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People Smoke Essential Oil Vapes -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

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We get it, you vape.

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Smoke and fog


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Kaitlin Miller
'Kaitlin Miller' 1 day ago
I really hope that they aren’t letting that go into their lungs because it’s not supposed to...
Slayer18 8
'Slayer18 8' 3 days ago
We're did they get those
Olivia Logue
'Olivia Logue' 4 days ago
these are not illegal for under 18 years of age
-Rita Torres20-
'-Rita Torres20-' 5 days ago
Do you have to be 18 cause I’m 17 and have bad anxiety and is bad a sleeping so I could use one.
Just another vlogger
Your doing it wrong your. Breath it through your nose.
Jocelyn O
'Jocelyn O' 6 days ago
#VAPELIFE OR #vapelife
It’s MarMar
'It’s MarMar' 6 days ago
I have these lmao
kat Gtz
'kat Gtz' 6 days ago
You guys are doing it wrong
Shadow Girl
'Shadow Girl' 7 days ago
YB Chang and Ashley look almost the same. In a good way.
Hailley Marie Calpito
You have to breatj out of your nose not your mouth💀💀💀
Seng Insichienmay
'Seng Insichienmay' 1 week ago
do you even vape lol
TwentyØne Crybaby
Brooklynn Zygarliski
they were doing it wrong
Inspired By Marla
'Inspired By Marla' 1 week ago
Is this supposed to be good for u?is it bad I wanna try 😂😂🤣
Brianna Erica
'Brianna Erica' 1 week ago
omg i want one of these for my anxiety but my mom thinks it’s vaping and she won’t get me one smh
'Frasyx' 1 week ago
hey buzzfeedblue
'DevilofaButler15' 1 week ago
Super random but the guy has really pretty eyes
Dennis Pagdilao
'Dennis Pagdilao' 1 week ago
y’all hitting it wrong
Sucha Summer
'Sucha Summer' 1 week ago
'Ziffelzoovop' 2 weeks ago
I found MONQ to be effective for me. It helped prevent me from going into a full panic attacks after my incident with a stalker
Memes are
'Memes are' 2 weeks ago
It is not vaping, and fun fact! If I could use it I would get peppermint
Kristen Tan
'Kristen Tan' 2 weeks ago
No username No username
MONQ, They are called MONQS
Yanfei_101 Alissa_101
Can kids use it?
Brice M.
'Brice M.' 2 weeks ago
Buzzfeed is cancer cringe more like cuckfeed
ki x
'ki x' 2 weeks ago
Supposed to do it through your nose, and use it 2-3 times a day
Naala Kapadia
'Naala Kapadia' 2 weeks ago
they are using it wrong too! lmao
Ashlee Neu
'Ashlee Neu' 2 weeks ago
I want one
Cheyenne Schultz
'Cheyenne Schultz' 2 weeks ago
It's not meant to be Inhaled. You breathe it in your mouth and then you breathe it back out through your nose, so it goes past your ol factory bulb in hour brain and that helps to put you at ease. They're clearly say it not a vape and not meant to be inhaled.
Olivia Pena
'Olivia Pena' 2 weeks ago
That’s not how you use it. You have to breathe in your mouth and put your nose
'NON CAPISCO' 2 weeks ago
Do be relaxed you gotta smoke weed
Yasmins Corner
'Yasmins Corner' 2 weeks ago
It’s not supposed to make you feel any way it’s just supposed to taste good
'WuzNab' 2 weeks ago
You guys smoke essential oils. I smoke Pantene. "Pro-V"
ghast fire
'ghast fire' 2 weeks ago
Can I ask one question Is it alcoholic
Cayla McLaughlin
'Cayla McLaughlin' 2 weeks ago
You’re supposed to blow it out through your nose and use it is to 3 times a day
Amanita Virosia
'Amanita Virosia' 2 weeks ago
Not even doing it right XD you exhale through your nose. Idiotssss
Lorien Zick
'Lorien Zick' 2 weeks ago
Only a few of them blew it out they’re noses, and that’s how your supposed to do it not just blow it out your mouth, that’s probably why it didn’t work for some of them, and your only supposed to do it twice a day, not whenever you want to
C Bridges
'C Bridges' 2 weeks ago
king savage
'king savage' 2 weeks ago
Cough cough *popcorn lungs* cough cough
Aysia Rembao
'Aysia Rembao' 3 weeks ago
Blow it out of your nose
Macies Makeup
'Macies Makeup' 3 weeks ago
The reason it didn’t really affect them is because they weren’t blowing it out of their nose. When you get these pens it has instructions to blow out of the nose because when the essential oil hits your nose it sends it right to your brain and it can start working.
Random ASMR
'Random ASMR' 3 weeks ago
Ouuu I wanna try😂Jk jk I'm only 13
karas life
'karas life' 3 weeks ago
I'm 12 and I have one for anxiety I personally love it it helps alot and tastes really good
Tanya Anne
'Tanya Anne' 3 weeks ago
y'all are only supposed to do it 2 to 3 times a day. thats why your getting light headed.
pixel craft elf
'pixel craft elf' 3 weeks ago
The us goverments fave flavour
Trinity Tran
'Trinity Tran' 3 weeks ago
TeddyScares 1234
'TeddyScares 1234' 3 weeks ago
Can kids use these
Itz toast
'Itz toast' 3 weeks ago
Whats that guy do with his cat
Ahri Erza
'Ahri Erza' 3 weeks ago
Wait so this doesn’t have nicotine?
'AllyMua' 3 weeks ago
The pens they used were at some pens are twenty dollars and they last two weeks
Alex Arkadios
'Alex Arkadios' 3 weeks ago
whats the point. just smoke weed
Lainey 1119
'Lainey 1119' 3 weeks ago
I have a few of these lol
Obviously Bair
'Obviously Bair' 3 weeks ago
Um are those just vaporous or is there drugs or stuff
'DoooDELS S' 3 weeks ago
Your doing it wrong you can’t breathe it in your lungs you breathe it in your mouth and blow out your nose and that’s how it works
Caitlyn Garyol
'Caitlyn Garyol' 4 weeks ago
It looks like smoking tea out of a sticky note like me!!!!!!!
Nathan Palmer
'Nathan Palmer' 4 weeks ago
Just smoke pot if you want to be relaxed
Jerianna Cristina
'Jerianna Cristina' 4 weeks ago
They couldn’t feel it because they didn’t inhale it right. They were supposed to inhale it in their mouth then breath out through their nose so more of the formula would get into there circulation.
Cereza G
'Cereza G' 4 weeks ago
They’re ... not vapes
Bella J.
'Bella J.' 4 weeks ago
Buzzfeed not reading instructions
Reef Randall
'Reef Randall' 4 weeks ago
The reason why it's making them light-headed is because you're not supposed to take it into your lungs you're supposed to hold it in your mouth and then exhale it through your nose. It's aromatherapy it's not for inhalation. You can actually seriously damage your lungs by smoking these like a vape. Use as directed. There's an instruction manual. The websites got some good information to but it basically says what I just did.
Holly Russo
'Holly Russo' 4 weeks ago
I have 4 and I'm 11 they're perfectly fine! 😁
Chandra Wagner
'Chandra Wagner' 4 weeks ago
I hate the stigma around vaping. Most people that vape do it cuz their trying to quit or have quit smoking. I know plenty of people who have done that and been successful. Why everyone got to judge it so hard?
'Krl20018' 4 weeks ago
They know what they’re supposed to exhale it from their nose, right? That’s kind of where the aroma part comes into play. . . I mean the instructions are on the box. . .
Kenna Breda
'Kenna Breda' 4 weeks ago
are these bad for you??
Anais Gouati
'Anais Gouati' 4 weeks ago
My DAD eThaN KliEN brought me here. Papa bless
Sundays With Sam
'Sundays With Sam' 4 weeks ago
1:06 she is already high
'LOGAN RUSS' 4 weeks ago
I've done one of those there actually really nice
Maranda Monteith
'Maranda Monteith' 1 month ago
Do these contain drugs or nicotine are they legall for teens to use or are they like actull vapes
Michael Gregetz
'Michael Gregetz' 1 month ago
I can make a smoke from my mouth without vape/ciggar
Cheryl Dart
'Cheryl Dart' 1 month ago
I want to slap.....all these fucking people.smoke weed you fucking morons
Ben Phillips
'Ben Phillips' 1 month ago
These are EXTREMELY unsafe. Inhaling essential oils CAN and WILL cause LIPID PNEUMONIA
Snazzy Jach
'Snazzy Jach' 1 month ago
lmao youre not supposed to inhale it and youre supposed to blow it out through your nose
Eric Mexia
'Eric Mexia' 1 month ago
Card b: I be chilling in vape I’m sorry that was bad
'FLME BALL' 1 month ago
killer gamer
'killer gamer' 1 month ago
Smoke weed if you whant to be relaxed
Taylor x
'Taylor x' 1 month ago
they aren’t vapes tho :// why do they keep comparing them
Jensen Payne
'Jensen Payne' 1 month ago
candles + breathing
Omar Macedo
'Omar Macedo' 1 month ago
just smoke weed lol
'NyeonGirl' 1 month ago
They say that it doesn't make them feel good or something, and the thing is that they don't suffer anxiety, etc. Like this thing was made for people with anxiety, etc. And they don't even have these problems
Alexandra And sky
'Alexandra And sky' 1 month ago
Can u get addicted to that stuff
Brandlolcrow 23
'Brandlolcrow 23' 1 month ago
Love when they say smoke when it’s vapor smh 💀💀💀💀
DIY Girl
'DIY Girl' 1 month ago
"Gem to put over your cats butthole" 😂😂😂
'Who?' 1 month ago
Solo cigarrillos para mi
Gr8brit gaming :D
'Gr8brit gaming :D' 1 month ago
i kinda want one but idk what my mom would think ;;;
'LimeKi' 1 month ago
Literally 12 year olds are smoking these
oran solomon
'oran solomon' 1 month ago
I would buy it for fun, no relaxation just for tricks its just healthier than normal vape
Lexcia Rae
'Lexcia Rae' 1 month ago
There only supposed to do it 2-3 times a day that’s why they got so light headed
Christina Nguyen
'Christina Nguyen' 1 month ago
Can you put vitamin e oil in your vape🤔
'TheChildBoyTV' 1 month ago
This is like a juul but a not a weirder buzz
My opinion doesn’t matter but,
These aren’t vapes. They used these completely wrong lmao
Sophie Trevena
'Sophie Trevena' 1 month ago
They aren’t vape pens. It says on the Monq website that there is no nicotine or chemicals. All it is essential oils vaporised and there’s a battery inside that heats up the essential oils
Jessica Rich
'Jessica Rich' 1 month ago
They are using it wrong. You can breathe it out through the mouth, but it's truly meant to be exhaled through the nose. You also aren't suppose to inhale into the lungs like you can with vapes.
Croc Doc
'Croc Doc' 1 month ago
I have one of those there cool
'Yoongi's hands' 1 month ago
•theatre squad•
'•theatre squad•' 1 month ago
I was confused whether they were like, vape vapes or literally just essential oils.
kay v
'kay v' 1 month ago
Your supposed to blow it out your nose so you get the scent, use it only 2/3 times a day, you don’t inhale...
'bigjai' 1 month ago
It annoys me that they are doing it wrong 😂😂
Autumn Sexton
'Autumn Sexton' 1 month ago
Stormitropicalpinapp Msp
I need one of those
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