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Published: 6 days ago By: TheProphetsPath

By: TheProphetsPathPublished: 6 days ago

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Compilation of heart warming and beautiful recitations by our beloved brother, Basheer Chisty.

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Ahsen Siddiqui
'Ahsen Siddiqui' 2 days ago
With all due respect to the reciter, to say that this is the Quran at its finest is wrong. The finest recitation was that of gibrael and then that of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
klaas de jong
'klaas de jong' 2 days ago
the problem is that allah (pboh) does not excist.
Artha Pen
'Artha Pen' 4 days ago
*Quran Recitation :)
ali hussain
'ali hussain' 5 days ago
U dirty bengalis who smells of hudal satni
ali hussain
'ali hussain' 5 days ago
Listen we're are ya let's meet up for a meal let giv u a brain hemorrhage
" Ma sha allah " it's Amazing voice !!
Ashar Siddiqui
'Ashar Siddiqui' 6 days ago
Mashallah! May Allah forgive us all and may he allow us to enter Jannah Al Firdous through his mercy! Ameen Ya Rabb
'MadeForAkhira' 6 days ago
i think you should change the title, the quran is not dependant on recitation for it to be the finest or judged, please understand what im saying
Fahad Shaikh
'Fahad Shaikh' 6 days ago
Subhan Allah
S. M .T
'S. M .T' 6 days ago
Happy Muslimah
'Happy Muslimah' 6 days ago
Beautiful Allahu Akbar!
Mustafa Hussain
'Mustafa Hussain' 6 days ago
I think the brother should keep his identity hidden. It will be better for him as it will protect him for evil and admiring eye, and he will also be free from the disease of riyaa which the Prophet صاى الله عليه و سلم said creeps into the heart like an ant, underneath a rock in the middle of the night. May Allah save us all from the evil of others and the evil of our own desires. Ameen.
grizzly stuff
'grizzly stuff' 6 days ago
mash ALLAH
ziyad tech
'ziyad tech' 6 days ago
thx for the smile on my face
Starlight Glimmer
'Starlight Glimmer' 6 days ago
Well we like to comment about the reciter or the way it sounds. But will anyone comment about what the words were saying? Will anyone think about it? As Allah says: "Then do they not reflect upon the Qur'an, or are there locks upon [their] hearts?(47,24)" Note: *when i paste an Quran verse*" GUUUYS WE NEED MORE COMMENTS AND REPLIES WITH VERSES OF QURAN BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST WAY TO SAY SOMETHING AS IT IS ALLAH WHO IS SAYING THEM AND HE MAKES DA BEST REPLIES!!!!1
Umaira Hamedi
'Umaira Hamedi' 6 days ago
mashAllah I love his voice may Allah grant u Jannah tul ferdois
Prince Vegeta
'Prince Vegeta' 6 days ago
Even as a non Muslim it sounds great
Sheela Anwar
'Sheela Anwar' 6 days ago
SubhaanAllah.May Allah swt give us a better understanding of the Glorious Quran.Ameen☺️🙏
Ishtiaq Azam
'Ishtiaq Azam' 6 days ago
MA SHA " ALLAH " !!!!!!!!
S. M .T
'S. M .T' 6 days ago
beautilful 😀
Radioactive Trees
'Radioactive Trees' 6 days ago
Jesus too, sang like an angel. If only we could hear him in heaven...alas he is a sinner.
'Syqoz' 6 days ago
'Abdul' 6 days ago
SubhanAllah, no word is greater than the word of Allah. May Allah swt forgive, guide, and grant us Jannatul Firdous, Ameen :)
'TheProphetsPath' 6 days ago
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