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Death Row Prisoners’ Last Meals -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

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Photographer Henry Hargreaves has recreated the last meals of prisoners executed in 2016 for a new series, "A Year of Killing".

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Fading Memories
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Made by BFMP

Sese Talitau-Tio
'Sese Talitau-Tio' 6 days ago
These food I crave! Now I feel bad
'Adamkonge' 2 weeks ago
I Didnt Understand what death row is?
Markian Ramchuk
'Markian Ramchuk' 2 weeks ago
I would have ordered shark fin soup and a wedding cake for dessert
Ramenai 13
'Ramenai 13' 3 weeks ago
When you are actually in a death row and u get to eat this and you're thinking like: "wow...its nice and delicious..." and then all of a sudden u started tearing up saying "Because actually, this is my last meal. ;-;"
Erik Emerölduson
'Erik Emerölduson' 3 weeks ago
Why does it take so long for people to be killed on death row?
Vitamin Memes
'Vitamin Memes' 4 weeks ago
my dude is that a typo in the title?
'PutrIsCool' 4 weeks ago
I think people are missing the point of this video. These people are psychotic. The guy at a Reeses cup with a fork. Horrible.
Musical Rose
'Musical Rose' 1 month ago
This is pretty sad...the youngest age I saw up here was *16 YEARS OLD* ... I believe that the Death penalty is a *Cruel and Unusual Punishment.* I understand people do wrong and we make mistakes but come on, we’re *HUMANS, NOBODY* is *PERFECT* .
Purple Zucchini
'Purple Zucchini' 1 month ago
So many of them were on death row at 19-22.
Erik Budai
'Erik Budai' 1 month ago
that was the song of iam about to lose my life creepy
Erik Budai
'Erik Budai' 1 month ago
all that food looks delicious iam hungry affff rt nw
Matt Mccoy
'Matt Mccoy' 1 month ago
Bizarre video
Unknown Artist on the internet
I think mine would be pizza, chicken goujons, chips, baked beans, cheese twists and coke with apple crumble and custard
Amara M
'Amara M' 2 months ago
These meals are better than the ones I get at home that's sad
Vandy Keophonexay
'Vandy Keophonexay' 2 months ago
Im hungry now
'JoiyGaming' 2 months ago
is ask for gold
Some Person
'Some Person' 2 months ago
Sounding like papers please
Alberte B.
'Alberte B.' 3 months ago
Oh the typing sound is satisfying
Something Dreadful
'Something Dreadful' 3 months ago
Hey, I've got a brilliant idea, lets kill people to show that killing is wrong.
Erodiaaa Lauakiii
'Erodiaaa Lauakiii' 3 months ago
No offense to the people that died on death row but if I were them I would've just gotten McDonald's or in and out tbh...
Itz Jules
'Itz Jules' 3 months ago
Why were they all healthy???
Felix Gunstone
'Felix Gunstone' 3 months ago
Nah, these guys are monsters
Holly Mura
'Holly Mura' 3 months ago
When it comes to last meals, what's the budget? Are there things that are too expensive to get? Like it I ordered a 3,000$ steak, 2,200$ wine, 154$ ice cream with 600$ of fame edible gold flakes
larry yam
'larry yam' 3 months ago
dam i would die for that food
Polly D
'Polly D' 3 months ago
why was the 72 year old denied the right to choose?
Duy Phuc Nguyen
'Duy Phuc Nguyen' 3 months ago
Y'all know what I choose for my last meal? Idk man
Akib Rahman
'Akib Rahman' 3 months ago
There is no name or picture of that prisoner
Akib Rahman
'Akib Rahman' 3 months ago
I tell you now this channel they are lying and making nonsense up
'It's looog' 3 months ago
Officer: What do you *want* for your *last meal?* Me: I W A N T T O K N O W D E *W A Y*
devinn. hol
'devinn. hol' 3 months ago
how did I get here from watching a videos of white kids fighting?
Random Weirdo
'Random Weirdo' 3 months ago
Weird thing is also the older ones chose the larger ones lol.
Knight Deva
'Knight Deva' 4 months ago
Its creepy and mouthwatering at same time..
'tnew78' 4 months ago
The typing sounds made this video annoying as all hell
Gia Quiroz
'Gia Quiroz' 4 months ago
What is death row
Vayona Narekuli
'Vayona Narekuli' 4 months ago
TBH before I die I would take a bunch of laxatives and stuff because after you die you poop and pee yourself and I don't want that.
Joy brings me joy
'Joy brings me joy' 4 months ago
If i was on a death row i would order 1 gaint steak and 5 big mack and 10 milkshakes bc why not
Autumn ASMR
'Autumn ASMR' 4 months ago
Dang, they're eating better than me
Cause Why Not?
'Cause Why Not?' 4 months ago
I would just be like "Give me the whole KFC menu"
Katie G.
'Katie G.' 4 months ago
It depends on the crime... for example if you steal like an apple for a store they should have to either pay a fine or stay in jail for like 20 days but if they murdered someone or kidnapped they should be put in jail for life and possible be executed if they ended the person’s life
D&R Productions
'D&R Productions' 4 months ago
To beat the system
D&R Productions
'D&R Productions' 4 months ago
I would've asked for Popeye's biscuits
Roof Cat OSRS
'Roof Cat OSRS' 4 months ago
bitter sweet irony
'FoxyWhite' 4 months ago
Blaaatantly ripped off from Facts
SMAUG The Impenetrable
Soon they will have last sex
'OwenInOwen' 4 months ago
is it wrong that i though "i kind want to get on death row now so i can have a massive meal for free"
'Mr.CinnamonRoll' 4 months ago
Terrible typing sound in my opinion...
Moonlight Productions
I'll get that kfc
Potato Chips Bleach Flavored
They should open a resturaunt with death row chefs only, because man their food looks good.
Zeith Cayetano
'Zeith Cayetano' 4 months ago
Green mushroom xD
'Reaper' 4 months ago
2 peanut butter cups and a dr pepper hahaha
Finn Russell - Jacob
'Finn Russell - Jacob' 5 months ago
Did this ruin any one else’s favourite foods?
Grace Gracy Boo
'Grace Gracy Boo' 5 months ago
I just got hungry all over again -_-
'Nerdy_Jr.2737' 5 months ago
i would have chosen two Number 9's, a Number 9 Large, a Number 6 with extra Dip, a Number 7, Two Number 45's, one with Cheese, and a large Soda
Kristen Miller
'Kristen Miller' 5 months ago
That is the most satisfying, pleasant and ASMR-like typing sound effect I’ve ever heard. Only problem is the morbid subject matter it’s being paired with makes me feel even more uneasy than the video subject itself... Weird.
'TheMaineOne' 5 months ago
This really depressing to watch for some reason.
Katherine Nguyen
'Katherine Nguyen' 5 months ago
They’re criminals but imagine getting killed like this
Woodsman Gaming
'Woodsman Gaming' 5 months ago
I find the two peanut butter cups really depressing
'GIMMIE GOOD SUCC' 5 months ago
Get a steak they give you big boi knife kill them all.
i need jungsus
'i need jungsus' 5 months ago
Better than school meals😟
OnlyMichaelJackson (Angel)
2:30 jeez, he decided to completely pig out. Not like he has to worry about the effects anyway...well that just made me sad
OnlyMichaelJackson (Angel)
Even though they were probably sick and/or horrible people, they were still allowed some form of humanization before the died.
Gwendalynn Alvarado
'Gwendalynn Alvarado' 5 months ago
No one should be killed we are all humans and we all make mistakes some worse than others
JustAnotherChannel Isabella
What if someone asks for human meat?
They don't even deserve the luxury of picking their last meals. You think the people they murdered did?
Mes Marionnettes
'Mes Marionnettes' 5 months ago
I was laughing like a maniac, then I played with my pet knife.
'HotaruZoku' 5 months ago
Jesus prison is a fucked up idea. And DECADES on death row is pointless torture
'WyttJdn' 5 months ago
I feel like the music was getting quicker in the background and it made me really consearned
deathstrike 110
'deathstrike 110' 5 months ago
i wanna eat
Day Larusso
'Day Larusso' 5 months ago
asd fgh
'asd fgh' 5 months ago
Was it necessary to type over the food?
Rise From Darkness
'Rise From Darkness' 5 months ago
Nobody choose alcohol
Fly Mega
'Fly Mega' 6 months ago
id choose a 1-up mushrooom
Jerami Kosowan
'Jerami Kosowan' 6 months ago
Wonder were you got the idea? * Shane dawson* buzzfeed you are the worst all you do is steal very smart YouTubers ideas
Eivind Dahle
'Eivind Dahle' 6 months ago
no alcohol?
Joel Bowers
'Joel Bowers' 6 months ago
Now im hungry
Official Da’vion
'Official Da’vion' 6 months ago
My last meal would be a Caesar Salad, Snow Crab Legs; with melted butter on the side, a chocolate chip lava cookie and a rootbeer
'bXR' 6 months ago
They should add poison to the food so they pass away without the pain Whos with me?
A.K.A. Gay
'A.K.A. Gay' 6 months ago
PB cups and soda. That's the way to go out
Savage boy al Lock
'Savage boy al Lock' 6 months ago
I have a security key for my last meal
'Tony' 6 months ago
I would ask for a jar of nutella and breads for my last meal tbh
Andre LaPointe
'Andre LaPointe' 6 months ago
Every time I think about what I want on death row... even though I know I’m not going to be on death row -_-
Marwah Majeed
'Marwah Majeed' 6 months ago
I probably shouldn't say or think this but even though they were terrible people I feel bad for them
S Moon
'S Moon' 6 months ago
This gives me a lot to think about what life is. Would you choose special meal or just regular prison food? does it mean something?
Chibi Casey
'Chibi Casey' 6 months ago
It’s like the Death row and it’s like ur end of ur life before ur execution
Cheyenne Allen
'Cheyenne Allen' 6 months ago
that's bs they took that privileged away
Christ First
'Christ First' 6 months ago
the typing speed is horrible!
Josh JAX
'Josh JAX' 6 months ago
I would have chosen PRISON INMATES to be my last meal
Crazypig129 Gaming
'Crazypig129 Gaming' 6 months ago
so sad
Richard Bouska
'Richard Bouska' 6 months ago
Why not just kill them as soon as possible rather than letting them live years on death row? They didn't have sympathy for another human being so why have sympathy on them, do it old school fire rage style and call it a day!
'THE BL00XXER' 6 months ago
The best time to watch this video is when your eating.
Edwen Sanabria
'Edwen Sanabria' 6 months ago
what i gotta do to get this bone apple teeth 👌👌👌🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Quoc Hung Pham
'Quoc Hung Pham' 6 months ago
This food is better than my food i eat.............................
StrikeNinja 711
'StrikeNinja 711' 6 months ago
I feel so sad because they are just human and even they have favourite foods
Gamer group z̸
'Gamer group z̸' 6 months ago
Honestly tho it’s scary to think that whoever ate these last meals are dead and people make a video of their last meals, these people are sick 😷
IᗩᑎᗪIᗩ ᗰᑕKEE
Wait there's 8 YEAR OLDS that get death row .. what 😔😔😣😣😰😰😢
'Xiryum' 6 months ago
I'm hungry now.
Thomas Lavery
'Thomas Lavery' 6 months ago
an you escape death row by asking for an "endless" bowl of some food
Bulbasaur Life
'Bulbasaur Life' 6 months ago
if that was me and they said i could have one more meal it would be... the taste of freedom ;)
Max-LGBT-Law Madison
'Max-LGBT-Law Madison' 6 months ago
Creepy boring dragging. Gross unsubscribed
Jesus Oof
'Jesus Oof' 6 months ago
My poop finally out when i watched this video
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