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The Mysterious Disappearance Of The Sodder Children -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 3 months ago

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What happened on the fateful night of 1945 to the Sodder children?

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1923 B/W WS Two-story house on fire / Berkeley, California, USA / Prelinger

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Nathalie Karouni

Pablo Ovalle
'Pablo Ovalle' 52 minutes ago
But how would 5 kids be kidnapped while the fire was going on?
Surendra Maharjan
'Surendra Maharjan' 4 hours ago
They were kidnaped
Karla Lopez
'Karla Lopez' 24 hours ago
this should've been a video of the disappearance of my life
Guimarães ziczic123
the music just makes everything creepier...
'FlyBirdie' 2 days ago
Lowkey looking behind me all the time cuz im scared af.
James Martinez
'James Martinez' 2 days ago
They should investigate why trump is alive
Conan Edogawa
'Conan Edogawa' 2 days ago
I can pretty muck think I can solve it🤔🤔
'lunamaybelater' 2 days ago
They had 9 fucking kids
Lotte Corijn
'Lotte Corijn' 2 days ago
I really like this serie, but personally I do not like the "small talk" between the storie itself. Still love this kind of videos ;)
'SimplisticallyLiz' 2 days ago
Omg I was so excited when I saw the title I previously heard about this story on "stuff you missed in history class" podcast
the deathskull
'the deathskull' 2 days ago
did nobody check the basement which they just covered up without any idea
Breana Eastman
'Breana Eastman' 3 days ago
my tummy hurts
mr. bentayga
'mr. bentayga' 3 days ago
Emrald Jimenez
'Emrald Jimenez' 3 days ago
still don't really understand why the life sales man got mad and yelled at George :|
Thalia Taylor
'Thalia Taylor' 3 days ago
why is the government doing this to them god
bada bing bada boom
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κατιε λεε
'κατιε λεε' 3 days ago
14:31 "that's like a fish drowning" fish can't​ drown
Karyme Fernandez
'Karyme Fernandez' 3 days ago
"she served them breakfast". i can't even cook
Kallie Klugman
'Kallie Klugman' 3 days ago
I am safe in the comments. I'm safe, in the comments. I hope. I'm literally jumping at at the simplest sounds.
iLesti Animates
'iLesti Animates' 3 days ago
BuzzFeed Unsolved - True Crime S1 o E12 The Odd Escape Of BuzzFeed Recruit Shane
Fame For Weird
'Fame For Weird' 3 days ago
i would like the mystery death of JonBenet
Unknown Girl
'Unknown Girl' 3 days ago
This is before i watch this, I really hope there is other human (Interview) before pr during this *Crossing Fingers*
Mari Moonstar
'Mari Moonstar' 3 days ago
I'm Marion 😶😥😵😂
Crazy Monkey
'Crazy Monkey' 4 days ago
Beth Strickland
'Beth Strickland' 4 days ago
I hate this kinda stuff, I really wanna know what happened so bad that I can't explain it, there are so many possible things for all I know all of these unsolved mysteries criminals could be time travelers hiding in Ancient Greece or something
-Roxy -
'-Roxy -' 4 days ago
C.C Tinsley
'C.C Tinsley' 4 days ago
Don't worry my dear , C.C Tinsley's here
'Kittyofthesea808' 4 days ago
My theory from two minutes in, the five children got out, lit the fire and made it so you couldn't ring the fire department and then ran
dark knight.
'dark knight.' 5 days ago
this is kinda disturbing...but I still enjoy the series.
Meg lol
'Meg lol' 5 days ago
Who's watching this at night?
Bradley Debord
'Bradley Debord' 5 days ago
EZ case the kids ran away because they and set the house on fire in order to fake there death
'SalmaX33' 5 days ago
14:14 could that possibly be an address of some wort or a code?
Ario Rosadi
'Ario Rosadi' 5 days ago
The only good thing about Buzzfeed
Shawn Smith
'Shawn Smith' 6 days ago
9 fucking kids. How would you not just kill yourself to escape that mess?
Erin Briggs
'Erin Briggs' 6 days ago
If the basement was still there, couldn't the kids have ran to the basement during the fire which could be why the lights were on in the ground floor house? The ash could have covered the top of the basement trapping the children inside. Did anyone clear the ash and look inside? Eventually, they would have died leaving they bodies buried in the basement and as the ash and soil was on top of the basement, no one would have ever found them. Therefor their bodies could still be in the basement of the house. This is probably really hard to understand, but if no one looked in the basement after the fire this could be true.
Frankie Devlin
'Frankie Devlin' 6 days ago
Love this👍🏼👍🏼
Harley Louisa
'Harley Louisa' 6 days ago
Why do Americans pronounce the S in Louis?
Jinx The Loose Canon
i love this side talk XD
'professortrois' 6 days ago
You know what's making this creepier for me? I've seen a woman that has an uncanny resemblance to one of the missing Sodder children (jennie, to be exact) somewhere back in LA. I don't know if it was actually her but this just made the video creepier.
Anya Peacock
'Anya Peacock' 7 days ago
Okay but Maurice looks EXACTLY the same as a guy in my class
Eman Kocher
'Eman Kocher' 7 days ago
I have watched???this series???at least three times???and yet I have never come across this?? wtf???
Nis G
'Nis G' 1 week ago
I laughed so hard in this episode, I don't think actual comedy can make my stomach hurt like that.
The Cerabus
'The Cerabus' 1 week ago
Was about to binge watch this series but I just remembered it's 2AM and I'm home alone..
Spikey Saurus
'Spikey Saurus' 1 week ago
Aliens. Goddamned aliens.
mia khalifa
'mia khalifa' 1 week ago
Do the zodiac killer!!!
Ruby x
'Ruby x' 1 week ago
Next season can u do the disappearance of Madeline McCann x
Christian M
'Christian M' 1 week ago
Is there any one here 😶?
Crystal Lemky
'Crystal Lemky' 1 week ago
This was a tragedy. A family lost 5 children. I don't think their laughter and joking well presenting this story as appropriate. If I was a member of the Sodder family, I would be mad, like they aren't treating my family tragedy with the respect it deserves.
Olivia Rowland
'Olivia Rowland' 1 week ago
Just a few months ago a family in Maryland (I believe) lost 6 of their nine children in a fire. Anyone remember that?
Cerise Hood
'Cerise Hood' 1 week ago
I know for a fact that a parent would still look for their missing children after all those years because my grandma lost my Uncle during a storm while he was fishing [our town was next to a beach] and to this day, even with einsheimer [cant spell. I'm sorry ;3;] she still remembers looking for him, all the information she got about him and still wants to look for him to this day.
ryan yang
'ryan yang' 1 week ago
yeah this case can't even be solved because the children's died so they will have to go to cemeteries everywhere to find them
Juliana Martel
'Juliana Martel' 1 week ago
youre telling me this guy found bones from a 17 year old person that had never been in fire and that they just found it in the pile of dirt
Javier Rios
'Javier Rios' 1 week ago
I am Betty ...
Ethan Devlin
'Ethan Devlin' 1 week ago
Ryan I wish you were my fother pees out homey
Ruben Goyma
'Ruben Goyma' 1 week ago
can we have a buzzfeed solved with the same vibe as this? I would like to see stories with endings.
I love these videos but WHY ARE THEY SO CREEPY???
A. J.
'A. J.' 1 week ago
Those kids were probably taken by the Italian mafia and brought to Italy, that is why there has been a lack of communication. They're in separate countries
Deja Neeley
'Deja Neeley' 1 week ago
they should do the great chicago fire
'Timotheeey' 1 week ago
'Star' 1 week ago
I like how the reason a lot of these cases are unsolved is because people either don't know how to do their fucking jobs or organizations are corrupt af.
lean julius bendanillo
is it just me or is Shane sooo sexy?? his witty banter and side remarks are really a turn on hahahaha..
Mango Gaming
'Mango Gaming' 1 week ago
I f***** live in West Virginia
Mia Alvia
'Mia Alvia' 1 week ago
Keep this duo please
Emmy Plays
'Emmy Plays' 1 week ago
Here's a theory: Someone in the community didn't like the remarks the father was making about that Italian dictator, so they got his kids in on running away and starting new lives in adoption centers all over the world. that's very possible, maybe the kids weren't happy in the house. because it doesnt make sense to me how a 12-year old and 14-year old would just let this happen
Party Poison
'Party Poison' 1 week ago
whats really sad is that probably only betty is still alive (seeing as how she was five) anyone involved in the kidnapping or buying of the children or whatever you believe would have been dead for at least 15 years now. so if betty is never found (and even if she was its likely she may not even know she IS betty) no one can ever 100% say what happened
Cy By
'Cy By' 2 weeks ago
villalon mansion in cebu phlippines
Omg what if there is secret basement which lead to somewhere else 😱😱😱
noah evers
'noah evers' 2 weeks ago
this series would be a lot better if they werent trying to be funny all the time
Will Kwon
'Will Kwon' 2 weeks ago
Seriously, no one in that town knows how to do their job. Just as Shane stated.
Gabs Yo
'Gabs Yo' 2 weeks ago
Darius Thomson
'Darius Thomson' 2 weeks ago
The nerdy guy is hilarious!
'paper_planes' 2 weeks ago
okay but what if... the children planned everything out and started the fire? what if there's some dark family secret that they wanted to get away from and the only way to do it was to fake their own deaths? like, what if the father was pretty intent on solving the case not to just find the children, but to get them back to ensure whatever this secret was stayed hidden? idk I'm too much of a conspiracy theorist
Aqil Afiq
'Aqil Afiq' 2 weeks ago
The most baffling case in BussFeed in my opinion.
Austin The manbear
'Austin The manbear' 2 weeks ago
mabye they escaped...... i dont know mabye they hate their parents and ran away
'VeeriUn-Epik' 2 weeks ago
"what are we doing here?" 0.0
Wolf X
'Wolf X' 2 weeks ago
Did someone saw the gettyimages tag on 9:48? LOL
'CF729' 2 weeks ago
Anyone else felt horrible the dad died and never got answers 🙁
Anthony Liddle
'Anthony Liddle' 2 weeks ago
lol @ the insurance salesman
Bonnie Jaimes
'Bonnie Jaimes' 2 weeks ago
they were taken
Yasin dahmany
'Yasin dahmany' 2 weeks ago
Plot twist the childred started the fire and escaped
'PE6_5000' 2 weeks ago
I LOVE this series! Ryan and Shane are excellent hosts- the comedic commentary keeps it fresh. Like a more down to earth "Unsolved Mysteries, though Robert Stack is pretty irreplaceable. Please keep these going :)
Hander Panda
'Hander Panda' 2 weeks ago
George sodder looks a tiny bit like kevin spacey
'kate' 2 weeks ago
How has BuzzFeed unsolved not done jonbenet ramsey!!
Lindsey O
'Lindsey O'Brien' 2 weeks ago
3:20 is definitely a stock photo, never change buzzfeed.
'chouchiha69' 2 weeks ago
Thank you guys for doing your part in keeping this story alive. Maybe the children of the missing children were told at some point and will one day seek their relatives.
'RedPanda1512' 2 weeks ago
Ryan and Shane = Scared/Humorous
'RedPanda1512' 2 weeks ago
Yay Shane
'OctaBlaster' 2 weeks ago
I met one of those last year ....
Muhammad Shairazi
'Muhammad Shairazi' 2 weeks ago
George Sodder, his a great man. A true father who searched till his death, good job man, good job! He didnt find his kids but he was resilient till the very end!
'Simfully' 2 weeks ago
I would enjoy these more without the absurdly loud and obnoxious music.
Sierra Robertson
'Sierra Robertson' 2 weeks ago
how many sodder children were there?
Ysabell Courtney
'Ysabell Courtney' 2 weeks ago
Ligit this is the core to my happiness
Brandon Sherman
'Brandon Sherman' 2 weeks ago
Kadenn Miersch
'Kadenn Miersch' 2 weeks ago
Can u do Michael jackson
'Awkward™' 2 weeks ago
_Ooh I read about this like 4 years ago lmao_
'Ria' 2 weeks ago
Imagine watching this video and seeing a sketch of yourself as a child in one of these videos...
Pretty lil PSYCHO!!!
I had a friend before he was a boy he was 14 years old he's name was Maurice he didn't even want to talk me the thing is that I don't remember how he look like but I'm pretty sure that it was The boy that you're talking about I remember dad Betty was my BFF but I point he she didn't look anything like you're describing by that time but she had five years old I remember her but then like two years she disappeared from Italy
Stormcloak Raichu
'Stormcloak Raichu' 2 weeks ago
I think the a pretty good Theory is that the Police Department and Fire dpt. were working together to silence these people.
Sophia DeliMeat tvTM-
The youngest daughter is only 72. If somebody makes a documentary about this tragic story they could interview her about what she thinks.
Soph P.O
'Soph P.O' 2 weeks ago
What if the detective were caught and? killed or at least made not to continue the case
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