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Death Row Prisoners’ Last Meals -
Published: 8 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 8 months ago

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Photographer Henry Hargreaves has recreated the last meals of prisoners executed in 2016 for a new series, "A Year of Killing".

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Fading Memories
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'TRYD4NT' 2 days ago
Someone deadass got peanut butter cups b4 they died
i love cheesecake
'i love cheesecake' 2 days ago
So if I order bottomless fries does that count will I still die
Dolphinman 300
'Dolphinman 300' 2 days ago
I'd go with all I can eat buffet so I never stop
Da brak
'Da brak' 2 days ago
I wonder if the tree actually grew when he died The dude who ordered a single fruit
guy manuel de hononon croissant
seriously? i know this is death row but did they seriously approve a peanut butter cup with a dr pepper?
'The8Bit' 4 days ago
This is sad,I mean,the people on death row are fucked up as hell,but it's still sad
Mr Mellow
'Mr Mellow' 4 days ago
If that was me I’d say I would die for some hot wings right now
Daniel Miller
'Daniel Miller' 5 days ago
I really hate BuzzFeed but this was a good video. I'll give credit where it's due.
Diyjade S.
'Diyjade S.' 5 days ago
I would be crying the whole time bc I would be scared asf
get free food as much as u can eat hmmmmm how do i get here?
'Skullyerna' 1 week ago
*going to be depressing but whatever* If i was in death row my last meal would want to a homemade carrot cake with the exact ingredients my grandpa made it.. Note: he died on christmas eve in 2011 because of cancer, it really messed me up seeing him go right in front of me but my favorite memories was when when i was little id always help him make the cake and make homade caramel for it and afterwards we'd eat it together and he'd share some with his neighbors.. such a wonderful time.
Talitha Smit
'Talitha Smit' 1 week ago
This was sad..
Jesse Chaitlal
'Jesse Chaitlal' 1 week ago
BloodyKnight Class
A perfect way to die
Serwan Muhsen
'Serwan Muhsen' 1 week ago
This gives me the creeps what if I'm on death row and they don't have halal meat ?????!??!?! 😡
'LPSAlia' 2 weeks ago
I screamed when they used the fork on the peanut butter cup
Darin Chamseddin
'Darin Chamseddin' 2 weeks ago
why do i feel bad for them
Lauren Mcpick2
'Lauren Mcpick2' 2 weeks ago
I would want a pimple cupcake Why? Because it would already blind my eyes and then kill me.
'Regulargardevoir' 2 weeks ago
My last meal: MCDonalds large fries and 20 nuggets
mia bolcato
'mia bolcato' 2 weeks ago
knowing that youre going to be killed must be fucking terrifying
Genesis 咪咪ミ
'Genesis 咪咪ミ' 2 weeks ago
Man these people get better meals than the ones in my life. Good meal before you die at least, amiright? : D Sorry..
My last meal we'll be a large pizza some chinnes food
'V&S&thecrazyfam' 2 weeks ago
This makes me sad and scared
Camila Lopez
'Camila Lopez' 2 weeks ago
why cant they just kill the death row inmates right away? is it because of evidence reasons?
Grace ZR
'Grace ZR' 2 weeks ago
The 38 year old really unsettled me because if you think about the fact that he was on death row for 17 years... he was put on death row when he was 21
Ozan Erdemir
'Ozan Erdemir' 3 weeks ago
did you actually think that those klik sounds of a keyboard actually make your video better? unbelievable.
Iman Khan
'Iman Khan' 3 weeks ago
I don't agree with the death sentence. It's just not right
'Scarce' 3 weeks ago
Pizza with *BONES ON IT*
Lincoln Bohrer
'Lincoln Bohrer' 3 weeks ago
was the last one Ben Wyatt
Potatrish II
'Potatrish II' 3 weeks ago
Idk why but I kinda felt a bit of pity after watching this video 😕
Maddi Phelps
'Maddi Phelps' 3 weeks ago
I made a mistake; this video actually made me really sad.
'bruceownsu' 3 weeks ago
last meal is like saying "sorry we are gonna kill you", i bet these inmates on death row never said sorry when they killed. let them die with an empty stomach smh that is more than they deserve, at least they know when they will die!
zoe zoe
'zoe zoe' 3 weeks ago
Ill get cheese burgers and fries off brand cherry poptart and peanut butter an jelly.... Im alergic to peanuts;)
'randomizedcolors' 3 weeks ago
if they say you can have any meal.. i'd pick the executioner so they'd have to find a new one
Sarah Paul
'Sarah Paul' 3 weeks ago
TBH No matter how bad the crime sometimes that person just needs help and by killing or trapping them in a cell they will never change and I have read stories where prisoners try and change but guards and inmates humiliate them for that sometimes it takes therapy to change or words of wisdom, sometimes the motives to commit a crime take away the wrong of the crime sometimes it just takes the power of forgiveness and a helping hand ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Alphenhous plays games!
me:make something from epic meal time. jailer:*looks up emt*'re free.
'ZombieSlayer7000' 3 weeks ago
I would order everything on the damn menu if I were to have a last meal before death.
Bryan Quezada
'Bryan Quezada' 3 weeks ago
If I was on death row I would get the gta:San Andreas big smoke special
'AnJell-O' 3 weeks ago
Why do they have to kill them? I would rather just let him die in prison naturally (well hopefully naturally)
xMubarek Domates
'xMubarek Domates' 3 weeks ago
I would ask for sprite and bananas so I would explode before death XD
'archiebutler11' 3 weeks ago
the death penalty needs to be abolished, we're not in the medieval times anymore, we've evolved, although some wankers deserve it, I still think it should be abolished
Akilah Davis
'Akilah Davis' 3 weeks ago
What's death row?
Deleted Account
'Deleted Account' 3 weeks ago
The music is too cheerful for such a depressing topic
Jaaron Jennings
'Jaaron Jennings' 3 weeks ago
Tax money ladies and gentlemen. Tax money.
The Comedy Pair
'The Comedy Pair' 3 weeks ago
they reused a video...
Lords Spaghetti
'Lords Spaghetti' 3 weeks ago
My last meal: 10 bags of xxtra hot cheetos 20 bags of takis and coke while watching the harry potter trilogy
'TheGamingboy2002' 4 weeks ago
The good thing about this is that these are these guys meal for each night 😂
JoshOmegosh Mi
'JoshOmegosh Mi' 4 weeks ago
I'd order enough fat in a hamburger to give me a heart attack
Raspy Bo
'Raspy Bo' 4 weeks ago
Thought thumbnail had batman
Beatmy Acorn
'Beatmy Acorn' 4 weeks ago
Can I get uhhh boneless pizza
D. Cross
'D. Cross' 4 weeks ago
I would eat pizza as my last meal
Luno Dresha
'Luno Dresha' 4 weeks ago
My last meal would be *boneless pizza*
slauter 19
'slauter 19' 4 weeks ago
I would order a feast not a meal it would be a lot. Mostly hope I would die due to overeating or something
Kevin Schuler
'Kevin Schuler' 4 weeks ago
Kevin Schuler
'Kevin Schuler' 4 weeks ago
Lol its a joke right
Long Tran
'Long Tran' 4 weeks ago
When you realized some of these people spent half of their lives waiting to be executed.
Robert Manuel
'Robert Manuel' 4 weeks ago
I don't think I would be able to eat a meal knowing I would be executed in a couple of minutes
'Jaheski' 4 weeks ago
maybe dont drag out typing something that should take 5 seconds to 30 seconds next time
The Homie Yosh
'The Homie Yosh' 4 weeks ago
8 year olds?
straw bety
'straw bety' 4 weeks ago
This makes me sad
sammyboi animations
'sammyboi animations' 4 weeks ago
my last meal would be one number 9 two number 9 large number 6 with extra dip two number 45s and a large soda
Russian CPU says Hail the Motherboard
i think people on death row are monsters the only people i feel bad for are the people affected by them
African Kid
'African Kid' 4 weeks ago
I would order 20 green mushrooms HAHAHAHAHAHHA
'Schadenfreude' 1 month ago
Why would you give people on death row a last meal they don't deserve it.
Superman Gris
'Superman Gris' 1 month ago
I would choose a oily cheese pizza with not too much cheese and soft dough, pancakes and Waffles with sirup, McDonalds burgers with only bread and the burger, alot of McDonalds french Fries, and alot of donuts
Jonathan Almén
'Jonathan Almén' 1 month ago
this video is fucking canserous with that fucking typing sound
Amy Trexler
'Amy Trexler' 1 month ago
This as unsettling but I'm also wondering why the person who had the peanut butter cups was eating them with a why?
Io Pupper
'Io Pupper' 1 month ago
If I go on death row I’m not missing up on any opportunities. -large home run inn sausage pizza -bucket of popcorn -mcdonalds happy meal -a chipotle burrito bowl with extra rice extra beans extra cheese extra everything -a whole tin of brownies -a dozen cookies -tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream -a dozen chocolate long johns from dunking donuts -hash browns from like every fast food restaurant -Mac and cheese -shrimp cocktail -1 liter of apple juice -and a toothbrush to brush my teeth
'Divapurr' 1 month ago
Alien chicks are Hot
I refuse to read!
Clorox Candy
'Clorox Candy' 1 month ago
I would get 5 filet migons steaks 5 white choclate king size Reece's cups 6 cans of grape soda
Abby Moonlight
'Abby Moonlight' 1 month ago
This makes me really sad idk why
Andrea Kalarikal
'Andrea Kalarikal' 1 month ago
i can imagine tears falling from thier cheeks while eating this idk why😑😑
Alec Davidian
'Alec Davidian' 1 month ago
Watching this video is making me rethink my stance on the death penalty.
Matthew Clifford
'Matthew Clifford' 1 month ago
1:50 defo mexican
'SuperKnight333' 1 month ago
in my country,when someone comitted murder they will go to court about 1 week and will go to prison for 8 hour than hang the murder to rope till died
diana cruz
'diana cruz' 1 month ago
i would order my moms own mexican cooking made by her the cheifs
'EMMA HARGRAVE' 1 month ago
My last meal would be One Kit Kat bar, Chicken Alfredo pasta, Garlic sticks, and rootbeer
Cheeki Ivan-HD
'Cheeki Ivan-HD' 1 month ago
my last meal would have been a number 9
Pitt4Life 2000
'Pitt4Life 2000' 1 month ago
100 pizza roles please
Alyssa Witherspoon
'Alyssa Witherspoon' 1 month ago
I think the typing noise makes it more "prison-ish" is this only me??
Kristina Stevic
'Kristina Stevic' 1 month ago
I would get an Ino cheese burger w curly fries, a coke, vanilla milkshake, nachos w cheese, pizza, and chocolate cake
current feeling: i.m on the viking
uhh can i get a boneless pizza
Azafran Doronila
'Azafran Doronila' 1 month ago
i'll have bottom less fries
María Vasquez
'María Vasquez' 1 month ago
I think death penalty is horrible it's just so hypocritical it's saying don't kill people or we'll kill you they should be tortured to the rest if their lives in prison
Jacob De Leon
'Jacob De Leon' 1 month ago
Waste of food for a waste of life
Emma Grant
'Emma Grant' 1 month ago
1:30 that is NOT country gravy
Lilyan Son
'Lilyan Son' 1 month ago
I am ashamed to say this but... The meals for prisoners here have better meals than me at home! 😂
'Luigilfc' 2 months ago
If I was on death row I would get a boneless pizza
Stylishfifagamer 099
'Stylishfifagamer 099' 2 months ago
I'll order 2 number 9s a number 9 large. A number 6 with extra dip, a number 7. 2 Number 45s 1 with cheese and a large soda
Abcdefghijklmnopqurtuvwxyz Lol
Execution:Injection What I order:Antidote
Mlp RainbowBolt
'Mlp RainbowBolt' 2 months ago
Why'd he only choose 2 peanut butter cups?
Proper Panda
'Proper Panda' 2 months ago
I would get a mcrib and a shamrock shake. That would buy me a lot of time
Annaliese Keosaeng
'Annaliese Keosaeng' 2 months ago
It's said how people on death row get their dream meal before they die but it a person who died tragically unexpectedly dies sadly
'mich' 2 months ago
Awe that's so sad rip those prisoners and god bless them and their families and friends 👌🏻😭💓🙏🏻🙌🏻💕✨💗🆑❤️👼🏻
Sean Merrifield
'Sean Merrifield' 2 months ago
Alain Gabriel
'Alain Gabriel' 2 months ago
thats sad
'01emercado01' 2 months ago
The typing is giving me serious ASMR.
Sehun ́s Mom
'Sehun ́s Mom' 2 months ago
Whats the point of leaving a guy on a death row till the age of 72 he bout to die in few years anyways
Sehun ́s Mom
'Sehun ́s Mom' 2 months ago
If I was on a death row I would get some pasta, russian salad, watermelon and Nestea
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