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People Smoke Essential Oil Vapes -
Published: 6 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 6 months ago

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We get it, you vape.

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Smoke and fog


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Spencer Pootis
'Spencer Pootis' 6 hours ago
This was uploaded on my birthday!
Toby Ford
'Toby Ford' 16 hours ago
That one guy with the dyed hair looks like a single mom
Prem Ananda
'Prem Ananda' 1 week ago
shouldn't be inhaling it? throw it away...
Devin Trevor
'Devin Trevor' 2 weeks ago
The only thing more annoying than vaping, spinning or rompers is people who can't think of a better joke than "ha you #vapelyfe f*g" Good one, man, sure got me. Name one thing that's actually annoying about any of those things other than you just not liking them.
Ariel Lee
'Ariel Lee' 2 weeks ago
We have those in Korea but they're like vitamin infused
Angel Tingle
'Angel Tingle' 2 weeks ago
where can I get these?
Meeerx 19
'Meeerx 19' 2 weeks ago
Is it good for ur lungs like I know it's cool and what so ever but is it safe for our respiratory system
'raziel1687' 2 weeks ago
yeah I tried these MONQs but I agree, I feel they didn't really do much for me. and the smell didn't last long enough to create any sensation.
'raziel1687' 2 weeks ago
a cat butthole gem 😂😂😂
Andrew Folwaczny
'Andrew Folwaczny' 3 weeks ago
they all say they cant feel it because they're using it wrong... ffs
'lonely_wolf_therian' 3 weeks ago
where do u get these?
Ben Dover
'Ben Dover' 3 weeks ago
Is it healthy atleast
I don
'I don't Know' 3 weeks ago
To people who used it, does it become addictive and make it a psychological solution for your anxiety?
Peyton C
'Peyton C' 3 weeks ago
There will be smoke in your lungs NOOOO
Murdo Anton
'Murdo Anton' 3 weeks ago
Your not supposed to do it constantly and you exhale through the nose
Micah Moss
'Micah Moss' 3 weeks ago
the red one that she was doing is made to ermm....*get you in the mood* also ur only supposed to do 1-2 puffs in 1 hour not constantly
'AX DONE GAMES' 3 weeks ago
Lyssa Maira
'Lyssa Maira' 3 weeks ago
am i the only one that look at he that a lil bit just like oli sykes from bmth??
Skookum Bitingfish
'Skookum Bitingfish' 3 weeks ago
Emily D
'Emily D' 3 weeks ago
Alicia Harper
'Alicia Harper' 3 weeks ago
do you have to be sertent age to smoke one?
Carmen Mickelson
'Carmen Mickelson' 3 weeks ago
that actually looks really cool like its good for you? it doesn't have anything like nicotine or anything to make you high? it just basically a candle that you breath? it looks fun tbh
Rea Is Annoying
'Rea Is Annoying' 3 weeks ago
Why are people so mean to people that vape? My grandma and grandpa where smokers and my grandpa died of lung cancer and my grandma went from smoking cigarettes to vaping to nothing
Cursed wings
'Cursed wings' 3 weeks ago
no offence...the asian girl was so cringe
ThorPanda 21
'ThorPanda 21' 3 weeks ago
Does it have nicotine
'Lizelly' 3 weeks ago
Those aren't vapes but k
Bennet The Rat
'Bennet The Rat' 3 weeks ago
do they have thc tho
Destiny Hughes
'Destiny Hughes' 3 weeks ago
Some of these people are experienced
Luke Samuel
'Luke Samuel' 3 weeks ago
I'm only here for the cute blonde Asian girl
SG Cosby
'SG Cosby' 3 weeks ago
you can't smoke a vape, you gotta vape a vape #inspo
Lizzie Klein
'Lizzie Klein' 3 weeks ago
So it's basically cancer
nikki johnson
'nikki johnson' 3 weeks ago
I can see hour a lavender one would help with anxiety and sleep
Austin Show
'Austin Show' 3 weeks ago
1:05 when u go to church and u don't want to say weed bc it's a sin but then again ur smoking
Austin Show
'Austin Show' 3 weeks ago
The thumb nail looks like someone is smoking a talki
Joy Kaiza828
'Joy Kaiza828' 3 weeks ago
only smokers will be effected.I'm sure it'll deffs work for me.Ex smoker,Soon to be Ex vaper & not yet but going to be a current monq hahaha
Sapphire Reed
'Sapphire Reed' 3 weeks ago
They are not vapes but diffusers for aroma therapy. The company does not call them vapes. Do not be mistaken!
Christina Grace
'Christina Grace' 3 weeks ago
I personally love those
Ninja Knight
'Ninja Knight' 4 weeks ago
YB is 😍😍😍
Alexa Victoria
'Alexa Victoria' 4 weeks ago
wait I don't get it how is it fake I'm honestly so confused someone explain
Jenna Raggio
'Jenna Raggio' 4 weeks ago
odmaodmadot odma
'odmaodmadot odma' 4 weeks ago
You're only supposed to do jt 2 times a day
X-fire TV
'X-fire TV' 4 weeks ago
maybe because they dont inhale, that why they dont feel something!
Mariel Aguilera
'Mariel Aguilera' 4 weeks ago
my friend always says "lets get crunk ya hoes"
Itz Franki
'Itz Franki' 1 month ago
Will this damage your lungs?
Jordan Patterson
'Jordan Patterson' 1 month ago
that red 1 looks like a take
Angel Le (995AngLe)
'Angel Le (995AngLe)' 1 month ago
Can kids do this?
SSRI 2014
'SSRI 2014' 1 month ago
they didn't inhaled it wtf
Raunisha Banks
'Raunisha Banks' 1 month ago
I'd post it on sc 2 see how my bsf reacts since one time she thought I smoked weed one time N said she couldn't be friends with me
Aidan Gault
'Aidan Gault' 1 month ago
your doing it wrong, you are supost to exhale through your nose
Abby Atkinson
'Abby Atkinson' 1 month ago
Is that form bad for you?
Kashieca Christy Esta
I feel bad for the asian girl because she looks charming she should stop smoking😅😅😅
Dominic Statkus
'Dominic Statkus' 1 month ago
You know the black girl smokes loud
Chelsie Apple
'Chelsie Apple' 1 month ago
Practically all of them exhaled through their mouths when you're supposed to exhale through your nose and then claimed it didn't work? I've never actually tried so have no clue if it does work but at least do it right before forming an opinion -_-
Sponge Bob Square Pants
Question: Is it bad for your health or the earth?
'bragygab' 1 month ago
"Oh yeah I can definitely feel the *looks at pen* lavender" Ahahahahaha
Crippling Depression
We get it, you vape
Ameya Jayarajan
'Ameya Jayarajan' 1 month ago
They were doing it wrong that's why
Rayven Velez
'Rayven Velez' 1 month ago
"Do you even vape?"
Kayleb Moore
'Kayleb Moore' 1 month ago
Vape life... more like faglife
Meli Missy CX
'Meli Missy CX' 1 month ago
Krist soup?
Lexi Covers
'Lexi Covers' 1 month ago
im actually very curious, since it's essential oils is it for people under 18 as well? i'm very curious
Alina Rivera
'Alina Rivera' 1 month ago
Can children smoke that?
Robyn Patterson
'Robyn Patterson' 1 month ago
got one of these and used it all up in two days.. oops?
Sam Ham
'Sam Ham' 1 month ago
they got finessed by a hookah pen 😭
'xxGeneric' 1 month ago
2:09 does it say pot on the wall?
Thatkid _
'Thatkid _' 1 month ago
Or you can just smoke weed.... 🤦🏼‍♂️
gabriella rivera
'gabriella rivera' 1 month ago
you have to breath it out of your nose dumbasses
'slime_.mania' 1 month ago
vape nation y'all
Chaela Bug
'Chaela Bug' 1 month ago
does vape like effect u at all??????
Alyssa Homecroft
'Alyssa Homecroft' 1 month ago
the whole essential oil thing is annoying
Mochi ChimChim
'Mochi ChimChim' 1 month ago
Is that bad for the lungs or just like any other vapes
sudarat aiemthuay
'sudarat aiemthuay' 1 month ago
Get dam fidget spinner
Steel Cucumber
'Steel Cucumber' 1 month ago
That blonde chick had me in stitches. I demand more of her!
'Kush' 1 month ago
NO One Likes Soggy Nachos
just saying if there's any real oil in that there lungs are gonna be fucked
Brigitte Marie
'Brigitte Marie' 1 month ago
I have a few of these, you are actually suppose to breathe in through your mouth and exhale through your nose. They work great for me, I think you guys just did not finish reading the directions.
isadora v
'isadora v' 1 month ago
we get it, you vape
Lily Whipp
'Lily Whipp' 1 month ago
This is more of a vape what is used to stop smoking not if your not a smoker and use it just because other people are doing it
Alexa Swiatkowski
'Alexa Swiatkowski' 1 month ago
lmao I want some of these
Bronte Lee
'Bronte Lee' 1 month ago
Um are these bad for you ?
Giovanna Beatriz
'Giovanna Beatriz' 1 month ago
Essential Oils really are effective, but some components of the plant's chemicals are very volatile, you have to use the oil right away after dripping it anywhere, so it doesn't make any sense how all the active components would "survive" all the making process.. I think it's more about essence, not essential oil.
Anna love Yay
'Anna love Yay' 1 month ago
Who holds there breath when you walk around smokers
'nxegel' 1 month ago
bet they arent inhaling
'selena' 1 month ago
These people really think that smoking out of a vape device is healthy???? Sad.
'Urmumlad' 1 month ago
It's called the placido effect...
Georgia Paterson
'Georgia Paterson' 1 month ago
I won't them
Savannah Melissa
'Savannah Melissa' 1 month ago
What is dangerous about vape?
'Tawesome' 1 month ago
I have this ur supposed to breath it in and hold it for 2-3 seconds then blow it out the nose....and ur also only supposed to do it 2 to 3 times a day
Mara Friedman
'Mara Friedman' 1 month ago
Is it like actually smoking though like is this bad for you?
crystal Diamond
'crystal Diamond' 1 month ago
it's a placebo people..
Melon and Love
'Melon and Love' 1 month ago
How much are these?
'FLEN' 1 month ago
Where do u get these and what age do you have to be to get one and use one
send food not nudes
'send food not nudes' 1 month ago
Lexi K
'Lexi K' 1 month ago
I use these and the zen and sleepy ones are nice before bed
Lying is the most fun a black parade can have
omg look at the guys in the background at 1:44
Rebecca Carattini
'Rebecca Carattini' 1 month ago
How do you smoke something and not inhale it. I've never understood that and never have been able to do that
Snek Plop
'Snek Plop' 1 month ago
just smoke weed
Jared Cunha
'Jared Cunha' 2 months ago
Dude weed is better do a weed vid
Karkat Vantas
'Karkat Vantas' 2 months ago
the boy with silver hair has the prettiest eyes and is super fucking hot. omg im dying
Yeet Yeet
'Yeet Yeet' 2 months ago
Question: Do these contain nicotine?
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