miss the young D.B and his character Thomas J. Newton.
'xGKGamesx' 2 months ago
Credit to the director by still making it feel like a Bowie song even though he isnt in the music video. Just beautiful.
Pamela Stanley
'Pamela Stanley' 2 months ago
I just read that Mike Garson claims Bowie was told by a "fortune teller" (psychic) that he would die at age 69, and Bowie took it very seriously..........
Desiree Ann
'Desiree Ann' 2 months ago
I Truly a beautiful man with-in, David Bowie!
Barry Spencer
'Barry Spencer' 2 months ago
WOW.  This grows on you.
'LAVKO' 2 months ago
im crying
Low Profile
'Low Profile' 2 months ago
This video is so captivating! well as Davids other songs-videos. For me for some strange reason as I watch the video, I feel like the people on the street in the video, who cant seem to turn away from watching it...Its if I'm drawn in like those people, staring into the tv and not being able to look away. This song and video is eerily beautiful, in some way that I can't articulate and express with words. God bless you David!
Tootsie Bellevue
'Tootsie Bellevue' 2 months ago
Too much, so much, not enough. I love you, I miss you x
Simbiosis Alv
'Simbiosis Alv' 2 months ago
La gran despedida 3
Sorry Not Sorry
'Sorry Not Sorry' 2 months ago
OMG Beautiful !!!❤
Michael Bunn
'Michael Bunn' 2 months ago
This has to be about what it's like to be dead and where you end up. It's like he's in some sort of purgatory between the living and the dead with the TV being switched on, but static, stuck between on and off. It's just empty, but he's still there. He has no plan to escape because he is locked in nothing.
tomas walker
'tomas walker' 2 months ago
strangers things...?
Joeseph Talamo
'Joeseph Talamo' 2 months ago
How the heck did that happen
Mask Gaming
'Mask Gaming' 2 months ago
Who is uploading these videos? I thought he died a year ago? RIP Bowie You'll be remembered
guillermo gonzalez
'guillermo gonzalez' 2 months ago
RIP Bowie ..... I remember when I saw you years ago ...... fabulous performance ... great star ... I can't believe we will never see you again
Janice Carroll
'Janice Carroll' 2 months ago
Absolutely BRILLIANT ! David Bowie. Still great.
Mark Gillan
'Mark Gillan' 2 months ago
so sad
Ana Morrissey
'Ana Morrissey' 2 months ago
Rest in peace, I miss you and I love you so much.
N. E. Barton
'N. E. Barton' 2 months ago
This song is so good it makes me cry. The videos on the screens, with the exception of the NASA footage and David singing, were purportedly filmed by David Bowie . Brian Eno saw the flying bird video, and asked who filmed it(he had not met David yet). The old microphone that David was singing into was purportedly the one he used when he first met Tony Visconti. Bowie is trying to let us know how it all began :-)
'Macksmix' 2 months ago
Meg Shafer
'Meg Shafer' 3 months ago
Another piece of beautiful music....looking up there...saying Thank you, once again..xo
Lauren Frank
'Lauren Frank' 3 months ago
I feel that Bowie put himself in his music so he's not *really* gone. It's quite nerdy but, I think of it like horcruxes. He put some of his soul into his music.
Lina Moren
'Lina Moren' 3 months ago
I cry for Bowie like everyday, it hurts me so bad. I don't know, how can I help it... 😭😫
'everclairew' 3 months ago
I am 12 years old right now. My mom introduced David Bowie to me when I was about 10. We adored him and still do. I learned how amazing and beautiful he IS. Not WAS. All I remember when he died is that my mom came into my room to wake me up for school bawling. She was heartbroken to tell me what happened. Every time I hear a song of his I hold back tears. There have been so many character David Jones played. And each of them amazing! I love him and will continue to love him for the rest of my life. RIP Mr. Jones, we all love you!
Patricia Actis
'Patricia Actis' 3 months ago
this is genius
Patricia Actis
'Patricia Actis' 3 months ago
miss u baby
Benny Potatoe
'Benny Potatoe' 3 months ago
everyone is saying david bowie died like wtf he just released this song 2 months ago dumbasses
cassy payne
'cassy payne' 3 months ago
holly shit!!!!
Celia Hannam
'Celia Hannam' 3 months ago
Lucas Souza
'Lucas Souza' 3 months ago
Fuck you
'Destroynkill34' 3 months ago
2016's first victom
Unicorn Face
'Unicorn Face' 3 months ago
The Woman With No Head
Thomas Jérome Newton. If you know what I mean ...
'BerettaM9USAF' 3 months ago
Hes gonna release a new single every year until 2050...a new CD every 5.5 years and in between I hear hes kick'n it old school with Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa... :)
Chloe Tait
'Chloe Tait' 3 months ago
I love David, he had such an amazing life. I love the film labyrinth it's one of my favourites❤
Adam Gaywood
'Adam Gaywood' 3 months ago
thank you David for everything xx
Piotr Biniecki
'Piotr Biniecki' 3 months ago
Patricia Actis
'Patricia Actis' 3 months ago
going Tesla on Newton Electrical
Agronegócio Fatec
'Agronegócio Fatec' 3 months ago
super star man
Frisk Undertale
'Frisk Undertale' 3 months ago
The is beautiful!!! 😭😭
'Nyconic' 3 months ago
He must've been in a very dark place before he died.
Marcela García Moreno
♡ esta canción en mi corazón para siempre ♡♡♡♡
Evan Heintzelman
'Evan Heintzelman' 3 months ago
I thought he died
'Petka' 3 months ago
I love this. Even if he's gone,there's still new music and videos. Thank you.
Tom Skellern
'Tom Skellern' 3 months ago
hey guys remember that time when david bowie died and then died again and then died again
'김효진' 3 months ago
보위는 영원하네요..
Lee GaryB
'Lee GaryB' 3 months ago
These is exactly 1 person who could pull this off. 1 person in history who could write and record a song that is clearly only meant to be released after he passed and that man was David Bowie. Putting this out a year after he passed is a pure Bowie move that no one else could ever pull off. A true artist.
'MAELO GRRR' 3 months ago
una joya
ronald rosales
'ronald rosales' 3 months ago
He didn't want to be buried, but he wanted to express himself for a last time, his agony, suffering, hope, all the things he was feeling putted in the art he used all his life, music
Bradley McInulty
'Bradley McInulty' 3 months ago
It's sad we won't see him in these videos anymore.
Luis Guilherme Dourado Araujo
Só eu vi alguma teoria nos clipes, Blackstar, Lazurus e No Plan. Que o David no clipe tá repassando uma mensagem em algum lugar que esteja, e Blackstar e Lazurus se passam antes desse clipe, tipo na hora da morte ou lá do outro lado e só uma teoria, nada sério Only I saw some theory in the clips, Blackstar, Lazurus and No Plan. That David in the clip is passing a message somewhere, and Blackstar and Lazurus pass before that clip, like at the time of death or on the other side It's just a theory, nothing
'AceCross' 3 months ago
Beauty and sad song
'sausage' 3 months ago
piękny utwór Davida Bowiego pewnie już po odejściu....Mistrzu, jesteś na zawsze WIELKI!!!
'Belstia' 3 months ago
What's with the dislikes?
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