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Frozen ovary birth: 'It's a miracle that I have my son' - BBC News -
Published: 1 year ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 1 year ago

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Moaza Al Matrooshi has become the first woman in the world to have a baby after having an ovary frozen before the onset of puberty. The birth gives hope to thousands of other girls and young women who risk losing out on motherhood as a result of treatment for cancer, blood or immune disorders.

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Nellie K. Adaba
'Nellie K. Adaba' 1 year ago
Home Guard
'Home Guard' 1 year ago
We've got poor veteran's living on the streets and this is what's made the headlines !? Pathetic.
Bilal Ahmad
'Bilal Ahmad' 1 year ago
is she a bengali muslim
Phil Dobson
'Phil Dobson' 1 year ago
Well it's great that Moaza is happy but what concern is how much did recessive gene DNA caused by generations of cousin marriages have to do with her illness that requires chemotherapy in the first place?
Steve Cramlington
'Steve Cramlington' 1 year ago
The BBC fake news propagandists, paedophile enablers.
John Brown
'John Brown' 1 year ago
Definitely every next generation of Europeans will be more and more tanned.
me heretoday
'me heretoday' 1 year ago
beautiful baby, congrats to the family. Isnt it wonderful that this is now available for so many in the future because of this brave woman and her doctors. Wonder how many of us would have taken this risk?
Chuck Fina
'Chuck Fina' 1 year ago
Science and the careful doctors made it possible, and now they start calling it a miracle and thanking an imaginary bullshit.
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Religion is the scourge of the modern age!
Precious Snowflake
The BBC just can't be trusted anymore, they are always pushing a narrative. BBC = Fake news.
Sara Nasser
'Sara Nasser' 1 year ago
سُبحان الله
'corrion1' 1 year ago
another filthy arab that refuses to assimilate into the culture that hosts them
j k
'j k' 1 year ago
i'd have donated my sperm to her naturally for free
Childfree diANe
'Childfree diANe' 1 year ago
Babies are not miracles
Childfree diANe
'Childfree diANe' 1 year ago
What selfishness Meanwhile children are available for adoption and fostering
'tricPort' 1 year ago
'BRITURK' 1 year ago
Don't mix religious and spiritual superstition with obvious facts from science ffs
no more poptarts
'no more poptarts' 1 year ago
you realize we need less Muslims in this world not more are you people insane
'IronicallyVague' 1 year ago
Everyday there's more and more pro Islamic propaganda slipping into their media At least we know who they sold Western civilization to
Lobster Chad
'Lobster Chad' 1 year ago
Muslims should stop appropriating my culture
'englishgal234' 1 year ago
It's science and a miracle of God.
'englishgal234' 1 year ago
Wonderful! Medical technology is advancing.
'Alxmir23' 1 year ago
miracle of science,nothing else
Blazed and Confused
Why do the religious zealots always have such a low standard for miracles? God I hate em.
Jay Kay
'Jay Kay' 1 year ago
What a world we live in!!! 🙄
KEN 777
'KEN 777' 1 year ago
It's so sad that these people can not adapt to the culture they come to our countries with there religion and there cultures
'Uniblonder' 1 year ago
Paid for by the Danish taxpayer?
The Ghost of Jimmy Savile
smelly muslim
Ken Olsen
'Ken Olsen' 1 year ago
It's called SCIENCE, not a miracle !!
Xxrobbysxx x
'Xxrobbysxx x' 1 year ago
yayyy im firstt😘😘
Hero Marouane
'Hero Marouane' 1 year ago
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