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The Mysterious Disappearance Of The Sodder Children -
Published: 4 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 4 months ago

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What happened on the fateful night of 1945 to the Sodder children?

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Clock with Arabic Numerals. 720 frames (frame for each minute). HD 1080. Loop. Isolated on White.
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1923 B/W WS Two-story house on fire / Berkeley, California, USA / Prelinger

Cop Lights / sweetandsour
Clock with Arabic Numerals. 720 frames (frame for each minute). HD 1080. Loop. Isolated on White. / Silver555
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St John's Orphanage Goulburn / Jarbo Productions
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Architect reviewing blueprints at whiteboard in office /  Hero Images
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burnt house / Gueholl
Veal Liver / omersukrugoksu
Close up of human heart viewed from front / MAIKA 777
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3D rendering of human vertebral column, front view. / Stocktrek Images
Smoke coming in under door / Michael Blann
Portrait of Fire Chief / Radius Images
1940's noir gangster / peepo
Mysterious retro 1940 asian gangster fashion man in raincoat. / ysbrandcosijn

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Nathalie Karouni

Emmanuel Shade
'Emmanuel Shade' 47 minutes ago
"I will set this house on fire and your children are going to die I wonder who did it" Dead
Amanda Lu
'Amanda Lu' 5 hours ago
When we die I like to believe that we get to know and understand everything of the universe and every mystery unsolved cause not knowing is the worst lmao
MobileGamer Su
'MobileGamer Su' 9 hours ago
well the kidnappers are dead for sure
Julliene Noblezada
'Julliene Noblezada' 9 hours ago
Shane probably likes sandwiches.
Erik Sanchez
'Erik Sanchez' 16 hours ago
its 1am. i. am ready
Julia S
'Julia S' 18 hours ago
I literally cried thinking about what these parents and siblings went through- never knowing... and that sweet father tracking down every single lead
Claudia Baxter
'Claudia Baxter' 18 hours ago
Im so glad they add humor to scary topics like yall are the real mvp
'LeMeme' 23 hours ago
This is the only good thing in buzzfeed and some other stuff
Kylie Fox
'Kylie Fox' 1 day ago
i blame the mafia.
Dylan Wedel
'Dylan Wedel' 1 day ago
Andrea Nevaeh
'Andrea Nevaeh' 1 day ago
I live i wv and my friend Alyssa's last name is sodder..
Elena Moore
'Elena Moore' 1 day ago
The funny part to this episode is that I'm from WV and we're still horribly bad at getting to emergencies on time. Like, a few months ago, this guy was on a bunch of different drugs and was shooting at my neighbor's house and we called the cops at 11PM and they didn't show up until 6AM the next day. The police station, although is in the next town, only takes 30 minutes to get to the town we live in. And that's if you're going the speed limit
Samantha was hereXD
I like how the balance there videos. It's scary but then Shane always hits you with something funny!
i live 3 minutes from fayetteville
Banana Rockpoo
'Banana Rockpoo' 1 day ago
'Starynignt' 1 day ago
the thumbnail looked like the outsiders
Eloïse Carles
'Eloïse Carles' 1 day ago
wouldn't some of this kids still be alive today ? ...
Diksha Malhotra
'Diksha Malhotra' 1 day ago
this is soo sad
Freedom Howl
'Freedom Howl' 1 day ago
There is a video game named 'Wick' which is based off the children, basically you get sent into a forest at midnight and much stay there till 6-7 am with only a candle wick and a match box the player must go around and find more candles before they run out of matches or the candle wick but whilst the player walks around they will be haunted by children if I remember correctly there was one girl, a baby, a boy that sleeps, a boy with a mask and another child that runs around, the player can explore the forest and encounter these children in different ways, but that isn't what makes the game interesting the fact is that the house the children were in was burned in a fire and no one found the body's, personality I love the game and you guys should try playing it it's rather funny to watch you get scared lolol best of luck not getting killed and if you do well then.... I'll see ya in hell you can meet me at the throne BYEZ *walks backwards slowly into darkness*
FizzyCloud _-_
'FizzyCloud _-_' 2 days ago
I think that the salesman did it and he worked with the firefighter officer.
Jung Kooking Bacon
tfw you have a friend called Martha who is 12 years olds
Minah 방 민아
'Minah 방 민아' 2 days ago
The family is so pity....I really hate the idiotic Fire Chief I fell like he can also be the possible one who started the fire or else he was paid cause the fire department also didn't answer the call so he actually knows that it is from the house of Sodder . I believe something really happened in Italy that's why that Father Sodder left cause a witness told em that she saw four of them with two men and two women that are Italian. I really believed they are kidnapped and they are told that they'll be killed if they said that... The family is really so freakin' pity 😭
Blank Tae
'Blank Tae' 2 days ago
The detective went missing like he vanished through thin air.
'musicf3b' 2 days ago
Someone kidnapped and decided to raise 5 kids? Why? Who would burn the house ,endangering the family, then save some of the kids?
'Extien' 2 days ago
I'm ok
C.C. Tinsley
'C.C. Tinsley' 2 days ago
C.C. Tinsley
'C.C. Tinsley' 2 days ago
Bethan Jones
'Bethan Jones' 2 days ago
5:40 how do they know that the lights were on at that time of Jennie saw it? If you look at the children that were never seen again, Jennie was one of them. I know the lights were seen on later, but still
Lucia Stevanja
'Lucia Stevanja' 4 days ago
"I guess that's a nice gesture" No Ryan no,no,no,no,no I'm outta here 😂
Mckinley Howard
'Mckinley Howard' 4 days ago
I blame the VFD
Amanda Mills
'Amanda Mills' 4 days ago
lol when you travel to fayetteville on the daily & your best friends mom used to live beside them 🙃
Martha Cox
'Martha Cox' 4 days ago
holy hell i know someone called Martha Sodder. (my names martha but i dont have that sir name lol)
'FANDI DK' 5 days ago
100 percent mafia stuff happen here
Hamish Pollard
'Hamish Pollard' 5 days ago
That salesman
Gracie Brade
'Gracie Brade' 5 days ago
By far my favourite buzzfeed unsolved!
Dat Boi
'Dat Boi' 5 days ago
Unsolved Mysteries is the only reason I stick with Buzzfeed
Apple Boi
'Apple Boi' 5 days ago
Aw no it's definitely not that guy that said I'm gonna burn your house down and murder your children NAAHHHHHHHH
Kawaii kitty
'Kawaii kitty' 5 days ago
I love Shane so much! The humour he adds to the siries is amazing
Tinned Soup
'Tinned Soup' 5 days ago
If they were kidnapped, surely the 12 and 14 year old would remember their parents. So why not try and find them when they are older?
Meghan Smith
'Meghan Smith' 5 days ago
"ad darn it, that's my darn sandwich. no wonder that sandwich tasted so bad the other day, i i mixed em up" 😂😂😂😂 dying
Harsh Verma
'Harsh Verma' 5 days ago
by far the funniest episode...
Mark Mahony
'Mark Mahony' 6 days ago
ok no joke I am completely scared my mother told me a story about my family that my grandmother and 5 of her siblings were in a fire and saved by a man who was not there grandfather. The man told them the rest of their family died in the fire.
courtney h
'courtney h' 6 days ago
when you live 5 minutes from fayetteville 🙃
Martha J
'Martha J' 6 days ago
Soo this is a late comment just wanted to point out that at the time i'm watching this I am twelve....and my name is Martha
Olivia Smith
'Olivia Smith' 6 days ago
Anyone else notice it happened on Christmas Eve ??
Olivia Smith
'Olivia Smith' 6 days ago
Served them breakfast at Christmas ??
round pinkish face
really like how Shane actually gets excited about these cases with Ryan
Patrick McCarron
'Patrick McCarron' 7 days ago
George Sodder is not exactly an Italian name. Sounds English, not Italian, just sayin.
Otf Jay
'Otf Jay' 7 days ago
Why didn't they check the basement
Gabriela Bravo
'Gabriela Bravo' 1 week ago
The detective died
TabbyCat X3000
'TabbyCat X3000' 1 week ago
Where did Brent go?
'basicallysam' 1 week ago
I love how the parents never gave up but its so sad how they died not knowing what really happened to their children 💔
Chloe Chapman
'Chloe Chapman' 1 week ago
they were kidnapped
Luciana Xx
'Luciana Xx' 1 week ago
Shane makes everything funny 😂😂
Tightrope Walker
'Tightrope Walker' 1 week ago
These two guys (the hosts) are supposed to be funny, I guess, but not all stories should be told with such lightheartedness and jocularity. After all, the tragedy here resulted in the destruction of many lives. In memory of the distraught parents who lost five children, and the siblings who were forever damaged, this story should be told with all the seriousness and respect it deserves. There isn't really anything funny here.
kevin keenan
'kevin keenan' 1 week ago
This would be better if These 2 BITCHES didn't giggle every 2 minutes!
'Lay' 1 week ago
(wheeze) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
'Dannygamerzwd' 1 week ago
I could run 2.5 miles in like 20 minutes what the heck
Julna Strickler
'Julna Strickler' 1 week ago
llil boys
'Noodles' 1 week ago
What if the Sales man could've been diversion which could make them think he was the kidnapper as someone else could've kidnapped them and them leaving no evidence. And the "faulty wiring" could've been effected on certain parts of the house such as that lamp being powered by a generator such in other words the electricity was organized differently. So in Conclusion Something went down....something dark
Jektho Na-Gig
'Jektho Na-Gig' 1 week ago
solved guys, same with the 43 from mexico, that kind of fire doesnt dissapears bodies...btw, shane is cute
'Amandine' 1 week ago
Just call Temperance Brennan for the bones ;)
Jonathan simmons
'Jonathan simmons' 1 week ago
Y'all mind if I hit that yeet
Gamergirl32 Worldwide
this is messed up im about to cry and those kids were cute
Teddie Renee
'Teddie Renee' 1 week ago
Go to the conjuring house! Or go to the Amityville house. Good luck, you're going to need it
'poopisnotpoop' 1 week ago
Ok, so maybe arson was involved, that's reasonable enough. But how come none of the "kidnapped" kids ever came forward? Did they like being kidnapped? Why didn't they try to return to their parents once they were old enough?
Khushi Joshi
'Khushi Joshi' 1 week ago
Shane is very funny
Lizandro Roque
'Lizandro Roque' 1 week ago
Did anyone see the shadow at 7:11 on the bottom
Jasmin Talukdar
'Jasmin Talukdar' 1 week ago
Annoying commentators
tekel fan crusoe dashhaunt
nightmeare before cristmas
Zombify MSP
'Zombify MSP' 1 week ago
Okay I know this has nothing to do with it but imagine having NINE kids...
Jill K
'Jill K' 1 week ago
Can you do Kurt Cobian
Patrycja Sta
'Patrycja Sta' 1 week ago
My favorite YouTube series ever ...
Charlotte Bolivar
'Charlotte Bolivar' 1 week ago
I know literally absolutely nothing about my family, but my mom's name is Betty. Now I'm freaking out.
Your Homie
'Your Homie' 1 week ago
Why does the father look so much like Robert De Niro?
'BirminghamProTeam' 1 week ago
Make more and I read this on Reader's Digest
Jayde Brown
'Jayde Brown' 1 week ago
you get a certificate for dying? sweet
Gary Webb III
'Gary Webb III' 1 week ago
the mystery of the Edmunds FitzGerald, a massive freighter that sunk mysteriously in lake superior.
tacowomenlover cx
'tacowomenlover cx' 1 week ago
Rest In Peace && Paradise To The Sodder Family So Sat Bless Their Souls
Megan Jemson
'Megan Jemson' 1 week ago
2.5 mph is the average walking time for dofe when you have a 2 stone on your back
'acrazgamerjack7' 1 week ago
I get scared aat night bur i cant stop coming back
NN IsSmiley
'NN IsSmiley' 1 week ago
George : So like there's this man who came into my house and told me he's going to burn my house and murder my children he's obviously the killer Police : Dafuq is you talkin you drunk you lil ho
Kyle Ritchie
'Kyle Ritchie' 1 week ago
the fire started at 1am on Christmas day... maybe it was santa clause
'bendybus' 1 week ago
3:08 that sends chills down my spine every time I watch this.
ccc Creeper
'ccc Creeper' 2 weeks ago
Why is this my favourite thing to watch?!
Adventure Time/The Flash
Why don't they look in a graveyard and see if after they got kidnapped they died and got buried in a graveyard
Kelsey Fuller
'Kelsey Fuller' 2 weeks ago
If you have a parent who says they were stolen from a fire and given a wonderful breakfast the next day 🍳 ROTFL
Rosa Kyle
'Rosa Kyle' 2 weeks ago
its so annoying that they stop just to talk & laugh thumb down just get with the story!!
'Cwita' 2 weeks ago
I love this series but you laugh too much, it is a sad story, not cool guys!!! you talk about some fake heart and then they found out that was a liver, and you are laughing so much.. yeah most of stuff you said sounds apsurd because someone set up this man a fire, but I do not see why you must speak in irony all the time!?
Roco Rose34
'Roco Rose34' 2 weeks ago
so annoying we cant dna the bones to find the child. ermergerd if ur kids are lost and you find bones then theres no point.
'KNJ' 2 weeks ago
OK so I really hope that whoever the kids are, because I don't believe they are dead, hear or know about this case. If they do know about this, I hope they go back and give some closure. Their parents tried so, so, so hard to try and find their five kids, even going off on dead end clues. If the five kids had families, I hope they end up going to the remaining families and visit the graves of the parents. They deserve some closure, even if its to a gravestone marker
Veronica Valderas
'Veronica Valderas' 2 weeks ago
I want to learn more about this
Natasha !
'Natasha !' 2 weeks ago
wth why did the parents in new York refuse to speak to the children's dad and the dad...just...left...? like what?
panda girl
'panda girl' 2 weeks ago
I know
Chatter Box
'Chatter Box' 2 weeks ago
did no one search the basement after the fire?
Yoshi Drawing
'Yoshi Drawing' 2 weeks ago
9 children ?! WOAH way to not keep it in your pants
Elizabeth L
'Elizabeth L' 2 weeks ago
I do believe that this might have been a kidnapping of some sort, but I could have been a run away case or even a case involving the children burning the house down. Over all what I have to say is, whoever tried to kidnap the kids did a horrible job covering it up.
allie morris
'allie morris' 2 weeks ago
It ain't a episode of Unsolved Mysteries unless there's the wheeze.
Ann Toons
'Ann Toons' 2 weeks ago
I love how this guys make scary stories so fun!
Sujata Chavan
'Sujata Chavan' 2 weeks ago
the creepy music is the reason why I am not able to sleep at night.
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