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The Mysterious Disappearance Of The Sodder Children -
Published: 4 weeks ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 4 weeks ago

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What happened on the fateful night of 1945 to the Sodder children?

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1923 B/W WS Two-story house on fire / Berkeley, California, USA / Prelinger

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Clock with Arabic Numerals. 720 frames (frame for each minute). HD 1080. Loop. Isolated on White. / Silver555
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Nathalie Karouni

asd fgh
'asd fgh' 27 minutes ago
damn, george and jennie got busy. especially after marion.
Lauren Roling
'Lauren Roling' 2 hours ago
the commentary is stellar
kristina i.
'kristina i.' 3 hours ago
is he the guy from edge of 17 I can't tell
Hula Mamba
'Hula Mamba' 4 hours ago
I do not appreciate the laughter from the narrators. Extremely disrespectful since this was an actual occurence. Shame on you.
Runa Myrseth
'Runa Myrseth' 7 hours ago
Would be awesome if you talked about the death of Kurt Cobain!
silver shadow
'silver shadow' 8 hours ago
it was the pen pineapple pen guy since the bomb is called pineapple
Roseanna Campos
'Roseanna Campos' 8 hours ago
The time that I watch this was 1041
Emon Etnetu
'Emon Etnetu' 9 hours ago
Why would a guy that hates Mussolini leave Italy during that time?! Sooooo mysterious!
Bigbang VIP
'Bigbang VIP' 14 hours ago
Next Buzzfeed unsolved: The John Lawson House! PLEASE
Dishier Wand
'Dishier Wand' 14 hours ago
are these true stories?
kyle yamamoto
'kyle yamamoto' 16 hours ago
You should go investigate the supposed squatch territory in northern California. Its pretty interesting especially because the natives around tgr area of this territory and NEVER enter it
Penelope Davila
'Penelope Davila' 18 hours ago
am i the only one waiting on notifications, seriously feel like im addicted to buzzfeed unsolve.
StaciIsNotOnFire X
'StaciIsNotOnFire X' 23 hours ago
There's one question still unanswered. Did Shane's mind ever get blown?
'MadiAmelia' 23 hours ago
Please make the pictures less creepy God. I love these but the pictures freak me out
'MultiMel0' 23 hours ago
What about June and Jennifer Gibbons? Identical twins who only communicated with each other and decided that one had to die for the other to live normally. They still don't know if her death was murder, suicide, natural causes etc
'Bella' 23 hours ago
Do an unsolved on the people versus O.J. Simpson !!!
soph is spooky
'soph is spooky' 24 hours ago
Do a video on the Lemp Mansion is St Louis MO, there were 4 suicides that happened in the mansion by four of the Lemp family members. It's also said to be haunted.
George A.Lozano
'George A.Lozano' 1 day ago
3:54 It's the time of WW2... he probably wanted to leave bad memories or get away from the war.....
Julian Happyfish
'Julian Happyfish' 1 day ago
They were so obviously kidnapped literally all evidence points to it! Unlike many unsolved cases, there is no conflicting evidence!
Meg F
'Meg F' 1 day ago
can you guys cover the Memphis 3?
Lexie Hoy
'Lexie Hoy' 1 day ago
I live in West Virginia sooo uhm
housefly ma
'housefly ma' 1 day ago
Your next video betta be about jonbanne Ramsey holmes
Both the Stuff You Missed in History Class and Stuff You Should Know podcasts covered this as well! I would recommend giving them a listen if you want a bit more information.
Nat Sivan
'Nat Sivan' 1 day ago
Edgar Allan Poe's death, Jack the Ripper, the case of disembodied feet
glycine m
'glycine m' 1 day ago
Shane is so cute
'Alex U GOT IT' 1 day ago
this series and the cheap vs the expensive food are the best videos on buzzfeed
dank meemz
'dank meemz' 1 day ago
In parallel circuitry which is typically used in houses, wiring problems won't cause a circuit-wide failure.
Luke Pietz
'Luke Pietz' 1 day ago
These are my favorite buzzfeed videos. They're such a good match. The sceptic and the believer. It's like x-files, but the truth isn't out there.
wicky winardy
'wicky winardy' 1 day ago
mirna from indonesia
Kira Strikes
'Kira Strikes' 1 day ago
Mz Grizz
'Mz Grizz' 1 day ago
I like how you guys make a serious issue so funny lol xoxo new SUB 👌👌👌
neha bangera
'neha bangera' 1 day ago
Next Buzzfeed unsolved mystery : MH370
'Rin&Yuki' 1 day ago
bloody mary case and what happened? maybe?
'RPG007' 2 days ago
Pierce TV Gaming
'Pierce TV Gaming' 2 days ago
Never search " Granny norma " on google. Ps you will regret
Noor Al jeezani
'Noor Al jeezani' 2 days ago
yo what happened to brent
marley brennan
'marley brennan' 2 days ago
next buzzfeed unsolved should be why am i so ugly
'garywordman' 2 days ago
Found this by mistake (I was reading an article, they mentioned Elisa Lam, I googled her, your video on her came up, I watched it and then all of the others), glad I did. Thoroughly enjoyed all of them. As for a suggestion on what unsolved mystery I would like to see you guys take on, I have always been partial to the story of D.B. Cooper and would love to hear how your take on it. Keep up the good work.
autumn nace
'autumn nace' 2 days ago
Quinn Connors
'Quinn Connors' 2 days ago
i like the typed out commentary, it really puts at ease the goosebumps forming all over my body..
Jade Pinder
'Jade Pinder' 2 days ago
kenzi sigman
'kenzi sigman' 2 days ago
I live like 10 mins from there
Embrace the Darkness
You can always make kids XD
Kimochi Kactus
'Kimochi Kactus' 2 days ago
I love this series
Jasmine Martin
'Jasmine Martin' 2 days ago
Pix make more it's fun learning and listening to other ppl thoughts
Victoria Mayorga
'Victoria Mayorga' 2 days ago
love this show so much
cutie bird
'cutie bird' 2 days ago
What if there where tree kidnappers one of them died in the fire while bringing the kids outside that's wye the found bones and the other two drove away in the two cars with the kids I think the smoke is from the rubber that they found because if you set that on fire there comes smoke a great idea for letting them think it Was those wires idk maybe
'maybellinelover' 2 days ago
I think the only hope they have left is taking one of those tests and hoping they find relatives through that. If the five missing kids survived, had children, and those children took a test than you could perhaps match them to living relatives.
Hayley Louise
'Hayley Louise' 2 days ago
yooo do the JonBenet Ramsey story
Mouse-in Around
'Mouse-in Around' 2 days ago
WHY DO I WATCH THESE AT NIGHT??!!.......YEAH I'm a wimp ik
SirXyo Does Gaming
Next on Buzzfeed Unsolved: my love
Rugile Rimkute
'Rugile Rimkute' 2 days ago
kelly stevens
'kelly stevens' 2 days ago
How do you kidnap 5 young children if your a stranger to them? I believe they were kidnapped but it would have to be from someone the kids knew if they didn't make any noise
Bianca Harris
'Bianca Harris' 3 days ago
I really shouldn't watch this stuff at night
Jenna Bakos
'Jenna Bakos' 3 days ago
The Mary Celeste
Hey buzzfeed, can you the mysterious lost of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370? Really appreciate it.
'smellycatrulesxX' 3 days ago
I feel bad for the parents, they died never knowing what happened to their missing children :( Also next Unsolved video should be about the Boy in the Box (that was back in the 50's or 60's) or JonBenet Ramsey.
retarded ass bitch
Next on buzzfeed unsolved: my will to live
Coconut Head Coco
'Coconut Head Coco' 3 days ago
A Overused Meme
'A Overused Meme' 3 days ago
How about Albert Fish?
Waffle King
'Waffle King' 3 days ago
Rubber object I wonder what Jennie was doing that night
Kyle Sander
'Kyle Sander' 3 days ago
do more unsolved pls
Jamise Denari
'Jamise Denari' 3 days ago
it sounds like a Mafia hit. this is shady af. they sold those kids or something.
Jamise Denari
'Jamise Denari' 3 days ago
it sounds like a Mafia hit. this is shady af. they sold those kids or something.
Bboy Jaryd
'Bboy Jaryd' 3 days ago
George Sodder died when my mum was born.......
Angel Song
'Angel Song' 3 days ago
They're in Narnia!!!
'dreamer_Games' 3 days ago
I think it was Santa Claus
Taylor Totten
'Taylor Totten' 3 days ago
I'm from wv and I've never heard of this
'bmonsterbroham' 3 days ago
Do the mysterious disappearance of Kimberly Stewart.
'MikeyStrike' 3 days ago
Sami Weinkoetz
'Sami Weinkoetz' 3 days ago
I think it'd be really cool if you guys talked about the Johnny Gosch case and the similar disappearances that happened at the same time
Goat Pastel
'Goat Pastel' 3 days ago
so duuh
Rubezilla 123
'Rubezilla 123' 3 days ago
This is honestly the only series that makes me literally laugh out loud
'cez1014' 3 days ago
You should do it on the murders of randi gorenberg, nancy bochicchio and joey bochicchio they both are connected to the same killer who remains unidentifiable and unsolved.
Kerah Davidson
'Kerah Davidson' 3 days ago
uncover the Waverly Sanitarium in Louisville Kentucky
Chloe Walker
'Chloe Walker' 3 days ago
The bizarre disappearance of Madeleine McCann next
'mel' 3 days ago
shane is motherfucking hilarious
'LeviTheLoser' 3 days ago
When u mixtape just dropped
Marie K
'Marie K' 3 days ago
please do Jack the Ripper? :)
Red Refined
'Red Refined' 3 days ago
just wanted to put this out there. im really loving the direction that series' like this is pushing youtube. youtube has really gone down hill lately but this is moving in a different direction! keep it up guys, and buzzfeed should be coming up with more great ideas like this! <3 (ps; come to scotland and ireland) xxx
'WarDragon72345' 3 days ago
16:44 Ryan's about to get stabbed.
Alejandro Mena
'Alejandro Mena' 3 days ago
it was the salesman
Softcloud the kitty
They were kidnaped by aliens. They are working for their secret society to end the human race.
Jasmo Williams
'Jasmo Williams' 4 days ago
Do the D.B. Cooper case next!!!! 🙏🏽
Jung Day Amazing
'Jung Day Amazing' 4 days ago
Do a The World Greatest Solved!
'perenphilos' 4 days ago
I dont know why these guys laugh so much. Their jokes aren't funny at all.
The Real AK
'The Real AK' 4 days ago
The father had a weak pull out game tho! 9 children.....
Cassandra Ignis
'Cassandra Ignis' 4 days ago
How do you sell a child to an orphanage?
'GamerGalactica' 4 days ago
This was the funniest unsolved video I have seen on this channel so far (Also sad)
What if the kids were secretly part of something against their parents and burnt the house down to fake their deaths.
Briana Rosete
'Briana Rosete' 4 days ago
I don't know if I'm commenting too soon but it wasn't a random insurance salesman that said all that it was George Sodder's old boss who was a Mussolini supporter for some reason; I can't remember specifics, that same man had some sort of insurance out on the Sodder house
Gifted Otaku T 3 T
Anyone else scared by the music ; - ;
mintomento TV
'mintomento TV' 4 days ago
the JFK's death.
Coco Pop
'Coco Pop' 4 days ago
WHAT IF THEY RAN AWAY The 5 kids were probably very neglected by their parents and the other 4 kids were probably very loved. (I mean how else were only 4 kids able to make it out? and who really believes the parents story about the fact that there was a fire near the stairs?) anyway the kids probably made a massive escape plan and escaped or the parents just wanted them to die.
Blue Pineapples
'Blue Pineapples' 4 days ago
Tatiana Cueto
'Tatiana Cueto' 4 days ago
They need to do an episode on Edgar Allan Poe. Father of the Detective story left us one heck of a mystery.
the commie of the group
Next buzzfeed unsolved: no milk in my fridge also HOW DO THEY KNOW WHAT BURNING FLESH SMELLS LIKE ( the parents not firefighters )
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