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People Smoke Essential Oil Vapes -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

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We get it, you vape.

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Smoke and fog


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coca cola
'coca cola' 2 hours ago
Is this bad for you? Will you it effect you in the future?
Hooded Ninja
'Hooded Ninja' 3 hours ago
"I can feel the err...err....ja...err.*checked it*..jazimine. .yah yah
'Aaron TRICKZ' 7 hours ago
Then smoke weed
Petty Bitch
'Petty Bitch' 8 hours ago
You guys didn’t use it correctly. You are supposed to inhale through your mouth hold that breath and out your nose and use it 2-3 times a day. Also while technically it is a vape Monq likes to call them diffusers soooo... you guys should have done better research but you’re buzzfeed and research isn’t something you do.
This is crap
Olivia Davis
'Olivia Davis' 1 day ago
Isn't vaping for smokers that helps them quit smoking??
Turntechdeadkid Yeet
They were doing it wrong....Ugh i was bothered the whole video
'BeautyLover9080' 2 days ago
Enjoy the popcorn lung
'metal_is_my_shit' 3 days ago
2:08 tooo funny..! 😂
Daishie poo57
'Daishie poo57' 3 days ago
There was a thing for unfortunately Ashley but Ashley is gone ;-;
'gadgetguy99' 4 days ago
This is just giving a bad name to legitimate vapes
night owl
'night owl' 5 days ago
He looks like JG quintel, I like him.
Okxy Julia Msp
'Okxy Julia Msp' 6 days ago
They got light headed bc youre only ment to do it 2-3 times a day,omg..
Samuel E.Augustin
'Samuel E.Augustin' 6 days ago
Who cares about the side effects I JUST WANNA SMOKE FFS
LivLiv 22
'LivLiv 22' 7 days ago
"I can do cool shapes."
Vintage Bubbles
'Vintage Bubbles' 1 week ago
Alex Chey
'Alex Chey' 1 week ago
I need coupons
Jacob Davaris
'Jacob Davaris' 1 week ago
Try cbd vape juice
Mayo -
'Mayo -' 1 week ago
You’re supposed to exhale from your nose lmao, thats probably why they aren’t getting the full effect
Lala Lala
'Lala Lala' 1 week ago
Is there nicotine in it
Remo Crapstuff
'Remo Crapstuff' 1 week ago
People „smoke“ vapes
Eclipse Modz
'Eclipse Modz' 1 week ago
1:45 who is she, she’s cute asf
'WeeWoo' 2 weeks ago
Finna buy me one of those, only $20 + $4.99 shipping on amazing. 😂😂
rudee harris
'rudee harris' 2 weeks ago
i love vape it's really good
Cringe Film Videos
'Cringe Film Videos' 2 weeks ago
Maybe if my step mom buy this I can convict her to get a certain one to calm me down
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Itz Spyro
'Itz Spyro' 2 weeks ago
Yall Didnt Inhale yall Just Sucked And Blow Out
'Neikoo' 2 weeks ago
Looks like a Shisha pen
okayjxn YT
'okayjxn YT' 2 weeks ago
Reminds me of bts blood sweat & tears when namjoon vaped
ZanDec Vlogs
'ZanDec Vlogs' 2 weeks ago
Umm Smartiess
'Eric' 2 weeks ago
2:04 is like when you’re trying to not to get caught smoking at school
Tea Cakes
'Tea Cakes' 2 weeks ago
I have 2, they smell good and taste good
Roy Kidd
'Roy Kidd' 2 weeks ago
Unamused the men beautiful the women.
'bean' 2 weeks ago
she was using the sexy one and said she still didnt feel relaxed SMHHH the sexy one isnt for relaxation
'Hippie'ish Goth' 2 weeks ago
I have a good idea, try fucking INHALING the smoke, jeeez why should i even say this...
Th stra Aofh
'Th stra Aofh' 2 weeks ago
Where i can buy this?
Ella Jordan
'Ella Jordan' 3 weeks ago
you have to inhale the vapor 🤦‍♀️
Johnson Gabe
'Johnson Gabe' 3 weeks ago
That jasmine really hitting you huh😂😂😂
Alex A
'Alex A' 3 weeks ago
That Asian girl is so beautiful. I see her in so many videos and she is always so poised, sweet, and nice.
'LPS_Aqua_Soul' 3 weeks ago
They used them wrong😂
swisscraft butt gen
'swisscraft butt gen' 3 weeks ago
Used it wrong and dude we get it you vape
euqirnE niuqaoJ
'euqirnE niuqaoJ' 3 weeks ago
Use real vapes not the little ones
Rajvi Shukla
'Rajvi Shukla' 3 weeks ago
Is the essential oil vape harmful to health?
Stranger Adriana
'Stranger Adriana' 3 weeks ago
There is actually 10 blends
Karyme Angel
'Karyme Angel' 3 weeks ago
You supposed to breathe it out of your nose
Kayleigh Mink
'Kayleigh Mink' 3 weeks ago
Guy in the background at 1:44 walked in the frame and walked back out 😂
Kitty Purry
'Kitty Purry' 3 weeks ago
these ppl don't know how to vape... at all
'Yandex' 3 weeks ago
Can kids do this?
Magpie Oh
'Magpie Oh' 3 weeks ago
I wanna buy Monq when I'm older, and it's not deadly
Jenna Sexton
'Jenna Sexton' 4 weeks ago
Sounds like something a highschool white boy would be selling in the halls
'Aqualite' 4 weeks ago
so its not bad for your lungs?
Kailie Davis
'Kailie Davis' 4 weeks ago
Some people say “vaping ruins your health and kills you!” “Bla bla bla” we understand vaping is bad but not as bad as you think vaping I wouldn’t recommend for anyone under the age of 14 or 15 because you need your lungs to be strong enough to breath in the vape and blow it out so this is not for young next people say “well what about nicotine it’s addictive and can hurt you also!” Well the people who choose nicotine are usually the ones who have tried vaping to stop smoking and you can get vape juice without nicotine so vaping isn’t bad for you as long as you follow the rules and make the right choice because if you choose nicotine and say that it’s bad and that vaping is not good for you. It’s not good for you because you choose it to be that way
'InDroVidual' 4 weeks ago
Ahem, I think you meant to get a corked pen. The monq version sucks..
Noah Wasy3
'Noah Wasy3' 4 weeks ago
Is there nicotine in them
'georgestomatoes' 4 weeks ago
You're only supposed to use it 2-3 times a day!
Mint Night
'Mint Night' 4 weeks ago
It's not vaping, so I'll call it... *baping* A toned down version of vaping
sad lad
'sad lad' 4 weeks ago
Give these to a 13 year old boy and they will start quoting h3h3productions like wild fire
'NoRainNoFlowers' 4 weeks ago
my friend just got a vape pen and was so excited. Tbh i’m more “curious” than like actually interested in the process
Give me a Rice Krispie treat
I want it to zen me out bro try weed if you want to feel that way
'emilymsymons' 4 weeks ago
So none of these have any nicotine in them? And if these have none would they be able to be sold to under 21year olds?
Christian Hunt
'Christian Hunt' 4 weeks ago
"cool shapes" wtf im dead
Knightess In Shining Armour
I want these 😍😍
'G3RM4IN3 GNXR' 4 weeks ago
Can kids have this?
'Estacon' 4 weeks ago
It combines my 2 loves, candles and breathing lmao
Chunk Sawastuk
'Chunk Sawastuk' 4 weeks ago
Just smoke weed you're in L.A.😂😂
Khaepsong ?
'Khaepsong ?' 4 weeks ago
Im 14 and i smoke these just for fun
// Loren fan //
'// Loren fan //' 4 weeks ago
You’re not using it right you’re suppose to hold in in your mouth and then blow through nose and you’re only suppose to use it 2-3 times per day that’s probably why you got lightheaded
dill pickle
'dill pickle' 1 month ago
"It almost combines my two loves, candles and....breathing" lmao
Ford On 5th Cigars
'Ford On 5th Cigars' 1 month ago
hmmmm very interesting
sunburst shine
'sunburst shine' 1 month ago
Did they even read the instructions 🤦🏼‍♀️you don’t put it in your lungs it sits in your mouth, your supposed to blow it out your nose, and you only use it 2-3 times a day🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Alayna Theriot
'Alayna Theriot' 1 month ago
one girl used the lust one. each one is for a different mood
Brittany Lopez
'Brittany Lopez' 1 month ago
Is it bad for u ? Can someone plz tell me
Stranger Humans
'Stranger Humans' 1 month ago
They are doing it wrong they are supposed to exhale through their nose
kenzie tracy
'kenzie tracy' 1 month ago
It works for me, I used my friends for a day. I'm trying have my mom get me one but I don't think I should show her this video because it says negative things about it
Squanch Wanch
'Squanch Wanch' 1 month ago
These men look like and talk like woman
Lindsey C
'Lindsey C' 1 month ago
They were doing it wrong you’re only supposed to do like 2 breaths a few times a day and you’re supposed to breathe it out of your nose not your mouth
Screeming Eagle
'Screeming Eagle' 1 month ago
I hope everyone on buzzfeed gets cancer
Lightning Cloud
'Lightning Cloud' 1 month ago
They are not vapes. They are essential oil defusers.
Flower Child
'Flower Child' 1 month ago
Wait is it good for you if it is im all ears
dat boy orly
'dat boy orly' 1 month ago
Maybe get one with nicotine in to feel relaxed and your not taking it back your just keeping the vapor in your mouth area lol buzzfeed do your research
Zero Coghlin
'Zero Coghlin' 1 month ago
they help a lot for people who find comfort in smoking but don't want the dangerous effects of cigarettes
Natali High
'Natali High' 1 month ago
Baby Boi
'Baby Boi' 1 month ago
1:56 do i smell a shipppp
Jennifer Yoo
'Jennifer Yoo' 1 month ago
Is vaping bad for you?
Hannah Bruner
'Hannah Bruner' 1 month ago
Took forever to finally get the inhale right. But I love my diffusers!
Diamond. Cay
'Diamond. Cay' 1 month ago
They doin is wrong thas y
Nitro Shibe
'Nitro Shibe' 1 month ago
That’s pretty weird
'Jay' 1 month ago
They didn’t do it right, you’re supposed to exhale through your nose
'stankwho' 1 month ago
Kinda pointless since most essential oils dont cross the blood brain barrier. Might make your breath smell good though.
alice culli
'alice culli' 1 month ago
i had these lol
mr.Licka Nipple
'mr.Licka Nipple' 1 month ago
why doesn't the asian chick inhale like at all XD
Iysis Vales
'Iysis Vales' 1 month ago
Ur not inhaling right
Jasmine J
'Jasmine J' 1 month ago
My name is Jasmine yah
'JoeJoe42the2nd' 2 months ago
Smoke weed
bela garcia
'bela garcia' 2 months ago
I have one and it helps with my anxiety actually
'Albinoblacksnake' 2 months ago
Could I smoke peppermint oil?
Tori Hofmeister
'Tori Hofmeister' 2 months ago
It’s $20 per pack of 7 pens, btw...
begone thot
'begone thot' 2 months ago
I wanna try._. I got sourin
Benjamin Wilson
'Benjamin Wilson' 2 months ago
Yep ya smoke a vape 👍🏼
Gummi Bear
'Gummi Bear' 2 months ago
No nicotine?
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