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Discovery Science Channel Documentary | Quantum Physics Quantum Theory Full HD -
Published: 3 years ago By: Lynsey J. Lemon

By: Lynsey J. LemonPublished: 3 years ago

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Discovery Science Channel Documentary | Quantum Physics Quantum Theory Full HD

Jeffery Richardson
'Jeffery Richardson' 3 months ago
So in this quantum teleportation could we just download and upload the information at will if so could there me more than one of us at the same time making life immortal
Leiff Lewis
'Leiff Lewis' 3 months ago
I'm confused as to how they did the experiment though. The explanation is very vague. What I'm imagining they could have done/should have done (this is assuming the experiment wasn't this specifically) was make 2 sets of entangled particles at exactly the same time, and then measure them all at exactly the same time. So let's say we have particles A & B and particles C & D If particles A and C are measured to be spinning clockwise on the same axis and vice versa for particles B and D that would mean that Einstein is correct. That the way the particles were made in the first place pre-determined everything. Another thing that could be done is if we could actually control the spin of one of the paired particles. Switch the spin intentionally and at that exact moment measure the other particle's spin. If they are always opposite (and I mean _always_ opposite) then it would suggest Quantum Mechanics is correct.
Dan Bchara
'Dan Bchara' 6 months ago
where is the rest of it?
Clay Gaming
'Clay Gaming' 8 months ago
Vishal UK
'Vishal UK' 8 months ago
that was pretty interesting and interpretive
'boowonder888' 12 months ago
Maybe when we wake up from sleeping our consciousness is going back into a digital simulation that can be described by math.  At this point, everything is possible.
Elena Komleva
'Elena Komleva' 1 year ago
I read that our brain IS a quantum computer of a kind, and a lot of everyday functions and estimations that our brain performs are only possible due to the quantum nature of how our brain works, that is also what gives rise to our consciousness i.e. a sense of self and awareness of being oneself. And this is why our modern machines and computers, though able to perform very complicated tasks and calculations, can never be said to have consciousness like our own, because they function in a non-quantum way of binary bits.
Somwang Karnbut
'Somwang Karnbut' 1 year ago
Vernon Lobb
'Vernon Lobb' 1 year ago
This is very informing and well articulated. Were it not for the idiotic electronic "music" it would be perfect. What is it with producers, that they must attach a nutty repetitive racket to every video? Is there some controlling overriding factor, like assuming it's what people want, or are they oblivious?
TheGreat Raymondo
'TheGreat Raymondo' 2 years ago
the pairing link is on the smallest scale only - the bits do not have to be joined together but rather spread about the universe (and bigger). the universe(and bigger) are always in balance so a change(at the smallest level only) is instantly counteracted by the change in the other partner of the pair.
'Flypurplecat' 2 years ago
I have run this several times and I still love it! "Spooky action at a distance" Using the Canary Islands! Friggin wonderful!
Lynsey J. Lemon
'Lynsey J. Lemon' 3 years ago
Discovery Science Channel Documentary | Quantum Physics Quantum Theory Full HD
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