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Death Row Prisoners’ Last Meals -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 3 weeks ago

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Photographer Henry Hargreaves has recreated the last meals of prisoners executed in 2016 for a new series, "A Year of Killing".

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Fading Memories
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Made by BFMP

Lexa Lopez
'Lexa Lopez' 11 hours ago
I like it better when there's someone reading it out loud.. I read slow and hate pausing lol plus the text was not very clear . But please make more of these !
Reece Green
'Reece Green' 17 hours ago
Honestly I feel like buzzfeed steals a lot of their ideas from Rhett and Link from good mythical morning
Daisy Kollmorgen
'Daisy Kollmorgen' 22 hours ago
This made me cry inside it was horrible thinking about death
Deniz Gult
'Deniz Gult' 1 day ago
I swear Buzzfeed has already done this video two years ago
Yeahletgowiththat !!!
Keep on scrolling I have nothing to say
Adit Jonathan
'Adit Jonathan' 1 day ago
Why do we KILL people, who KILL people, to show that KILLING people is wrong??
morgan mason
'morgan mason' 1 day ago
this music is pure agony
R - 0 to 100 real quick
Basic af.
Eternity Revzuh
'Eternity Revzuh' 4 days ago
the meal at 2:04 is definitely a Mexican ( NO RACISM IM MEXICAN TOO LOL )
'xHOTxCHOCOxFUDGEx' 4 days ago
The 2 peanut butter cups one got to me... :(
'QBeezzy11' 5 days ago
Aren't the people who kills them murders too wtf ?
'Whatsyourdeal' 5 days ago
So thankful to live in a civilized country where executions are not a thing.
Liduvina Elizalde
'Liduvina Elizalde' 6 days ago
My last meal would be taco bell
Jerome Fuerte
'Jerome Fuerte' 6 days ago
1:25 THANK GOD SOMEBODY ATE THE BLACK EYED PEAS! I was getting so sick of them, especially Fergie!
'rapingpeterpan' 7 days ago
Capital punishment is so inhumane and barbaric it turns my I can't eat.
Jennie Nguyen
'Jennie Nguyen' 7 days ago
I hate death penalty. If a serial killer got caught, he should spend his life in prison forever without any parole. Sad and alone for the rest of his life. Death is just the easy way out. Kill him and his evil soul just goes to a newborn baby and the cycle starts again.
Clayton Cannella
'Clayton Cannella' 1 week ago
How cheerful
Emilia Welander
'Emilia Welander' 1 week ago
Lot's of 21 year olds going around killing people...
Emma Stallings
'Emma Stallings' 1 week ago
Did anyone else find this really unsettling?
leedle lee
'leedle lee' 1 week ago
This is so creepy
Alex Shi
'Alex Shi' 1 week ago
honestly us prison system so bad. If they can seem to be able to reintegrate into society while serving their time i think 15-25 years with no parole chance is more than enough.
Dennis Groxo
'Dennis Groxo' 1 week ago
not the brightest video
'WeirdGirl1234' 1 week ago
I just love the way everything is planned like the way the food looks and the typewriter gives it that old effect and the music just makes it seem what it was probably like in the last minutes of these people's lives and all off this combined is a very sad and creepy video yet unique at the same time
Ashley Sanchez
'Ashley Sanchez' 1 week ago
In Texas they don't give you a choice anymore. I guess people ordered so much food that they didn't eat.
A Khan
'A Khan' 1 week ago
This just made me hungry...
Mariah Mandy
'Mariah Mandy' 1 week ago
I like how long it can take (sometimes)
Creeper Games
'Creeper Games' 1 week ago
This video changed my stance on the death penalty. It's not right.
Kevin Brown
'Kevin Brown' 1 week ago
The fact that a lot of America still has the death penalty. At this day and age is barbaric. It doesn't bring any more justice then a life sentence. It does not bring down the crime rate and it costs so much money. And what about if someone is wrongfully convicted? U can take someone out of jail but u can't bring someone back from the dead.
Krissy barber
'Krissy barber' 1 week ago
I don't think we Do death sentences in England because it's insane, no one deserves to die....
Leeka Bell
'Leeka Bell' 1 week ago
wow just 2 peanut butter cups and a dr.pepper 😔
Kevin Cheuk
'Kevin Cheuk' 1 week ago
Makes me kinda hungry
מאלי שוורץ
this feels so wierd watching this while realising that behind each meal there is a dead perso, even though it is a criminal
In Australia, we don't serve death penalties
'jojorobino5312' 1 week ago
My last meal would probably be a few whoppers from burger king, a coke and a big boy cigar. It's sad, but you commit the crime there is penalties.
'GAME SLASHER' 1 week ago
So, if you were given these food. You are on the death row.
Annabel Teegots
'Annabel Teegots' 1 week ago
My mouth was watering the whole time.... am I normal?
'demonbanger69' 2 weeks ago
Wow so original
Sonya Johnston
'Sonya Johnston' 2 weeks ago
I'm surprised that it takes so long to be executed when on death row-it should not take longer than 2 years-right? Some of those were outrageously long. Even 2 years seems long to me.
Kavi A
'Kavi A' 2 weeks ago
this vid got me in my feelings like fr
'EC DC' 2 weeks ago
My main though the whole time is DAMN they all spend a LOOOOONNNNGGG time on death row.
D WaterDOG
'D WaterDOG' 2 weeks ago
this just made me appreciate the fact that i could eat my favorite food and it will not be the last.
Cameron S
'Cameron S' 2 weeks ago
Dude with the pizza would have been be. But dude could have had almost anything he wanted to eat and chose a reese's and Dr pepper lol
Risky Bisky
'Risky Bisky' 2 weeks ago
and the last meal of war victims in Syria is grass..
Frank Mailki
'Frank Mailki' 2 weeks ago
Do cannibals get to choose a last meal?
'greenchoas11' 2 weeks ago
900 people who disliked are not getting food and will die rn
'ThangNguyen13' 2 weeks ago
Theres something moving in the cup in these 'pictures' 1:41
Infires Man!
'Infires Man!' 2 weeks ago
who else is eating while watching this?
I would get the whole Popeyes menu
'Slasher' 2 weeks ago
I would be the person with soda and peanut butter cups xD
Olivia H.
'Olivia H.' 2 weeks ago
This video makes my insides melt. Just knowing that these people (who yes, did something bad) were killed and didn't have a last meal from mom. The one with the peanut butter cups makes me feel even worse. I... I just can't...
Coconut ScienceGirl92
it'd be really hard to eat if you knew you would die shortly after
What Win
'What Win' 2 weeks ago
My fatass was only here to look a food.
shadowbr121 HueNation
idk what is the point of the execution?
September Cattte
'September Cattte' 2 weeks ago
Did anybody find the typing sound satifying?
AveЯy Jade
'AveЯy Jade' 2 weeks ago
There are rewards for following the rules: You won't rot in prison. Don't have the time then don't do the crime. Simple as that.
'notryanross' 2 weeks ago
"Subscribe for more wonderful things."
Adam V.
'Adam V.' 2 weeks ago
did it bother anyone else how fucking slow the person was typing?
Nicole S
'Nicole S' 2 weeks ago
After 30 years, what even is the point of killing them?
skyrim gamer
'skyrim gamer' 2 weeks ago
1:35 sounds good
Jack Miller
'Jack Miller' 2 weeks ago
wow, should this make me sad? also did anyone think of a meal for themselves during this video or am I alone?
Stephanie Victoria
'Stephanie Victoria' 2 weeks ago
I'd have a big bucket of KFC with a Greek salad and some key lime pie
Izzah Marzuki
'Izzah Marzuki' 2 weeks ago
I don't have an appetite after watching this..
Tanya Wang
'Tanya Wang' 2 weeks ago
huh, interesting...
Abigail Jenkins
'Abigail Jenkins' 2 weeks ago
this is so sad.
'c0smiccaptain' 2 weeks ago
i fucking hate the typing noise
Fatima N
'Fatima N' 2 weeks ago
The Reese's and Dr Pepper got me all emotional. Such simplicity.
'UpAllNightReading' 2 weeks ago
My last meal request would probably be Chipotle.
Kiki Kira
'Kiki Kira' 2 weeks ago
Wouldn't u have no appetite if you are going to die ?
'ignismaniaco' 2 weeks ago
My last meal would just be homestyle chicken & dumplings, and a sweet tea. I'm a simple, southern man.
'jdwallace23' 2 weeks ago
Would have been better if you gave some background info about these murdered. Cuz now it looks like a cooking show with "here's one we prepared earlier"
'Sir.Breadpug' 2 weeks ago
this videos kinda fcked up at the fact that they would show these types of things like prison food is so bad school food looks like a home cooking (or the same) to a prisoner i bet....which is rlly fcked up.
Mikayla Weagle
'Mikayla Weagle' 2 weeks ago
the typing sound was rlly satisfying lol, also this video made me kinda sad idk why...
lily rose aj
'lily rose aj' 2 weeks ago
I THOUGHT we weren't killing people for there crimes that we THINK they did I don't like it
meme queen
'meme queen' 2 weeks ago
yall have done this
M Ray
'M Ray' 2 weeks ago
Murderers don't deserve last meals. Well unless they killed a monster.
Melina Rahimi
'Melina Rahimi' 2 weeks ago
Wait, I'm not from America. Does these people get executed after they eat their last meal? If so, how is that still a thing? A way punishment in America is literally death!
Ciel Phantomhive
'Ciel Phantomhive' 2 weeks ago
I would just want ramen, and pocky.
Jayna Plays
'Jayna Plays' 2 weeks ago
Need... Food... Now...
William Henderson
'William Henderson' 2 weeks ago
My last meal: A human, preferably the chief executioner.
Jakob Webber
'Jakob Webber' 2 weeks ago
what I don't understand is most liberals have no problem with abortion and killing innocent unborn babies but are so concerned with the lives of murderers and rapists. it's so backwards
Alexa Petrosh
'Alexa Petrosh' 2 weeks ago
This oddly soothed me.
jenny crystal
'jenny crystal' 2 weeks ago
Sad to think that some people who aren't even prisoners can't afford such fancy last meals.
'Ryan' 2 weeks ago
No wonder America is in so much debt. These people are gonna die and you feed them like a king? Give them a fucking plate of oatmeal with water or let em starve.
VsauceKillHerWithAPill Supreme
Mine would be just bullets and liberal tears
'domlao' 2 weeks ago
i like how they used a cherry mx blue switch sound for the caption
'Imke' 2 weeks ago
does death penalty still exist in america?
FOB! At the Crybaby
lol is it just me or did anyone else get frustrated with how slow the typing was
No Problem
'No Problem' 2 weeks ago
What is the point of death row if they can sit in jail till their old age.
Manab Shrestha
'Manab Shrestha' 2 weeks ago
Blueberry Pancakes.
EAP Vlogs
'EAP Vlogs' 2 weeks ago
Who else cringed at tye typing noice
'bas1994' 2 weeks ago
I'd get a real spicy curry so that I will finally be able to enjoy it without having to suffer through the anal inferno the next day
Joe Smith
'Joe Smith' 2 weeks ago
I wonder how many these people were wrong flea accused
Phoebe Tan
'Phoebe Tan' 2 weeks ago
French fries, hashed browns, ramen with le tonkatsu egg and some grilled chicken
'Jay' 2 weeks ago
The type-writer effect was kinda infuriating.
GreG R
'GreG R' 2 weeks ago
I want orange and general tso chicken with white rice, a slice is both keylime and lemon merengue, and a root beer float. and whatever I don't finish I demand to take back to my cell for later
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