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What Is Your Body Trying To Tell You? -
Published: 6 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 6 months ago

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Nothing worse than cottage cheese tongue.

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Sanny Cat
'Sanny Cat' 2 weeks ago
Oh. I have twitchy eyes ish. It's hard to tell when looking for those signs. Even close up. So idk but I can sort of feel it when I close my eyes. My eyes sort of twitch in their sockets or something. Or my eyelids spasm slightly
Jessie and Giuli
'Jessie and Giuli' 1 month ago
I have too much vitamin a
EAC | Geography |
'EAC | Geography |' 2 months ago
Lol my skin i can barely pull it
anxious fruit
'anxious fruit' 2 months ago
what about when the whites of your eyes redden at random times
'OreoKatt' 2 months ago
My body is telling me that I am dehydrated AF
the gymnast giselle
'the gymnast giselle' 3 months ago
i only have twiching eyes
Lord Voldemort
'Lord Voldemort' 3 months ago
My body is telling me I need a nose
Max_ Snow
'Max_ Snow' 3 months ago
Reasons my eyes twitch- lack of sleep Reasons for lack of sleep- watching YouTube
'Mizuki' 3 months ago
0:51 oops, that's my life..
khadija rizwan
'khadija rizwan' 4 months ago
that I'm too stressed and don't drink water yeah buzzfeed I know anything new I.dont think so
'feelsbadman' 4 months ago
0:28 you never need to use sunblock if you never see the sun... *insert rollsafe meme* ;-;
That_boi_Nathan !
'That_boi_Nathan !' 4 months ago
How did he pull his skin
alia sofia
'alia sofia' 4 months ago
omgg I felt so auncomfartable when the skin on the arm was being pulled....
'Mlord' 5 months ago
Currently it's telling me to stop watching buzzfeed and go to bed.
'NevidljivoPismo' 5 months ago
My body is trying to tell me to please go to sleep lol
Ava Marie
'Ava Marie' 5 months ago
my eyes twitch lol
Cassie Jackson
'Cassie Jackson' 5 months ago
Thanks, WebMD.
Bitch Im Fabulous OWWW
I drink to much coffee im depressed, and im dehydrated
Rozie Tahalov
'Rozie Tahalov' 5 months ago
most of these happened to me 😒
Mirko Meschis
'Mirko Meschis' 5 months ago
What is the name of the black girl? What is your Facebook or Instagram?
Cesley Shockley
'Cesley Shockley' 5 months ago
okay how does he grab the skin on his arm like that?
World Wrestling Videos
1:14 I'm cringing so hard
'HeyItsPaco' 5 months ago
hmmm I think that these slits on my wrists are telling me to FUCKING KILL MYSELF ALREADY
SMART Consulting Group
\ OldSchoolFreak /
'\ OldSchoolFreak /' 5 months ago
my eyes twitching for the longest it's so annoying. guess i have to sleep more :p
Phan Trash
'Phan Trash' 5 months ago
Are your eye twitching *eyes twitch* May be over drinking coffee *eye twitch* And stress and lack of sleep *eye twitch* Pretty much sums up my life because sKOOL IS STRESSFUL
Berhan Meku
'Berhan Meku' 5 months ago
there was this time my eye was twitching for nearly a week straight?? but i had a lot of sleep and i was generally stress-free at that time. also i don't even drink coffee so i just had to walk around looking wild until it went away loll
Kennedy Mitchell
'Kennedy Mitchell' 6 months ago
my body tells me to be healthy forever
'pot8osauc3' 6 months ago
WebMd: The movie
'Sthinx' 6 months ago
I have genetic dark circles lol
Butter and Popcorn
'Butter and Popcorn' 6 months ago
My body is trying to tell me to stop eating junk food My heart ignores that
i got thirsty when it mentioned dehydration
Janelle Ivery
'Janelle Ivery' 6 months ago
Well I need vitamin B12, I have a yeast infection, and I need more iron. I'm just gonna jump off a building
'Karvin' 6 months ago
My dad has twitchy eyes but it's from ptsd
Nat Qi
'Nat Qi' 6 months ago
That i need to drink some fucking water
Jurden Burden
'Jurden Burden' 6 months ago
Mines telling me "stop watching buzzfeed you fatass"
Amy Smith
'Amy Smith' 6 months ago
what is my body telling me : get a new stomach because ur migraines r getting the better of u and ur IBS is playing up AND u have been sick since september 😑
Rada Flower
'Rada Flower' 6 months ago
I was gonna say I bruise because I have ALOT of bruises but I just had multiple boxing matches this week
'Kittyslash' 6 months ago
My body is telling me I ate oatmeal a few mins ago
Madara Bogdānova
'Madara Bogdānova' 6 months ago
more sleep iron and vitamin b12
The Adanator
'The Adanator' 6 months ago
I lack sleep and have stress from life.
Gizmo Girls
'Gizmo Girls' 6 months ago
My chapped lips run on my dad's side of the family.
Gizmo Girls
'Gizmo Girls' 6 months ago
My chapped lips run on my dad's side of the family
the bsyr
'the bsyr' 6 months ago
'xXJevicXx' 6 months ago
my whole body twitches its been goin on for a long time
'Wrixx' 6 months ago
Oh so now I ahave a disease cus I dont have hair on my feet??
Ella Murray
'Ella Murray' 6 months ago
My body is trying to tell me to get a life
Oops i forgot to give a flying FLUCK!!
I don't know why but i can't handle seeing people touch close to their wrist veins i am so weak for veins i'm so weird
Mia Sneaks
'Mia Sneaks' 6 months ago
My eyes always twitch
Crystallized Heart
'Crystallized Heart' 6 months ago
just the eye bags
'angelmushahf' 6 months ago
I hope they do another one like this with new information
Ned Schneider
'Ned Schneider' 6 months ago
Oh wow the outro! Does anyone know what song is it ?? Please telll me
miu fujii
'miu fujii' 6 months ago
do you bruise easily? Yeah, bc it happens to be a package deal coming with being a skinny person.
'Monae' 6 months ago
My skin is always dry, I have eczema lol. It's impossible to know if I'm really dehydrated
sarah b
'sarah b' 6 months ago
I have chapped lips sometimes AND MY EYES ALWAYS TWITCH
'y'all like mcr?' 6 months ago
well, that settles it. i need more iron
Blue Pineapples
'Blue Pineapples' 6 months ago
Yeah I have oral thrush apparently 💀
cutiecuk Blox
'cutiecuk Blox' 6 months ago
My body is telling my that I have something is wrong with my toes
Mackenzie Zeigler
'Mackenzie Zeigler' 6 months ago
my body tells me that im fat
Patricia Baldwin
'Patricia Baldwin' 6 months ago
Wow I almost have all of these things ;-;
UnicornGirl 13
'UnicornGirl 13' 6 months ago
My body's trying to tell me that I need a boyfriend
Eren Jaeger
'Eren Jaeger' 6 months ago
I've never had hair on my toes and my feet are mostly always cold lmao. Maybe it really is circulation.
'HayleyRawls21' 6 months ago
Ack I have oral thrush! I get white spots in my tunge like every week
Sean E
'Sean E' 6 months ago
If your tounge is like cottage cheese you should be worried
Jaelan S
'Jaelan S' 6 months ago
Does anyone else's eyes hurt after watching youtube too much??
Jaelan S
'Jaelan S' 6 months ago
__Crazy Me__
'__Crazy Me__' 6 months ago
🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨 Merry Christmas everyone! 🎁🎄
sarcastic me!
'sarcastic me!' 6 months ago
my body is tryna tell me to go and sleep tight
Gloria Sheen
'Gloria Sheen' 6 months ago
what about heavy heartbeats
stefani turley
'stefani turley' 6 months ago
S 123
'S 123' 6 months ago
How ??? I don't have any of these things
joyce lea cañares
'joyce lea cañares' 6 months ago
There was a time where bruises were popping out here and there without me having to know what caused it because I don't remember bumping into things. It wasnt because I was exposed too much from the sun. I don't even go out that much (and I actually need to get vitamin D from the sun because of my skin condition lol but I hate the sun XD). It was actually because of the medication that I was applying for my psoriasis LOL.
'no_sushi4you' 6 months ago
My body is yelling at me to get more b12 in my life. (Blood work showed my levels are half of what it should be. :x )
Kn1ght shadez
'Kn1ght shadez' 6 months ago
My body tells me go get that girl my brain says don't look don't do anything thing your worthless
Rose Walker
'Rose Walker' 6 months ago
Guess my bodyhas been telling me I have either been dehydrated or have too much vitamin A.
'StormJohn' 6 months ago
you have aids
Lil Rebel
'Lil Rebel' 6 months ago
My body is telling me that I'm sick
'rosebvrst' 6 months ago
When checking for dehydration, it's best to pull on the back of a finger joint where the skin is loose. It should take a little while to flatten there, but if it stays as a bump, you're dehydrated!
Sherline Celicour
'Sherline Celicour' 6 months ago
Y body is saying that I'm dehydrated
rose 799
'rose 799' 6 months ago
I always have chapped lips but I drink a bunch of water and they said you could be dehydrated of you pull your skin and it takes a long time to get back to normal, I did that it went back to normal easily!
Gianna Espinal
'Gianna Espinal' 6 months ago
I was cringing so hard when the skin was snapping blahhh
Mimi Kunene
'Mimi Kunene' 6 months ago
My body tells me I'm in perfect health.
Eugenecel Tonogbanua
'Eugenecel Tonogbanua' 6 months ago
My body is telling me to get laid.
'SkyfallWarrior' 6 months ago
truth betold
'truth betold' 6 months ago
all problems are related to the mental state. the human body is designed to heal itself. remember that
kenny beck
'kenny beck' 6 months ago
accutane all accutane
Kaylie Pham
'Kaylie Pham' 6 months ago
Ok so I tried to pull my wrist skin to see if I was "dehydrated" but i could get any skin, it hurt to try to pull it up
Hibah Romisa
'Hibah Romisa' 6 months ago
'Phillisonfire' 6 months ago
I have really really bad blood circulation In my hands
'midnightalfa' 6 months ago
you tried pulling your skin too didn't you? XD cuz i did
Alexandra Torres
'Alexandra Torres' 6 months ago
Okay so im dehydrated, lack of sleep, i need more iron. Thats It Lol
Jenna Brown
'Jenna Brown' 6 months ago
lol I drink too much coffee
Luka Novosel
'Luka Novosel' 6 months ago
My friend tried the skin one and it was 20 seconds for his skin to come to normal and then 1 day later he hydrated D:
Maria Cabrera
'Maria Cabrera' 6 months ago
My body is telling I'm thirsty😐
Ashleigh Hart
'Ashleigh Hart' 6 months ago
1:20 eeeeew OMG!
Sixten Forsberg
'Sixten Forsberg' 6 months ago
likely heart normal value sometimes nothing smoke able organ
Rachel Crane
'Rachel Crane' 6 months ago
When you bruise easily but never go outside -_-
'NicVicGames' 6 months ago
when it brought up the one about eye twitching I was getting worried and thinking omg in going to die aren't I, then it just said from lack of sleep. And I just realized it's almost 1 A.M I should probably go to bed
Willow Celestia
'Willow Celestia' 6 months ago
wtf?! i have chapped lips and I drink a lot so I guess I have too much vitamin A?! what kind of foods is vitamin A found in?
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