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The Mysterious Disappearance Of The Sodder Children -
Published: 12 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 12 months ago

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What happened on the fateful night of 1945 to the Sodder children?

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Clock with Arabic Numerals. 720 frames (frame for each minute). HD 1080. Loop. Isolated on White.
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Cop Lights
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1923 B/W WS Two-story house on fire / Berkeley, California, USA / Prelinger

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Clock with Arabic Numerals. 720 frames (frame for each minute). HD 1080. Loop. Isolated on White. / Silver555
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Italy / KeithBinns
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Fire Visible Through Bedroom Door / RyanJLane
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Burned Home / clintspencer
Bulldozer Demolishing House / Avichai Morag
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Architect reviewing blueprints at whiteboard in office /  Hero Images
Alabama Governor / William Lovelace / Stringer
burnt house / Gueholl
Veal Liver / omersukrugoksu
Close up of human heart viewed from front / MAIKA 777
Open Cardboard Box Over White Background / Vachiraphan Phangphan / EyeEm
3D rendering of human vertebral column, front view. / Stocktrek Images
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Portrait of Fire Chief / Radius Images
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Mysterious retro 1940 asian gangster fashion man in raincoat. / ysbrandcosijn

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Nathalie Karouni

tess alekseev
'tess alekseev' 8 hours ago
don’t like how they’re flipped
SlothSkillzOG Sloth
'SlothSkillzOG Sloth' 10 hours ago
My friend is related to them
V Paprika
'V Paprika' 16 hours ago
That's how politics work. Dirty and shady
Malte Schafer
'Malte Schafer' 16 hours ago
code anniversary rarely portray restore singer name marriage proof profession.
Elijah Moore
'Elijah Moore' 1 day ago
The fire department could have had bad phones. It was 1945. Great video though. Found a lot of information off this video!!
Lil hippos Dolls
'Lil hippos Dolls' 1 day ago
this was kinda scary but the two guys made it hilarious 😂
Laura Kriauzaite
'Laura Kriauzaite' 2 days ago
I love Shane's funny approach to everything 😅😆
Bryan Seah
'Bryan Seah' 3 days ago
Every time I watch this I will not be able to sleep for another week
Holy Cas
'Holy Cas' 3 days ago
Maybe it was a trap and they saw the detective and killed him. They should have hired another one. I don't think that after all the times he helped them to investigate he would just run away. No. He could just say that he didn't want to investigate anymore. The money would still be with him. That is so weird. Someone should go there again
Samantha Poblette
'Samantha Poblette' 3 days ago
At 7:10 you could see someone passing through the screen of the burning house
Lucy Lulu
'Lucy Lulu' 3 days ago
the birth video of c.c Tinsley
'Stuff' 4 days ago
This will forever be my favorite buzzfeed unsolved
AGirlCalledKill 86
Coltin Barnes
'Coltin Barnes' 4 days ago
Nobody's gonna talk about how they had that many kids
'Ashidentshappen' 4 days ago
So there were... no bones about it, huh?
Isabella Gonzalez
'Isabella Gonzalez' 4 days ago
Hm? Oh don't mind me i'm just getting into the holiday spirit.
blondiie 75
'blondiie 75' 5 days ago
Michael Eyob
'Michael Eyob' 5 days ago
The waitress part makes it seem like a kidnapping. This is one of the sadder ones. The salesman said destroy the family and doing this kind of did that.
TJ Heitor
'TJ Heitor' 6 days ago
He was a former italian mobster or involved with the mob in Italy,maybe that guy that was angry at him got some money for his children,to be sold for foster homes,either that or someone involved with the Fascist Party in Italy,altough i find it less likely...
Bina Dur
'Bina Dur' 6 days ago
I think the whole police dept and fire dept was in on it! Seriously!
'Rimmo06' 6 days ago
Turns up 7 hours late. Well what you’ve got yourselves here are some burnt children. Shame we had to push our trucks here or we might of been able to do something.
'SophiaStop' 1 week ago
Wtf *9* children
Fatimah Salsabila
'Fatimah Salsabila' 1 week ago
definitely a cover up. I believe this is kidnapping. I mean, Temperance Brennan in 1945 technology could've done better. but I love the CC Tinsley joke in here 😂😂😂😂
Amrit Kaur
'Amrit Kaur' 1 week ago
Molly Wells
'Molly Wells' 1 week ago
where can i keep up on this story??????
jelani brown-garrett
I like these videos because the commentary makes them not scary
Noah Urbanski
'Noah Urbanski' 1 week ago
What if the children were in the basement
'VladThot' 1 week ago
It was Krampus. Case closed.
Andrew Nicol Smith
Well they probably would be dead now of age 1945+ over 70 years. Hmm..
Suga Listen boi my first love stowie
Betty looks like emma watson
'DakX' 1 week ago
who the hell names their child the same name as the parents
Pigeonlarva magoo
'Pigeonlarva magoo' 1 week ago
Sounds like someone needs to follow up on the private investigator
Red Planet
'Red Planet' 1 week ago
So why didnt the children come forward themselves?
The Blue Raccoon Scientist
Me and my family on my fathers side are from Fayetteville WV, the Sodder house was down the road from my grandparents/fathers old house, my father described the house to me, it had drywall or plywood on the fence and it looked like a compound, my father (who is 39) said it took place in the late 70s, my grandparents do say the same, I’m now a bit confused because the video says otherwise
Spencer Murfitt
'Spencer Murfitt' 1 week ago
The Sodder children look a lot like I did in my baby photos (specifically the little girl with long hair) but I’m thirteen so none of them could be me :/
K Memery
'K Memery' 2 weeks ago
granted it's a tragedy but I was smiling the ENTIRE episode because of ryan and shane gdi these two can make a good video!
Dan Guinto
'Dan Guinto' 2 weeks ago
You guys do great a great job with these videos. I wish you two the best ✌️❤️
Sarah Dasilva
'Sarah Dasilva' 2 weeks ago
Isn’t this story what inspired stranger things?
White Jesus
'White Jesus' 2 weeks ago
Fucking stfu u 2fags
Fatima Hussain
'Fatima Hussain' 2 weeks ago
Omg I love this fr 👀❤️
Knights of the Kitchen Table
Someone set a fire and it burned down the house? It was probably Rich.
Kind of Space-y
'Kind of Space-y' 2 weeks ago
This is honestly like something out of a murder mystery TV series, like Twin Peaks. It's great.
Gabby Christie
'Gabby Christie' 2 weeks ago
Omg why dose everything happen in West Virginia
Voluptuous Venn Diagrams
this story is really sad these parents had spent so long just trying to find their children and it seemed as if not only would no one help them, but instead made it impossible
Hannah Freedman
'Hannah Freedman' 2 weeks ago
I think this is one of the rare cases where the truth may be kinder than the cover up. Yeah, it sucks that those kids were kidnapped and given to different families, but isn't that better than all of them dying in a fire?
Sarah Compton
'Sarah Compton' 2 weeks ago
I always feel like I'm being watched when I watch these videos.
Brooke gasser
'Brooke gasser' 2 weeks ago
Enzo Mondoñedo
'Enzo Mondoñedo' 2 weeks ago
I miss True Crime
maya p.
'maya p.' 2 weeks ago
the music they play during the theories is so fuckin lit
Jumping Jet
'Jumping Jet' 2 weeks ago
I miss Brent's dry comments.
Mark M
'Mark M' 2 weeks ago
The police and fire department and were paid off by the Italians. But, maybe George was disliked by the town. Because you would think SOMEONE would help him.
'Mike' 2 weeks ago
Can't help but feel awful for the parents. What a horrible existence it must have been.
astro gaming
'astro gaming' 2 weeks ago
Me: Hmmmmm I wonder who would do this Anyone: hmmm maybe the Pearson who said they would burn there house and kidnap there children
Amber Webb
'Amber Webb' 2 weeks ago
Why did Shane leave, after season one?...
Baeschmidt T
'Baeschmidt T' 2 weeks ago
What are the odds.. Ryan mentioned ‘Smithsonian’ and here I am doing a research paper trying to get sources on a website called ‘’ jfc
Jessica Pereira
'Jessica Pereira' 2 weeks ago
I can't imagine anything worse than what these parents went through. And they never gave up. Truly amazing.
Lilli Petals
'Lilli Petals' 2 weeks ago
Pudge The Fish
'Pudge The Fish' 2 weeks ago
These two, legit make me laugh out loud!
'MiszzMiszz' 2 weeks ago
'sold to the orphanage' ??? not gonna burst your bubble but
Matthew Chapman
'Matthew Chapman' 2 weeks ago
Quick (and probably not insanely reliable) google search tells me that napalm can burn hotter than the melting/disintegration point of bone... so it's not implausible that the house was burned down using the napalm pineapple bomb and there are no bones remaining.
Giodjx Got It
'Giodjx Got It' 2 weeks ago
The Evil Murders Of ShitMan Is Solved
Rhiannon Smith
'Rhiannon Smith' 2 weeks ago
what? no alien theories!???
Aj kofron
'Aj kofron' 2 weeks ago
Why did shane just not exist for the past few episodes.
Abasi Shadid
'Abasi Shadid' 2 weeks ago
In west Virginia there are lots of woods. And it's a poor state. Mom and dad probably led them out in the woods and killed them to save money. Then set the house on fire to cover their tracks. They would get lots of insurance money. Thing about coal is it leaves ton of dust. If they often had a coal truck next to the house the house would have coal dust all over it. It would go up very easy.
'Citruz7' 2 weeks ago
The kids probably hid in the basement and starved and then the dad covered it in dirt
Timku San
'Timku San' 2 weeks ago
What happened to Brent anyway?
Joe Alcatraz
'Joe Alcatraz' 2 weeks ago
Hey can you two stop laughing, very annoying.
Michaela Wagner
'Michaela Wagner' 2 weeks ago
This isn't even scary but I have chills bc of the fucking music
Moist Little Girl
'Moist Little Girl' 2 weeks ago
I'm hungry
'GuyMakesMemes' 2 weeks ago
C.C. Tinsley is on the case
Vasati Vaioleti
'Vasati Vaioleti' 2 weeks ago
‘A firefighter from Florida can make it there intime’😂😂💀💀😂💀😂💀💀💀💀
'Rachel.Dancer' 2 weeks ago
This series should just be called “buzzfeed solves unsolved mysteries: true crimes”
Smiley Creeper
'Smiley Creeper' 2 weeks ago
According to science, it's actually possible for a fish to drown if there isn't enough oxygen in the water, so yeah
Darth Doge
'Darth Doge' 3 weeks ago
It's called "Stranger Things".
'Pinkfeather' 3 weeks ago
Mark12 Strang
'Mark12 Strang' 3 weeks ago
It must be difficult to kidnapped five children from a remote area. How many people would be needed to break in, drag them out and drive them away?
God Of Potatoes
'God Of Potatoes' 3 weeks ago
Uh, fucking duh, the guy responsible for lighting the house on fire and kidnapping the children was obviously the guy who treated to light the house on fire and kidnap the children.
olivia jenson
'olivia jenson' 3 weeks ago
I think what happened was....George was part of the Italian mafia and escaped the mafia in a hurry. Because of that the Italian mafia kept a trace on him to see him suffer, maybe he stole money from them and left to America to start a new life? That would explain why he left Italy because of “reasons”. They burned the house down and kidnapped the children. They wanted to see George suffer, losing his home and kids. They either sold the kids and sent them to an orphanage or took them to Italy to be apart of the mafia or to sell. Idk it’s seems reasonable. I’m guessing the mafia threatened the department to not tell the truth, that explains why both the police and fire department denied help from the FBI.
Chocktae Bolanca
'Chocktae Bolanca' 3 weeks ago
I love how he says sodder
Aaliyah Heaven
'Aaliyah Heaven' 3 weeks ago
I fucking love shane
Some other guy
'Some other guy' 3 weeks ago
Wow nice But can you atleast solve one ?
Greywarden Dragonborn
I could spit the fire out shush laughing to hard u you going to make me wake my baby up.
Zach Juntunen
'Zach Juntunen' 3 weeks ago
I like my house fires boneless
Julia Yellen
'Julia Yellen' 3 weeks ago
it took them 7 hours to get to a fire 2.5 miles away... "i could spit the fire out in that time"
'WolfPrincessWind' 3 weeks ago
oscar beehunter
nc kookies
'nc kookies' 3 weeks ago
charlotte fink
'charlotte fink' 3 weeks ago
Starlise Jun.from.17
Ok but can I say that the 2 sons were sexy asf. I feel bad even tho this happened so long ago.
victoria lopez
'victoria lopez' 3 weeks ago
What happened to Brent!?
Mel Feria767
'Mel Feria767' 3 weeks ago
3:35 anyone hear a "ooh".
Kiera Smith
'Kiera Smith' 3 weeks ago
Welp. I live in WV so that’s great
Sophia Melissa Caraballo
Rifdi AN
'Rifdi AN' 3 weeks ago
It's kind of mindblowing that its probable for the Sodder childrens to still be alive right now and they are watching this video about them.
SavagePurpleGirl :3
'SavagePurpleGirl :3' 3 weeks ago
Moral of this nightmare: Don't have too much kids, five of them will disappear. Someone in the background: WHAT KIND OF MORAL IS THAT???!
The Weirdest One
'The Weirdest One' 3 weeks ago
Love the video but.... If the vertebrate bones were likely from the dirt George used... Where the crap is he getting that dirt from??!?
Anisa Ismail
'Anisa Ismail' 3 weeks ago
This is probably the saddest buzzfeed unsolved to me. George worked until he died to find his children :(
The Unsociable Social Media
Is it really that hard to interview a life insurance salesman?
'SoraSoda' 3 weeks ago
I just find it weird that the missing kids didn’t try to contact their parents. I mean yeah they were young but I’m sure a fourteen year old can tell adults “Hey I’ve been kidnapped.”
Smol Edamame
'Smol Edamame' 3 weeks ago
I personally believe that the whole town was in on this act; the firefighters purposely waited 7 hours, the neighbors gave the Sodders false info to mislead them, and why they wouldn’t let them go to the FBI for help
'Yuki's Blogs' 3 weeks ago
Wah, now I want to solve this case 😂😂 Anyone wanna help?
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