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The Mysterious Disappearance Of The Sodder Children -
Published: 10 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 10 months ago

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What happened on the fateful night of 1945 to the Sodder children?

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Clock with Arabic Numerals. 720 frames (frame for each minute). HD 1080. Loop. Isolated on White.
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Cop Lights
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1923 B/W WS Two-story house on fire / Berkeley, California, USA / Prelinger

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Clock with Arabic Numerals. 720 frames (frame for each minute). HD 1080. Loop. Isolated on White. / Silver555
Grounds and entrance to the Smithsonian Institute Castle, Washington DC / Medioimages/Photodisc
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Italy / KeithBinns
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Fire Visible Through Bedroom Door / RyanJLane
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animal bones making a smiling happy face / JeannineMcChesney
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Burned Home / clintspencer
Bulldozer Demolishing House / Avichai Morag
Electrician repairman doing electrical work in breaker box. Installing, repairing. / fstop123
Architect reviewing blueprints at whiteboard in office /  Hero Images
Alabama Governor / William Lovelace / Stringer
burnt house / Gueholl
Veal Liver / omersukrugoksu
Close up of human heart viewed from front / MAIKA 777
Open Cardboard Box Over White Background / Vachiraphan Phangphan / EyeEm
3D rendering of human vertebral column, front view. / Stocktrek Images
Smoke coming in under door / Michael Blann
Portrait of Fire Chief / Radius Images
1940's noir gangster / peepo
Mysterious retro 1940 asian gangster fashion man in raincoat. / ysbrandcosijn

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Nathalie Karouni

Hijo Ojeda
'Hijo Ojeda' 8 hours ago
c.c tinsley here! xD
Star SpekleZ
'Star SpekleZ' 16 hours ago
Probably Mafia business. Guy and his family are from Italy where the whole Mafia game is pretty big. Ladders gone and trucks are tampered with which shows this is not an amateur kidnapper. The father seems to be very good at investigating details which could mean the father had ties with the Mafia. The fire department and police could have been forced to shut up and not talk because of the Mafia. What really got me chills was that the investigator who was sent to Kentucky disappears, probably captured by the Mafia. The father was talking bad about Mussolini so more Mafia evidence. 90135 is a postal code in Italy so the kids may have been taken there and then who knows what happened. I'm *very* convinced this was all Mafia business. The father may have had un-payed money or something else.
Sheila Isaac
'Sheila Isaac' 16 hours ago
Bones and teeth! Teeths do not burn in the fire so if the children would have burned in the fire we would have found teeths too.
Book Worm
'Book Worm' 17 hours ago
Do not fear, C.C Tinsley is here! That rhymed. I was a poet and I didn't even know it. Okay, I'll stop now.
Andika de Visser
'Andika de Visser' 1 day ago
Nobody checked the basement?
Mickey Mouse
'Mickey Mouse' 2 days ago
i dont know how, but you actually make me laugh through these
Kimberley ann hellem
Do a ghost box session
Braeden Von Hagt
'Braeden Von Hagt' 2 days ago
I guess the disappearance of brent will forever be, unsolved.
Natalia Marcadella
So Brent just disappeared...just like that...
'Tortesa420' 3 days ago
so crazy and sad, the parents died never giving up on the hope of finding those kids i'm sure that detective was the dads last hope sad to say, its crazy that who ever took the kids were able to take all 5 without a trace and got away with it.
'vincent143' 3 days ago
spit on the fire... spit fire? omg
Kelly Mahoney
'Kelly Mahoney' 4 days ago
the fact that this is in my state flips my mind 😁
'KAY TEE' 4 days ago
Maurice, 14 looks like Dev Patel, right?! No?
'KAY TEE' 4 days ago
Maurice, 14 looks like Dev Patel, right?! No?
Nerissa Begglo
'Nerissa Begglo' 4 days ago
Nerissa Begglo
'Nerissa Begglo' 4 days ago
Nothing like a (wheeze) when your talking about a house of dead children!
Tanirika Majumder
'Tanirika Majumder' 4 days ago
They said that they found bones in the basement in 1949, 4 years after the incident. Martha, who was 12, would be 16 by then. Maybe the children were kidnapped but 4 years later Martha and the others were killed and her bones were kept in the basement.
Lunar Wolf
'Lunar Wolf' 5 days ago
glad Brent left the show.
'Myerscoughmax' 5 days ago
No bones? Sounds like jellyfish...
Al Pacino FanForever
I wish they'd do more recent cases I mean all of those are so old they'll never get solved because all of those involved are dead The only thing I can't grasp about this case is why they didn't go looking for their family if they were indeed kidnapped or something They probably did die
Nam Anh Channel
'Nam Anh Channel' 5 days ago
Why Shane is on the right -.-
Tender Sheep
'Tender Sheep' 5 days ago
What do crematoriums do with the remaining bones after cremation if they don't burn?
'LyricalXilence' 6 days ago
They always claim their stories are creepy but they aren't for me, except this one.
Delaney Lee
'Delaney Lee' 6 days ago
Do the orang medan
Lemaster Lemaster
'Lemaster Lemaster' 6 days ago
maybe the kidnapper bribed the poice and fire fighters
You Tube
'You Tube' 6 days ago
It was Santa that lit the fire and took the kids to be elves
'Treva2000' 6 days ago
Must have been running a protection racket in the area. Pay up or we will make sure you are not protected.
Katie Corduan
'Katie Corduan' 6 days ago
merry fucking christmas man 😂
'Howy' 6 days ago
they got burned i reckon, my theory is the fire was hotter than usual because the air is more dense in the winter therefor the fire will have more oxygen????? or aliens
Kawaii Squishyvideo
House on fireeeee
Pass TheBeef
'Pass TheBeef' 7 days ago
Santa came...
Joe Hernandez
'Joe Hernandez' 7 days ago
Louis may have payed the detective to look the other way
alyssa cheraso
'alyssa cheraso' 1 week ago
This case is on drugs
Unicorn Enchancia
'Unicorn Enchancia' 1 week ago
The owner could've planned it bc he said everything that happened and he could've got someone to help him with everything
'LacerationGravity' 1 week ago
my great-grandfather was kidnapped by fascists because he was a partisan and he got ptsd from the torture they did to him so it's not unbelievable that someone kidnapped this poor man's children for a similar reason
Maisha Mohiuddin
'Maisha Mohiuddin' 1 week ago
out of all the unsolved videos, this one fucked me up the most.
Rated SPG
'Rated SPG' 1 week ago
I feel so sad for the parents, they died without saying any words to their children.
Bloody Bri Bri Harley Cassie Quinn Mccree
Wtf man disappeared children
Rohit Deshmukh
'Rohit Deshmukh' 1 week ago
The salesman was like " Yeah, i will take 5 of the children you can keep the rest" like that too of a coincidence that everything he mention happen in couple of our.
Kadi Wiser
'Kadi Wiser' 1 week ago
I had a dream where I met Shane and Ryan. DO YOU KNOW HOW SAD AND ANGRY I WAS WAKING UP?!?!?
Growie Bro
'Growie Bro' 1 week ago
probably the firefighters got paid 10% less  of there paycheck
Spray Bottle
'Spray Bottle' 1 week ago
Damn that's a lot of kids.
My favorite episode
Beverly Hayshouston
George did it.
Sandy Garcia
'Sandy Garcia' 1 week ago
Barely watching you guys and already love ya'
Emmy Andre
'Emmy Andre' 2 weeks ago
Please salt stick zrhiuf pair agenda nominee obtain.
Cassandra Amore
'Cassandra Amore' 2 weeks ago
yeo the town planned it to kidnao the children im pissed off that you find this story funny its quite upsetting story.
Elliot Stanton
'Elliot Stanton' 2 weeks ago
Do jack the ripper
Lucia Rose
'Lucia Rose' 2 weeks ago
You kinda glossed over the fact that although the Sodder family was a respectable middle class family in their neighborhood, their father faced a lot of disagreement and spite from others because on his negative stance against Mussolini, the current ruler and fascist dictator of Italy at that time. Wikipedia is pretty helpful.
Alligator Tears
'Alligator Tears' 2 weeks ago
If you believe that the children were kidnapped then like my comment so I can do research on this
George Cox
'George Cox' 2 weeks ago
Maybe the dad was part of the nazis and left Italy after world war ll for a new life in America.
Kirtier Cruz
'Kirtier Cruz' 2 weeks ago
Damn, there’s so many detectives in the comment section
Summer Hathaway
'Summer Hathaway' 2 weeks ago
Best Christmas of their lives...
Inspector Nigel
'Inspector Nigel' 2 weeks ago
Some sort of mafia did this I guess, probably paid the fire station to arrive slowly and for the cops to not answer calls in that area
Lunar Moon
'Lunar Moon' 2 weeks ago
Simple commoners. The answer is so incredibly clear. I am incredulous as to how you humans cannot believe that your world was crumbling beneath your feet while watching this video. YouTube has blinded you from the truth. I laugh at your ignorance due to poor wifi connections. Millions of scholars in both of our planets have tried to prove it to you. You are stubborn and arrogant. The earth is flat. It is the truth.
Haylie Rogers
'Haylie Rogers' 2 weeks ago
Maybe just maybe........ It was Santa Claus 😂
Hannah Cheung
'Hannah Cheung' 2 weeks ago
I’m sure the Sodders are very proud that now millions of people know about what happened to the Sodder family
Dar S
'Dar S' 2 weeks ago
The hosts are so disrespectful. Yeah a family losing their children, funny stuff.
Eriku ism
'Eriku ism' 2 weeks ago
There's a high chance that they could have perished in the fire and we're chasing down a rabbit hole. But if they are alive and adults now, they should contact their family despite any threats, or even if they might be living in much better conditions with their kidnappers.
'yemkul' 2 weeks ago
Shane makes this series less frightening.
Abby Beatson
'Abby Beatson' 2 weeks ago
Well I mean they still had four kids so...that's not terrible.
Christian Arrieta
'Christian Arrieta' 2 weeks ago
14:12 the music is so fucking cool here
Rosie Midnight
'Rosie Midnight' 2 weeks ago
My favourite BuzzFeed series
'saltylayschip' 2 weeks ago
*(pensive sigh)*
Leeli the trash Can
'Leeli the trash Can' 2 weeks ago
kasper 918
'kasper 918' 2 weeks ago
Never living in that fucking city.
celeste walker
'celeste walker' 2 weeks ago
why are they saying this is unsolved? the kids were literally kidnapped by the guy who was mad
Ellen Wadsworth
'Ellen Wadsworth' 2 weeks ago
Mackinze Heald
'Mackinze Heald' 2 weeks ago
Can I get uuuuuhhhh B O N E L E S S C H I L D R EN
'chocoboasylum' 2 weeks ago
Sounds like the community was in on it...? Maybe?
'kasp' 2 weeks ago
This case really breaks my heart, those poor parents and the decades of agony and dying without knowing what happened. 😔
Harry Tomlinson
'Harry Tomlinson' 2 weeks ago
K but like what if the kids were in the basement
LittleRedDemon 8
'LittleRedDemon 8' 2 weeks ago
The answer is so obvious... Santa took the kids, made them into elves and burned the house.
Aleksander Stadsnes
'Aleksander Stadsnes' 2 weeks ago
I find Jennie Sodder's face creepier than the case
underrated SG squishy sales
I really hope that those children will get found... My grandparents were also born in 1945~ This is so sad...😭😭😭
Egg Man Sports
'Egg Man Sports' 2 weeks ago
emma louise
'emma louise' 2 weeks ago
can you guys make C.C. Tinsley merch
Dawna Lilly
'Dawna Lilly' 2 weeks ago
i love you guys you two make mysteries fun
mkg 21
'mkg 21' 2 weeks ago
I think it was the Mafia.
Andy lol
'Andy lol' 2 weeks ago
why is no one mentioning the disappearance of Brent in this video, like tf.
Gina M
'Gina M' 2 weeks ago
okay but why were there human vertebrae in the dirt?
Kathleen 123
'Kathleen 123' 2 weeks ago
Aliens..... it was aliens.
Charlotte Fields
'Charlotte Fields' 2 weeks ago
What would it be like to try to guess the motive for the Las Vegas massacre?
'GeoStreber' 2 weeks ago
George Sodder looks like Robert DeNiro.
Maria Geo
'Maria Geo' 2 weeks ago
the firemen didn't arrived in time because they were short in people due to the war. And also, the couple had 10 children and the oldest child had accounted that he tried to physically awaken them but couldn't do it.
NgovHeng Houn
'NgovHeng Houn' 3 weeks ago
Shut your mouth off mother fker
NgovHeng Houn
'NgovHeng Houn' 3 weeks ago
Wtf mother fker laught all the time........this is fk.
hmmm the suspect is the fire fighting department/personnel
Ice-cream Animals
'Ice-cream Animals' 3 weeks ago
I think the guy set the house on fire then sold them to someone to take them away
Esmeralda Castro
'Esmeralda Castro' 3 weeks ago
Well it makes me question the whole thing when you consider that if the kids survived, why wouldn't they try to come back and find their parents? Even if they were adopted out, the one boy was 14 fuckin years old!! It's not like he would've forgotten his parents
'B.Midkiff' 3 weeks ago
George sounds like a great father. He tried so hard.😔
'JustFive' 3 weeks ago
wtf its obvious that they got kidnapped
'FlamingHeartComics' 3 weeks ago
In addition to the kids being kidnapped, they must've been kidnapped and then the fire was started, because it'd just be a lot more trouble to kidnap 5 kids while a fire is happening, like that's a bit unnecessary.
Jessie Belle
'Jessie Belle' 3 weeks ago
the children would probably of spoken up if they were out there... they either died, which i honestly think is unlikely, or as kidnapped children, forced into some sort of slavery, in italy...or something..
Maria z
'Maria z' 3 weeks ago
Ryan ❤❤❤
Emma Neal utube
'Emma Neal utube' 3 weeks ago
They are probably all dead now!
Cute Witch Things
'Cute Witch Things' 3 weeks ago
See now I want to solve this.
AAron Thom
'AAron Thom' 3 weeks ago
Ok this is all a load of crap. In Christmas 1945 Mussolini had already been dead for a while and Italy was in the midst of a revolution. Some fake Salesman isn't going to get on a boat all the way to this guy because he said 'bad' things about Mussolini
'Jocky1k' 3 weeks ago
I feel those old Story now a days doesn't matter now because will still be unsolved
'antireal' 3 weeks ago
Those corpses were... 🅱 O N E L E S S
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