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WE BREAK WIKIHOW! | Guess the Wikihow -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: GTLive

By: GTLivePublished: 2 weeks ago

261, 972 views

5, 950 Likes   81 Dislikes

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The internet is a screwed up place, and we've got proof. Just look at these Wikihow article images. That's right Steph and I are headed back to Guess the Wikihow. But after today, I don't think Wikihow will ever be the same - because you guys started hacking it! You changed so many articles that Wikihow even ended up locking us out of some of the articles.

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Thanks to David Keller for allowing us use of his sound FX:

'ktkat218' 5 hours ago
Was that a galavant reference MatPat?
William Huenergardt
'William Huenergardt' 8 hours ago
1:02:39 IS THAT SANS?!?
'Tarathedarkmagian' 12 hours ago
wasn't the rap a part of 8-mile from Eminem?
Molly O
'Molly O'Leary' 13 hours ago
I play trumpet I am a proud trumpitere
Slytherin Forever
'Slytherin Forever' 17 hours ago
This was originally aired on my 17th birthday!
BaBooTube Videos
'BaBooTube Videos' 1 day ago
I really want to attend Duke's. Any extra protips, Mat?
Zero Furr
'Zero Furr' 1 day ago
0:32:37 I just realized it said hip hop artist, not hop scotch artist. Lol
'JustDaUsualTF' 1 day ago
"I must kill matpat and eat his heart to get his joie de vivre!"
'JustDaUsualTF' 1 day ago
the "wenis" is a slang term and has not been accepted officially
Ansel James
'Ansel James' 1 day ago
it is face five not high face
hunter mastin
'hunter mastin' 1 day ago
add with wolf puppet is so cut like u do some times grandpa
Spinogator 102
'Spinogator 102' 1 day ago
Klas Arneson
'Klas Arneson' 1 day ago
stephie looks a Little like Hila Klein
'CallMeCraig' 2 days ago
Seriously though immature fanbases are the worst.
Dead Assassin
'Dead Assassin' 2 days ago
notification squad
Addy peters
'Addy peters' 2 days ago
'MoonSunCat' 2 days ago
I'm on it MatPat. Trumpeter, AWAY!
'Cha'Lon Thompson' 2 days ago
i like boobs but staring is wrong
yT-Bone Bornemann
'yT-Bone Bornemann' 2 days ago
If someone is actually going to make the trumpet thing. Just make it 2 Donald Trump faces playing trumpets.
Amber Rogue
'Amber Rogue' 2 days ago
Wiki how is fighting back
TinyxxMew Rendell
'TinyxxMew Rendell' 2 days ago
GO Catpat C-A-T-P-A-T
Mariana Loaiza
'Mariana Loaiza' 3 days ago
12:37 it repeated the intro
'KittyCat' 3 days ago
butt sorry
'KittyCat' 3 days ago
oh booties not booties like but ok
DB Boryta
'DB Boryta' 3 days ago
TheStrayKatt Evelyn
In Skin Wars, they're not naked. They are wearing skin-color undergarments.
TnT chicken
'TnT chicken' 4 days ago
having friends with large breasts is hard work.
Ole Butler
'Ole Butler' 4 days ago
this guy has problems
'ArABiaN0NyZK' 4 days ago
they're taking ages to answer! I HATE IT
Chayla and Mya and Guests
god job on a mil subs
Maddie Valentino
'Maddie Valentino' 4 days ago
As a female, I think it's idiotic that women get offended when complemented on their breasts. I think women should be comfortable enough with their sexuality that a simple glance is flattering.
João Matias
'João Matias' 4 days ago
I recommend watching 8mile, its a movie about a rappers life in detroit, eminem is the protagonist, and guess what, that rime matpat spit is in the movie
'Ultinuc' 4 days ago
I legitimately used the weenus thing all the time. There was one time this crazy mofo was biting my elbow so I just yelled at her to stop biting my weenus, and she got so confused
Tiny MB
'Tiny MB' 5 days ago
One of them just needs to say thank.
'OrphanCloud113' 5 days ago
How to survive a freestyle rap battle How to prevent identity theft How to reason How to make people think you're a witch "Ma'am, that doesn't make sense." "Yes, it does!" "How?" *Pulls out trumpet and plays awesome music* I don't know. That was the first thing that came to mind.
Peryn Curry
'Peryn Curry' 5 days ago
CAN YOU PLEASE PLAY THE BEGINNER'S GUIDE??? I seriously think you'll love it
'Maydragon' 5 days ago
That's so true; I don't know why but sometimes breasts just attract and I'm not into girls even. There should be a biological explanation like mom stuff and all. Nice video, btw Cheers!
'OdysseyDrawings' 5 days ago
this was streamed on my birthday, best bday present ever
George Salce
'George Salce' 5 days ago
Any fellow trumpeters?
'McSquiddleton' 5 days ago
Quentin Trull
'Quentin Trull' 5 days ago
What was the blurred out thing?
BrensterBB/ /Alex Brown (al3x)
5:12 why does MatPat need that advice if he isn't looking there when he asks that?
Thomas Steward
'Thomas Steward' 5 days ago
Wyatt Animation Studio
Cervix means neck, and cervicities means inflammation of the cervix. And the girl on the right had a super long neck. So I don't know how in ANY way, it was How To Have A Rigorous College Shedule
Jayden Delaney
'Jayden Delaney' 6 days ago
Wiki how use to be something like google but now its....what ever this is
Army of The Well Bread
*ALEX* IS DOING THIS SH*T! THAT F*KING *N**GER*! Everyone type in the chat "Alex is a stupid n**ger"!
Army of The Well Bread
Wow, someone actually hacked WikiHow for GTLive.
ink Sans
'ink Sans' 6 days ago
omg rap pat so gringy #rappat
Ulquiorra Schiffer
The last wikiHow doesn't seem to exist at all from what I could tell with trying to find it.
Purple Guy
'Purple Guy' 6 days ago
lol I know how to play alto saxophone
Andrew Madden
'Andrew Madden' 6 days ago
Andrew Madden
'Andrew Madden' 6 days ago
Best way to start a live stream, WITH A RICKROLL!
дима шварц
isn't it weird how this thumbnail had the same faces as the moral machine video?
_____ _____
'_____ _____' 6 days ago
I am severely disappointed that the How To Be A Villain article isn't We Are Number One.
'_InvisivleReject_' 6 days ago
i literally tried to find it and they literally took it down like i cant even find it (the how to understand heterosexual people article)
'midnight-gaming' 6 days ago
look up the song "handle bars by flobots" it mostly is a rap song and it has jazz in the middle
ayden ness
'ayden ness' 6 days ago
in my relationship it only lasted about 10 days
'VOODOO!@' 7 days ago
matpat: "I'm not being a perv" Stephanie in background: *nodding and whispering* yes you areeee..
Spoopy Spaniel
'Spoopy Spaniel' 7 days ago
quality stream.
Adino M
'Adino M' 7 days ago
On the college schedule one as soon as I saw the picture I was going to guess it because the guy's face who is peeking out is my face when I tried getting to my classes on time as everyone rushed down the halls on the first day. xD
Jacob Willis
'Jacob Willis' 7 days ago
6:14 I think we just discovered the next game theory channel . Also Is Mat is in a ERBH can he please randomly pull out a trumpet from nowhere .
'VlogClan' 7 days ago
Laughing way to hard
Mr smiley
'Mr smiley' 1 week ago
Peepachu down!!!Also I love game theory,film theory, game theory live and if you read this could you give a shout out to Janae and tell her that Joshua would change everything for her
Platinum Dragon
'Platinum Dragon' 1 week ago
MatPat: hey guys this is boyfriend does my make up!.... Me: died as of laugher Jason: (in the background) cackling
Meep Moose
'Meep Moose' 1 week ago
Pause at 4:47 XD
'Hutsalot' 1 week ago
1:10:28 I kinda want to know what was being censored....... 1:27:30 They probably started watching the stream, and then locked down whatever article the picture went with when it appeared
Meep Moose
'Meep Moose' 1 week ago
Zaifod Beebelbrox
'Zaifod Beebelbrox' 1 week ago
I wish I had heard that ting about the four stages about three months ago.
Ally Shocker
'Ally Shocker' 1 week ago
39:22 Did I accidentally click on the Try Not to Cringe Challenge?
'IceBeamGlaceon' 1 week ago
What is this game, I Just clicked the video, should i be worried?!?
Dorian Strobert
'Dorian Strobert' 1 week ago
Domestic violence
meg roscoe
'meg roscoe' 1 week ago
if you get caught staring at her boobs and then compliment them 8 times out of 10 you will get slapped
Amit Stein
'Amit Stein' 1 week ago
I really wanted to see that final article...
Matthew Green
'Matthew Green' 1 week ago
"How to survive a freestyle rap battle" Oh god my sides.
Tanner Lowrie
'Tanner Lowrie' 1 week ago
34:45. Well, people who play trumpet are basically witches anyway.
Brogan Allen
'Brogan Allen' 1 week ago
the second face isn't even possible
Frederico Franco
'Frederico Franco' 1 week ago
I laugh so much with how to survive a freestyle rap battle ... ahuahuauhauhahuhua
Kinsey Nistor
'Kinsey Nistor' 1 week ago
Also, MatPat laughter yoga is wonderful
noreen mcclure
'noreen mcclure' 1 week ago
doctour two skull
'doctour two skull' 1 week ago
Wait mat pat uses Wikipedia for his research? Maybe that's part of the reason why his theories are almost always inaccurate?
'PhantomRanger' 1 week ago
39:31 RapPat
Alex Johnson
'Alex Johnson' 1 week ago
Try and calculate the surface area of her boobs. That is how to not stare at a girl's chest.
'Ke0 EPICNESS' 1 week ago
1:13:01 that is the cringiest thing i've seen
Giraffes Rock YOLO
today is my b-day
'xMithril' 1 week ago
just wow
Francesca Patti
'Francesca Patti' 1 week ago
I love your Videos ! but I dont know how to watch it live HELP PLEASE!!!
'FinDuck' 1 week ago
Soon 1 million subs HYPE!
'TOXICSNAKE' 1 week ago
51:40 anyone think of ryan higa?
Sniper Mouse15
'Sniper Mouse15' 1 week ago
My birthday is fri 27 make a scary Friday
'TurtleManTD' 1 week ago
EVERYBODY!everybody calm down down, "its a focal piont"
Naomi Gold
'Naomi Gold' 1 week ago
best stream ever xD
'Fuddlepop' 1 week ago
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