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WE BREAK WIKIHOW! | Guess the Wikihow -
Published: 7 months ago By: GTLive

By: GTLivePublished: 7 months ago

410, 770 views

8, 016 Likes   137 Dislikes

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The internet is a screwed up place, and we've got proof. Just look at these Wikihow article images. That's right Steph and I are headed back to Guess the Wikihow. But after today, I don't think Wikihow will ever be the same - because you guys started hacking it! You changed so many articles that Wikihow even ended up locking us out of some of the articles.

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Thanks to David Keller for allowing us use of his sound FX:

'Pr△sm' 9 hours ago
7:04 busted
Lee Gerweck
'Lee Gerweck' 2 days ago
25:12-25:15 we should probably all be sleeping but are watching gtlive, i know thats where my life's at
I Don
When he was talking about being sucked to the boobs, my brain took that literally
'Supersonicstella' 3 days ago
I look at their nose. 👃
Aaron Ogus
'Aaron Ogus' 3 days ago
mapat mest up hahaha
'deffdefying' 4 days ago
Sorry to be a buzzkill but editing WikiHow articles just to be noticed on a gaming channel livestream is just annoying and _sad_ .
Kooky Gummy Bear
'Kooky Gummy Bear' 4 days ago
Part of the notification squad, I was just asleep
Kacey FNaF
'Kacey FNaF' 5 days ago
39:30 is so cringy until he finishes
John Rylee
'John Rylee' 1 week ago
My name is..... Read more
'Nightstream' 2 weeks ago
Oh god no more rapp pat
Allison H
'Allison H' 2 weeks ago
Once Upon a Time reference made my day! #GTlivedarkone
Girl On Fire
'Girl On Fire' 2 weeks ago
It took them 8 minutes to decide on their answer to the first one.
Space Cow 01
'Space Cow 01' 2 weeks ago
Always wear sunglasses if you're going to stare at someones boobs
'Shwoop' 3 weeks ago
I can't stop laughing and smiling, it hurts when I laugh!!! WHHHYY
'Rachelle' 3 weeks ago
I didn't expect this video to include actual broken WikiHow. By the way, I still can't find the one about understanding heterosexual people.
Sam Donaldson
'Sam Donaldson' 3 weeks ago
My brother calls me Edge Lord.
'Angelicxwings' 4 weeks ago
Matt: How to stop staring at a girl's boobs- stare at their crotch. Matt: *stares at Steph's crotch for a long moment* Matt: Well anyway um Matt: How to be a stripper who knows what she's doing. Matt: You're a stripper who knows what she's doing ;) Matt: anyyyyyway...
M.C. Ballyhoo
'M.C. Ballyhoo' 4 weeks ago
Me remembering this stream for future reference: How to stop staring at a girls boobs. Stephanie: Look anywhere but there. Me: *starts sweating bullets in front of girl* Stephanie (in an ominous and satanic voice): _LOOK ANYWHERE BUT THERE!_ Me: Uuuuuh. *quickly stares down at girls crotch*
Radioactive Powerhouse
Is it just me or do you never hear that music anymore? Maybe I'm just crazy...
dylan severin
'dylan severin' 4 weeks ago
'469ka37' 4 weeks ago
I'd rather have someone staring intensely at my boobs than my eyes. Staring intensely in my eyes makes me worried that you're going to murder me later, staring at my boobs just makes me think you're a little shallow. Neither are great options, but at least I don't think you're a murder.
Lauren A
'Lauren A' 4 weeks ago
I'm really glad they fixed the articles after trolling MatPat and Steph with random stuff. XD
Lauren A
'Lauren A' 4 weeks ago
Oh my gosh, I was really concerned when Stephanie got hit in the face but I also couldn't stop laughing! XD SHE WAS RIGHT!!!
Nova - science and more!!
Peepachu: Peepaaaaaaa.... (falls over)
nobody relevent
'nobody relevent' 4 weeks ago
Why is MatPat in a constant state of being close to tears
Christiana Baden
'Christiana Baden' 1 month ago
............ _why have i not seen one comment about mat rapping that eminem bit form 8 mile ????_
'SecretlyAnAlien' 1 month ago
MatPat you are a god i just randomly watch this episode and you say about the 4 stages of love and the rapture stage and its exactly what girlfriend is going through and is debating on breaking up and this might have saved me from losing the only person ive loved in 7 years thank you so much #MatPatKnowledgeSaves
Cakie 2005
'Cakie 2005' 1 month ago
Assassin Sword
'Assassin Sword' 1 month ago
No mat pat thats like looking at a mans courch and saying "oh sorry its just so flopy"
Sen Eggebrecht
'Sen Eggebrecht' 1 month ago
I've fallen into the rabbit hole of YouTube and am watching this at 3 in the morning. Mistakes were made.
10/10 Tubers Group - Topic
39:15 perfect gif! XD
Suzanne Crean
'Suzanne Crean' 1 month ago
At the part with the "How to Love" article when it was talking about how you need to love yourself I was just thinking "If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else. Can I get an amen?"
Jason Greene
'Jason Greene' 1 month ago
He's holding the trumpet with his hands wrong
andrew anderson
'andrew anderson' 1 month ago
matpat has never seen 8 mile im slightly upset
'Shortcake' 1 month ago
I actually checked, the how to understand heterosexual people literally was permanently deleted just as the livestream was happening. Wikihow page - 12:24, 8 January 2017 Davecrosby deleted page Understand Heterosexual People (Sarcastic: Consensus for deletion) This video - Published on Jan 8, 2017 I'm laughing.
Caitlin Biggs
'Caitlin Biggs' 1 month ago
OMG Stephanie, you sure play it cool when it comes to weird stuff
'StrikingFire90' 1 month ago how to love wiki how
'McIntyreOringinals' 1 month ago
15:22 I WAS RIGHT!!!!
'pokemonly' 1 month ago
For some reason when I watched the video I remembered that mat and Steph are married (for 6 years)
Vintage 75
'Vintage 75' 1 month ago
OMG I started crying at the left high five scene! LOL
Vintage 75
'Vintage 75' 1 month ago
Whenever the schools want to show us a puberty video, they might as well pull up this video.
David Guell
'David Guell' 1 month ago
#no perverts
David Guell
'David Guell' 1 month ago
'Sky' 1 month ago
39:21 bo burnham?
Valeria Aiyana Olivera Cortez
Steph's tips in the first one happened to me before
bre prall
'bre prall' 2 months ago
I play the alto saxophone!!!
Andrew Dixon
'Andrew Dixon' 2 months ago
At 1:21:34 it sounded like mat pat mumbled GD
dominator bro
'dominator bro' 2 months ago
matpat taptam
sensei sam
'sensei sam' 2 months ago
Froggie Lover
'Froggie Lover' 2 months ago
Secretly every girl is kinda bi This is very true everyone except gay men like breast it's a fact
The True Apex Gamer
'The True Apex Gamer' 2 months ago
His voice is so high pitched for some reason
StaticZz Fluffy
'StaticZz Fluffy' 2 months ago
At 35:09 (just a guess) it should be how to prevent identity theft. If you own a trumpet no one wants to be U. Not even the people trying to steal muns
'Danosity' 2 months ago
at about 9:00 , the image looks like a terrible drawing of MatPat and Stephanie :')
Sophia corey
'Sophia corey' 2 months ago
why does rap pat looks like James from the odd1sout
Herr Direct0r[y]
'Herr Direct0r[y]' 2 months ago
PLEASE HELP ME I've been trying for 30 minutes straight to decode the sign behind them AND IT DOESN'T HAVE ANY FREAKING SENSE I know that's the one with the alphabet written in the grid, but it comes out as "Gasx fiku"... is that something? Please tell me it's something
Hot Cheese
'Hot Cheese' 2 months ago
Well MatPat has been catching up on his Good Mythical Morning... 😏😏
Franken Stein
'Franken Stein' 2 months ago
Fame made you a lot more homosexual, man.
Rachel S
'Rachel S' 2 months ago
i opened i ton this and thought wow 12:43
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'Komorz' 2 months ago
When I was a little kid before the bee movie was a meme I had the bee movie on blu ray and had watched it many times
'twinsocks' 2 months ago
People pained by curiosity: Censored word was N-word in all caps.
Celeste Pebbles
'Celeste Pebbles' 2 months ago
MatPat went to DUKE???!!!!!!! No way!!! That is my dream college
Pardus X
'Pardus X' 2 months ago
Is that a Freemason Cipher in the background?
Ghsdf TFM
'Ghsdf TFM' 2 months ago
only on gtlive people talk about busts for 7 minutes straight
TheSuperman Doom
'TheSuperman Doom' 2 months ago
'glittery_cucumber' 2 months ago
The background music is driving me up the wall
Brodie Mo
'Brodie Mo' 2 months ago
late notification Squad
Shivershadow22 AJ The Warrior Cats Fan
I love how I actually know what Steph's talking about on the first one. Later: WTF MATPAT
Johannes Birkenfjäll
You should have a Jason-botton you can click to turn on and off a camera filming him
Purple Fire 28
'Purple Fire 28' 2 months ago
3 Gays Left!
Razor Wave
'Razor Wave' 2 months ago
YOU WENT TO DUKE?! I am ashamed to k ow you Matt.
Kaylyn Keays
'Kaylyn Keays' 2 months ago
I luv steph
Amina Fatmi
'Amina Fatmi' 2 months ago
Lol, I have the same mouse as you :D
Makai Coe
'Makai Coe' 2 months ago
you know you have a good fan base when they break the internet for you
Alexis Harper
'Alexis Harper' 2 months ago
One time, on QuizUp, I was #1 in the US on "Name That Pokemon" on my birthday month. I got to the point that I would wreck scrubs by getting a perfect 160 every time. I got bored of 100%s after a while, but it was still cool.
Kian Callbeck
'Kian Callbeck' 2 months ago
The first one was so awkward
Alexis Harper
'Alexis Harper' 2 months ago
"Love yourself." BS. I'm in a really healthy long term relationship and both of us hate ourselves more than anyone else, but love each other more than anyone else.
'Cecily' 2 months ago
MatPat's laugh is my favorite thing ever
Alexis Harper
'Alexis Harper' 2 months ago
"Even girls." When talking about looking at boobs. Lesbians and bi/poly/pan girls. I know that she then said orientation, but it's still funny to make fun of small slip ups like that.
Taylor C
'Taylor C' 2 months ago
On the topic of 44:31, is it weird that I'm capable of using both hands to an equal extent? Like, don't get me wrong, I do have a favourite to use; I just use both. ^~^;
Sanch Sai
'Sanch Sai' 2 months ago
matpat with that green hoodie moment 😂
SkyThe Skeleton
'SkyThe Skeleton' 2 months ago
Ebony Penasie
'Ebony Penasie' 2 months ago
Rewatching all off the gt livestream
Inuyasha TT
'Inuyasha TT' 2 months ago
1:06:09 "How to end slavery" "How to go to go to South Carolina and redefine slavery"
Inuyasha TT
'Inuyasha TT' 2 months ago
"How to dress up as Thomas Jefferson?" I was like "HAMILTON" because. I mean. Daveed Diggs.
'Dean's canteana' 2 months ago
lova lova lova you don't treat me no good no more ps your winis is showing
'HarbourLightning' 2 months ago
I hope you took Stephanie seriously about the "don't compliment her boobs" thing. It's really, really horrible. All it says to a woman is: "you're not interesting enough to listen to, i'd rather think about how to see you naked, and that's all im interested in". I know you're better than that, and i love this channel. Take her seriously, and your live chat commentators, the answer is to apologize and don't do it again :>
Phanøut at the Black Parade
Why does Matt look like all of the drawings?
smol kitten
'smol kitten' 3 months ago
DId somebody say SICK RHYMES?
María Paula Nava
'María Paula Nava' 3 months ago
Actually, my ex and I had a bunny together, but it stayed with me, so I'm pretty calm around him 😂
Crazy Otter
'Crazy Otter' 3 months ago
Paige Groff
'Paige Groff' 3 months ago
Can anyone find a textbook or article referring to those four stages of love MatPat was talking about? I looked online and can only find articles that vaguely resemble those for and I'm super interested in this.
Adriana Young
'Adriana Young' 3 months ago
This is the only stream that I've added to my liked videos list. The fans messing with the articles is too amazing. XD
Adriana Young
'Adriana Young' 3 months ago
I like how the ring got a clap-and-a-half, but the guy himself didn't.
Adriana Young
'Adriana Young' 3 months ago
I love RapPat. XD
'S.S.Cookie' 3 months ago
MatPat: breaking the internet 1 wiki how at a time
madi payne
'madi payne' 3 months ago
FunFact: The rap at 38:44 is the ending battle verse for B- rabbit in the movie 8 mile against Papa Do.
Athrun Rivera
'Athrun Rivera' 3 months ago
Dude matt your eyes keep shifting towards stephs boobs, You keep licking your upper lip in lust you sassy bish!
Ze _Jeff
'Ze _Jeff' 3 months ago
33:55 is pure gold
gi_v## gaming
'gi_v## gaming' 3 months ago
guys i finally found a clip were mr.pat here cursed
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