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WE BREAK WIKIHOW! | Guess the Wikihow -
Published: 1 year ago By: GTLive

By: GTLivePublished: 1 year ago

512, 237 views

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The internet is a screwed up place, and we've got proof. Just look at these Wikihow article images. That's right Steph and I are headed back to Guess the Wikihow. But after today, I don't think Wikihow will ever be the same - because you guys started hacking it! You changed so many articles that Wikihow even ended up locking us out of some of the articles.

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Thanks to David Keller for allowing us use of his sound FX:

Emerald king gaming
'Emerald king gaming' 14 hours ago
#perpat 5:00
Shy Sunny
'Shy Sunny' 15 hours ago
So I can just talk about aquariums, why anything exists, and food in my college interview? Huh.
Karter Thirteen
'Karter Thirteen' 2 days ago
Let me pull out my... SURPRISE TRUMPET!!
Cactus Kitten
'Cactus Kitten' 2 days ago
25:25 My longest relationship is 3 months... 😅😂
social - disaster
'social - disaster' 2 days ago
the 'how to grow your hair long' drawing meant that you shouldn't go swimming in saltwater because it damages your hair??? i thought that was super obvious...
Spartan Plays:
'Spartan Plays:' 3 days ago
44:19 this is the quality content you get from gtliv people.
Mobile Gaming
'Mobile Gaming' 3 days ago
39:50 It's from a movie, Eminem sings it
Hannah Rudachyk
'Hannah Rudachyk' 4 days ago
I’m just dying at the whole boob thing😂😂 never try to compliment a girls boobs if you get caught staring literally just apologize profusely and don’t do it again!!!! And when Matt said “state at her crotch instead” and stared at Stephanie’s crotch I died
Joseph Reber
'Joseph Reber' 5 days ago
Here's a story: Back in high school during my senior year, I went to Prom with my then-girlfriend. No lying, she was extremely alluring and arousing; especially when it came to the dresses she wore to our shool dances. The one she wore for Prom was something similar to Cinderella: it was all kinds of blue with faux diamonds and shrouds. She was beautiful. So after we took pictures in a botanical garden, we went to the dance hall for dinner and Prom. And at the entrance, there was a photographer who took portraits of the couples and attendants. Me and my girlfriend decided to take one, and we got positioned, and the photographer counted down "1..2..3". In the middle of it, I was checking out my girlfriend to see if she was alright (something was messing up on her dress). And then there was a flash of light, and the picture was taken. It wasn't until later that we found out that I was staring at her boobs during the flash, and now this moment of me and my ex is forever showing me at my "perviest"!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ***In my defense, she had said multiple times over our relationship that I had the right to stare at her boobs👍*** Life Lesson: Always ask the woman you're dating for her consent to "look" at her breasts! Even if you've been together for a long time, still ask. Trust me; it'll save you some embarassment!!😉
Sofia Guiraud
'Sofia Guiraud' 6 days ago
"WE BREAK WIKIHOW! | Guess the Wikihow", a.k.a. the stream where Steph gets hit in the head (several times)
TARDIS Whovian
'TARDIS Whovian' 6 days ago
I still remembered when I watched the live stream a year ago when the whole madness when down. It was a great night.
Kim Diamond
'Kim Diamond' 1 week ago
23:04 // 'You can actually see it in your own relationship' Me: what relationship :,I
Zapper Guy
'Zapper Guy' 1 week ago
Mat! Do not search these things again. If you do: Do it without Stephanie and Use #safesearch
dot dot
'dot dot' 2 weeks ago
One year anniversary watching!
'InkDot' 2 weeks ago
20:15 what happened to that woman's hand?
'Capt_Andrew' 2 weeks ago
My brother plays trumpet, and some of my friends play trumpet. I play French horn. If you want to play jazz play an Alto Sax
'RainbowDash1995' 2 weeks ago
had to remove my headphones when MattPatt started rapping....sorry guy, I couldn't do it lol xD
Dr Game
'Dr Game' 2 weeks ago
Who be here in 2018
Claila !
'Claila !' 2 weeks ago
My vision troubles when the blobs are large, or the cleavage is visible, and I’m just like “... So anyways...”
kaie- gcg
'kaie- gcg' 2 weeks ago
내 다이어트 콜크가 어딨는지
Amiri :P
'Amiri :P' 2 weeks ago
34:26 Don't you mean "Tromboner"? ;>
Team EAK
'Team EAK' 2 weeks ago
Looks like MattyPatty is being silly with her boyfriend, Steph.
Voidal Spirit
'Voidal Spirit' 2 weeks ago
Russell Kramer
'Russell Kramer' 2 weeks ago
It’s pronounced cervicitis!
'MiniKittyGamer' 2 weeks ago
Lillianna H
'Lillianna H' 3 weeks ago
Well I’m a girl and I would go with the compliment. Usually I don’t even call people out.
Scp-860-2 The Guardian
Scp-860-2 The Guardian
Scp-860-2 The Guardian
Also 3:19
Scp-860-2 The Guardian
Preston Goodgay
'Preston Goodgay' 3 weeks ago
*starts shoving hand forward quickly then hits steph*
Matt: Hey guys, this is boyfriend does mi-- o.O Me: That's going to get taken out of context. xD
Rahne Sharrock
'Rahne Sharrock' 3 weeks ago
'beanies don't get you girls in college' RIP steph who forgot jughead from riverdale
Evee granger
'Evee granger' 3 weeks ago
"It's a focal point. Everybody goes there" "It's like a BLACK HOLE OF ATTENTION!!!" Also, I want to see a MatSteph kiss. Just one.
Susie Lee
'Susie Lee' 3 weeks ago
Did emoticon dicks keep showing up? How were they censored so fast?
Susie Lee
'Susie Lee' 3 weeks ago
Yes, MatPat, you are the dopest rapper with your nerd glasses shirt.
Stijn Houdijk
'Stijn Houdijk' 3 weeks ago
I guess he is a stormtrooper
Emma Swann
'Emma Swann' 3 weeks ago
I highly doubt that any of you guys have heard of my favorite band Timmy trumpet they are my favorite band there one of them
'NikkiTheArmy' 3 weeks ago
Steph's right tbh XDD OMG mat don't let go of the eyes
Regan Lewis
'Regan Lewis' 3 weeks ago
GT Live, the only livestream where two people can freely talk about a girls chest and no one bats a eye😂😂😂
'RedLYT' 3 weeks ago
Matpat watch akashic records..idk im bored lol
'RedLYT' 3 weeks ago
Fahad Islam Mahe Michelle
My number one app searched for How to : Be tough Write a creepypasta Make a batsuit Eat healthy food
Emily Sherry
'Emily Sherry' 3 weeks ago
Omg watching this a year after it was streamed.
'TheRealPotato' 3 weeks ago
Stephs Top 👌🏻👌🏻
Shashwat Kesarwani
'Shashwat Kesarwani' 3 weeks ago
1 year anniversary of this video.
Jenny Cook
'Jenny Cook' 3 weeks ago
Oh. My daughter and I are watching this a year to the day from when this was aired. Neat.
Nora Birgersson
'Nora Birgersson' 3 weeks ago
Haha the funiest thing happend me there where a like 9 year old at my school and he just lookt at me from top to toe haha it was relly skery
Nora Birgersson
'Nora Birgersson' 3 weeks ago
Wtf haha at 5 mins you both just talk about boobs lol whay
'Derekins512' 3 weeks ago
*slides this across the table* this is wikihow for you
Riley Hunter
'Riley Hunter' 3 weeks ago
I just want to say I believe they permanently deleted the “how to understand heterosexual people” page now. Good job all xD
Kelsie Kat
'Kelsie Kat' 4 weeks ago
The part with the "how to stop staring at a girls boobs" apology scenario killed me, it was so awkward.
'HaloBunny05' 4 weeks ago
At the beginning of the video it said originally aired: December 28,2016 today is December 23,2017 I was legit confused because I didn’t see 2016 and I thought they time traveled
widow da wolf
'widow da wolf' 4 weeks ago
Stephanie's shirt is awesome
flaming Turnip
'flaming Turnip' 4 weeks ago
Came for a funny video, learned that my boyfriend and I are in between the third and fourth stages of love. Wow.
'TheHalfBloodQueen' 4 weeks ago
matpat mat=carpet rug (also)= carpet so why isn't your name Rug Pat?
Caeo Adey-Davies
'Caeo Adey-Davies' 1 month ago
35:25 he's holding the trumpet wrong
Lennart Tewes
'Lennart Tewes' 1 month ago
the second picture was actually SPRINGTRAP
'Turtle_Golem' 1 month ago
The fan messages reminded me of scottgames and FNaF World XD
Amber Pants
'Amber Pants' 1 month ago
Just ask where they got their amazing shirt and no you totally weren't looking at her boobs
'CasseroleCat' 1 month ago
i had a teacher in high school who never broke eye contact or blinked.
Miikka Alatalo
'Miikka Alatalo' 1 month ago
Well in Finland we don't have that problem 'cause we don't look at each other at all even when talking or actually we don't speak to each other that much to beginning.
Erwin Broekhoven
'Erwin Broekhoven' 1 month ago
Matthew please watch 8 mile those lyrics are so sick when done well
Rocky Fitzsimmons
'Rocky Fitzsimmons' 1 month ago
3 days left what???
hydro phill
'hydro phill' 2 months ago
the arrow sign in the back says dayj pefk
Nightmare Fnaf Master
7 minutes into the video. Still on question 1 XD
'PrincessGamer103' 2 months ago
rafal pietruszajtys
'rafal pietruszajtys' 2 months ago
these nuts ha whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mur Dur
'Mur Dur' 2 months ago
Dontcha just love it when a YouTuber says “BOOBIES.” In their microphone.
Mur Dur
'Mur Dur' 2 months ago
MatPat reminds me of Michael from the Office (U.S) because of how many variations of characters they have... Datemike Prisonmike Gaymike Rappat Pervpat Catpat
'K's Pokemon Vids' 2 months ago
My name is Kylie ;(
'bjdamian' 2 months ago
Did anybody else notice that in the how to avoid looking at boobs, the guy looks like donald trump
'FnaFBMinecraft' 2 months ago
PervPat PervPat PervPat Perv Pat
'FnaFBMinecraft' 2 months ago
Stephanie’s shirt 😎 Basically me 😂😭
Gabrielle Wong : A Jack Of all Trades
you live in LA???? :3
Poppy Panda
'Poppy Panda' 2 months ago
Steph was right about the dread lock wig
'NotAFish' 2 months ago
51:40 how to identify a hot pocket
Bryson Brownlee
'Bryson Brownlee' 2 months ago
What's that pigpen cipher in the back say? Steph's head is blocking it.
'LimeLightDim' 2 months ago
Our DM for D&D threw us into a strip club once...we all ended up becoming pole-dancers, and he used our Charisma to give us a description. I ended up breaking the pole and falling into a crowd of people because I used Charisma as a dump-stat...
DeltaFlame Storm
'DeltaFlame Storm' 2 months ago
this was worth an hour and a half of my life
Gabby Hennager
'Gabby Hennager' 2 months ago
Anyone else notices the cipher on the blackboard in the background?
Leon Lapin
'Leon Lapin' 2 months ago
How To Deal With Strict Christian Parents... Step 1 Pole Vault your sadness away
Hannah Wren
'Hannah Wren' 2 months ago
Trumpets players don't really have trumpet playing battles, but we do attempt to play higher notes than other trumpet players without passing out. Also the person in the picture is holding the trumpet with the wrong hands. The right hand plays the valves.
Akamos Gaming
'Akamos Gaming' 2 months ago
32:28 is by far the best part of the video
A Wild Llama Has Appeared!
A Wild Llama Has Appeared!
rick astley is a bad singer, so how about we call him rick ASStley!
'SuperGankBros' 2 months ago
New response on an old video, but did nobody realize that rap on the wiki how was the one from 8 Mile?
Hana Jafari
'Hana Jafari' 2 months ago
the wikihow beach relates to the long hair bc i think it is saying that salt water damages your hair so don't go to the beach
'ThePhoenixMeifwa' 2 months ago
29:48 Once I said that to my female friend as a joke. She promptly slapped me. I laughed and told her what it meant and we both laughed.
Laura Doan
'Laura Doan' 3 months ago
Skull Bones
'Skull Bones' 3 months ago
Did he just say...RICKYHOW?! God dammit SANS!
Amanda Miranda
'Amanda Miranda' 3 months ago
this not for children
'Abstar99/7771777' 3 months ago
Daniel Middleton
'Daniel Middleton' 3 months ago
11:14 she was obviously secretly flattered
'Reclusion' 3 months ago
Drist Shadle
'Drist Shadle' 3 months ago
I litterally almost puked from cringe not kinding thaught id need to more laudry
Maddy Odley
'Maddy Odley' 3 months ago
im ok with staring at a girls coz i am one
Pheonix Fire
'Pheonix Fire' 3 months ago
Not lookin at the chest of a female with large boobs is actually kinda hard, specially if they wear revealing clothes
The Doctor
'The Doctor' 3 months ago
I have autism so I naturally try to avoid eye contact so I'd look at someone's chest when talking to someone but I realise how it can be taken so I get anxious so basically I get anxious when talking to girls
'GalaxyOfRainbowz' 3 months ago
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