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The Scariest Game Of All Time - "Silent Hills P.T." -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 2 weeks ago

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Is P.T. one of the scariest games of all time? Zach and Kelsey put it to the test!
Game: P.T. - Kojima Productions
Check out this fan made remake of P.T.

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Hideo Kojima Portrait Shoot, Brighton
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Shape Of Water' UK Premiere - 61st BFI London Film Festival
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clorox bleach
'clorox bleach' 2 hours ago
the scariest part is seeing my chins in the reflection of my phone screen
Keith Geldart
'Keith Geldart' 3 hours ago
brightness fail
Shane Aaron
'Shane Aaron' 4 hours ago
Mery Mi
'Mery Mi' 5 hours ago
Please continue until down
Moe Cotton
'Moe Cotton' 1 day ago
I almost couldn't watch this I got so scared AHH
Leah T
'Leah T' 1 day ago
Oh good, so glad i’m already in the dark alone with headphones, I wasn’t listening to sad music crying alone in the dark wearing headphones
Lizzie Burnham
'Lizzie Burnham' 1 day ago
Play Amnesia
Lizzie Burnham
'Lizzie Burnham' 1 day ago
Y'all should do a VR horror game
Georgina Hirst
'Georgina Hirst' 1 day ago
Zach looks like J.D from heathers
'helium.hydrogen' 2 days ago
Buzzfeed. I am severely disappointed in your for not making Evan play this game. How could you. Such entertainment value. Lost.
cat lover
'cat lover' 2 days ago
One night my whole family was playing that I was in the bloody bathroom and this creepy as heck girl comes out of the stall and then everything turns red it was so creepy!!!!!it was a fun creepy family game night
shannon cleveland
'shannon cleveland' 2 days ago
I am still convinced that this game would've been one of the scariest of all time! Ugh so pissed that it got cancelled!
'PsychoGamer' 3 days ago
You guys should have heart monitors to see your heart rates when you guys get scared
Lyndzey Stovall
'Lyndzey Stovall' 3 days ago
Yesssss Love you guys
Christine Secondes
Norman our redneck daddy
Wolfzat Adaemus
'Wolfzat Adaemus' 4 days ago
Wait Zach isnt from FBE???
Javiera Enero
'Javiera Enero' 4 days ago
Play Outlast
W1tch B1tch
'W1tch B1tch' 4 days ago
I hate how much I love watching them play because they take forever to upload and don’t always play through the whole game (like this one)
'Vankaris' 4 days ago
before she even spoke I knew she had a lisp.
'BBOYMOOSE' 4 days ago
Shes so gorgeous. I wouldve smashed
Snowflake Snow
'Snowflake Snow' 4 days ago
Rukky Matias
'Rukky Matias' 4 days ago
Love these two! I hope they continue doing awesome videos!
Mappoo **
'Mappoo **' 4 days ago
Can anyone confirm that this version is safe to download?
Yuval P
'Yuval P' 4 days ago
When they have filmed it
'Palantir' 4 days ago
Zach knows PT, Zach bad liar/bad actor 8>(
Brent Findley
'Brent Findley' 5 days ago
Raise your hand if you’re a grown man and screamed like a little girl several times when playing this game.
Mary Favo
'Mary Favo' 5 days ago
Yall should play alien isolation
Sydney Hollingsworth
Emily Wants to Play/Emily Wants to Play Too are pretty scary
Abby Rae
'Abby Rae' 5 days ago
7:23 Bye,bye,bye,bye Bye game were done *tries to speed walk then realizes it's a game so just continues to slowly walk*
Emma Filoso
'Emma Filoso' 5 days ago
i love this
Jb 575
'Jb 575' 5 days ago
The scariest part about this game they canceled it 😡
Nina Hoang
'Nina Hoang' 5 days ago
Keith: “ Stop crying, baby, it’s okay!” “ It’s okay, demon baby.” XD
Antoine Hasbro
'Antoine Hasbro' 6 days ago
I like this girl
Xaviera Nicholette
The house 2
'RabidDogma' 6 days ago
Jordanna Peppeeoir
queen chantelle
'queen chantelle' 6 days ago
um can someone make a jumpscare list
mrs.purple head
'mrs.purple head' 6 days ago
Mom!! mama!! I think I popped my pants
Midnight Gloom
'Midnight Gloom' 6 days ago
home sweet home is a really scary horror game
Dena Montgomery
'Dena Montgomery' 6 days ago
smile contract teaching innocent bank direct any monthly.
'Ratatoing' 6 days ago
it’s ok, the comment section is safe
'Ratatoing' 6 days ago
who else is reading the comments to distract themselves from the actual video
'Ayla ASMR' 6 days ago
Glad I’m not watching this at night. Still scary AF
frankenstein is futile
yo they didn’t even get to the part where there’s a fridge hangin from the ceiling with a body in it. damn
Casey Paige
'Casey Paige' 6 days ago
i made it further than this and didn't die? There was a part where i had to go in circles on end... the light turned red and etc. then it cut ti the cut scene of norman reedus, i don't believe i died so, I really got scared when they died. lol
Casey Paige
'Casey Paige' 6 days ago
i love it when kelsey and zach play anything together!
kimberly sepulveda
You should try Outlast.
Hunter Steinbach
'Hunter Steinbach' 7 days ago
Angel Oprana
'Angel Oprana' 7 days ago
It doesn't look scary but it feels scary and love your vids
John Doe
'John Doe' 7 days ago
Play it alone by yourself at night. Then tell me this isn't scary. You literally fell out of your chair.
'TuningAnApple' 1 week ago
I hope you guys can play Layers of Fear!
'TuningAnApple' 1 week ago
Kelsey did great, A+ reactions
'Maddie' 1 week ago
Stacy Chapman
'Stacy Chapman' 1 week ago
Her voice ruins everything. She is so annoying & should be stabbed in the throat.
Lucas Figueroa
'Lucas Figueroa' 1 week ago
Kpop Trash
'Kpop Trash' 1 week ago
Why tf did I decide to watch this. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?
'Mbinya1' 1 week ago
y'all need to play outlast
'Gaming-FORTNITE' 1 week ago
I’ve got pt on my ps4
Sassy Boo
'Sassy Boo' 1 week ago
I'd love to see you play Outlast! It's one of the best games ever made and I really love it!
Amen Longchari
'Amen Longchari' 1 week ago
Yo that girls so annoying just shut up and play
'Yuu' 1 week ago
Voldemort what 😂😅
Chamomile Tea
'Chamomile Tea' 1 week ago
Don’t mind me, just hiding in the comments!
'Gpaderna' 1 week ago
o my ghad, I paused it 10:20, IDON'T wanna continue the video but i'm curious, SOO....
'Gpaderna' 1 week ago
CUTE BABY 5 minutes later.... IT's VOLDEMORT!
'Gpaderna' 1 week ago
I am searching down there at the comments section to find what time does the jumpscare will happen
Brandon Nk
'Brandon Nk' 1 week ago
When you literally are doing exactly as they say at 2:15
'dorkmeetsyoutube' 1 week ago
'NIX' 1 week ago
omg i was drinking water and just closed the bottle (lucky thing i did) then BOOOM i crushed the water bottle and thank the water gods that it didn't gush out
bram de boer
'bram de boer' 1 week ago
Tiny basic demonstration hour there beat label isolate lead below
'KonbanwaJapan' 1 week ago
Couple years late
octávio pereira
'octávio pereira' 1 week ago
Kelsey your expressions were gold. I enjoyed so much watching you being scared 😛 ...Sorry for that. By looking at this teaser demo , if PT was released, it would have been a great horror game. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to play this demo
Jochelle G
'Jochelle G' 1 week ago
they took it off because it was too scary 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ( i dont really know why they took it off)
Robyn Dobson
'Robyn Dobson' 1 week ago
Play fatal frame next?
Robyn Dobson
'Robyn Dobson' 1 week ago
I don't even need to play this. I'm so frightened already!
Azka Shujau
'Azka Shujau' 1 week ago
pfft you call this scary? everyone knows that scary maze is WAY scarier than this.
s h e p w u l f
's h e p w u l f' 1 week ago
zach and kelsey need to play the outlast series
Lennart Werner
'Lennart Werner' 1 week ago
terrible boy conduct tall consider garlic question wonder clock bring
Tilda månsson
'Tilda månsson' 1 week ago
you should watch the silent hill movies
Try playing Vanish or Candles!! Both are so scary!!
Mike L
'Mike L' 1 week ago
Ariel Jewel
'Ariel Jewel' 1 week ago
Gross Reptile
'Gross Reptile' 1 week ago
this game made me feel sick bc of the screaming fetus, it honestly made me feel so bad for it and eughagfh the screams it made, made me wanna cry :( i still really lov this game :'0
Mila A.L.
'Mila A.L.' 1 week ago
You should give it a try to OUTLAST ( 1 & 2).
SplatterYT ARTS
'SplatterYT ARTS' 1 week ago
One time my sis and cousin were playing it and I got so scared that I dropped my ice cream 😂
'happyyyoung' 1 week ago
apperantly del toro and kojima had some sort of falling out, so thats why they cancelled the game
Ankur Kini
'Ankur Kini' 1 week ago
man her teeth are fucking perfect. and shes beautiful af
Sydney S.
'Sydney S.' 1 week ago
This game is just a big, fat NOPE. I bailed at 2:55.
Jennifer Loving
'Jennifer Loving' 1 week ago
It's pretty creepy!
Guapamolee e
'Guapamolee e' 1 week ago
This is great might be better than unsolved ;)
Gabby Olier
'Gabby Olier' 1 week ago
Yooo i love kelsi lmao she be having me dying
Alexandria Davis
'Alexandria Davis' 1 week ago
I know this is a horror game but they really need to bring back daddy dating simulator!!!
P bower
'P bower' 1 week ago
I watched Dashiegames play this game and I was terrified watching this..
Myra Zumba
'Myra Zumba' 1 week ago
Make Curly play this
Allison Wilson
'Allison Wilson' 1 week ago
Doki doki literature club though
It’s Emily
'It’s Emily' 1 week ago
Anne N
'Anne N' 1 week ago
these two are my favorite. Love the Until Dawn series
Emily Davis
'Emily Davis' 1 week ago
Me and Kelsey are on the same level I screamed at the end there
'Natsuhiboshi' 1 week ago
Is it bad that I thought about flushing the baby through the toilet? I mean I wouldn't have done it but it did cross my mind.
Abby Lizbeth
'Abby Lizbeth' 1 week ago
Outlast is literally one of the scariest games ever. Go read the steam reviews for it. Definitely needs to be on the list
'Thawn1L' 1 week ago
You guy should try with VR if it was supported that would be great
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