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Death Row Prisoners’ Last Meals -
Published: 10 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 10 months ago

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Photographer Henry Hargreaves has recreated the last meals of prisoners executed in 2016 for a new series, "A Year of Killing".

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Fading Memories
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Quoc Hung Pham
'Quoc Hung Pham' 19 hours ago
This food is better than my food i eat.............................
StrikeNinja 711
'StrikeNinja 711' 6 days ago
I feel so sad because they are just human and even they have favourite foods
Gamer group z̸
'Gamer group z̸' 6 days ago
Honestly tho it’s scary to think that whoever ate these last meals are dead and people make a video of their last meals, these people are sick 😷
'Chris???' 7 days ago
This is scary to watch. It just makes you think... why.
IᗩᑎᗪIᗩ ᗰᑕKEE
Wait there's 8 YEAR OLDS that get death row .. what 😔😔😣😣😰😰😢
'Xiryum' 1 week ago
I'm hungry now.
Be Do
'Be Do' 1 week ago
an you escape death row by asking for an "endless" bowl of some food
Bulbasaur Life
'Bulbasaur Life' 1 week ago
if that was me and they said i could have one more meal it would be... the taste of freedom ;)
Maxx RainbowDecade
Creepy boring dragging. Gross unsubscribed
'Palmuz' 1 week ago
I’d ask for 5 American pancakes, 1 French toast, 20 of my grandmas awesome buttery small thin crispy pancakes (best ones in the world), a large McDonald’s fries, 3 McDonald’s plain burgers (only bread and meat), a lot of ice cream, a bag of cheez ballz, a bag of Doritos, a lot of taco meat and 1 small little piece of lettuce (about 1x1 cm). What will I eat? The lettuce piece. Nothing else. If I’m on the death row, I don’t deserve this amazing treat, so I’ll torture my self, with my will.
'TOMMY BOY' 2 weeks ago
My poop finally out when i watched this video
AquaticPardise Vlogs
i would have asked for mc ds
Karla Amador
'Karla Amador' 2 weeks ago
This is really upsetting.....😔😔
'Maria' 2 weeks ago
very upsetting...and they're all left uneaten except the one with the corn that with some parts missing..!
'AndrewToons' 2 weeks ago
1:35 you can clearly see it steaming lol
Lila X
'Lila X' 2 weeks ago
Damn. This is sad but I don't think I'd be sad if I found out what they did. Yikes.
Chibi Casey
'Chibi Casey' 2 weeks ago
Idk what to say about this but... Why would they do this?
Jack Mitchell
'Jack Mitchell' 3 weeks ago
There should be a taste test on these
Priscina Skyy
'Priscina Skyy' 3 weeks ago
It's shocking how many of these people were only 21 when they were convicted of a crime so severe it required the death penalty.
Bigrednol Account
'Bigrednol Account' 3 weeks ago
This makes me hungry.
BaoMinecraft GamingVN
It kind of seems like these people, they get a very luxurious meal because this is gonna be the last meal in their life.
'권지원' 3 weeks ago
the people who were killed by them, didn't even have opportunities to choose the last meal
'xLilBam17x' 3 weeks ago
How can you even eat knowing you about to die 😭
'PixelDelta' 3 weeks ago
Isn’t 15 the minimum years you have to serve before execution
Life Elements_56
'Life Elements_56' 3 weeks ago
I only watch to see the food
Ariel King
'Ariel King' 3 weeks ago
Am I the only one who cried?
Preetysh Raj
'Preetysh Raj' 3 weeks ago
I feel like committing a crime.
blessing 2 me
'blessing 2 me' 3 weeks ago
After watching this I feel hungry
Goblins From Mars - 10 Hours Music
50% of the comments talking about how slow the words are being written 20% of the comments talking about how sad they are that people are dieing for this 10% complaining about death penalty and saying the UK doesn't have it. ( I live in the uk : 3 ) 5% of the comments talking about THEIR death meals 5% talking about other things 9% of the people STILL complaining about the words typing so slow. 1% of me wanting to have a FRIGGIN' TURN TO COMMENT.
Pxncxss Ana
'Pxncxss Ana' 4 weeks ago
When I saw the tacos it just hit me what if he wanted his mamas meal as his last i mean humans are humans
foolish davidson
'foolish davidson' 4 weeks ago
That pizza looks grim I would not even serve that on death row Oh wait
Brett Spangler
'Brett Spangler' 4 weeks ago
My last meal would just be Whooper from Burger King, & a medium Coca-Cola.
The Randomest moe
'The Randomest moe' 4 weeks ago
Honestly, nobody deserves to die :/
Hayleigh Vuong
'Hayleigh Vuong' 4 weeks ago
We need names buzzfeed
'Coop' 4 weeks ago
If I were ever on death row i'd pick...... mac n' cheese, with pizza and 4 hamburgers and then 4 blue airhead slushies' and then my final thing would be the guard! :D
why you wanna know
'why you wanna know' 4 weeks ago
this is too interesting to me
Drew Daily
'Drew Daily' 4 weeks ago
not everybody on death row deserves death. this is so upsetting to think that some of these people might not even have done anything serious.
'Jovial' 4 weeks ago
I would ask for, rainbow roll sushi (only salmon), fried ice cream, and grapefruit juice.
'_Mamii_215_' 4 weeks ago
Whats death row?
Taha Killer
'Taha Killer' 4 weeks ago
My death row meal: 2 number nines, a number nine large, a number six with extra dip, a number seven, two number forty fives, one with cheese and a large soda all while following the damn train and yelling OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH at the top of my voice Please don't ruin the meme please
'Bymie' 1 month ago
It's better than what i get
'Lelouch' 1 month ago
if i got a last meal id go with, an entire salmon, 10's of chicken nuggets with ketchup, 10's of fried shrimp with cocktail sauce, a rootbeer float, and ice cream...
'ughvenn' 1 month ago
I'm not sure why but this video made me feel sick to my stomach
Cheesecake God
'Cheesecake God' 1 month ago
I would pick cheesecake for my last meal
Angela Narkin
'Angela Narkin' 1 month ago
lol im just eating popcorn kernels as im watching this
'Rachel' 1 month ago
Can we just take a minute to think about that all these people are now dead? I know they were criminals and all, but doesn't it make every single one of you really sad to have seen several people's last meals? Like in actually last? Dang, that makes so uncomfortable.
'Brieen' 1 month ago
The typing was gay
'iiApëxxRüsh' 1 month ago
2:08 fetty wap
Bambi loves Games xD
I would order 1,000 tacos made from my mom
Justin Nguyen
'Justin Nguyen' 1 month ago
Was it only me or the music with the typing was really creepy lol
dwight shrute
'dwight shrute' 1 month ago
I know these people deserve this, but I still feel bad for them
Hope&Brittany LPS
'Hope&Brittany LPS' 1 month ago
So if someone is on a death row for murder and they get killed by someone doesn't that sorta mean that that person is also a murderer?
youtube girl
'youtube girl' 1 month ago
Doddle and Doodle
'Doddle and Doodle' 1 month ago
This makes me sad because, even if they were monsters they had a child hood. They might have picked a meal because a close family member made it for them and it makes me feel bad for them, kinda
FadedShyGuy Geometry Dash
What is death row?
jasper loo
'jasper loo' 1 month ago
for my last meal....KFC bucket strawberries shrimp French fries mashed potatoes gravy dr pepper 1 taco 3 chipotle burritos and a pudding cup...IM A FATASS
crying alien
'crying alien' 1 month ago
the guy who got the pizza, a calzone, a steak and a salad i relate too, that looked delicious
Leilani H
'Leilani H' 2 months ago
I would ask for the entire menu at chick fil a, then ask for my own red velvet or Oreo cake 🤤
'Sad' 2 months ago
This 5000 times better than school lunch
Soup Malfoy
'Soup Malfoy' 2 months ago
Mine: Phõ and hash browns with water and hot sause
Last Guy43
'Last Guy43' 2 months ago
I'm hungry now....I know!! Ill order pizza.... :D
'Dogeicecream' 2 months ago
Yes hate when I see dogs on death row and they have pupps
Confused Krab
'Confused Krab' 2 months ago
Asian bites, water, rice, taco.
Jan CW
'Jan CW' 2 months ago
I would ask them to poison the food so I don't have to go through all the other drama.
The Creeper King
'The Creeper King' 2 months ago
*The end:* Subscribe For More Wonderful Things *Me:* HOW IS THIS VIDEO WONDERFUL??
'Minecraftredstoner' 2 months ago
This is sad... A lot of people in there 30s and aready put on death row 0-o
Young Cheddar
'Young Cheddar' 2 months ago
I'd ask for a full English breakfast lol
Krypton 114
'Krypton 114' 2 months ago
I would ask for a mountain of caviar
Kiara Hunte
'Kiara Hunte' 2 months ago
My order would be elephant tusk with 2 FRESH dinosaur eggs :) find that bastards
I like pizza
'I like pizza' 2 months ago
This is unsettling
Lox Of bastion
'Lox Of bastion' 2 months ago
Friend: if you were on death row what would be your last meal Me: everything
Pavan Katepalli
'Pavan Katepalli' 2 months ago
none of them were vegan.
'TRYD4NT' 2 months ago
Someone deadass got peanut butter cups b4 they died
i love cheesecake
'i love cheesecake' 2 months ago
So if I order bottomless fries does that count will I still die
Dolphinman 300
'Dolphinman 300' 2 months ago
I'd go with all I can eat buffet so I never stop
Da brak
'Da brak' 2 months ago
I wonder if the tree actually grew when he died The dude who ordered a single fruit
guy manuel de hononon croissant
seriously? i know this is death row but did they seriously approve a peanut butter cup with a dr pepper?
'MilkyMan' 2 months ago
This is sad,I mean,the people on death row are fucked up as hell,but it's still sad
Mr Mellow
'Mr Mellow' 2 months ago
If that was me I’d say I would die for some hot wings right now
Bhadie Jaye
'Bhadie Jaye' 2 months ago
I would be crying the whole time bc I would be scared asf
Royal Gaming
'Royal Gaming' 2 months ago
get free food as much as u can eat hmmmmm how do i get here?
'Skullyerna' 2 months ago
*going to be depressing but whatever* If i was in death row my last meal would want to a homemade carrot cake with the exact ingredients my grandpa made it.. Note: he died on christmas eve in 2011 because of cancer, it really messed me up seeing him go right in front of me but my favorite memories was when when i was little id always help him make the cake and make homade caramel for it and afterwards we'd eat it together and he'd share some with his neighbors.. such a wonderful time.
Talitha Smit
'Talitha Smit' 2 months ago
This was sad..
Jesse Chaitlal
'Jesse Chaitlal' 2 months ago
Sasuke Uchiha
'Sasuke Uchiha' 2 months ago
A perfect way to die
Serwan Muhsen
'Serwan Muhsen' 2 months ago
This gives me the creeps what if I'm on death row and they don't have halal meat ?????!??!?! 😡
'LPSAlia' 2 months ago
I screamed when they used the fork on the peanut butter cup
Darin Chamseddin
'Darin Chamseddin' 2 months ago
why do i feel bad for them
Lauren Mcpick2
'Lauren Mcpick2' 2 months ago
I would want a pimple cupcake Why? Because it would already blind my eyes and then kill me.
'Regulargardevoir' 2 months ago
My last meal: MCDonalds large fries and 20 nuggets
mia bolcato
'mia bolcato' 2 months ago
knowing that youre going to be killed must be fucking terrifying
Genesis 咪咪ミミ
'Genesis 咪咪ミミ' 2 months ago
Man these people get better meals than the ones in my life. Good meal before you die at least, amiright? : D Sorry..
My last meal we'll be a large pizza some chinnes food
'V&S&thecrazyfam' 2 months ago
This makes me sad and scared
Camila Gisselle
'Camila Gisselle' 3 months ago
why cant they just kill the death row inmates right away? is it because of evidence reasons?
Grace ZR
'Grace ZR' 3 months ago
The 38 year old really unsettled me because if you think about the fact that he was on death row for 17 years... he was put on death row when he was 21
Ozan Erdemir
'Ozan Erdemir' 3 months ago
did you actually think that those klik sounds of a keyboard actually make your video better? unbelievable.
Iman Khan
'Iman Khan' 3 months ago
I don't agree with the death sentence. It's just not right
'Scarce' 3 months ago
Pizza with *BONES ON IT*
lincoln b
'lincoln b' 3 months ago
was the last one Ben Wyatt
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