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Jeremy Corbyn: Immigration is not too high - BBC News -
Published: 1 year ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 1 year ago

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn told BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg that he does not believe that immigration to the UK was too high. But he said that he wanted to end exploitation of workers under freedom of movement laws, a move which he believed would "probably" see a fall in the numbers moving to the UK.
In this full video of the interview, he also set out his thinking on the idea of a cap on maximum wages and his response to a suggestion by senior union leader Len McCluskey that he would be willing to consider his position if Labour's poll ratings remained low in 2019.

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The Anarcho–Nazbol Inquisition
Does he not understand that immigration is class warfare?!
Nice Hombre
'Nice Hombre' 3 weeks ago
Labour rely on the Muslim block vote this is why he ignores grooming and Muslim Jew hatred .
'silverbullet2008bb' 7 months ago
man of the migrants
misty blue
'misty blue' 9 months ago
Horrible Horrible Excuse Of A Man Corbyn
Harry Callahan
'Harry Callahan' 9 months ago
Barking immigration gone up by 200% The indigenous population has gone down by 30% in Barking, fact. Jeremy Corbyn "Immigration is not too high" there you have it folks, right from the total and utter fuck wits own mouth, god help this country if this delusional prick ever gets in power.
Abdul Ahad
'Abdul Ahad' 10 months ago
I like theresa may. I don.t like Jeremy Corbyn
Wise Sam
'Wise Sam' 10 months ago
This is one of the liberal who needs to be removed from british leadership seat...he is of the mindset behind the refugees crisis. if there are shortages of skill workers why choose radical muslim countries, what about Australia, NZ, the south pacific countries, countries where they value their traditions and values... I'm pretty certain most of the skill worker meets your criteria.
Anja Van I
'Anja Van I' 10 months ago
fuck off corbyn
Anja Van I
'Anja Van I' 10 months ago
England moslim country immigrant country.
Richard Longmore
'Richard Longmore' 10 months ago
A European nurse made a life thretening mestake when I was in Southampton hospital last month because her english was so bad . The polititions are allways telling us we need foreners to work In are Hospitals ? Why I want english nurses and doctors thank you. There was only one english nurse on The ward. What has happened to this country.
'rodx39' 11 months ago
he would open the flood gates sad news for united kingdom if he becomes prime minister
i m
'i m' 11 months ago
don't vote labour, anyone but labour, these attacks need to stop! it could be you next
'skeochJ1' 11 months ago
he is a weak man
'AndehX' 11 months ago
Oh what a surprise. A video on the BBC's official youtube channel, and look! It's filled with Corbyn haters! Now I never saw that coming....
'Piano_Master_524' 11 months ago
Oh, but Corbyn won the debate, and everybody is suddenly pro-Labour and hates Brexit... PLS
'CLASSIC' 11 months ago
He talks a lot about people from Europe coming here to work, that's fair enough, but what does he think about the floods of refugees ?
'Rationality' 11 months ago
So basically if you vote for him he wont end the freedom of movement which basically means he will still stay a member of the EU and pay lots to the EU and be govern by their courts, what a joker, even labours own people voted to leave the single market, just goes to show that he is not representing his own people.
'LokiV' 11 months ago
As long as i have a hole in my ass IT will NEVER get my vote...and don't get me started on Diane the obese RACIST Abbott. British Bias Corporation fake News crap :)
Ben Long
'Ben Long' 11 months ago
What an idiot!
'rchave' 11 months ago
So, Labour won't set arbitrary targets but will make policies that would reduce numbers. The Tories love arbitrary targets and do nothing to reduce numbers. Like promising a 10,000 limit and seeing an increase to 360,000. Nobody meets immigration targets. If you care about numbers why not vote for the party that would actually see a reduction? It's not about who can *sound* the most aggressive towards foreigners.
'real85er' 11 months ago
foolish man, NO ONE can make a solid argument for mass immigration, I went past the immigration office in London today, it literally looks like they came straight off a lorry, no skills and probably illiterate.
Gail Henshall
'Gail Henshall' 12 months ago
yeah hate crime. hate crime against the white British. go away corbyn
'TheMentalist33' 1 year ago
I am sick of hearing Corbyn and the rest of his Labour scumbags constantly crying about foreigners! Labour voters voted for Labour to represent them. I don't give a shiit about the rest of the world because while there is poverty, homelessness, food banks, zero hour contracts and ruthless employers the Labour party should shut the foook up about the rest of the world and focus upon UK people and the problems of the UK. Last time Labour were in power with a large majority they FAILED THE WORKING CLASS by not reversing the previous anti union legislation which now prevents workers from protecting their incomes.  It's having the wrong focus that is making them unelectable and why they are and have lost millions of working class vote all over our country! If this truth hurts then tough shiit cos Labour will never ever get in power ever again!
'mmtot' 1 year ago
What a complete joke this man is another socialist pseudo intellectual who lives in a fairytale world.
Mangy Cat
'Mangy Cat' 1 year ago
Disliked for establishment bias.
Mangy Cat
'Mangy Cat' 1 year ago
Don't believe the media's bullshit.
Mangy Cat
'Mangy Cat' 1 year ago
This "journalist" is constantly throwing up straw men. His argument is completely legitimate. He is simply saying, by not allowing companies to exploit foreign workers, the companies will be less likely to recruit them because he's eliminating the incentive. The exploitation of foreign workers leads to a decrease of the income of British workers (EDIT: by forcing them to compete for jobs with people who are paid less.) Why would a company hire a British citizen and pay them a higher wage when they can hire a foreign worker and pay them less and implore them to work more by nefarious means? (EDIT: If you increase the wages and end other forms of exploitation of foreign workers, you will eliminate a factor which depreciates incomes of Brits, with a likely result of having lower immigration levels. The aim is not to lower immigration levels, it is just one expected result of that particular policy.)
Imran Ali
'Imran Ali' 1 year ago
the best and the most hardworking people i know are racists youu..
Counter Culture
'Counter Culture' 1 year ago
Corbyn: Sensible and honest. Looking at the comment section it seems that uk only deserves people like Cameron. Who is apparently too patriotic.
'qetoun' 1 year ago
I think another round of exsposures involving small children getting raped under the control of Labour councils should finish him and his party off.
Michael Zurkinden
'Michael Zurkinden' 1 year ago
BBC : income inequality no concern - got time?
Michael Zurkinden
'Michael Zurkinden' 1 year ago
Again and again : the framing of the questions is totally oriented- Go Jeremy- don't get caught in this insidious frame
Tanya Rass
'Tanya Rass' 1 year ago
Corbyn just doesn't get it. He and most labourites want to be everything to everyone, championing the rights of minorities and immigrants etc. Change is happening. You can see it all over Europe and with Trump in the U.S. People have had a gut full of socialism and big spend thrift government. Look after the people who are on the cusp of genocide Corbyn. We are at present in the majority, and will use it to deny you power. Stop fawning over class and concentrate on the white majority who are being immigrated and bred out of existence in our own land. That's what UKIP and even Conservatives are doing now, and that's why they are gaining ground whilst your socialism fails. The people know this, you don't.
'HitManHey' 1 year ago
Why not focus on raising up the working class and put your efforts into employing them in those jobs? Why prioritise other nations people over the people that vote for you and even created your party?!?
John Bateson
'John Bateson' 1 year ago
labour have ruined this country with open door immigration,totally delusional london centric,,come to the inner citys in the north and see the damage,.its total madness to carry on like this,we will end up like bosnia,or is that the hidden agenda?????
Not Dave
There is a minimum wage in the UK. If we pay Eastern Europeans minimum wage, it's still more than many of them could make at home. So they will come to the UK. And more UK jobs will pay minimum wage. That's how labour markets work. Fidel Corbstro can't say that because the middle-class lefties who are his only audience feel that supporting the best interests of the UK is insufficiently "Internationalist" in outlook and they're mostly in jobs where they aren't competing with immmigrants so aren't effected.
Zachary Krips
'Zachary Krips' 1 year ago
Weird how people blame so many problems on immigration and not the rich getting huge tax cuts by the tories
craig mason
'craig mason' 1 year ago
what planet are you on jeremy ???
rastin Kosha
'rastin Kosha' 1 year ago
Wise and ethical man
death death
'death death' 1 year ago
You and the rest of your lefty prick party turned England into a 3rd world shit hole and you want more of it you bell end.
Ryan Shead
'Ryan Shead' 1 year ago
comments disabled for everything but certain videos of Jeremy Corbyn? Blatently misrepresenting as usual, yawn
Philip Eaton
'Philip Eaton' 1 year ago
a labour u turn they are a joke
'DEUS VULT' 1 year ago
6,000,000 people in 10 years. No, nothing to worry about at all. It'll have no effect on anything ever. And anyone who disagrees with me is a racist, xenophobic, knuckle dragging, intolerant, bigoted neanderthal, who is literally a Hitler.
'Cyrus992' 1 year ago
Keep Europe White! He looks like a propagandist shill!
jack gamer
'jack gamer' 1 year ago
He talks about exploitation but his wife exploits workers in Mexico where she owns a plantation. Couldn't make it up.
Ali Dee
'Ali Dee' 1 year ago
WOW. LK actually seemed to be doing her job for once.
'SabuPtolemy' 1 year ago
Immigration was not too high? Well, Jeremy Corbyn certainly is - HIGH!
Eitel von Schoenaich-Rateke
Haha...Why do British people love being cucks so much? They used to rule the world...
Yhwh yhwh
'Yhwh yhwh' 1 year ago
This guy is delusional smh
MMA man
'MMA man' 1 year ago
Jeremy is just a good guy. People hate him because of that. Stay strong Jezza.
'meandmymouth' 1 year ago
The Conservatives are obsessed with sex. Labour are obsessed with money.
:-p :-D
':-p :-D' 1 year ago
When you actually listen and understand what he is saying, it actually makes a lot of sense.
'banjo234' 1 year ago
Immigration will do for Labour what trebling Student Fees did for the LibDems. Serves them right. i joined Labour to support Corbyn. Turns out he really is an idiot who will do NOTHING for the disenfrachised working classes....except continue to ensure their children will remain unemployed and at home or homeless.
Celestial Teapot
'Celestial Teapot' 1 year ago
Gift to UKIP in the lslamicised north of England... tragic.
'infinitejest' 1 year ago
I wonder what the northern worker is thinking about, hearing the "Labour" party leader saying his concerns about immigration/globalisation etc. are wrong, and we should have unlimited immigration and the government should set wages (of course that will attract companies from all around the world and create jobs............)
Enoch Powell
'Enoch Powell' 1 year ago
This interview is the perfect example of why he will never become PM. A complete fool !!
Truth Juice
'Truth Juice' 1 year ago
She's a little snake.
Phil H
'Phil H' 1 year ago
"Jez, just let it go." *man shouts in the distance* "MARX WAS A TIT!!" "JEZ, IT'S NOT WORTH IT!!"
Paul Stanway
'Paul Stanway' 1 year ago
There sure are a lot of twats in these comment sections.
'Diddy1970AD' 1 year ago
Hospital's, schools, roads, rail, and towns full to breaking point combined with a chronic lack of housing and jobs for the indigenous population, try living in the real world Jeremy.
'B27' 1 year ago
David Blunket looking mutha fukaaaaaa
'David' 1 year ago
Dont let me down
'Dont let me down' 1 year ago
wow these comments are cancer
Marcus Wright
'Marcus Wright' 1 year ago
We need more immigration
'rainman2242' 1 year ago
Corbyn would be the best thing for you antiimmigration obsessives, because he actually would take on the megacorporations that employ people illegally. enjoy the UK turning into a 2nd world/Latin America level shithole though.
Phil Dobson
'Phil Dobson' 1 year ago
Where is the *true living wage* step up from the minimum wage in the Labour Party manifesto? Putting cap on maximum wage is just pampering to jealousy & won't win mass vote
'iSuRRendeReDuK' 1 year ago
Anyone else smell desperation and lies?
Phil Dobson
'Phil Dobson' 1 year ago
Eastern Europeans are lovely, good workers & pay their rent! *Block arranged cousin marriage immigration*, it's overloading NHS with genetic recessive Gene illness caused by their religious cousin marriages
'aQmohra' 1 year ago
Immigration doesn't just affect minimum wage jobs. Jobs that paid 25K in my area are now paying 18K because of oversupply of cheap foreign labour
SuN Empire
'SuN Empire' 1 year ago
Apparently Mr Corbyn lives in a bubble!!!
Jon-Joe Flynn
'Jon-Joe Flynn' 1 year ago
Too afraid to say the levels are too high Jeremy? The interviewer made you look a fool, not the prime minister Britain wants or needs, thanks.
'trancehi' 1 year ago
Utter BS and screw Corbyn! There's a huge factory near me in Somerset with 900 staff. I know the line manager and he says 90% are foreign. What they do is work here as temps, earn shed loads of money then waltz back to their country and live the life of riley only to pop back over to the UK and keep doing the same. Point is, they don't really contribute fully back into the system nor do most want to relocate fully.
Hamad P
'Hamad P' 1 year ago
the reporter was a snake trying to trap Corbin into saying something he's not saying, either that or she's to stupid to understand. if Britain had a election he'd win, he unlike other politicians wants the best for the people
'Evidentialist' 1 year ago
What is he doing?!
steve White
'steve White' 1 year ago
Doesn't matter that this example is never going to be in power. What galls me is the large salary he continues to get irrespective. He looks and acts like a failure but his renumeration is excessive . This is the norm for Civil servants and countless thousands of public employees. Private sector hopefully would have dismissed the moron many years ago.
'TheCausation' 1 year ago
Corbyn wants to finish what his predecessor, Blair, started; to genocide the British people.
Caroline Izminster
Even a single immigrant is ONE TOO MANY, Corbyn. You don't get it, idiot. You are single-handedly making Labour unelectable for a generation.
alf garnet
'alf garnet' 1 year ago
lol this man destroying the shitty labour party single handed your party got kick out of power because you don't listen to your voters do what the voters tell you... COMRADE...
Naugtius Maximus
'Naugtius Maximus' 1 year ago
This fool doesn't even know what he believes, never mind what everybody else wants. Political oblivion is what Labour are going to get.
Winston Ingram
'Winston Ingram' 1 year ago
Immigrants do make a big contribution to the running of the NHS without question, but at the opposite end are disproportionate users of NHS services.Take a look around next time youre in a hospital or medical centre.
'SpiderClaw0com' 1 year ago
I fuckin love Jeremy Corbyn. He's a lad
Home Guard
'Home Guard' 1 year ago
Are we communists !? we voted LEAVE and that should mean TRIGGER ARTICLE 50 !! I'm willing to sell EVERYTHING I own just to see this infantile pillock be hung. To me he's not british at all, he's only here to course harm to are beloved country. And I'm sure as hell not gonna sit around and do nothing while brutes like him are running for PM ! RULE BRITANNIA 🇬🇧🇬🇧
Thahid Ullah
'Thahid Ullah' 1 year ago
Immigration is a myth. Politics is a myth. Myths are myths. Big media corporations fuel politics so that they can reap the monetary gain from fancy headlines and controversy. It dosen't matter what you believe or who you vote for. You are but a pawn in the chess game of life. They control us all!
'abarzilai0334' 1 year ago
Teresa while watching this interview "looks like my premiership is safe."
'meandmymouth' 1 year ago
Corbyn would make a great moderator of a student debating society of the "on the one hand and on the other" style. The trouble is that when you are the leader of a major political party whether in power or in opposition YOU HAVE TO BE CLEAR ON YOUR POLICY RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW ! You don't have the luxury of pretending you can leave all your options open. Of course it's a lot more dangerous as you could get it wrong but if you can't stand the heat I would stay out of the kitchen Mr Corbyn if I were you. On the other hand deciding that as a sovereign state you need default control of the movement of people across your borders is surely a no brainer ?
Home Guard
'Home Guard' 1 year ago
Why am I not surprised theres a rise in hate crime.
'SteveFusionX' 1 year ago
R.I.P to the traitorous labour party.   They are *finished*.
Secular Scot
'Secular Scot' 1 year ago
Well said Mr Corbyn. Sadly England and English people are so nauseatingly right wing, insular, xenophobic cretinous knuckle draggers so resort to blaming *everything* on immigration. They are obsessed and would rather blame ethnic minorities than corporations who ship their jobs overseas and dodge their tax via the Cayman Islands. "DUUUUH DEY TOOK MA JUUUUUUB!!!!"
'serjthereturn' 1 year ago
amazing how the BBC worded the headline considering the content of the interview. What is the point of journalists of they don't even bother to try and report the truth
Tracy Beckett
'Tracy Beckett' 1 year ago
Is this guy a plant by the nefarious Tories to ensure Labour remain in the wilderness, fragmented by internal fighting and totally unelectable for another decade? lol, I hope so. Micheal Foot, Kinnock, Corbyn, they never learn.
Elvis Duck
'Elvis Duck' 1 year ago
Corbyn looks and sounds like he has just got out of bed. Diane keeping you up, was she?
Alex James
'Alex James' 1 year ago
This is the worst sticking point for Corbyn and it's a Tony Blair inspired one too. Union backed Labour, the workers under those unions hate hearing there isn't a problem. Clearly the UK is suffering from unchecked immigration. Honestly prefer an Australian points system.
Paraiba blue
'Paraiba blue' 1 year ago
Immigration is definitely too high when the people of this country say it is. Until there is enough housing, enough schools and hospitals and enough good jobs for those already here then our so called leaders have failed.
hater gater
'hater gater' 1 year ago
If he is against immigration he won't get votes from his white hating party. He is another example of how backstabbing the left are
Tom Brooks
'Tom Brooks' 1 year ago
Jezza sounds pretty depressed. Listening to him makes me even more depressed
Jonny g
'Jonny g' 1 year ago
what a total moron , he was saying the other day that the NHS is at bracking point( to many people going ) so the government should throw more money at it and last year his 1st question at prime minister question time was about lack of houses. there are to many people in this country. more people means, more houses, more cars on road, doctors, hospitals, schools full , electricity supply just managing , has he and others like him got no common sense.
Michael Walker
'Michael Walker' 1 year ago
this guy's loopy test his brain
'Randomstuffs261' 1 year ago
Oh shit, he really doesn't wanna be PM does he?
'tricPort' 1 year ago
the portugueses are not imigrants...are subits of the Great Catholics Kings of UK, the kings that protected the West Cristhians Comunities from the Islamization UK have weaks Kings that are converting United Kingdom to a Meca Caliphate!!!
Ryan Finn
'Ryan Finn' 1 year ago
Seriously this is the title BBC? Just invited the dislikes seriously
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