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WE BREAK WIKIHOW! | Guess the Wikihow -
Published: 6 months ago By: GTLive

By: GTLivePublished: 6 months ago

379, 803 views

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The internet is a screwed up place, and we've got proof. Just look at these Wikihow article images. That's right Steph and I are headed back to Guess the Wikihow. But after today, I don't think Wikihow will ever be the same - because you guys started hacking it! You changed so many articles that Wikihow even ended up locking us out of some of the articles.

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Thanks to David Keller for allowing us use of his sound FX:

Rachel S
'Rachel S' 14 hours ago
i opened i ton this and thought wow 12:43
SchoolEntertainments - Minecraft & More
top quality content
'xSDx-YouTube' 3 days ago
When I was a little kid before the bee movie was a meme I had the bee movie on blu ray and had watched it many times
'twinsocks' 4 days ago
People pained by curiosity: Censored word was N-word in all caps.
Celeste Pebbles
'Celeste Pebbles' 5 days ago
MatPat went to DUKE???!!!!!!! No way!!! That is my dream college
Pardus X
'Pardus X' 6 days ago
Is that a Freemason Cipher in the background?
Ghsdf TFM
'Ghsdf TFM' 7 days ago
only on gtlive people talk about busts for 7 minutes straight
TheSuperman Doom
'TheSuperman Doom' 1 week ago
'glittery_cucumber' 1 week ago
The background music is driving me up the wall
Brodie Mo
'Brodie Mo' 1 week ago
late notification Squad
Shiver The Warrior Cats Fan
I love how I actually know what Steph's talking about on the first one. Later: WTF MATPAT
Johannes Birkenfjäll
You should have a Jason-botton you can click to turn on and off a camera filming him
Purple Fire 28
'Purple Fire 28' 2 weeks ago
3 Gays Left!
Razor Wave
'Razor Wave' 2 weeks ago
YOU WENT TO DUKE?! I am ashamed to k ow you Matt.
Kaylyn Keays
'Kaylyn Keays' 2 weeks ago
I luv steph
Amina Fatmi
'Amina Fatmi' 2 weeks ago
Lol, I have the same mouse as you :D
Makai Coe
'Makai Coe' 2 weeks ago
you know you have a good fan base when they break the internet for you
Alexis Harper
'Alexis Harper' 2 weeks ago
One time, on QuizUp, I was #1 in the US on "Name That Pokemon" on my birthday month. I got to the point that I would wreck scrubs by getting a perfect 160 every time. I got bored of 100%s after a while, but it was still cool.
Kian Callbeck
'Kian Callbeck' 2 weeks ago
The first one was so awkward
Alexis Harper
'Alexis Harper' 2 weeks ago
"Love yourself." BS. I'm in a really healthy long term relationship and both of us hate ourselves more than anyone else, but love each other more than anyone else.
'Cecily' 2 weeks ago
MatPat's laugh is my favorite thing ever
Alexis Harper
'Alexis Harper' 2 weeks ago
"Even girls." When talking about looking at boobs. Lesbians and bi/poly/pan girls. I know that she then said orientation, but it's still funny to make fun of small slip ups like that.
Taylor C
'Taylor C' 2 weeks ago
On the topic of 44:31, is it weird that I'm capable of using both hands to an equal extent? Like, don't get me wrong, I do have a favourite to use; I just use both. ^~^;
Sanch Sai
'Sanch Sai' 2 weeks ago
matpat with that green hoodie moment 😂
SkyThe Skeleton
'SkyThe Skeleton' 2 weeks ago
Ebony Penasie
'Ebony Penasie' 2 weeks ago
Rewatching all off the gt livestream
Inuyasha TT
'Inuyasha TT' 2 weeks ago
1:06:09 "How to end slavery" "How to go to go to South Carolina and redefine slavery"
Inuyasha TT
'Inuyasha TT' 2 weeks ago
"How to dress up as Thomas Jefferson?" I was like "HAMILTON" because. I mean. Daveed Diggs.
'Dean's canteana' 2 weeks ago
lova lova lova you don't treat me no good no more ps your winis is showing
'HarbourLightning' 2 weeks ago
I hope you took Stephanie seriously about the "don't compliment her boobs" thing. It's really, really horrible. All it says to a woman is: "you're not interesting enough to listen to, i'd rather think about how to see you naked, and that's all im interested in". I know you're better than that, and i love this channel. Take her seriously, and your live chat commentators, the answer is to apologize and don't do it again :>
Phanøut at the Black Parade
Why does Matt look like all of the drawings?
smol kitten
'smol kitten' 3 weeks ago
DId somebody say SICK RHYMES?
María Paula Nava
'María Paula Nava' 4 weeks ago
Actually, my ex and I had a bunny together, but it stayed with me, so I'm pretty calm around him 😂
Crazy Otter
'Crazy Otter' 4 weeks ago
Paige Groff
'Paige Groff' 4 weeks ago
Can anyone find a textbook or article referring to those four stages of love MatPat was talking about? I looked online and can only find articles that vaguely resemble those for and I'm super interested in this.
Adriana Young
'Adriana Young' 4 weeks ago
This is the only stream that I've added to my liked videos list. The fans messing with the articles is too amazing. XD
Adriana Young
'Adriana Young' 4 weeks ago
I like how the ring got a clap-and-a-half, but the guy himself didn't.
Adriana Young
'Adriana Young' 4 weeks ago
I love RapPat. XD
'S.S.Cookie' 4 weeks ago
MatPat: breaking the internet 1 wiki how at a time
madi payne
'madi payne' 4 weeks ago
FunFact: The rap at 38:44 is the ending battle verse for B- rabbit in the movie 8 mile against Papa Do.
Athrun Rivera
'Athrun Rivera' 4 weeks ago
Dude matt your eyes keep shifting towards stephs boobs, You keep licking your upper lip in lust you sassy bish!
Ze _Jeff
'Ze _Jeff' 4 weeks ago
33:55 is pure gold
gi_v## gaming
'gi_v## gaming' 1 month ago
guys i finally found a clip were mr.pat here cursed
Robotic Wolf
'Robotic Wolf' 1 month ago
some reason didnt expect to learn how to love watching GTLive
Brynn Nightmare
'Brynn Nightmare' 1 month ago
{\__/} ( O_O ) \ )🥕 I ate all the pizza are carrots are ok?
'gummiken' 1 month ago
Brooke Peterson
'Brooke Peterson' 1 month ago
1:21:39 is Jason's cackle. You know. If you wanna listen to it on repeat. Or remix it. Please remix it.
Brooke Peterson
'Brooke Peterson' 1 month ago
The left handed high five.
'manemanera' 1 month ago
Where did the try not to laugh and cringe videos go?
Eden Blue
'Eden Blue' 1 month ago
45:26 How MatPat gets the girl: slap her in the face with a fail left high five. XD Edit: 1:21:36 Jason just dying with laughter in the background was the cherry on top. XDD
Grace Tube
'Grace Tube' 1 month ago
I play the Alto Sax! His name is Sammy
Grace Tube
'Grace Tube' 1 month ago
Mutant Llama from Mars
This video is Cringeworthy
Watching With A Drink
Steph, please understand that your pro tips aren't as good as my pro tips with stephanie 'cause I am THE ULTIMATE STEPHANIE! HAHAHA *Cough cough*
lillyAnne Bowers
'lillyAnne Bowers' 2 months ago
'Googleplier' 2 months ago
Anyone know what happened to their try not to laugh challenges?
Cycy D
'Cycy D' 2 months ago
This is making me laugh so hard, I almost puked
Cycy D
'Cycy D' 2 months ago
I laughed so hard at the left handed high five, I sneezed, I literally made my face explode from laughter!!!!
BookWorm1117 02
'BookWorm1117 02' 2 months ago
Does anyone know where all the try not to challenges went
Ann Math
'Ann Math' 2 months ago
the trumpet is being held wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!! the fingering hand is the right one not left. the only brass instrument that uses the left hand for fingerings/slides is the f. horn. *raging real hard*
Sader 98
'Sader 98' 2 months ago
all 17 of my girlfriends broke up with me in six months
Marina L.
'Marina L.' 2 months ago
You guys are hilarious!! 😂😂😂😂
liam bob
'liam bob' 2 months ago
have they not seen 8mile?
'GreyIsAGeek' 2 months ago
45:26 #AbusePat
Catharsis Chrystal
'Catharsis Chrystal' 2 months ago
"You are done, Son."
Blaze Sker
'Blaze Sker' 3 months ago
accualy to get my hair down to my hip i watched GTlive so its true so there
Brendan Pierce
'Brendan Pierce' 3 months ago
Sophia Plank
'Sophia Plank' 3 months ago
Alessandro Landolfi
'Alessandro Landolfi' 3 months ago
Still think you are an amazing youtuber
Alessandro Landolfi
'Alessandro Landolfi' 3 months ago
Boo Duke! Go UNC
Sara Jane
'Sara Jane' 3 months ago
J1103 Josh
'J1103 Josh' 3 months ago
24:50 when you wanna stop drinking your diet coke but cant
iiDogerz The Gamer Fox
looool 2017 pplll!
Derpy Emma ._.
'Derpy Emma ._.' 3 months ago
It just goes on and on and on. It goes on and on and on. Cuz we're all chained to the rhythm (i can spell)
Derpy Emma ._.
'Derpy Emma ._.' 3 months ago
46:18 why does he only have 3 fingers
Derpy Emma ._.
'Derpy Emma ._.' 3 months ago
Derpy Emma ._.
'Derpy Emma ._.' 3 months ago
I was actually singing what is love before i started watching this what
nate hathaway
'nate hathaway' 3 months ago
that actually looks like both of them
M. Claud Peridottan
'M. Claud Peridottan' 3 months ago
I spend a lot of time masticating my wenis
M. Claud Peridottan
'M. Claud Peridottan' 3 months ago
Notification squad is essentially the new 301 club but nobody other than me is annoyed about it?
Christopher Walls
'Christopher Walls' 3 months ago
Btw I know this is old but that rap quote was from 8Mile. It's an eminem movie. Watch his freestyle from the movie.
'nessman543' 3 months ago
i've had 3 relationships that ended at 5 months, and for one of them it was on me and i felt like i had lost feelings for the girl, so yeah, it seems pretty true
Adley Fry
'Adley Fry' 3 months ago
'brook' 3 months ago
Ryley Thomas
'Ryley Thomas' 3 months ago
I legit love to hear the little stories about you guys, pretty enlightening sometimes haha
'Sfirmam' 3 months ago
I feel like I've learned a lot.
Conner Rose
'Conner Rose' 3 months ago
39:04 That is a lyric from a rap battle in 8 mile done by Eminem
'thetntm' 3 months ago
Rickihow. That is all.
Diego Degollada
'Diego Degollada' 3 months ago
Where are the Try Not To Laugh Challenge videos from this channel?
Kanan Kringe
'Kanan Kringe' 3 months ago
matpat actually kinda sounds like the voice actor for bee movie I'm sorry I said that.
Fall3n Vandals
'Fall3n Vandals' 3 months ago
I was staring at my friend's boobs one day and I told her that they got bigger since last year and she was actually happy to hear that and I got away with looking at her boobs for a good 10 minute s
'enJoeneering' 3 months ago
How to love: baby don't hurt them, don't hurt them, no more.
'DotCD' 3 months ago
'SuperSmashMarcus' 3 months ago
RapPat is also SlapPat
Ally Ferguson
'Ally Ferguson' 3 months ago
You would swear that this was being streamed on St Patrick's day
'L I L Y' 3 months ago
47:55 Umm... Did anyone else notice the guy in the art has only one brown-colored eyebrow? The other one is skin-colored- xD
Inferno Kitty
'Inferno Kitty' 3 months ago
'taeissuper' 3 months ago
Hey! This was the day before my birthday! 😁
Linda Mason
'Linda Mason' 3 months ago
notification squad woo
Vienna Kuhn
'Vienna Kuhn' 4 months ago
anyone else see one of the consequences of staring at a girls boobs is staring to long and getting an erection
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