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People Smoke Essential Oil Vapes -
Published: 8 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 8 months ago

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We get it, you vape.

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Cayla Balderas
'Cayla Balderas' 2 hours ago
There are different ones for different moods and all of them were expecting to feel relaxed. Plus you're only suppose to use it 2-3 a day
Rebecca Yeet
'Rebecca Yeet' 5 hours ago
its not a vape its a personal portable diffuser and your supposed to breathe it into your mouth ant then out from your nose after a couple seconds
Ryan Merkel
'Ryan Merkel' 2 days ago
your supposed to exhale it out of your nose....i've been using it for a month and i feel like it has really helped with my anxiety. i dont want to choke out customers across the counter anymore. aha. so if you use it RIGHT, it works.
muriq healers
'muriq healers' 4 days ago
Is its good for childs
Ave AintHere
'Ave AintHere' 7 days ago
I'd buy it to look more edgy
Keigan Tower
'Keigan Tower' 7 days ago
You are supposed to blow it out of your nose so the oils get trapped in your olfactory system...smh
'Shaunice' 1 week ago
Monqs calm my anxiety so well so I recommend this, and when I do it with my friends they they think it's weed, like no that's for my alone time
Neil Surendranath
'Neil Surendranath' 1 week ago
They are acting like it's drugs smfh
Neil Surendranath
'Neil Surendranath' 1 week ago
CrazI Simmer
'CrazI Simmer' 2 weeks ago
They all did it wrong, that's why it didn't work. You are supposed to breathe out your nose, not your mouth. It's a smell thing, not taste or anything.
Clerence Manansala
'Clerence Manansala' 2 weeks ago
I think theres a drugs in there .-.
Kerry Clifford
'Kerry Clifford' 2 weeks ago
Does anyone know if these pens are harmful??? Just curious...
Itz Lou
'Itz Lou' 2 weeks ago
Name of girl at 1:46 with glasses?
'CadyQuacks' 2 weeks ago
How should I convince my mom to get me is? ://////////
Haven Valentine
'Haven Valentine' 2 weeks ago
Ok ok you should only be taking 2-3 hits of it PER DAY and you DON'T INHALE IT and you breath it back out THROUGH YOUR NOSE none of them are doing it correctly
Cole Radcliff
'Cole Radcliff' 2 weeks ago
It's not a vape... just saying
Zgirl ALs
'Zgirl ALs' 3 weeks ago
My favorite thing Is people saying they can just smoke weed because it's legal but they don't realize it has negative consequences
•Anime Kitten•
'•Anime Kitten•' 3 weeks ago
Lol they're not even using it right... half of them aren't blowing it thro their nose when exhaling.. you're suppose to take small breaths, use it only 2-3 times a day and let it settle for a few mins before using it *again*. Smh these people don't even know what they're doing..
David Mastro
'David Mastro' 3 weeks ago
y’all doing it wrong you’re supposed to inhale through the mouth & out your nose at all times to get the full effect
Katsudon Fujoshi
'Katsudon Fujoshi' 3 weeks ago
Keine Pinghits
'Keine Pinghits' 3 weeks ago
I feel like a French inhale would be nice with this
Marissa Falcone
'Marissa Falcone' 3 weeks ago
I guess they didn't read the directions that clearly say not to inhale, or use it more than 2 times a day.
Cocoa Puffs
'Cocoa Puffs' 3 weeks ago
'Smoke' Smh man buzzfeed went downhill
Weeaboo Animu
'Weeaboo Animu' 3 weeks ago
You have to breathe it out of your nose not mouth lol
Yumi 2412
'Yumi 2412' 3 weeks ago
Tbh, the only time where I will recommended vaping is when you're a heavy smoker that wants to quit smoking or when you have anxiety or other mental illness and vaping calms you down. I mean, if vaping helps to reduce your smoking significantly, then just do it. But if you're someone who never smoke before, then don't even start vaping. Vaping is less harmful than smoking, but I hate it if someone vape just because they think it's cool.
'Jordynmae15' 3 weeks ago
You guys did it wrong. You're not exactly suppose to inhale it.
Makaylah Sakari
'Makaylah Sakari' 3 weeks ago
They aren't doing it right 😂
Helena Tran
'Helena Tran' 3 weeks ago
Shouldn't they a: hold it in their mouths for a few seconds, b: exhale through their nose and, c: only do it 2-3 times a day? Sorry if they did actually do that but sometimes it didn't look like that.
'heatherj985' 3 weeks ago
I don't use it btw
'heatherj985' 3 weeks ago
#vapelife lol
Internet Geek
'Internet Geek' 3 weeks ago
I feel like this could encourage actual vaping
He Man
'He Man' 3 weeks ago
y'all were found it wrong y'all were. Supposed to inhale through mouth, but not into lungs, then exhale through your nose. Thats why you all got dizzy
Flower Child
'Flower Child' 3 weeks ago
you were supposed to breathe it out you4 nose
Princess Jibrel
'Princess Jibrel' 3 weeks ago
TBH I'd only get that to feel cool and calm in front of my friends when they actually use a real vape pen!!
'DollXx' 3 weeks ago
They are essential oil defusers lol so they aren't vaping
'Janet's Diy' 3 weeks ago
They were doing it wrong
'ApexDragon' 4 weeks ago
you're supposed to blow it through your nose and only do it 2-3 times a day
Momoin Yuri studies
'Momoin Yuri studies' 4 weeks ago
They are doing it wrong you should do it only two to three times a day and you should exhale from your nose not mouth because it will damage your lungs
'MiSO SOUP HERE' 4 weeks ago
and you're only supposed to do it a few times a day.
'MiSO SOUP HERE' 4 weeks ago
the gem lights up when you inhale the vape
Jayden Perez
'Jayden Perez' 4 weeks ago
They're all doing it wrong thats why it doesnt work because it clearly says on the website you're only supposed to have 2-3 small breathes per day and you're supposed to exhale through the nose and not the mouth
Yukina The Cat Lover
You're suppose to smoke out the vape from your nose, not your mouth. Edit: I think the different Vape Pens are used for how you want your mood to feel, ex: Sleepy Vape Pen is used to be relaxed.
Rainbow Squid
'Rainbow Squid' 4 weeks ago
I guess you can tell that they didn't read the instructions, which say to use it 2-3 times a day. Not all day...
The Socialy Awkward Shelby
Your supposed to do it only 2-3 times a day 😂
'GreenHedge' 4 weeks ago
yooooooooooooo, who's the girl on the right at 1:44, she hot af
Grace Smith
'Grace Smith' 4 weeks ago
so i do agree that it doesn't work completely, but most of the time, they weren't "vaping" it correctly. they were supposed to breath out through the nose. that's the way to get full effect. don't believe me, read the instructions.
camo _cowgirl
'camo _cowgirl' 4 weeks ago
Omfg!! They were doing it wrong! You inhale through your mouth and exhale out your nose. God people fucking dumbasses!
Michelle Malagon
'Michelle Malagon' 4 weeks ago
You're only allowed to use it 2-3 days
Elia Awesome
'Elia Awesome' 4 weeks ago
They are doing it wrong... Ihascupquake did it... And she research on how to do it... Only 2-3 time a day. And exhale from nose
'Unicorns' Do smile' 4 weeks ago
I want them
Zoe Chappell
'Zoe Chappell' 1 month ago
Another youtuber made a video on these, and she said that when she researched them she found out that you are suppose tot take 2-3 short breathes and exhale through your nose, and you're suppose to do it about 2-3 times a day. Haven't researched much yet, so I don't know if this is 100% true or not
Jennifer Lynn
'Jennifer Lynn' 1 month ago
They aren't supposed to blow it out by the mouths you are supposed to blow it out through your nose and you also aren't supposed to inhale it.
'Lemonberry' 1 month ago
Well for one thing they are supposed to be taking small breaths and breathing out through their nose, and only supposed to do it three times a day at maximum
'SophiaSantos271' 1 month ago
There using it wrong.Its only for use two to three times a day and your supposed to exhale it through our nose not your mouth
jasmin ilani
'jasmin ilani' 1 month ago
so now ur stealing content from your old employees ?? lmaoo
'valentina' 1 month ago
I have happy and active monqs and I can say the active one really works but the happy one doesn't. Idk what I'm supposed to get out of the happy one...maybe I have to be in a better mood when taking it to increase my happiness?? Idk. But the active one helps me with motivation for running as well as just energy. I take it in the morning to avoid feeling groggy and annoyed from having little energy. I know monqs work differently because we are all different... but seeing the way they "smoke" convinces me that they didn't read the instructions very well. That, or they just don't know how to comprehend the reading lol. It's not gonna have an effect on a person if that person is just breathing in and then letting all the smoke come out like an actual vape pen.
Katherine Savchenko
'Katherine Savchenko' 1 month ago
Mlg Cat17
'Mlg Cat17' 1 month ago
Cori Elizabeth
'Cori Elizabeth' 1 month ago
Didn't candace do a video exactly like this??
Jaime Castro
'Jaime Castro' 1 month ago
Or you could just eat a pound of cocaine
Jan Smith
'Jan Smith' 1 month ago
smoking oil... that's not why God gave us lungs. Well, I don't judge do whatever you have to do.
Chogiwa Hey
'Chogiwa Hey' 1 month ago
Is This Legal in Singapore?
Kye Perish
'Kye Perish' 1 month ago
You can tell from the beginning of the video they have a bad view on the vape community :/ I hope no one gets the wrong idea from this video. Vaping helps so many people, I just wish someone on the channel would educate them before they tried it. For instance smoke is different from vapor
Tiffany Rice
'Tiffany Rice' 1 month ago
Is this bad for you?
Samantha Ratliff
'Samantha Ratliff' 1 month ago
they copied Candace Lowry
'EpixDevo' 1 month ago
They ain't no smokers dope smokers enjoy the smokes
'EpixDevo' 1 month ago
healthy hooka
Jasmine Danielle
'Jasmine Danielle' 1 month ago
Really wanted these to work, kinda disappointed 😕
Astrid Toftegaard
'Astrid Toftegaard' 2 months ago
they're not even doing it correctly. you aren't supposed to exhale, you're supposed to blow it out of your nose.
'jisrbit' 2 months ago
These aren't vapes lmao they don't have tobacco, nicotine or chemicals it's just fueled by natural oils Basically, there's no real risk to taking these and you don't have to be a certain age to use it (of course you have to be over 18 to order it, otherwise just ask a parent). These aren't really supposed to taste like anything, the scent alone should give you at least a few seconds of relaxation or whatever the mood blend is that you're using.
David Martillo
'David Martillo' 2 months ago
how much eucalyptus(dry herb) can you vape without OD?
Molly Katherine
'Molly Katherine' 2 months ago
It's not vaping, it's literally just essential oil, and you're not even supposed to inhale it.
'Buzz' 2 months ago
looks like a kazoo
'Simplyken' 2 months ago
Spencer Pootis
'Spencer Pootis' 2 months ago
This was uploaded on my birthday!
'lGod' 2 months ago
That one guy with the dyed hair looks like a single mom
Prem Ananda
'Prem Ananda' 2 months ago
shouldn't be inhaling it? throw it away...
Devin Trevor
'Devin Trevor' 2 months ago
The only thing more annoying than vaping, spinning or rompers is people who can't think of a better joke than "ha you #vapelyfe f*g" Good one, man, sure got me. Name one thing that's actually annoying about any of those things other than you just not liking them.
Ariel Lee
'Ariel Lee' 2 months ago
We have those in Korea but they're like vitamin infused
Angel Tingle
'Angel Tingle' 2 months ago
where can I get these?
Meeerx 19
'Meeerx 19' 2 months ago
Is it good for ur lungs like I know it's cool and what so ever but is it safe for our respiratory system
'raziel1687' 2 months ago
yeah I tried these MONQs but I agree, I feel they didn't really do much for me. and the smell didn't last long enough to create any sensation.
'raziel1687' 2 months ago
a cat butthole gem 😂😂😂
Andrew Folwaczny
'Andrew Folwaczny' 2 months ago
they all say they cant feel it because they're using it wrong... ffs
milo *-*
'milo *-*' 2 months ago
where do u get these?
Ben Dover
'Ben Dover' 2 months ago
Is it healthy atleast
I don
'I don't Know' 2 months ago
To people who used it, does it become addictive and make it a psychological solution for your anxiety?
Peyton C
'Peyton C' 2 months ago
There will be smoke in your lungs NOOOO
Murdo Anton
'Murdo Anton' 2 months ago
Your not supposed to do it constantly and you exhale through the nose
Micah Moss
'Micah Moss' 2 months ago
the red one that she was doing is made to ermm....*get you in the mood* also ur only supposed to do 1-2 puffs in 1 hour not constantly
'AX DONE GAMES' 2 months ago
Lyssa Maira
'Lyssa Maira' 2 months ago
am i the only one that look at he that a lil bit just like oli sykes from bmth??
Skookum Bitingfish
'Skookum Bitingfish' 2 months ago
Emily D
'Emily D' 2 months ago
Alicia Harper
'Alicia Harper' 2 months ago
do you have to be sertent age to smoke one?
Carmen Mickelson
'Carmen Mickelson' 2 months ago
that actually looks really cool like its good for you? it doesn't have anything like nicotine or anything to make you high? it just basically a candle that you breath? it looks fun tbh
Rea Is Annoying
'Rea Is Annoying' 2 months ago
Why are people so mean to people that vape? My grandma and grandpa where smokers and my grandpa died of lung cancer and my grandma went from smoking cigarettes to vaping to nothing
Cursed wings
'Cursed wings' 2 months ago
no offence...the asian girl was so cringe
ThorPanda 21
'ThorPanda 21' 2 months ago
Does it have nicotine
'Lizelly' 2 months ago
Those aren't vapes but k
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