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Every iPhone Speed Test Comparison 2016 PART 2! -
Published: 1 year ago By: EverythingApplePro

By: EverythingAppleProPublished: 1 year ago

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ALL iPhones EVER Made Comparison! 2016 Edition Part 2. iPhone 7 Plus vs 7 vs SE vs 6S Plus vs 6S vs 6 Plus vs 6 vs 5S vs 5C vs 5 vs 4S vs 4 vs 3Gs vs 3G vs 2G!

Dawn Bohlmann
'Dawn Bohlmann' 3 days ago
giv me all of your phones
Jackson Moyer
'Jackson Moyer' 5 days ago
Wow I thought my 7 Plus was a little slow for some reason but I ran the Geekbenh and it was much higher than the test in this video. Very shocked idk why.
Ambal Selesten
'Ambal Selesten' 2 weeks ago
Oye soltealos si kieres
Julia Ruiz
'Julia Ruiz' 2 weeks ago
Ai porque los que bras lloro por tener un aifon6
Susana Gomez
'Susana Gomez' 2 weeks ago
Hey some of those are fake cause Then why is the IPhone 7Plus so gray and looks very old next time make it better and show the back
Matteo Renzi
'Matteo Renzi' 3 weeks ago
Kyle Rodriguez
'Kyle Rodriguez' 3 weeks ago
"Much More Better
Dominique Roache
'Dominique Roache' 3 weeks ago
I have the iphone 7 rose gold
Pouya Haidari
'Pouya Haidari' 4 weeks ago
the original iPhone is better have low ghrapics and have lag camera and it have fun games 😆😆😆😆😆😆😁😁buy it
aRandomperson_ 1558
'aRandomperson_ 1558' 4 weeks ago
Anyone else on the 6s Plus?
brielle Gedrimas
'brielle Gedrimas' 4 weeks ago
my first phone iPhone was the 5s 😑✌🏻
brielle Gedrimas
'brielle Gedrimas' 4 weeks ago
its amazing how far phones have upgraded past to future
Dıy Kendin yap
'Dıy Kendin yap' 1 month ago
karol karol
'karol karol' 1 month ago
Give me iphone se
SwagGaming - Roblox Minecraft GD and More!
If you have any leftover iPhones plz give some to me (except for an iPhone 4 which I already have). All of them should be white/silver (except for the first three generations)
'Darknd_115' 1 month ago
0:05 that must've been satisfying
Neloy Chowdhury
'Neloy Chowdhury' 1 month ago
do every iPhone speed test comparison 2017 part 2
Android is better
Tablet Fabiola Mejia
Can i have i iPhones 😐😚
RJ Rayan
'RJ Rayan' 1 month ago
Can you buy me one iphone 5s space grey 32 GB... I am not asking you for much.. I am pretty sure it wont cost you much, 😀
Ashley Stephens
'Ashley Stephens' 1 month ago
'KALIHD ;P' 1 month ago
The SE was after the 6S!!!!
Lashawna Smith
'Lashawna Smith' 1 month ago
and I get one
'Dropsen' 1 month ago
Watching on my iPhone 4s. Rip [*] :(
Tinged Turnip Gaming
1:50 no they're on XD
Andy Li
'Andy Li' 1 month ago
i'm watching this on my iphone 8 plus
juan ramos
'juan ramos' 1 month ago
I'm hope the next video with everything iphone 8 .8+ 7. 7+. Etc
'PLAYMOLUKA' 1 month ago
Gonna get Iphone SE! (Big fan of Apple)
'robotomo' 1 month ago
4:00 work of art
Emir Aydemir
'Emir Aydemir' 1 month ago
4:47 When you have toooooo many smartphones at home and you dont know what to do with them
Emir Aydemir
'Emir Aydemir' 1 month ago
I used an iPhone 4s from 2016-2017. It made be depressive
Landen Kol
'Landen Kol' 1 month ago
i had no idea what he meant for half the video
Rudy Robles/cl7jddh AJ
Can you make a new comparsion with all iphones even iPhone X and iPhone 8 and 8 plus
Aaron van den Akker
'Aaron van den Akker' 1 month ago
I have a iPhone 8 plus
SwagGaming - Roblox Minecraft GD and More!
I have an iPhone 4 and I'm saving for a 5S.
Pia Bell
'Pia Bell' 2 months ago
Anyone else have a 5c ?
Green Trees Music 2016
You said 3GS twice.
'Abuse' 2 months ago
Skeptic Shrimpo 2
'Skeptic Shrimpo 2' 2 months ago
I have an iPhone 7
Rasa Katha Rasa Katha
i phone x review
Constantinos Kozakos
'Constantinos Kozakos' 2 months ago
That was a grea video i love your vids
Îp 5 user
'Îp 5 user' 2 months ago
Who is watching this with an iPhone
'Marcelxyz' 2 months ago
nice comparison
'Ray' 2 months ago
When's the new one? ☹️
Jadon Humphries
'Jadon Humphries' 2 months ago
Hey did you know iPhones on the best vines ever in the world better than those stupid Samsung
Gold Ali
'Gold Ali' 2 months ago
Now we have iPhone 8 and 8 plus
Ben Reaume
'Ben Reaume' 2 months ago
Where's the 2017 comparison video? I guess it's just too many to compare all at once now.
Samantha Anderson
'Samantha Anderson' 2 months ago
I don't have a phone or i phone 😢😢😢
Gavin The Crafter
'Gavin The Crafter' 2 months ago
Yay! The iPhone SE is pretty fast :)
'Milly's World' 2 months ago
So which phone would you recommend out of all of them functions the best?
Iaedy Fy
'Iaedy Fy' 2 months ago
You forgot one test batteri
Prettyboy Jay
'Prettyboy Jay' 2 months ago
Where’s the every iPhone speed test part 3?
Henk Etina
'Henk Etina' 2 months ago
Make one with iPhone 8
Professor Brain
'Professor Brain' 2 months ago
Who’s Watching on iPhone 7 Plus?
'Dougjs16' 2 months ago
do an updated version with iphone 8 and 8 plus!!!!
Dani Santos
'Dani Santos' 2 months ago
Lmao and i thought my phone was slow...
Martha Gutierrez
'Martha Gutierrez' 2 months ago
You forgot iPhone 8
kalambayi mpoyi
'kalambayi mpoyi' 2 months ago
can i get one my hase is at 12 18 n capitol ave
'Ben569483' 2 months ago
iPhone 2G iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4s iPhone 5 iPhone 5c iPhone 5s iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6s iPhone 6s Plus iPhone SE iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 8 iPhone 8+ (I think) iPhone X
Nice collection
Felipe Ferreira
'Felipe Ferreira' 2 months ago
iphone is slow
ace alex
'ace alex' 2 months ago
hats off for the video
Alice in Wonderland
'Alice in Wonderland' 2 months ago
It really brings back memory
Bass Unlocker
'Bass Unlocker' 2 months ago
Here is my comment and i don't want to beg to win but i lost my s8 yesterday :D
Gianna Diaz
'Gianna Diaz' 2 months ago
I have the I phone 4 hahaha not up to date
Tutoriale și jocuri interesante
"Apple is on the right track" - when Steve Jobs is there.
Matteo Rb
'Matteo Rb' 2 months ago
do one with with iphone 8 and iphone x update
Player X
'Player X' 2 months ago
5s has a better camera than the 6 I didn't know that
Moonlight. Dreamer
'Moonlight. Dreamer' 2 months ago someone just copied your content.
matt olsen
'matt olsen' 2 months ago
You forgot the iphone 5
BlackYt 46
'BlackYt 46' 2 months ago
les falto el 1st gen el 8 el 8plus y el iPhone X
BlackYt 46
'BlackYt 46' 2 months ago
no hay 15 hay 19
Nvidia msi Z97
'Nvidia msi Z97' 2 months ago
im 1out of 5 million who noticed he forgot the iphone 5c front camera test
Julio Alcantara
'Julio Alcantara' 2 months ago
" back in the day " yeah just a few years ago now means " back in the day"
•Kylie Alyssa•
'•Kylie Alyssa•' 2 months ago
Where is the se
'Sillypotato308' 2 months ago
Anyone else a proud owner of the iPhone 7??
Maxi Fernandez
'Maxi Fernandez' 2 months ago
I have an iPhone 6 Plus on IOS 11 and its very slow
Asmara hussein
'Asmara hussein' 2 months ago
tbh the best i phine they have created is the i phone 7 but the 8 not so much
'ABoyWithACoin' 2 months ago
Wait... Did I just heat that the iPhone 7 only has 7mps? Lmao my Sony Xperia XZ has 23
Tessa J
'Tessa J' 2 months ago
can i have a iphone3g
Gabija Biciulaityte
'Gabija Biciulaityte' 2 months ago
I have an iPhone 4s but it's not slow for me it's only slow if I download a bunch of stuff at least for me
NWS storm chaser
'NWS storm chaser' 2 months ago
10.3.3 excuses me
NWS storm chaser
'NWS storm chaser' 2 months ago
I got the iPhone 6s Plus 64gb with the new upgrade 10.1.3 I believe
Ale x
'Ale x' 2 months ago
You should of shot a bullet through every phone at the end.
Princess the dog Horselover124
U have so many iPhones While I'm here trying to afford a 6 #Androind my Android doesn't have space
jomar undertun
'jomar undertun' 2 months ago
Apple is not on the right track, it's the other companies like samsung
Little Marshmallow
'Little Marshmallow' 2 months ago
I have the iPhone SE
Red Satoshi
'Red Satoshi' 2 months ago
Ahmad Plays
'Ahmad Plays' 2 months ago
Siraatj Mohamed
'Siraatj Mohamed' 2 months ago
How does he hold the torch it shows something I got an iPhone 6 and it doesn't eork
Jordan Connor Lau
'Jordan Connor Lau' 2 months ago
Every iPhone Speed Test Comparison 2017! (Coming November 2017)
Martyna Zbirańska
'Martyna Zbirańska' 2 months ago
Amazing 4s
'tonybarlowVEVO' 2 months ago
Please make a new video when the 8 and the X come out.
Android lollipop by ichi
Every iPhone Speed Test Comparison 2017 Upload
'Pop2347' 2 months ago
Can you do 2017 comparison
Sean Ramces
'Sean Ramces' 2 months ago
I am very proud of my se
'Padparadscha' 2 months ago
Im still on the 5c pink
'gigi's vids' 2 months ago
It's my 11th birthday can I get 11 likes
'Hristijan' 2 months ago
can you make Sony
Hien Nguyen
'Hien Nguyen' 2 months ago
i like iPhone 6
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