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WE BREAK WIKIHOW! | Guess the Wikihow -
Published: 1 month ago By: GTLive

By: GTLivePublished: 1 month ago

298, 105 views

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The internet is a screwed up place, and we've got proof. Just look at these Wikihow article images. That's right Steph and I are headed back to Guess the Wikihow. But after today, I don't think Wikihow will ever be the same - because you guys started hacking it! You changed so many articles that Wikihow even ended up locking us out of some of the articles.

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Thanks to David Keller for allowing us use of his sound FX:

Jeet Joshi
'Jeet Joshi' 2 hours ago
I still cant find that last one though.....😂😂
Jeet Joshi
'Jeet Joshi' 2 hours ago
I laughed Sooo freaking hard guys......👍👍👍
ibrahim hafiaz
'ibrahim hafiaz' 9 hours ago
Tony C
'Tony C' 12 hours ago
'LukeofEnder' 21 hours ago
just found out my dog's on her period. so yeah.
Xilia Jade
'Xilia Jade' 24 hours ago
How to break wikihow, play a game promoting the website
'SandyC' 1 day ago
The part where mat starting rapping turned into a try not to cringe challenge
Vance Biondo
'Vance Biondo' 1 day ago
kirrn kids s
Vance Biondo
'Vance Biondo' 1 day ago
da kiddies s
Vance Biondo
'Vance Biondo' 1 day ago
'Minnion' 2 days ago
cringe at 39:00
'Cap673' 3 days ago
So I guess Johntron's song "Love is like Drugs" has some truth to it.
'Cap673' 3 days ago
you get live notifications even if you're not part of the notification squad
Allison Bearden
'Allison Bearden' 4 days ago
I usually hate these types of comments... BUT: This was posted on my birthday! Lol.
Spencer Downey
'Spencer Downey' 5 days ago
Kathleen Alcock
'Kathleen Alcock' 1 week ago
breaking the internet, one step at a time
Dan and Phil have done most of the things in the "How to act silly with your boyfriend" article
'FIREDRAGON158' 1 week ago
No, plz no rap
Goofy Goober
'Goofy Goober' 1 week ago
01:07:20 how to enjoy fisting :)
FamiliarMist [C4D]
'FamiliarMist [C4D]' 2 weeks ago
45:24 "Prosecutor" we have evidence that he hit his Wife... 😱😱😱 lol 😜😂 😅
'LordNibbler1976' 2 weeks ago
The only trumpeter in town (that's not me) is my. teacher 👨‍🏫
'Zexonyte' 2 weeks ago
The reason you can't apologize and compliment the woman's breasts at the same time is because it becomes one of those apologies that tries to shift the blame. Most egregiously, in this case, it shifts the blame to the person to whom you're apologizing. Like, "I'm sorry, but if they weren't so great/beautiful/large/whatever, I wouldn't have been staring at them!" That's kinda how it comes off and it makes it insincere.
aaro pelto
'aaro pelto' 2 weeks ago
Thinking Bee 1:13:42
'CyanPixels' 2 weeks ago
1:21:35 what are you hiding from us mat XD
'_.spacewarrior._' 2 weeks ago
NOTIFICATION SQUAD 😩🔥👌😩🔥👌🔥🔥😩😩🔥👌😩😩😩🔥👌😩🔥👌😩👌😩👌😩🔥🔥😩🔥😩👌😩🔥🔥😩👌😩🔥😩👌😩🔥👌😩👌😩
Ashley Webb
'Ashley Webb' 2 weeks ago
This was the BEST!! I love you guys and your amazing videos so much!! lol and everyone breaking wikihow was pretty awesome and hilarious XD Please dont ever stop making awesome content!
Ashley Webb
'Ashley Webb' 2 weeks ago
havent finished the vid yet but i am DYING OF LAUGHTER RIGHT NOW!! Lol "CANT HIT THE HAND!!" but can hit stephs nose
my world
'my world' 2 weeks ago
I want Stephie's shirt
S Medrano
'S Medrano' 2 weeks ago
I love how they used Undertale to troll them😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Noah Cove
'Noah Cove' 2 weeks ago
time the booty
Joey Wild
'Joey Wild' 2 weeks ago
I watched the boyfriend does my makeup part 10 times 🤣🤣🤣
Joey Wild
'Joey Wild' 2 weeks ago
"Hey guys! This is boyfriend does my- Boyfriend does my makeup! 🤣" Jason- "AHAHHAHAAAAAA HA HA HA"
Endah Soedarso
'Endah Soedarso' 2 weeks ago
45:29 was that a fart?
Zoe Zamora
'Zoe Zamora' 2 weeks ago
39:08 Steph, why did you marry this man.
Mike Palmer
'Mike Palmer' 2 weeks ago
I can control if I blush or not. Is that unnatural?
Mikey T
'Mikey T' 2 weeks ago
+GTLive This was my first stream I'll just say that I was laughing so hard that my family thought I was insane.
Amy The Gaming Gal
'Amy The Gaming Gal' 2 weeks ago
all memes will always stay. they never go away WE ARE NUMBA ONE
Roisin Walsh
'Roisin Walsh' 3 weeks ago
when mattpat whent on a talk bout boobs i threw my Phone and if i was Stephinie i would probibly Die...but im already dead inside
'LEAFGAMING' 3 weeks ago
On the first date say i gonna pay the bill mom
The Ushers
'The Ushers' 3 weeks ago
Try to play the game more
jackie shmit
'jackie shmit' 3 weeks ago
#3 How To Behead Bunnies
'LordBloodySoul' 3 weeks ago
I thought I was an awful artist... ... This #GTLive proofed me wrong xD
Tiny tula Gaming
'Tiny tula Gaming' 3 weeks ago
There is no such cure for my anime addiction
Kovacs Marcell
'Kovacs Marcell' 3 weeks ago
oh my god
Yopy yo
'Yopy yo' 3 weeks ago
*Boobies* Read more
Larry M
'Larry M' 3 weeks ago
Epic rap battles of matpat!!!!!!!!!!!
Henry Karpeles
'Henry Karpeles' 3 weeks ago
I play the trumpet
'E E' 3 weeks ago
When he said how to tell if your in an abusive relationship I did an actual spit take and now I can't see through my glasses
Rampage Gaming
'Rampage Gaming' 3 weeks ago
(turns sound up for intro clip) [5 seconds later] (gtlive thing) *MAXIMUM EAR RAPE*
DJ Lucidia
'DJ Lucidia' 3 weeks ago
MatPat and Stephanie are so savage omf
Thief Of Mind
'Thief Of Mind' 3 weeks ago
The guy who was looking for his warning sign's right palm was missing
Sharpie Tattoos
'Sharpie Tattoos' 3 weeks ago
Stephanie s totally accurate on the girls looking at boobs thing
'Sparrow9612' 3 weeks ago
@46:27 - Hank Hill freaking out.
'KryptoCat' 3 weeks ago
I found a fan art of this exact live stream
'KryptoCat' 3 weeks ago
This was amazing!
Foxy loxy
'Foxy loxy' 3 weeks ago
What did I just watch a hour and thirty minutes of?
Jonathan Winston
'Jonathan Winston' 3 weeks ago
Don't get me wrong. I love GT Live.
Will Cowan
'Will Cowan' 3 weeks ago
So two of my favorite YouTubers, MatPat Rhett and Link, have moved from North Carolina to California. WHY HAVE YOU LEFT ME?
Ella Gundrum
'Ella Gundrum' 3 weeks ago
"I'm very sorry, there just so large and round." -Matpat 2016
Shelley Lostlosictage
I am wondering how many times I've had to skip a few seconds of this video... for surely over 100... maybe even over 1,000..
Cassidy Chai
'Cassidy Chai' 4 weeks ago
the heterosexual one isn't even on wikihow anymore.
SuperStarCait :P
'SuperStarCait :P' 4 weeks ago
45:25 😂😂😂😂😂
Carrie Rodgers
'Carrie Rodgers' 4 weeks ago
Is this live ?????????????¿????????¿?????!?!
'floof' 4 weeks ago
Can we get a GTLive Funny Moments Compilation? Please? That would be amazing.
Cupcakes & Bruises
'Cupcakes & Bruises' 4 weeks ago
How to be sassy
Volkom The Boss
'Volkom The Boss' 4 weeks ago
the dude that hacked wikihow is really good
Daniel Genet
'Daniel Genet' 4 weeks ago
He got a scholarship to Duke Nukem U?
Ultracat 26
'Ultracat 26' 4 weeks ago
check out 10301
Ty-Summer-Logan Woods
he was late in china's timezone. #latepat lol
'ktkat218' 4 weeks ago
Was that a galavant reference MatPat?
William Huenergardt
'William Huenergardt' 4 weeks ago
1:02:39 IS THAT SANS?!?
'Tarathedarkmagian' 4 weeks ago
wasn't the rap a part of 8-mile from Eminem?
Molly O
'Molly O'Leary' 4 weeks ago
I play trumpet I am a proud trumpitere
Slytherin Forever
'Slytherin Forever' 4 weeks ago
This was originally aired on my 17th birthday!
BaBooTube Videos
'BaBooTube Videos' 4 weeks ago
I really want to attend Duke's. Any extra protips, Mat?
Zero Furr
'Zero Furr' 4 weeks ago
0:32:37 I just realized it said hip hop artist, not hop scotch artist. Lol
'JustDaUsualTF' 4 weeks ago
"I must kill matpat and eat his heart to get his joie de vivre!"
'JustDaUsualTF' 4 weeks ago
the "wenis" is a slang term and has not been accepted officially
Ansel James
'Ansel James' 4 weeks ago
it is face five not high face
hunter mastin
'hunter mastin' 4 weeks ago
add with wolf puppet is so cut like u do some times grandpa
Spinogator 102
'Spinogator 102' 4 weeks ago
Klas Arneson
'Klas Arneson' 4 weeks ago
stephie looks a Little like Hila Klein
'CallMeCraig' 4 weeks ago
Seriously though immature fanbases are the worst.
Dead Assassin
'Dead Assassin' 4 weeks ago
notification squad
Addy peters
'Addy peters' 4 weeks ago
'MoonSunCat' 4 weeks ago
I'm on it MatPat. Trumpeter, AWAY!
'Cha'Lon Thompson' 4 weeks ago
i like boobs but staring is wrong
'GOTTOLv BACON' 4 weeks ago
If someone is actually going to make the trumpet thing. Just make it 2 Donald Trump faces playing trumpets.
Amber Rogue
'Amber Rogue' 4 weeks ago
Wiki how is fighting back
TinyxxMew Rendell
'TinyxxMew Rendell' 4 weeks ago
GO Catpat C-A-T-P-A-T
Mariana Loaiza
'Mariana Loaiza' 1 month ago
12:37 it repeated the intro
'KittyCat' 1 month ago
butt sorry
'KittyCat' 1 month ago
oh booties not booties like but ok
DB Boryta
'DB Boryta' 1 month ago
TheStrayKatt Evelyn
'TheStrayKatt Evelyn' 1 month ago
In Skin Wars, they're not naked. They are wearing skin-color undergarments.
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