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WE BREAK WIKIHOW! | Guess the Wikihow -
Published: 9 months ago By: GTLive

By: GTLivePublished: 9 months ago

447, 601 views

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The internet is a screwed up place, and we've got proof. Just look at these Wikihow article images. That's right Steph and I are headed back to Guess the Wikihow. But after today, I don't think Wikihow will ever be the same - because you guys started hacking it! You changed so many articles that Wikihow even ended up locking us out of some of the articles.

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Thanks to David Keller for allowing us use of his sound FX:

'RaffoPhantom' 9 hours ago
"If all else fails, pretend she's your mother" Oedipus: Well okay then wikihow.
Jillian Harrington
'Jillian Harrington' 10 hours ago
Thomas Dreadforson
XxxBubble CatxxX
'XxxBubble CatxxX' 12 hours ago
is it just me or is it super quiet in this video
Convon animation
'Convon animation' 1 day ago
'SmmrPrkns' 3 days ago
Lauren Kempenaar
'Lauren Kempenaar' 6 days ago
GTLive pretty much had a cult following at this point. 😂
Somewhere, the french are crying. ....probably France
Vashnile Cropper JR
why you pervpat
Kathryn Peterson
'Kathryn Peterson' 1 week ago
How to stop staring at a girls boobs Imagine her father is right behind her
Dagur the Deranged
'Dagur the Deranged' 2 weeks ago
Yeah, because I only get the notifs a few months later. p.s. this was originally aired on my birthday
'WollfyPup' 2 weeks ago
Is it just me or did them looking/talking about the love part lag a WHOLE BUNCH
Lolypop B333
'Lolypop B333' 2 weeks ago
I'm an ace aro girl, and sometimes I even deal with the issue of trying not to stare at a girl's boobs, so I get you, Steph.
Tyger Dougan
'Tyger Dougan' 2 weeks ago
45:26, steph's mic falls off
Barbed Wire
'Barbed Wire' 2 weeks ago
That thing about jazz improvisation and rap freestyling being similar is complete crap. I know cause I play a lot of jazz auto saxophone
Angel thedemon
'Angel thedemon' 3 weeks ago
I don't play trumpet but i play flute
Angel thedemon
'Angel thedemon' 3 weeks ago
Angel thedemon
'Angel thedemon' 3 weeks ago
"How to play the alto sax"XDDD
Starfish_For_ Jay
'Starfish_For_ Jay' 3 weeks ago
I actually got to meet and have a conversation with Fifi(RuPaul's Drag Race) at heartland pride a couple years ago and it was one of the coolest things I've gotten to do! She has inspired me and I will now be going full drag at pride this summer.
Starfish_For_ Jay
'Starfish_For_ Jay' 3 weeks ago
I died with the left handed high five X"D
'MistakingManx' 3 weeks ago
I just cant hear this..
'Rainpool2016' 3 weeks ago
Random comment of the day: My friend was upset because his parents want him to go to some french high school instead of the one we are going to, or else they would kick him out and so he said "It's fine, I'll just move in with Abi" And my best friend wriggled her eyebrows at me, and I said "Why with Abi? Insert Lenny Face" And my group of friends just laughed their frickin heads off whilst her boyfriend tried to figure out what he did wrong in life lol XD
Squirtle Plays
'Squirtle Plays' 3 weeks ago
MatPat: Peepachu has fallen and can't get up. Me: than call life alert
Lucky Kitten Cat
'Lucky Kitten Cat' 3 weeks ago
Don't be surprised girls sometimes look at others. But vve usually try not to be rude, so you never notice.
Phoenix Gibbs
'Phoenix Gibbs' 3 weeks ago
16:40 don't get nervous about the fact that you dated a bunny
Ninety Nine Lives
'Ninety Nine Lives' 3 weeks ago
Suggestion, decrease the intro volume or increase the livestream volume! When I turn up the volume to hear you guys, the intro kills my ears!
Derek Stevens
'Derek Stevens' 4 weeks ago
5:30 relativity
Rose Foret
'Rose Foret' 4 weeks ago
22:00 Nah, I've had a crush on a guy for SEVEN YEARS!!!!!
David Estrada
'David Estrada' 4 weeks ago
Lanie Knudsen
'Lanie Knudsen' 4 weeks ago
omg that rap battle was soooo cringe
Shelby Cox
'Shelby Cox' 4 weeks ago
I need tips for growing my hair i have hypothyroidism it makes your hair and skin dry and fragile
Nicole Svedarsky
'Nicole Svedarsky' 4 weeks ago
That left-handed high-five scandal was probably good proof of drunkenness.
Shelby Cox
'Shelby Cox' 4 weeks ago
I feel uncomfortable staring at people for any amount of time most of the time (im shy and isnt really a social person) i go to reading on my phone its a comfort for me i become more relaxed when i talk to someone if im not looking at them i will look at them when they are talking once in a while to show them i m listening but any more then that i clam up and stop talking
That guy who hides behind his peace sign
keith kogane
'keith kogane' 4 weeks ago
30:10 moisturize weni
Arlene Dury
'Arlene Dury' 4 weeks ago
They are holding the trumpet rong the pinkey is sposta be on the ring 🎷😀
Grace Fischer
'Grace Fischer' 4 weeks ago
they killed my throat at that left handed high five XD
Brook-Lyn Sherbo
'Brook-Lyn Sherbo' 1 month ago
It took 7:45 for them to answer one question
'YMangaka' 1 month ago
achievement unlocked : clickbait.
Looking In With Victor B
Also, Mr. Matt should do a Cameo as Sargent Silly in his "How to be silly with your boyfriend bootcamp VHS" on youtube.
Looking In With Victor B
#GTLive is like life: full of joy, awkwardness, learning, caring and enjoying time with each other.
Edward Valencia
'Edward Valencia' 1 month ago
I came here because of wikihow
soren dog
'soren dog' 1 month ago
what is love baby dont hert me
Virus Dude
'Virus Dude' 1 month ago
Love is evil and should not exist.
'Force0fWi11' 1 month ago
You just appropriated rap culture wtf.
Dylan Morikawa
'Dylan Morikawa' 1 month ago
Emoney Animates
'Emoney Animates' 1 month ago
notifications squad
Spencer Trepanier
'Spencer Trepanier' 1 month ago
3 Days Left Wall Code
'TheCantHole' 2 months ago
at 51:39 how to be ryan higa
'bearbaughgames' 2 months ago
I can never feel comfortable reading a girls name tag because yeah
Not A Normal Human
'Not A Normal Human' 2 months ago
Matpat: emmiemen was a great jazz player. Me: dID YoU KilL EMmINEm !!!!!!!
Liz J
'Liz J' 2 months ago
A girl rarely likes a comment on breasts, long legs, small waist etc. because it's like you can only find physical traits to compliment.
YouTuber Trash
'YouTuber Trash' 2 months ago
I love Steph's tshirt!
Abby Electric
'Abby Electric' 2 months ago
I love Steph's shirt! (it's fnaf)
Nichole Parker
'Nichole Parker' 2 months ago
My first relationship was horrible and shouldn't count as a relationship, more so as a crash course in both how not to be in a relationship and how not to let someone treat you. However, my current boyfriend and I are at about 8 and a half months, and although the situation is a bit strange as we both had horrible first relationships, we also haven't seen each other at all in two weeks now because we're at different colleges. So I guess the anticipation might be keeping me from getting sick of him, but neither of us seems to be less infatuated with each other. We've been seeing each other every couple days pretty regularly for most of our relationship. And I'm not delusional enough to think it'll always be like this, I don't see it changing any time soon.
'NyxTheSnitch' 2 months ago
"I wasn't looking at your boobs, I like your shirt that's all" or "I was looking at your necklace, it's pretty"
Vigilante Caregiver
'Vigilante Caregiver' 2 months ago
I agree with MatPat, if I catch a guy looking at my boobs, and he apologizes, and compliments them on how captivating they are, I would forgive him.
Choco bear
'Choco bear' 2 months ago
1:17:23: How to be a sex doll
Monikat Sour
'Monikat Sour' 2 months ago
Couldn't you just compliment her shirt?
'Pr△sm' 2 months ago
7:04 busted
Lee Gerweck
'Lee Gerweck' 2 months ago
25:12-25:15 we should probably all be sleeping but are watching gtlive, i know thats where my life's at
I Don
When he was talking about being sucked to the boobs, my brain took that literally
'Supersonicstella' 2 months ago
I look at their nose. 👃
Aaron Ogus
'Aaron Ogus' 2 months ago
mapat mest up hahaha
'deffdefying' 2 months ago
Sorry to be a buzzkill but editing WikiHow articles just to be noticed on a gaming channel livestream is just annoying and _sad_ .
Kooky Gummy Bear
'Kooky Gummy Bear' 2 months ago
Part of the notification squad, I was just asleep
Kacey FNaF
'Kacey FNaF' 2 months ago
39:30 is so cringy until he finishes
John Rylee
'John Rylee' 2 months ago
My name is..... Read more
'Nightstream' 2 months ago
Oh god no more rapp pat
Allison H
'Allison H' 3 months ago
Once Upon a Time reference made my day! #GTlivedarkone
Girl On Fire
'Girl On Fire' 3 months ago
It took them 8 minutes to decide on their answer to the first one.
Bardown Ravioli
'Bardown Ravioli' 3 months ago
Always wear sunglasses if you're going to stare at someones boobs
'Shwoop' 3 months ago
I can't stop laughing and smiling, it hurts when I laugh!!! WHHHYY
'Rachelle' 3 months ago
I didn't expect this video to include actual broken WikiHow. By the way, I still can't find the one about understanding heterosexual people.
Sam Donaldson
'Sam Donaldson' 3 months ago
My brother calls me Edge Lord.
'Angelicxwings' 3 months ago
Matt: How to stop staring at a girl's boobs- stare at their crotch. Matt: *stares at Steph's crotch for a long moment* Matt: Well anyway um Matt: How to be a stripper who knows what she's doing. Matt: You're a stripper who knows what she's doing ;) Matt: anyyyyyway...
M.C. Ballyhoo
'M.C. Ballyhoo' 3 months ago
Me remembering this stream for future reference: How to stop staring at a girls boobs. Stephanie: Look anywhere but there. Me: *starts sweating bullets in front of girl* Stephanie (in an ominous and satanic voice): _LOOK ANYWHERE BUT THERE!_ Me: Uuuuuh. *quickly stares down at girls crotch*
Radioactive Powerhouse
Is it just me or do you never hear that music anymore? Maybe I'm just crazy...
dylan severin
'dylan severin' 3 months ago
'469ka37' 3 months ago
I'd rather have someone staring intensely at my boobs than my eyes. Staring intensely in my eyes makes me worried that you're going to murder me later, staring at my boobs just makes me think you're a little shallow. Neither are great options, but at least I don't think you're a murder.
Lauren Anderson
'Lauren Anderson' 3 months ago
I'm really glad they fixed the articles after trolling MatPat and Steph with random stuff. XD
Lauren Anderson
'Lauren Anderson' 3 months ago
Oh my gosh, I was really concerned when Stephanie got hit in the face but I also couldn't stop laughing! XD SHE WAS RIGHT!!!
Nova - science and more!!
Peepachu: Peepaaaaaaa.... (falls over)
nobody relevent
'nobody relevent' 3 months ago
Why is MatPat in a constant state of being close to tears
Christiana Baden
'Christiana Baden' 3 months ago
............ _why have i not seen one comment about mat rapping that eminem bit form 8 mile ????_
'SecretlyAnAlien' 3 months ago
MatPat you are a god i just randomly watch this episode and you say about the 4 stages of love and the rapture stage and its exactly what girlfriend is going through and is debating on breaking up and this might have saved me from losing the only person ive loved in 7 years thank you so much #MatPatKnowledgeSaves
Cakie 2005
'Cakie 2005' 3 months ago
Assassin Sword
'Assassin Sword' 3 months ago
No mat pat thats like looking at a mans courch and saying "oh sorry its just so flopy"
Sen Eggebrecht
'Sen Eggebrecht' 3 months ago
I've fallen into the rabbit hole of YouTube and am watching this at 3 in the morning. Mistakes were made.
10/10 Tubers Group - Topic
39:15 perfect gif! XD
Suzanne Crean
'Suzanne Crean' 3 months ago
At the part with the "How to Love" article when it was talking about how you need to love yourself I was just thinking "If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else. Can I get an amen?"
Jason Greene
'Jason Greene' 3 months ago
He's holding the trumpet with his hands wrong
Angel Francisco
'Angel Francisco' 3 months ago
wooooooow matpat what the heck😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
andrew anderson
'andrew anderson' 3 months ago
matpat has never seen 8 mile im slightly upset
'Shortcake' 3 months ago
I actually checked, the how to understand heterosexual people literally was permanently deleted just as the livestream was happening. Wikihow page - 12:24, 8 January 2017 Davecrosby deleted page Understand Heterosexual People (Sarcastic: Consensus for deletion) This video - Published on Jan 8, 2017 I'm laughing.
Caitlin Biggs
'Caitlin Biggs' 3 months ago
OMG Stephanie, you sure play it cool when it comes to weird stuff
Programming Central
'Programming Central' 3 months ago how to love wiki how
'McIntyreOringinals' 3 months ago
15:22 I WAS RIGHT!!!!
'pokemonly' 3 months ago
For some reason when I watched the video I remembered that mat and Steph are married (for 6 years)
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