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People Play "Never Have I Ever" With Their Parents -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 1 year ago

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Gentleman's Club 2
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'nbajordyn' 1 day ago
Fluffy Nazi
'Fluffy Nazi' 2 days ago
Berlin: Did u watch porn when u were younger!!?? Nazi: *i w a s i n t h e a r m y* Berlin: How did u watch porn when u were in the army!?? Nazi: Zatz another story...
Oriana Priscila soto
De aquí ducktape roba ideas. ¡Pillados! Jaja
Carasaurus Wrex
'Carasaurus Wrex' 3 days ago
"Is this what happens when you get old?" OMG I would NEVER say that to my mom! She probably pissed herself when she was pregnant!
They had porn back then ?
Rainbow Royalty
'Rainbow Royalty' 4 days ago
I don't know how this would work for my mom and I
Tom Smoker
'Tom Smoker' 4 days ago
I took a package of mnm’s.... on the way to Hebrew school 😂😂😂😂😂
otp_never _dies
'otp_never _dies' 5 days ago
"Did you watch porn in the army?" "That's a another story." Lol 😂😂😂😂😂
'Boruto GAIDEN' 6 days ago
"how did you watch porn in the army?" "that's another story".
Madi :D
'Madi :D' 1 week ago
“I’m your mother I’ve seen you go in a pool naked” “Yeah that’s because you forced me in a pool naked, that’s less skinny dipping and more child endangerment.” THE MOMS FACE BAHAH
Oscar Santos
'Oscar Santos' 1 week ago
"How did you watch porn in the army?" - "That's a different story"
'Roya1ty' 2 weeks ago
0:25 he’s so annoying already
Shahzeb Khan
'Shahzeb Khan' 2 weeks ago
Wow.... I love this girl
'SimplyLacie' 2 weeks ago
“Never have I ever tried drugs” Mom: (wispers) what kind? 😂
Lola Haber
'Lola Haber' 2 weeks ago
“never have I ever took drugs” whispers to son “what type?”
pass the Suga please
I'm not cool enough to sneak out. Din have anywhere to sneak out to.
'YUNUS VLOGD' 2 weeks ago
Zoe Osborne-smith
'Zoe Osborne-smith' 2 weeks ago
If I did this with my parents I would be grounded for my whole life ...
'Anne' 2 weeks ago
who's watching in 2018?
Sohaila Haroun
'Sohaila Haroun' 2 weeks ago
2:47 "we are very similar people" "but i am prettier" "agreed" Lmao
gimy gaming 26
'gimy gaming 26' 3 weeks ago
I have never watched porn because I do not know what porn means
'Kittycatcupcake' 3 weeks ago
Daughter: How did you watch porn in the army?!? Dad: .....that’s another story .-.
amber adams
'amber adams' 3 weeks ago
Stop copying cut's style of vids.
Camilo Medina
'Camilo Medina' 3 weeks ago
visit proud disk print guard crawl sword commission wilderness
Emandmli 2319
'Emandmli 2319' 3 weeks ago
Question: "Never have I ever given someone a fake phone number." Mother: "Hell yes." XD LOL
pyxl MSP
'pyxl MSP' 3 weeks ago
The mum and the son are so funny xD
Cats Rule
'Cats Rule' 3 weeks ago
2:21-2:27 just cracks me up every time
Everything Dimonds
'Everything Dimonds' 3 weeks ago
I shopp lifted a pencil once lol
'BlakeParker15' 3 weeks ago
Exactly! It's still weird when it's ur mom!
'Quotii' 4 weeks ago
*what kind*
Keira Regan
'Keira Regan' 4 weeks ago
Whats Porn?
Caleb Taylor
'Caleb Taylor' 1 month ago
"Its Natural"
Yesenia Pena
'Yesenia Pena' 1 month ago
“We’re very similar , but I’m prettier”💀
Ajmer Yeadally
'Ajmer Yeadally' 1 month ago
"I took a package of M&Ms on the way to Hebrew school."
'ZipZ' 2 months ago
i wish i had a twin :/
Saeyoung Choi
'Saeyoung Choi' 2 months ago
"How did you watch porn in the army?" "That's another story" xD
atrippy mf
'atrippy mf' 2 months ago
The mom w the natural drugs is me 😂😂 “they don’t count”
'Miss_Ducky_Draws' 2 months ago
I stole chapstick and m and ms
skeggjold gunnr
'skeggjold gunnr' 2 months ago
I was in the Army during such a time...Prior to the later part of the 70's - no interwebs. No VCR yet...but there was a certain area of every town that had scrappy looking ladies standing around...and a theatre or two that had really sticky floors. - did...Did someone spill their soda in EVERY Aisle?! ...never mind. Some porn shops prior to the consumer VCR had private viewing booths. Probably 8mm film. They'd have the magazines, the "adult toys" and then them sad booths. My dad OWNED such a shop after retiring 30 years in the Air Force. Bikers usually do such things. But that's another story.
Selenators HQ
'Selenators HQ' 2 months ago
0:50 😂😂😂
clorox lemon scent
'clorox lemon scent' 2 months ago
damn 420 blaze it grandma weed and shrooms #dankgrandma
meower 808
'meower 808' 2 months ago
This was funny
Isabella Flaherty
'Isabella Flaherty' 2 months ago
Ik for a fact my mom has watched porn
Hazel B
'Hazel B' 2 months ago
Shrooms and marijuana ..are natural 😂😂 ship this mom and son
'RuthieBoo' 2 months ago
" I stole a pack of m and ms.." "On the way to hebrew school.." HAHA SAME GIRL SAME
AMagicalUnicornThatIsBetterThanYou Misra
I think most people have tried drugs because caffeine. Duh.
Scott B
'Scott B' 2 months ago
"i stole m&ms on the way to hebrew school" lol
Shivani Deshpande
'Shivani Deshpande' 2 months ago
The mom and son though 😂💕💕
'KItKAt' 2 months ago
"Never have I ever tried drugs".."what kind?"
Amanda Russell
'Amanda Russell' 2 months ago
Lysanne Speek
'Lysanne Speek' 2 months ago
Girl: How do you watch p*rn in the army ? Dad: THAT is another story 😂😂😂
'Jukebox' 2 months ago
That guy is like Tommy Dreamer without the beard!
EmilyF Szwedo
'EmilyF Szwedo' 2 months ago
“What kind?”
rsty.c FTW
'rsty.c FTW' 2 months ago
Its kinda weird when you find out your mom is watching porn. Like ugh xD
lol stahp
'lol stahp' 2 months ago
0:31 are they filipino? I can tell by the accentttttt ❤️
'EmphasizetheWOW' 2 months ago
"How do you watch porn in the army?" "That's another story"
'TvdLover' 2 months ago
Who else clicked on this because you thought it was Naya Rivera in the thumbnail
La la la la Crazy
'La la la la Crazy' 2 months ago
“It’s a drug.” “But it’s natural.” “So is marijuana.” “Again, natural.” I can’t even 😂 I need this woman in my life
Callie Yiu
'Callie Yiu' 2 months ago
"we're very similar people" "but I'm prettier" I wish I had cool parents 😂
ashton savage
'ashton savage' 2 months ago
1:05 what kind LMAO
Msp Belle
'Msp Belle' 3 months ago
99% of the comments are "how did u watch porn in the army" 1% is random
i love pizza
'i love pizza' 3 months ago
-When I was Younger -You're still young.
Yatziri Mercado
'Yatziri Mercado' 3 months ago
"Is that what happens when you get old?' LMFAOOOO THAT KILLED ME!
'Justin' 3 months ago
Why do all these comments have 92783738382828 likes That's a bit of an exaggeration
'xJaKz' 3 months ago
"Never have I ever watched porn" why is that even there.
Becheru Aurora Elena
'Becheru Aurora Elena' 3 months ago
"But I'm prettier" :)))))))))))
WiFir3 46
'WiFir3 46' 3 months ago
2:08 The one on the right is beautiful
Susannah Weidmann
'Susannah Weidmann' 3 months ago
NH MKhue
'NH MKhue' 3 months ago
Never have i ever tried drugs *Whispers* What Kind? Me: *whispers* JYP
Patrick Kane
'Patrick Kane' 3 months ago
When your 11 “Never have I ever watched porn” “me I Have”
'TheRandomGurl' 3 months ago
Lol the guy and the mom have a cute son and mother relationship👏🏼
Steph M
'Steph M' 3 months ago this is a podcast Halynka and Kingsley have you guys should check it out !!
Zninja 1162
'Zninja 1162' 3 months ago
I took smarties, because it said "two for a dollar" so one was obviously free, right? XD
Kate or Toriel
'Kate or Toriel' 3 months ago
"WHAT KIND?" Made my day XD
Iforgot MeMilk
'Iforgot MeMilk' 3 months ago
patak daca
'patak daca' 3 months ago
The face at 0:29 says it all...
Dee Barkley
'Dee Barkley' 3 months ago
this would end in me and my mom yelling at each other on camera
Sophie Jacqueline
'Sophie Jacqueline' 3 months ago
Less skinny dipping and more child endangerment 😂
Ava Schenker
'Ava Schenker' 4 months ago
"I stole m n m's... in hebrew school" I'm deceased HAHHAHA BYE
'Xorrin' 4 months ago
come one, everybody watch porn.
Salvador Soriano
'Salvador Soriano' 4 months ago
1'56. His laugh😂😂
Stephanie Mensah
'Stephanie Mensah' 4 months ago
"on my way to Hebrew school" lmaoooo
'Melkor's Chosen' 4 months ago
I literally cant rly understand what they are saying.. subtitles i neeeeed u
Mui S
'Mui S' 4 months ago
That Woodstock mum is awesome lol shrooms are natural, so is marijuana... True! She's great :)
Hannah Wetton
'Hannah Wetton' 4 months ago
No yeah we both have tried drugs lmfao
Nimoshi Monster
'Nimoshi Monster' 4 months ago
Lol 0:25
rosie hernandez
'rosie hernandez' 4 months ago
'NobodyOfNOLA' 4 months ago
"What kind?" Broo
Angie Natoyn
'Angie Natoyn' 4 months ago
"I took a package of M&Ms" XD Absolutely hilarious
Shahzeboy 1
'Shahzeboy 1' 4 months ago
Never have i every tried drugs, "What kind" , lmaoo i love it
Mr. Sir
'Mr. Sir' 4 months ago
''How did you watch porn in the army?'' ''Thats another story''
rose ir
'rose ir' 4 months ago
Zaney Gaming
'Zaney Gaming' 4 months ago
Drugs are not just the bad ones like meth and weed drugs are another name for medicine
♥ Luz ASMR ♥
'♥ Luz ASMR ♥' 4 months ago
Austin CraftHS
'Austin CraftHS' 4 months ago
Yes I have, bromhexine( cough medicine ) , panadol, and much more
Ava F
'Ava F' 4 months ago
"I took a pack of M&Ms... on the way to Hebrew school."
'LuxMashups' 4 months ago
The mom with the white hair is so funny lol
Froggieboi Lúciodropthebeat
some of these moms though oml
Richard Sec
'Richard Sec' 4 months ago
Her: How did you watch porn in the army. Him: Oh it was all live action.
SuperSaiyanBean 242
'SuperSaiyanBean 242' 4 months ago
I'd smash the girl with the black choker
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