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Death Row Prisoners’ Last Meals -
Published: 6 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 6 months ago

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Photographer Henry Hargreaves has recreated the last meals of prisoners executed in 2016 for a new series, "A Year of Killing".

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Fading Memories
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Daughter Of Poseidon
i wish i was dead like, no one cares, cep' for my bestfriend, who i trust more than my family. KMN PLEASE
'Outlinegm' 14 hours ago
Do Death Row prisoners get to request how they are executed? I've always wondered this. I can't imagine it would be an easy choice. Maybe a firing squad would be the quickest way to go. The thought of the other options sound awful.
Allison Castro
'Allison Castro' 22 hours ago
Everyone spent like half of their life on the death row
Eda Mai
'Eda Mai' 24 hours ago
Could the typing go any slower?!
Joey Dyer
'Joey Dyer' 1 day ago
The last one was so fucking italian
Naseem Myrie
'Naseem Myrie' 2 days ago
who eats Reese with a fork??
'iSolo' 3 days ago
The people they killed didn't get to choose their last meals.
'KCRuby' 3 days ago
I would ask for 2 big macs and fries with a chocolate milkshake and cookie dough ice cream 😂😍😍
Artyom Timofeev
'Artyom Timofeev' 4 days ago
The typing Bruh no
Savannah Meagher
'Savannah Meagher' 4 days ago
if you think about it this is kinda creepy
Noah Jubran
'Noah Jubran' 7 days ago
twentyonelocalfairies _
Aaron Mikusa
'Aaron Mikusa' 1 week ago
just think about this. that's it
Val Saludo
'Val Saludo' 1 week ago
this makes me feel uncomfortable
linnamon roll
'linnamon roll' 1 week ago
I would get 3 Doritos Locos Tacos from Taco Bell, 2 Reese's, and a Dr. Pepper.
Zoe Girl
'Zoe Girl' 1 week ago
If I'm ever on death row my meal will be a FEAST that will absolutely destroy me.
Minwoo Cho
'Minwoo Cho' 1 week ago
if I was Gonna die my last meal would be a big chunk of kobe Beef
Purple Panda
'Purple Panda' 1 week ago
This is just making me more hungry
Lola Mittermeier
'Lola Mittermeier' 2 weeks ago
When I read "on death row for 17 years" I was like "I am only 17 and they are waiting for their death for 17 years now..". That's crazy
Alysia Smith
'Alysia Smith' 2 weeks ago
tbh if i was on death row i would feel so nervous dying the following day i wouldn't even be eating ID BE PRAYING TO JESUS
Alysia Smith
'Alysia Smith' 2 weeks ago
if you guys had one more day until you die and you knew you were gonna die in 24 hours. what food would you ask the chef/cook to make for you?
Beautyvlogs and diys!
Blackwolverine 31
'Blackwolverine 31' 2 weeks ago
if im going to die im pigging out
Subsist Sound
'Subsist Sound' 2 weeks ago
I'd probably eat the stinkiest food, I heard you can fart after death.
Hana H
'Hana H' 2 weeks ago
The whole time I was thinking about Lincoln Burrows in Prison Break and how he had blueberry pancakes as his last meal because he used to make them with LJ.
Happy Llama
'Happy Llama' 2 weeks ago
I would've gotten a container (from the store) of ice cream and root beer 😂
Si Y
'Si Y' 3 weeks ago
I think i'd go for a full roast dinner. probably lamb but mayb beef. yorkshire puddings, vegetroubles, roast tatties, gravy etc. and for pudding.. some kinda cheesecake or mayb an Apple crumble. Tea with whole milk and 3 sugars. Gin and bitter lemon and a nice hand pressed morocan hash spliff. yummy
Abby Hernandez
'Abby Hernandez' 3 weeks ago
how can you even eat knowing youre gonna die
Clorax Bleach
'Clorax Bleach' 3 weeks ago
That typing noise is annoying
Helpful Bill
'Helpful Bill' 3 weeks ago
I'll probably feel emotional eating peanut butter cups from now on.
Arabella M.
'Arabella M.' 3 weeks ago
this is sad
Trevor Phillips
'Trevor Phillips' 3 weeks ago
Stolen from Shane Dawson
Narwhal Derp
'Narwhal Derp' 4 weeks ago
72 years old wow that is really old to be executed and it's kind of cruel
hello its Jakeria
'hello its Jakeria' 4 weeks ago
The typing of these words getting in my nerves bruhhh😩
PataDeLoah o_O
'PataDeLoah o_O' 4 weeks ago
get me 10 bottles of vodka and a morphine
desearcher -Plays Games
My last meal would be Just a meal from Gordan Ramsay is all......
desearcher -Plays Games
Stranger asking you what you want for food: "What do you want to eat?" Person: "Uhmm....Hmmm... 2 peanut butter cups."
'kebin' 4 weeks ago
fucking wasting that privilege.
Gurdeep Sahota
'Gurdeep Sahota' 4 weeks ago
what if you order and your inmate's plate looked better....
Danny Clayton
'Danny Clayton' 4 weeks ago
That one person could have had anything, and they chose two peanut butter cups and a soda. That's really getting to me.
Cassandra Teal
'Cassandra Teal' 1 month ago
The death penalty is not cruel. When an animal is rabbid, you put it down.
Guinea Pork
'Guinea Pork' 1 month ago
no prisoners happy and satisfied eating those knowing that they'll end up dead later
kill me
'kill me' 1 month ago
I'd celebrate my death day with a huge mocha ice cream cake that if usually have on my birthday
bisexual burrito
'bisexual burrito' 1 month ago
This made me think of Shane dawson
Alex Inclan
'Alex Inclan' 1 month ago
imagine Gordon Ramsay roasting all these people
Johan sigurdson
'Johan sigurdson' 1 month ago
Starving whites in America could of eating this food.
johny Le mcpe tnt bubble
I'm so sad
'任戰' 1 month ago
these inmates had bad taste in life all the way to the end.
'ιику' 1 month ago
Damn I would order a buffet of all the foods I wanted
Exhaust Freaks
'Exhaust Freaks' 1 month ago
They were sentenced so young
Fiona Sullivan
'Fiona Sullivan' 1 month ago
I know theses people are bad for what they did but I cried thinking about how this was their last meal. Maybe they wanted to have their last meal with someone they loved but instead they ate it alone
ninja rider
'ninja rider' 1 month ago
its crazy n kinda sad how older inmates order fancier old ppl food. but the ppl who were in their 30s (got incarcerated at a yyoung age 20 or so) so their choice of last meal was pizza n stuff
'Bikitrel' 1 month ago
8 years on death row!?
Is it normal to be sad on death rows?
Sarah Wot
'Sarah Wot' 1 month ago
The typing was so satisfying I don't know what's wrong with you lot
21 GamingAminity
'21 GamingAminity' 2 months ago
I'd drink some bleach instead
Hannah currier
'Hannah currier' 2 months ago
2 peanut butter cups
Hannah currier
'Hannah currier' 2 months ago
the 70 year old one was surprisingly sad 😢
Wisesebisso cool
'Wisesebisso cool' 2 months ago
"Subscribe for more wonderful things"I don't exactly think this is wonderful...
Micah Taylor
'Micah Taylor' 2 months ago
I'd order a bowl of rice and eat it one at a time. 😂
Kaydence Campbell
'Kaydence Campbell' 2 months ago
Why was a 8 yr old places ok death row😞
Maria Baconslicer
'Maria Baconslicer' 2 months ago
the type writer sound is such a trigger daaangggg..!
obj. 277
'obj. 277' 2 months ago
Is there a last breakfast dinner and lunch ?
Jonathan H.
'Jonathan H.' 2 months ago
So...7 Black guys and a Mexican got executed huh?
'KevZZ' 2 months ago
every letter typed in sounds like a man chewing
cat with a turban
'cat with a turban' 2 months ago
'IRocBAPESTA' 2 months ago
In my city theres this place that makes 30" Inch pizzas...That would be my last meal Request
The Weirdos
'The Weirdos' 2 months ago
these look so much better than school meals even
Nehemiah Sneed
'Nehemiah Sneed' 2 months ago
Sebastian Monclova
'Sebastian Monclova' 2 months ago
anyone love the typing noise
ItsYaBoiDevin T
'ItsYaBoiDevin T' 2 months ago
you already know that if I'm on death row I'm ordering an all-you-can-eat Las Vegas style buffet. I might have to die but I'm not going to die hungry
Bilbobagin Utopi
'Bilbobagin Utopi' 2 months ago
I feel depressed while watching this... The music doesn't make anything better...
Wendy Qian
'Wendy Qian' 2 months ago
Watching this made me sad. I realize that these people have probably done terrible crimes, but seeing the last meals just really made me pity them.
yung josh
'yung josh' 2 months ago
gotta type slowly and stretch the damn video else this is gonna be a 1 minute vid
I don
'I don't like sand' 2 months ago
keep in mind most of these people are murderers and their victims did not receive a last meal.
'leothefox' 2 months ago
2:25, tho!!!!
'Ian_Santos' 2 months ago
"black eyed peas" *inserts black eyed peas music*
Akeles Suresh
'Akeles Suresh' 2 months ago
it's sad that no one asked for their mom's home cooked meals.. 😢
Jack Vile Ripper
'Jack Vile Ripper' 2 months ago
This is fucked up...
'Alexandriasw' 2 months ago
This made me sad for some reason, extremely sad. It sounds scary being on death row with no escape, being a horrible person, yet helpless and knowing you're going to die.
Logan Chadwick
'Logan Chadwick' 2 months ago
If I have to choose last meal I would choose 200 sushi pieces :v.
Perla Valdez
'Perla Valdez' 2 months ago
I wonder what they did to get on death row 🤔
'Nova3482' 2 months ago
I would get cereal. You ask why? If I run out of milk I can add more if I run out of cereal I can always add more and that way extend the meal for a really really long time
NN IsSmiley
'NN IsSmiley' 2 months ago
1:32 'Black-eyed peas' Me : Can't think of any song cus has never listened to them for so long
Read this Comment
'Read this Comment' 2 months ago
I wonder what would happen if a prisoner requested a plate of pills so they could die of a drug overdose instead of execution.
graham dube
'graham dube' 2 months ago
hard video to watch due to the way it was made. Slow typing over top of the pictures, clicking constantly and plucking music, thanks
'Artonymous' 2 months ago
just think: what would you ask for man thats deep
Tiger Gray
'Tiger Gray' 2 months ago
We don't need to stoop to their level by enacting revenge porn on these people. Some of y'all in the comments scare me.
'lonewolfrebelcopVII' 2 months ago
this made me hungry
Mohammed Khaled
'Mohammed Khaled' 2 months ago
Idk if I would be able to eat anything knowing I will be killed after... but if ever a situation like that pops up.... a 21 piece KFC bucket with time to update this status and finish everything that comes with the meal.
'Malkavian' 2 months ago
Who drinks orange juice with pizza, that's just nasty.
Moen Ryan Suralta
'Moen Ryan Suralta' 2 months ago
If that would happen my last meal would be Pizza, most Juiciest Hamburger, 3 Cups of rice. Whole Chicken, 8 Hotdogs on one Pan, and 15 Lasagna. Yeah I know I can't eat all of this but come on, this would my last meal after I die. I better die from eating too much.
Fleece Johnson
'Fleece Johnson' 2 months ago
I ask for a cup of hot coffee and then throw it in the guards face. One last HOORAH
Badass Oldman
'Badass Oldman' 2 months ago
So all these meals are years old?
3lanore Nordquist
'3lanore Nordquist' 2 months ago
I would say a shamrock shake becuase they are only made in a certain season
Ryland IsGoodAtRoasting
I would ask for a bowl of lucky charm marshmallows with milk
Blake B.
'Blake B.' 2 months ago
Not sure If i should be Sad or Hungry.
Why did In watch this? Now I feel sick to my stomach. I am wondering how they even had an appetite?
'Masaaki_' 2 months ago
The typing of captions in the video sounds like someone chewing obnoxiously.
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