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People Smoke Essential Oil Vapes -
Published: 10 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 10 months ago

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We get it, you vape.

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Smoke and fog


Made by BFMP

Chimchim Stolemyjams
'Chimchim Stolemyjams' 21 hours ago
....😄😅 yeah you vape I know that😑
'agnar150' 1 day ago
The Asian girl is so fucking hot.
heartmadeof diamond
so this is something you smoke but just has smells in it nothing to harm you like vaping or smoking
Clorox Bleach
I’m trying to get my parents to buy me this, but their like, “It’s a vape!” And I’m like, “ITS NOT A VAPE!”
elisabeth abbott
'elisabeth abbott' 2 days ago
i lowkey wanna try this
young guoobe
'young guoobe' 3 days ago
Virgin 4life!420
'Virgin 4life!420' 3 days ago
So are these like the same thing like vaping or what is it healthy???!!
Emily Sherman
'Emily Sherman' 4 days ago
I would never smoke
tol but smol crybaby
Dude this is lit 😂
Callme Daddy
'Callme Daddy' 4 days ago
gay. get a real vape lmao
Jasmine Nguyen
'Jasmine Nguyen' 5 days ago
My sister vapes but the liquid has no nicotine
Brooke Watson
'Brooke Watson' 5 days ago
We get it you vape
Septembers Very Own
Just smoke weed dawg
'FoxLyfe' 6 days ago
Bruh if you wanna make smoke come out of the mouth learn how to make it come out of your mouth without a cig
meow pusheen
'meow pusheen' 7 days ago
Is that bad for you
Flynn West
'Flynn West' 7 days ago
“ I can feel the “ ... checks the flavour ... “ jasmine” 😂😂
No comment Boiii
'No comment Boiii' 7 days ago
Wait , so are these good for you ? Will your body be hurt in any way?
Lonely Person
'Lonely Person' 1 week ago
Did anyone else see her face change shape slightly at 1:01?
Christine Chen
'Christine Chen' 1 week ago
Wait..... so are they smoking or actually inhaling smoke?
Alessandro Riedel
'Alessandro Riedel' 1 week ago
Y’all are doing it wrong
jasmine gallegos
'jasmine gallegos' 2 weeks ago
They didn’t even use it right??? They used it like a fucking vape pen instead of actually reading how you’re supposed to use it
Kat Kushunda
'Kat Kushunda' 2 weeks ago
Video idea: People try ice skating
Dima Androgynous
'Dima Androgynous' 2 weeks ago
I'm so gonna buy some excited to try them
'Londonevann' 2 weeks ago
buzzfeed... YALL obviously didn't read the website because you're supposed to exhale through your nose and use it three times a day. sooo no wonder u didn't feel anything. smh
'CaliCupQuake' 2 weeks ago
Recently purchased the Monq sleepy aromatherapy diffuser. It is not smoking or vaping considering it is nicotine free and you are not meant to inhale. The lavender taste is very pleasant.
Kitty Kat
'Kitty Kat' 2 weeks ago
Are these essential oils only or is there something else in it? What are the ingredients?
Eric Parent
'Eric Parent' 2 weeks ago
What’s the song at 0:03
Selena Lamothe
'Selena Lamothe' 2 weeks ago
I want one for occupying myself. I don't ever want to be high or lose control or sense of myself. I just need something to occupy me so i won't mindlessly eat.
'justmissj' 2 weeks ago
The gem you put in your cat's butthole😂😂😂😂
Lunar Moon Gamer
'Lunar Moon Gamer' 3 weeks ago
I tried that before ... No literally ...
Sedated Jade
'Sedated Jade' 3 weeks ago
It's in the nose not through mouth!
Babygirl Steele
'Babygirl Steele' 3 weeks ago
Ummm, they did it wrong..... you hold in mouth for a few seconds and exhale Through The Nose.... that's where the glands are that send the calming effects to the brain to help.... exhaling through the mouth will do nothing to help them.
'HP11208' 3 weeks ago
Where can i get it?
Scripter on a budget
that is a just a regualar vape pen, its just branded as another product, search on ebay ehookah, can find for for 1$. ....
Park H
'Park H' 3 weeks ago
Can I get 500 likes
Grant High School Audio
'Noodleman' 4 weeks ago
Wait these are healthy
'DaisyDukes' 4 weeks ago
They aren't inhaling it right. If they would actually read he directions they would know you should only use it a couple times a day. No wonder you feel light headed.
Jennie O
'Jennie O'Connell' 4 weeks ago
All I Vape is the holy spirit bitches!!
Cami Pavelcheck
'Cami Pavelcheck' 4 weeks ago
you realize your only supposed to use it once or twice a day
david jackson
'david jackson' 4 weeks ago
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KK Saiyan
'KK Saiyan' 4 weeks ago
None of them even used them right 😂😂
'Jinx' 4 weeks ago
their using it wrong anyway.
Anushka Tankala
'Anushka Tankala' 4 weeks ago
Can kids do this?!?
Tianna Lund
'Tianna Lund' 4 weeks ago
If you wanna relax smoke some weed
'ragingTbagger' 1 month ago
Whats the guys name? I want him.
Lainey Extras
'Lainey Extras' 1 month ago
“I’m gonna look like one of those vaping people, like hey I can do cool shapes”😂😂
XxShanexX 480
'XxShanexX 480' 1 month ago
Is it bad for u
Olivia Johnsen
'Olivia Johnsen' 1 month ago
inside This actually sounds like stronhly zberclean =]
'ChiefsFan25' 1 month ago
This is a joke and a scam this isn't healthy and clearly won't help you relax, and how is it gonna do anything if you don't inhale?
Kiwi Kawa
'Kiwi Kawa' 1 month ago
You are only supposed to do it once to twice a day 😂😂😂
Max Bodnar
'Max Bodnar' 1 month ago
Smoke a vape... 😐
Jagr Green
'Jagr Green' 1 month ago
Of course the gay guy has anxiety
Alex Jones
'Alex Jones' 1 month ago
1:12 "California-yah-yah-yah-yah"
'RaZe CLIPZ' 1 month ago
Gay as usual thanks buzzfags
'ItsUniquelyZoe' 1 month ago
The ones that sad they weren't feeling anything were the main ones smoking wrong 😭. You suppose breath out through your nose 👃🏾.
Rose Fabraquil
'Rose Fabraquil' 1 month ago
Now i want that
Precious lorraine Falconi
is this safe??????
'Lizzie's Lukas' 1 month ago
2:08 Damn, JB is cool as a rock. #thuglife free smoke at work
Stephanie Charriere
'Stephanie Charriere' 1 month ago
I have never understood how with vape and cigars you don't inhale. Dude I'm sucking air in, it goes into my lungs. I don't have a smoke filter in the back of my throat
Mallorie Homer
'Mallorie Homer' 1 month ago
They are actually using it wrong, you are supposed to exhale through your nose and only use it 3 times at day or so. This is an old video but still frustrating haha
'Chik_Chik' 1 month ago
Your only supposed to do it 2-3 times a day
Kaleigh Doud
'Kaleigh Doud' 2 months ago
Isn't that bad for them
Connor Armstrong
'Connor Armstrong' 2 months ago
Twinkle touche, aka the gem on the cats butt
Tyler Sheehan
'Tyler Sheehan' 2 months ago
That's what weed is for
JML 2803
'JML 2803' 2 months ago
Im 14 got 350 watt bow mod
Julia Kim
'Julia Kim' 2 months ago
I heard you're only supposed to do it twice a day. Maybe thats why some of them were getting lightheaded,
Sydhelle Buena
'Sydhelle Buena' 2 months ago
Is that safe?
Bob Cay
'Bob Cay' 2 months ago
Is it bad for you?
'E.H.F' 2 months ago
They were all doing it wrong -_- They have directions ..
ChainMaster009 Chen
'ChainMaster009 Chen' 2 months ago
Yay we are creating more life ending addictions
Angela Gielecki
'Angela Gielecki' 2 months ago
25% off at Corked if anyone's interested
Kaitlyn Kylie KeKe
'Kaitlyn Kylie KeKe' 2 months ago
can these monq pens hurt you like real vape and cigarettes can??
s a t a n
's a t a n' 2 months ago
lol i really want one but i'm 14
Ashleigh Louth
'Ashleigh Louth' 2 months ago
There not vapes tho
Jessica Flores
'Jessica Flores' 2 months ago
My sister asked, can kids try it? 😂
'ArcticFox126' 2 months ago
I was hanging out with my friend and her other friend I don't know yesterday and her friend pulled out what looked like a vape and then she started using it and I was like "WTF, ARE YOU VAPING?! YOU'RE TOO YOUNG" then she was like "Nah don't worry it's just essential oils." It scared me XD
Cedar Scott
'Cedar Scott' 2 months ago
Do these have drugs like nicotine in them?
'natchnieni0' 2 months ago
One of you did it right. You breathe it in though your mouth and out by through your nose. You don't just breathe it in and blow it straight out - aromatherapy doesn't work if you don't get it in your nose!
Succ Ulent
'Succ Ulent' 2 months ago
Oml this is the most Californian thing I've ever seen
Vitaly Fleming
'Vitaly Fleming' 2 months ago
This ain't even real!
Caitlyn Casillo
'Caitlyn Casillo' 2 months ago
Sarsaparilla SeaSnake
Wtf is buzz feeds problem
Cattus Yataki
'Cattus Yataki' 2 months ago
is it addicting?
America Reyes Gomez
'America Reyes Gomez' 2 months ago
The white cant hold it right
Alem is Life
'Alem is Life' 2 months ago
I have a question since in doesn't have tobacco or nicotine do u think kids can try it ? My friend was just wondering.
'IWillYouLove' 2 months ago
You're meant to have 3-5 deep breaths of it each day..... so the way y'all are doing it won't have the same effect. You also won't get the same effect if you don't breathe out through your nose
Beryl Orcales
'Beryl Orcales' 2 months ago
Krist Soup, anyone?
Stacy T
'Stacy T' 2 months ago
i have not seen anyone do the processor correctly per the instructions in through the mouth out through the nose.
Ahmed .bassem
'Ahmed .bassem' 2 months ago
I really want to try it so bad right now....
Helen Kolousek
'Helen Kolousek' 2 months ago
Your only suppose to do 2-3 small breathes DAILY
'starfullsoul' 2 months ago
you're supposed to exhale it through your nose
Cayla Balderas
'Cayla Balderas' 2 months ago
There are different ones for different moods and all of them were expecting to feel relaxed. Plus you're only suppose to use it 2-3 a day
Rebecca And Shania
'Rebecca And Shania' 2 months ago
its not a vape its a personal portable diffuser and your supposed to breathe it into your mouth ant then out from your nose after a couple seconds
Ryan Merkel
'Ryan Merkel' 2 months ago
your supposed to exhale it out of your nose....i've been using it for a month and i feel like it has really helped with my anxiety. i dont want to choke out customers across the counter anymore. aha. so if you use it RIGHT, it works.
Iqbal Iman
'Iqbal Iman' 2 months ago
Is its good for childs
Ave AintHere
'Ave AintHere' 2 months ago
I'd buy it to look more edgy
Keigan Tower
'Keigan Tower' 2 months ago
You are supposed to blow it out of your nose so the oils get trapped in your olfactory system...smh
'Shaunice' 2 months ago
Monqs calm my anxiety so well so I recommend this, and when I do it with my friends they they think it's weed, like no that's for my alone time
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