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WE BREAK WIKIHOW! | Guess the Wikihow -
Published: 1 year ago By: GTLive

By: GTLivePublished: 1 year ago

563, 290 views

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The internet is a screwed up place, and we've got proof. Just look at these Wikihow article images. That's right Steph and I are headed back to Guess the Wikihow. But after today, I don't think Wikihow will ever be the same - because you guys started hacking it! You changed so many articles that Wikihow even ended up locking us out of some of the articles.

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Thanks to David Keller for allowing us use of his sound FX:

Some Random Fan girl
Um i think i put gtlive on that article
Charasmatic EGG OF DOOM
'ROKO Z' 3 days ago
Kaitlyn Hadley
'Kaitlyn Hadley' 1 week ago
"And it has nothing to do with your orientation" Does she mean sexuality because I don't think orientation was what people would worry about😂
Salem Was Black
'Salem Was Black' 2 weeks ago
That rap line is from they final rap battle on the movie 8 mile
Nicolai Depue
'Nicolai Depue' 2 weeks ago
Why glitch in beginning? MONICA!?!?
Karaz Feral-Fang
'Karaz Feral-Fang' 2 weeks ago
1:17:20 How to alert everyone you saw a box just move
Clara Tebbe
'Clara Tebbe' 2 weeks ago
He is looking at a stripper who KNOWS what she is doing.
'TheStoutProtagonist' 2 weeks ago
Kitty ARMY
'Kitty ARMY' 2 weeks ago
I can relate to Stephanie about the “looking at boobies” thing 😂. You’re not alone
Sussie Sapphire
'Sussie Sapphire' 3 weeks ago
I wanted it to just show the lyrics to the Lil Wayne song "How to Love"
Embattledturtle 123
'Embattledturtle 123' 3 weeks ago
For the boobs you could use peripheral vision
Alexander Huang
'Alexander Huang' 3 weeks ago
explanation of no one in the chat ever talking about or me noticing steph had boobs (no offence steph if u take this as an offence for some reason) go to 5:41
Layla Trujillo
'Layla Trujillo' 3 weeks ago
Hey! What a coincidence lol this was aired on my bday
crazy vlogger channel
Was Mat farting???
Jake Plays Piano
'Jake Plays Piano' 3 weeks ago
The Pigpen code on the back wall translates to “Days Loot”
Ian Gibson
'Ian Gibson' 3 weeks ago
At 39:10 I saw the hoodie and skipped ahead I was not ready for that kind of cringe.
Jon Silva
'Jon Silva' 3 weeks ago
Hey man......
'MegaChickenfish' 3 weeks ago
8:12 I love how the recommended are "how to deal with boys who are obsessed with your boobs" and, when I looked it up anyway, "how to discreetly look at girl's boobs without them noticing"
Puffy puffer
'Puffy puffer' 3 weeks ago
💯💯💯💯💯💯 666 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Benjamin Enrique
'Benjamin Enrique' 3 weeks ago
39:11 2 Hour later 39:42 "yes i'm white , yeah I am...." 31 sec before he sings
The Glitch
'The Glitch' 4 weeks ago
I’m in school when u live stream 😑🤨😫
Xar 94
'Xar 94' 4 weeks ago
I'm sad that I wasn't there to watch this historic moment in history.
Sometime you randomly pause things and em faces. 1:41
Anushka Mohite
'Anushka Mohite' 4 weeks ago
45:26 Has a conversation about how he could not smack Steph in the face... Smacks Steph in the face... Only MatPat on GT Live
'Mystic_Wolf_2005' 4 weeks ago
excuse me matpat? with all due respect, death note IS ONE OF THE BEST ANIMES IN THE HISTORY OF ANIMES. 'cough' 'cough' sorry. :3
Eleanor Dowhower
'Eleanor Dowhower' 4 weeks ago
wear a hat and call it hat-pat
Amy Saunders
'Amy Saunders' 4 weeks ago
Hopless Noobe
'Hopless Noobe' 4 weeks ago
"It would be my failing." immediately hits her in face
Andreas Androsch
'Andreas Androsch' 4 weeks ago
The truth no one looks at small boobs so its only a problem if its realy great boobs than its hard because we men think that geater boobs are feed well the childs so dont mean it bad but steph your childs will maybe not much have to eat you will get maybe fast empty wiht mothermilk see it as a joke XD.
Maxime Sévigny
'Maxime Sévigny' 4 weeks ago
Remember when they wasn’t late
'Pugz4Life' 4 weeks ago
10 dollar mouse? I got a 30 dollar one.
Lavalights studios
'Lavalights studios' 4 weeks ago
Rounded lol
'Candy4Emily' 1 month ago
Lol I'll see about the freestyle rap battle trumpet edition
Ren the Seer
'Ren the Seer' 1 month ago
..."tell a woman her breasts are amazing"... I'd like to see a poll to check how well received that answer is.
'Maggaman' 1 month ago
GTLive: Watch MatPat make really terrible dirty jokes on purpose and Stef make really hilarious dirty jokes on accident!
Jellyrock440 ok
'Jellyrock440 ok' 1 month ago
I started considering their videos as "try not to laugh" challenges, I now die every time I watch these
Ella Mimi
'Ella Mimi' 1 month ago
It's like Jazza and Drawception
Sandra Arica
'Sandra Arica' 1 month ago
Skidoodle skidaadle your dick is now a noodle
'ItachiUchihalover23' 1 month ago
That feel when matpat answers my question as to why I suddenly broke up with my ex because feelings suddenly felt wrong. And why I almost dumped my current boyfriend.
Megan Knowles
'Megan Knowles' 1 month ago
I have been dating my bf for 9 months and were still in the infatuation stage
Kwasi Chan
'Kwasi Chan' 1 month ago
But why is there a hole in the girl
Chicago Canine
'Chicago Canine' 1 month ago
I laughed out loud at their "sad trumpet" demonstration hehe
Fuzzy Pinkunicorns
'Fuzzy Pinkunicorns' 1 month ago
Try not too cringe challenge Impossible
super awesome youtube guy am meme
He should of said tromboner
super awesome youtube guy am meme
Is matpat with steph
super awesome youtube guy am meme
Who would wonder bone steph
CJ Beltran
'CJ Beltran' 1 month ago
Best rapping ever! Thanks MatPat for making me smile lol
Demon Wolf
'Demon Wolf' 1 month ago
As the trumpet one came on screen, I stopped playing my ACTUAL trumpet for my band because I listen to GTLive whilst playing my instrument. Also, I have trumpet battles with my fellow trumpeters.
turtle tom
'turtle tom' 1 month ago
That rap was from 8 mile
'CrucialCactus84' 1 month ago
Wow, I watched this when it aired, now it is over 2 years later and I’m rewatching it Edit: I love watching Matt trashing 2016, yeah it was bad, but we had no idea what was coming
The Eleventh Doctor
'The Eleventh Doctor' 1 month ago
Whovions broke Wikihow once
Paco Paredes
'Paco Paredes' 1 month ago
It kinda sucks when you are tall? Cause you gotta look down and normally her face is near her bobbies
'U N O' 1 month ago
are you allowed to look at a strippers boobs.. or do you have to pull matt’s apology/compliment.. WIKIHOW MAKE A GUIDE, I NEED ANSWERS
kitten robot
'kitten robot' 2 months ago
Mat makes a joke that says "im a master at jazz" but just played a fake trumpted with 10 keys when it has 3.
Phoebe Mitchell
'Phoebe Mitchell' 2 months ago
i love gtlive, but im never on time :(
Gaming Gamer
'Gaming Gamer' 2 months ago
I thought that was a ballsack on the thumbnail
Itz Joeee
'Itz Joeee' 2 months ago
Who's here in 2018?
'MegaSweetness' 2 months ago
*B O O T I E S*
Lily Glezz
'Lily Glezz' 2 months ago
I need to know what they censored at 1:05:37 Does anyone know? The curiosity is killing me
0 0
'0 0' 2 months ago
26:15 can't just can't
Snakes forLife13
'Snakes forLife13' 2 months ago
I can’t stare people in the eyes. I stare at their eyebrows, then I look around the room, or if their hands are moving, I look at their hands
F13at Cat
'F13at Cat' 2 months ago
I hope they bring this back someday. I never have giggled so much at a live stream; it’s so fun 💜
'CJ2XTRME' 2 months ago
You have such a nice, firm, wenis.
Xx_Mystical_ Fantasy_xX
I was drinking REALLY hot tea when MatPat said "I was hoping that this would have taught me how to be sexually empowered, I guess all of those sexy time activities are to be learned another day." I spit out a mouthful of scalding tea. So yea, that was fun.
Michael Recon
'Michael Recon' 2 months ago
I feel like my parents are in that 6 - 8 month stage looped...
'NIKO123004' 2 months ago
I legit had that same jacket a few years ago
'Sexyturtle32' 2 months ago
-Rachel -
'-Rachel -' 2 months ago
Kay but at 20:00 where the hell is the tattooed lady's arm... wtf
Cassie Kramer
'Cassie Kramer' 2 months ago
If I catch someone looking at my boobs and they said "ah sorry, but they are quite nice" then I would be ok with it. Mostly because I also stare at boobs when I get the chance 😅
'Fahmi4869' 2 months ago
'Mingthewither' 2 months ago
Why?! 10:50
The Steak
'The Steak' 2 months ago
Jacob Magnotta
'Jacob Magnotta' 2 months ago
Gt live at a strip club
Edward Edlund
'Edward Edlund' 2 months ago
15 minutes in to the video and they only answer a single question.
Emerald king gaming
'Emerald king gaming' 2 months ago
#perpat 5:00
Shy Sunny
'Shy Sunny' 2 months ago
So I can just talk about aquariums, why anything exists, and food in my college interview? Huh.
Karter Thirteen
'Karter Thirteen' 2 months ago
Let me pull out my... SURPRISE TRUMPET!!
Cool Kitten
'Cool Kitten' 2 months ago
25:25 My longest relationship is 3 months... 😅😂
social - disaster
'social - disaster' 2 months ago
the 'how to grow your hair long' drawing meant that you shouldn't go swimming in saltwater because it damages your hair??? i thought that was super obvious...
Spartan Plays:
'Spartan Plays:' 2 months ago
44:19 this is the quality content you get from gtliv people.
Mobile Gaming
'Mobile Gaming' 2 months ago
39:50 It's from a movie, Eminem sings it
Hannah Rudachyk
'Hannah Rudachyk' 2 months ago
I’m just dying at the whole boob thing😂😂 never try to compliment a girls boobs if you get caught staring literally just apologize profusely and don’t do it again!!!! And when Matt said “state at her crotch instead” and stared at Stephanie’s crotch I died
Joseph Reber
'Joseph Reber' 2 months ago
Here's a story: Back in high school during my senior year, I went to Prom with my then-girlfriend. No lying, she was extremely alluring and arousing; especially when it came to the dresses she wore to our shool dances. The one she wore for Prom was something similar to Cinderella: it was all kinds of blue with faux diamonds and shrouds. She was beautiful. So after we took pictures in a botanical garden, we went to the dance hall for dinner and Prom. And at the entrance, there was a photographer who took portraits of the couples and attendants. Me and my girlfriend decided to take one, and we got positioned, and the photographer counted down "1..2..3". In the middle of it, I was checking out my girlfriend to see if she was alright (something was messing up on her dress). And then there was a flash of light, and the picture was taken. It wasn't until later that we found out that I was staring at her boobs during the flash, and now this moment of me and my ex is forever showing me at my "perviest"!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ***In my defense, she had said multiple times over our relationship that I had the right to stare at her boobs👍*** Life Lesson: Always ask the woman you're dating for her consent to "look" at her breasts! Even if you've been together for a long time, still ask. Trust me; it'll save you some embarassment!!😉
Sofia Guiraud
'Sofia Guiraud' 2 months ago
"WE BREAK WIKIHOW! | Guess the Wikihow", a.k.a. the stream where Steph gets hit in the head (several times)
TARDIS Whovian
'TARDIS Whovian' 2 months ago
I still remembered when I watched the live stream a year ago when the whole madness when down. It was a great night.
Kim Diamond
'Kim Diamond' 2 months ago
23:04 // 'You can actually see it in your own relationship' Me: what relationship :,I
Zapper Guy
'Zapper Guy' 2 months ago
Mat! Do not search these things again. If you do: Do it without Stephanie and Use #safesearch
dot dot
'dot dot' 2 months ago
One year anniversary watching!
InkDot InkDot
'InkDot InkDot' 2 months ago
20:15 what happened to that woman's hand?
'Capt_Andrew' 2 months ago
My brother plays trumpet, and some of my friends play trumpet. I play French horn. If you want to play jazz play an Alto Sax
'RainbowDash1995' 2 months ago
had to remove my headphones when MattPatt started rapping....sorry guy, I couldn't do it lol xD
The Bomb
'The Bomb' 2 months ago
Who be here in 2018
Claila Aka Clay-la
'Claila Aka Clay-la' 3 months ago
My vision troubles when the blobs are large, or the cleavage is visible, and I’m just like “... So anyways...”
kaie- gcg
'kaie- gcg' 3 months ago
내 다이어트 콜크가 어딨는지
Amiri :P
'Amiri :P' 3 months ago
34:26 Don't you mean "Tromboner"? ;>
Team EAK
'Team EAK' 3 months ago
Looks like MattyPatty is being silly with her boyfriend, Steph.
First Name
'First Name' 3 months ago
Russell Kramer
'Russell Kramer' 3 months ago
It’s pronounced cervicitis!
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