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People Smoke Essential Oil Vapes -
Published: 12 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 12 months ago

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We get it, you vape.

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Smoke and fog


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Omar Brayn
'Omar Brayn' 14 hours ago
1:41 lol
Reem TV //ريم تيفي
Is it dangerous for your healthcare?
'Loski' 1 day ago
"Combines my two loves, candles, and breathing" I hate both of those
ToXiics X _ X
'ToXiics X _ X' 2 days ago
It’s Monq not vape dummy
'iDillusionist' 3 days ago
Why would you want one of these things just get cbd infused products
Sky Jay
'Sky Jay' 3 days ago
You're only supposed to do it 2-3 times a day! 😂
Ellina Hao
'Ellina Hao' 4 days ago
Why do I smell strawberries?!?!
Layla Sikes
'Layla Sikes' 1 week ago
I love these but they were ueing them wrong
Noriko Tanigami
'Noriko Tanigami' 1 week ago
Wth I need these
جرحونييء [FM]
شسمهه )؛
Lucy Mae
'Lucy Mae' 2 weeks ago
I wish they would have covered more about the proper use. After looking them up it's pretty clear that you don't inhale into lungs and should exhale through nostrils. Recommended only 2-3 times a day each use should be 2-3 small breaths
Amy Blehm
'Amy Blehm' 2 weeks ago
Is that healthy though
'ashlee' 2 weeks ago
the juul tho...
Roja Luna
'Roja Luna' 2 weeks ago
GET UP TO 30% OFF WITH OUR CYBER MONDAY DEAL! An affordable essential oil made more affordable! Visit us and like our FB page and IG @ Essential Serenity. Be healthy! Turn Organic!
sunny skylar
'sunny skylar' 2 weeks ago
Are these bad for you?
'Drift' 2 weeks ago
If they wanted to be destressed then they should've been given a joint
Raney Clay
'Raney Clay' 2 weeks ago
...........'how do you feel Jasmine?'
Gretchen Sanchez
'Gretchen Sanchez' 2 weeks ago
The change doesn’t happen so quickly
'All_around_syd' 2 weeks ago
Did you guys read HEALTHY on the vape thingy? Well that’s nice
HD gamer ELF
'HD gamer ELF' 2 weeks ago
Are these healthy? 😕
Pogo Clown
'Pogo Clown' 2 weeks ago
They ain't feeling it cuz they're not inhaling it
'dxlantwinsDxria' 3 weeks ago
what's the age limit for it???
Dirty Penguin
'Dirty Penguin' 3 weeks ago
They didn’t even use it the correct way....
Jimins Jams
'Jimins Jams' 3 weeks ago
I have like four of these
Mackenzie K
'Mackenzie K' 3 weeks ago
If I see another “ we get it u vape” comment I’m going to scream.
Rainbowgirl vlogschannel
there are just to much using that the instruction is said 2-3 uses and there using a lot than 2-3
Green Monster
'Green Monster' 3 weeks ago
"It combines my two loves, candles and breathing."
Joseph Stalin
'Joseph Stalin' 3 weeks ago
Does bed have a sister
Angela Pineda
'Angela Pineda' 3 weeks ago
No hate but ya can’t feel anything cuz you are doing it wrong
Damian Damianio
'Damian Damianio' 3 weeks ago
wait you shouldn't inhale this?
'Rugie' 3 weeks ago
just smoke weed dude
Trinity Ann Sanchez
'Trinity Ann Sanchez' 3 weeks ago
Disgusting, you shouldn’t be encouraging this. It’s a horrible thing that no one should ever do. It shouldn’t make you feel better. DON’T DO DRUGS!
Oh Ha Neul
'Oh Ha Neul' 3 weeks ago
These were created for people with anxiety as the aromas help the body relax but then 12 year olds too young to buy cigarettes got ahold of them and, oh well, reputation ruined. Same as fidget spinner that were for kids with ADHD and autism, I guess.
'kaydee1959' 3 weeks ago
Popcorn lungs you morons
Lili Ann
'Lili Ann' 4 weeks ago
It probably wasn’t working because they were doing it wrong. It literally says keep it in your mouth for 2-3 seconds before exhaling through YOUR NOSE.
Underground Street 60018
You guy are doing it wrong dumbasses. You goto inhale and exhale with your nose
Mother Of Samuel
'Mother Of Samuel' 4 weeks ago
Are they bad for you?
gangster kdkd
'gangster kdkd' 4 weeks ago
no somking
'AbbyRox' 4 weeks ago
Well you aren't supposed to blow it out of your mouth. You only blow it out your nose or it wont work.
'995angle' 4 weeks ago
Look in the description 🤪
Dream Tail Studios
'Dream Tail Studios' 4 weeks ago
Your doing it wrong XD
'HybridMeteora' 4 weeks ago
Monq is neither vape, nor smoking- but aromatherapy meant to stabilize moods and assist other ailments such as anxiety; I suggest you change the title due to it being misleading.
vladimir makarov
'vladimir makarov' 4 weeks ago
the asain cute
Pandagaming 1013 And friends
You only use it 3 or 2 times
Anabelle St. Hilaire
You’re not supposed to inhale, it’s just in your mouth out your nose 😅 also, you’re only supposed to use it around 3 times a day
David Hume
'David Hume' 4 weeks ago
Loren Trickel
'Loren Trickel' 4 weeks ago
Amaury La Cruz
'Amaury La Cruz' 4 weeks ago
always rep yer nache
ツ ツ σ в ℓ ι ν ℓ ι σ η
krist soup also did this
Isabella Miglioretto
i would not have that i would never use vape or cigar k
Jaxon Hanna
'Jaxon Hanna' 1 month ago
Just smoke cannabis
Taylor Jane
'Taylor Jane' 1 month ago
Bruh, y'all doing it wrong 😩
Captain Dextro
'Captain Dextro' 1 month ago
Where do I buy this?!?
'SketchingK' 1 month ago
this is so hard to explain to people they automatically assume it’s bad, why don’t people be open minded and at least listen to what it actually is also THIS ISNT VAPING LMFAO
Molly Mains
'Molly Mains' 1 month ago
I wanna buy one of those but I'm like 12 so
trans teen
'trans teen' 1 month ago
Did u guys read the instructions???? You’re not supposed to take more than 10 in an hour you can do it more than like four hours a day so you can’t take more than 40 puffs or it will get you sick like there’s only so much that you can take
horrible .cosplayer
'horrible .cosplayer' 1 month ago
0:28 hi Shiro where's Keith?
S a d S u c c
'S a d S u c c' 1 month ago
if it doesn't have anything psychoactive then it doesn't work.
Gaia D
'Gaia D' 1 month ago
Next on BuzzFeed: people try smoking weed
降雨 •
'降雨 •' 1 month ago
They’re not bad for your lungs right ?
'Arna' 1 month ago
I will never be able to smoke or vape because of my asthma
'IROKLIFE' 1 month ago
Greatest Placebo scam in the last 5 years lol
Diamond Pearl
'Diamond Pearl' 1 month ago
2:28 of course it's not affecting you your not breathing it into your lungw
Lydia-Renee Anderson
I wanna see people vape essential oils with a normal vape or vape pen to see the difference, I’d love to see some studies on this too
Haley Stevenson
'Haley Stevenson' 1 month ago
Can I smoke It if I have asthma.
mew mew
'mew mew' 1 month ago
You literally ripped off ihascupquake and your fucking doing this all in one day your not supposed to vape 7 essential oil pens in one day no wonder your fucking light headed
mew mew
'mew mew' 1 month ago
This is literally ripping off ihascupquake
Ruf Rubi gaming
'Ruf Rubi gaming' 1 month ago
If they expecting something to happen they should have smoked weed
Sebastien Bek
'Sebastien Bek' 1 month ago
People smoke how can you smoke with a vaporizer
Aimee Mena
'Aimee Mena' 1 month ago
Didn't that girl who says what's soup everybody do this already?
Deez Nuts
'Deez Nuts' 1 month ago
They should make water vape. U know, vaping water vapor
Kactus Girl
'Kactus Girl' 1 month ago
omg they are dragons
KimV Rin
'KimV Rin' 1 month ago
I smoke my inhalor. And I accidentally overdosed earlier 0-0
Guthrie Fullagar
'Guthrie Fullagar' 1 month ago
I didn't choose vape life, vape life chose me
Thebostonterrier Official
Why are you making people do this do they what to die
Super dom 02
'Super dom 02' 1 month ago
Can kids use them
Jimmyjohns Official
'Jimmyjohns Official' 1 month ago
Placebo effect irl
Pascale Mclaren
'Pascale Mclaren' 2 months ago
I'd love to work with buzzfeed
Asmr E. Jorden Brooks
You guys used it wrong you are supposed to "vape" through your nose rather then mouth 2 to 3 puffs a week or two days at maximum is all you need
Falcon 4100
'Falcon 4100' 2 months ago
I've had the happy one and it doesn't really work 😂
Kawaii BabyMelon
'Kawaii BabyMelon' 2 months ago
2:55 i know what he is talking about lmaoo
Frazier Grandel
'Frazier Grandel' 2 months ago
Just throwing it out there, this aroma therapy method negates itself. If you heat essential oils up it looses any health benefit it may have had.
Lil Pump
'Lil Pump' 2 months ago
If you want to be relaxed then smoke weed
Chimchim Stolemyjams
'Chimchim Stolemyjams' 2 months ago
....😄😅 yeah you vape I know that😑
'agnar150' 2 months ago
The Asian girl is so fucking hot.
heartmadeof diamond
'heartmadeof diamond' 2 months ago
so this is something you smoke but just has smells in it nothing to harm you like vaping or smoking
Clorox Bleach
I’m trying to get my parents to buy me this, but their like, “It’s a vape!” And I’m like, “ITS NOT A VAPE!”
elisabeth A.
'elisabeth A.' 2 months ago
i lowkey wanna try this
young guoobe
'young guoobe' 2 months ago
Virgin 4life!420
'Virgin 4life!420' 2 months ago
So are these like the same thing like vaping or what is it healthy???!!
Emily Sherman
'Emily Sherman' 2 months ago
I would never smoke
cherry cola
'cherry cola' 2 months ago
Dude this is lit 😂
Callme Daddy
'Callme Daddy' 2 months ago
gay. get a real vape lmao
Random Blogs and games
My sister vapes but the liquid has no nicotine
Brooke Watson
'Brooke Watson' 2 months ago
We get it you vape
Septembers Very Own
'Septembers Very Own' 2 months ago
Just smoke weed dawg
'FoxLyfe' 2 months ago
Bruh if you wanna make smoke come out of the mouth learn how to make it come out of your mouth without a cig
Sloane Miller
'Sloane Miller' 2 months ago
Is that bad for you
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