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I CAN NOT SLEEP! - Emotional Story -
Published: 1 year ago By: TheProphetsPath

By: TheProphetsPathPublished: 1 year ago

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Exotic Phoenix
'Exotic Phoenix' 2 weeks ago
to whom we should show sincerity of repentence?
'zayloristic' 2 months ago
Allah protects us. Alhamdulillah. Keep us all away from haram things, Oh Allah.
Adam Gaming
'Adam Gaming' 2 months ago
I can`t sleep so I stay awake till fijr then sleep till its duhr. May Allah(subhanahu wa ta'ala) guide me to the correct path as he did for the people before me. Ameen
huma Yousufzai
'huma Yousufzai' 3 months ago
Brothers and sisters please please pray for me thank you very very sick
deeqa duale
'deeqa duale' 3 months ago
Kingsmen 100
'Kingsmen 100' 4 months ago
That man is a fool....first of all he committed adultery...secondly he exposed his sin in front of another should not expose a sin that Allah has kept secret for you as a mercy...he was doing perfectly fine by he made a witness that knows he committed adultery... Iblees is smarter than we careful Muslims do not expose your sins thinking that others 'might' get a lesson from your story....Allah has sent Quran as best example...people can learn lessons from it...not your 'repentance after sinning' story. That's a big blunder a Muslim can commit especially if they are major sins involved.
UBD. jfr
'UBD. jfr' 4 months ago
FAKE How can a person with a Lot of wealth Can't sleep Properly... As if you would say anything with that sad voice in BG and we would belive it
Widodo Aditya A.N
'Widodo Aditya A.N' 5 months ago
I can't sleep..
abdullah qaiser
'abdullah qaiser' 5 months ago
'You're Not That Guy' 5 months ago
Who’s this speakers?
Abdurrahman Usman El-yaqub
May Allah forgive us and guide us to the straight path
Abdisalam A.salam
'Abdisalam A.salam' 5 months ago
Nahiyan Kabir
'Nahiyan Kabir' 6 months ago
Your videos are very nice and upload more beautiful videos for yr viewers😊😊
Blablabla Geertruida
'Blablabla Geertruida' 6 months ago
you have to writh down in youtube: "Ahmed the Repenter" . the story will take around 1 hour. Buth it's beautifull for those how lost hope in the mercy off Allah.
Blablabla Geertruida
'Blablabla Geertruida' 6 months ago
This story is about Ahmed the repenter. i love this story, because the end is beautifull. You can look it up. Ahmed the repenter.
pessi vs penaldo
'pessi vs penaldo' 6 months ago
Adan Bhat
'Adan Bhat' 8 months ago
Brothrx n sistrx by txtng on y.t u can't achieve jannah nor Almighty frgv u by thix thing...u need 2 wrshp instd of txtng hre
Robert G Mugabe
'Robert G Mugabe' 8 months ago
I love you Dana
rema ismail
'rema ismail' 9 months ago
Izhtaq Mo
'Izhtaq Mo' 10 months ago
pls akhii can u tell me this sheikh his name
Kate Middleton
'Kate Middleton' 10 months ago
7 WAYS TO GAIN ALLAH'S MERCY 1. Read the Quran 2. Dua after Obligatory prayers by staying seated. 3. Tahajjud and making your partner read Tahajjud by sprinkling water on their face. 4. Loving your children and giving them a good upbringing attains Allah's mercy. 5. One who have gentleness attains Allah's Mercy while selling goods or making decisions. 6. Saying, "Jazakhallah," when someone sneezes. 7. Thanking Allah and thanking people in your life like your parents and those who helped your parents. Showing gratitude attains Allah's mercy. One who is not grateful to People cannot be grateful to Allah. Gratitude avoids ignorance and Pride. Also, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, "A momin should feel the happiness and pain of another momin, just like when a part of the body hurts, the whole body feels it. Muslims in foreign countries need to improve their relationships with their relatives, and need to show concern during Eid and during a Funeral. People are not keeping in touch with each other. And it is compulsory and a duty to help your parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and children financially which cannot be classed as a charity. I am saying this because when my cousins come on Eid, they don't even bother to say, "Assalamwailaikum." And in Islam, we have to say, "assalamwailaikum," even when passing the graveyard. They didn't even bother to say Eid Mubarak. They were taking selfies, talking and laughing- proud and self-obsessed.
KenzBrightAtVEV O
'KenzBrightAtVEV O' 10 months ago
Help. I don't do these types of sins, but still I have sleeping problems.
Sunny Rose
'Sunny Rose' 10 months ago
Yaa Allah forgive us all and help us all. Amiin Yaa Allah
Fahima Jannath
'Fahima Jannath' 10 months ago
He cant sleep because he clearly regrets having had the affair. No offense but he is to blame. U cant blame others i.e. temptations around you. This man lacked loyalty to his wife hence why he had an affair!
Ace Ayaan
'Ace Ayaan' 10 months ago
aslamu alykum can somone please tell me the name of this sheikh
Amena2017 Begum
'Amena2017 Begum' 11 months ago
Is this a true story
Maya Carpenter
'Maya Carpenter' 11 months ago
can i go to cinema with my friend? to watch animations of of course. and im 14 years old
Faiz Uddin Ahmad
'Faiz Uddin Ahmad' 11 months ago
Nobody says this but Arab nations are seriously indulged in deep sin. May Allah SWT protect this ummah from the azaab of naar. Ameen.
Yusra Chowdhury
'Yusra Chowdhury' 1 year ago
Did you realize the child noises in the back?
'A O' 1 year ago
Night Eye
'Night Eye' 1 year ago
Shamsa Mehmood
'Shamsa Mehmood' 1 year ago
May Allah (SWT) guides us on his and Prophet (SAW) path.
'bromedian' 1 year ago
I love this channel but some of your videos, like this one, make no sense. This story was incoherent. At the end I was so disappointed.
hafsa khan
'hafsa khan' 1 year ago
May Allah save us all
Muharram Bint
'Muharram Bint' 1 year ago
Ameen Ya Rabb
'WatchOut' 1 year ago
Mashallah....This is shk.said Rageah
Akande Adewale Abdulrahmon
Subhannallah! The full story was narrated by Skh. Bilal Assad in his Lecture "Ahmed The Repenter"
Sympathetic Servant
Asalamu Alaykum Brothers and sisters I stated my Islamic YouTube channel. Please support inshallah. May Allah reward you.
'FURIOUS JAKE13' 1 year ago
subhan allah i was having playback errors on all other channels but when i opened this islamic channel the videos started to play
Live Offline
'Live Offline' 1 year ago
I don't feel sleepy sometime in the night eyes were closed but brain functioning
Zero Fox
'Zero Fox' 1 year ago
May Allah forgive us all for are past ,present and future sins
Rina- Allah
Subhanallah!! May ALLAH(SWT) forgive all of my sins...May He forgive all the whole ummah...May He pardon us all...Ya Allah, we beg Your forgiveness.. please don't punish us for what we were and what we are...Show us on a lot of Mercy and guide us in a straight path to reach Jannah..Aameen..
Khalid Aslam uk
'Khalid Aslam uk' 1 year ago
'Lamine' 1 year ago
YOU KNEED TO KNOW, PLEASE READ, EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: assalam u alaykum to all, brothers and sisters in islam, i have learned knowledge which i find VERY beneficial for me in the , hereafter and would like to share the virtues of doing these actions and would encourage you to share with as many people as possible to INCREASE YOUR REWARD, all these are authentic or hasan, you can verify if spectacle: treasures of paradise: Abu Hurairah (R.A) said: “The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said to me: ‘Be frequent in saying: Laa ḥawla wa laa quwwata illā billa”. For verily, it is a treasure from the treasures of Paradise”. Tirmidhi. please try and say it at least 100 times or more. sins removed: Whoever says “SubhanAllah wa bihamdihi” a hundred times during the day, his sins are wiped away, even if they are like the foam of the sea. [Sahih al-Bukhari; #7:168, Sahih Muslim; #4:2071] date palm in jannah: say "Subhana Allah Al Atheem Wa be hamdihi” سبحان الله العظيم وبحمده" and you will have a date palm in jannah, [Tirmidhi]. try your best to at least say 100 times. trees in jannah: Sayyiduna Abu Hurayrah (radiyallahu’anhu) reports that Rasulullah (sallallahu’alayhi wasallam) said: say: Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, La ilaha illallah or Allahu Akbar"" one tree will be planted for you in Jannah for each of these.” (سبحان الله والحمد لله ولا اله الا الله والله اكبر ). (Sunan Ibn Majah, hadith: 3807) Declared sound (hasan). if you say this 100 times, you get 400 TREES. houses in jannah: Narrated Mua’z bin Anas (R.A): “Whoever recites ‘Qul Huwa Allahu Ahad’ and completes it ten times, then Allah will build a palace for him in Paradise.” as-Silsilah as-Sahihah, No. 589 Reported by Umm Habibah (R.A) Allaah’s Messenger (P.B.U.H) said: “A house will be built in Heaven for one who prays 12 Sunnat Rak’aat in a day and evening as follows: 4 Rak’aat before and 2 after the Dhuhr Prayer, 2 after the Maghrib Prayer, 2 after the ‘Ishaa’ Prayer and 2 before the Fajr Prayer.” Narrated by at-Tirmizi pleased on the day: ALLAH (swt) has promised that anyone who says this 3 times in the morning and evening will be pleased on the day of judgment.. ( رضيت بالله ربا وبالاسلام دينا وبمحمد صلى الله عليه وسلم نبيا ورسول ) "Radhitu billahi Rabba Wa bil Islami deena Wa bimuhammadin salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam Nabiyyan wa Rasoolan" (hasan Hadith). saved from grave punishment: It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “A soorah from the Qur’aan containing thirty verses will intercede for a man so that he will be forgiven. It is the soorah Tabaarak Alathi bi yadihi’l-mulk [i.e., Surat al-Mulk].” Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 2891; Abu Dawood, 1400; Ibn Maajah, 3786. READ AFTER ISHA before sleeping. immense reward: “Whoever says: لا اله الا الله وحده لا شريك له، له الملك وله الحمد، وهو على كل شيء قدير la ilaha ila Allah wahdahu la sharika lah, lahu al-mulk wa lahu al-hamd, wa huwa `ala kulli shay’in qadir "There is no god but Allah, alone, without partner. His is the sovereignty, and His the praise, and He has power over everything 100 times a day will have a reward equivalent to the reward for freeing 10 slaves. Also, 100 deeds will be recorded for him & 100 bad deeds of his will be wiped off, & it will be a safeguard for him from Satan that day until evening, & no one will be better in deeds than such a person except he who does more than that.” [Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Nasa’i and Ibn Majah]" PLEASE say 100 times. PLEASE SHARE THIS, TO INCREASE YOUR VIRTUES AND TO HELP OTHERS AS THE MORE YOU SHARE THE GREATER YOUR REWARD WILL BE, AND TRY ALSO TO LEARN ITS MEANING
Izak Levi
'Izak Levi' 1 year ago
i love the man who is preaching in this video just WOW Masha Allah
'mochaman11' 1 year ago
So don't stay at a hotel if there's people dressed unIslamic or people drinking alcohol? Absolutely ridiculous. You make it sound like you're sharing the same room with them and partying. Get your (private room), go to sleep, and go about your business. People also drink on airlines, are you going to refuse to fly too? Or demand the flight attendants wear hijab? Unless you want to live in a box these are things that you will encounter in the modern world.
anime world
'anime world' 1 year ago
Stay strong guys ^.^ I don't think I'll ever get to heaven but I don't want to go hell, I want to stop being lazy T.T my loneliness and emotion takes over me until I say things that are really disgusting, I even lost hope. But I can't give up! No matter what happens I need to remember Allan is watching but I know I will sin, even if I don't want to it happens. I love all and hate no one I want all to be happy and all to have a peaceful exciting adventures life :) keep safe :3
D Snider
'D Snider' 1 year ago
You can't sleep because of all that Islam bullshit thats been programmed into your tiny little Muslim brain
'Bandwagon231' 1 year ago
Aren't you supposed to pray fajr *before* surprise? 1:57
Farhan Mohamed
'Farhan Mohamed' 1 year ago
May Allah forgive all of our past, present, and future sins, Ameen.
Sulaymaan Qureshi
'Sulaymaan Qureshi' 1 year ago
how can I adhere to the true people of ilm
'tlascar' 1 year ago
boring story wallahi
Aissatou sonia Bah
Allah huakbarr 😢😢😢😢
'Twofold' 1 year ago
Man it's so heart wrenching on how hard it is to live in this world without sinning.
justwor ship05
'justwor ship05' 1 year ago
subhanallah, i am shocked how some people cry out of commiting big sins and other muslims get used practising them
Shahzad Mohammad
'Shahzad Mohammad' 1 year ago
I think your talking about Bahrain because Saudis come here do such things and here alcohol is not banned like Saudi Arabia may Allah guide us
Mohammad Shafiullah
whose voice is it please?
blah blah blah blah
Orkida Mahmudi
'Orkida Mahmudi' 1 year ago
Movies Haram ? 😒
Naz Asif
'Naz Asif' 1 year ago
MmlkekfjhgzdbfkjnSvdjnaonafsfnkmvadbfojgsrkmdfva,mlnelrgmdvskflmvdfslkgvfdsklmfsarklnfsvlksfvnlvfmvlkdfznslvdfknklwrgnwrglknnsvfjknsvfjnwldfjfadjlnadfjafndk Csjdlsdvjlsodkvjpoisdvgkoqdvqsdovkjljdpksdmc,ok
H 16
'H 16' 1 year ago
Shady lövimé
'Shady lövimé' 1 year ago
3 shaitan already dislike this :)
Arrogant Amassador
that me every night
'motoToxin' 1 year ago
Why was the Prophet allowed to have at least 9 wives at one time when all others are only permitted 4 ?
Me Too
'Me Too' 1 year ago
Genuine taubah is the master key to Allah Tabarak wa Ta'ala's forgiveness.
Subscribe For subscribe
You spelt cannot wrong.
Sheela Anwar
'Sheela Anwar' 1 year ago
May Allah swt protect us from becoming disobedience to him and give us to the straight path.Ameen😞🙏
( O_〉O)?
'( O_〉O)?' 1 year ago
May Allah forgive all of our past, present, and future sins, Ameen.
Segun Ola
'Segun Ola' 1 year ago
Muhammad kurdi
'Muhammad kurdi' 1 year ago
may allah rewards you
'damdama2001' 1 year ago
the ending?
Fizzy Tv
'Fizzy Tv' 1 year ago
'Khadija' 1 year ago
Mo yzdn
'Mo yzdn' 1 year ago
Deep meaningful message thanks, may Allah bless you!
Lila M
'Lila M' 1 year ago
This story relates to me
Halal Chef
'Halal Chef' 1 year ago
🖒⚠ I thought a filter was either something we used in chemistry at school or a part for a car. Little did i know it's a key tool in the arsenal of every selfie-loving hijabi on the planet. Allahul musta'an. It's impossible to go anywhere without finding people clicking selfies trying to make their lives seem perfect and idyllic online. Brothers and sisters let's live our lives without having to broadcast every moment to the world. I promise it's more fun this way. More sincere and safer from the evil eye. Abu Ibraheem Hussnayn
Halal Chef
'Halal Chef' 1 year ago
🚫 Dressed but Naked🚫 The explanation of the narration: "Dressed but (practically) naked." Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah Rahimahullah said: "It is like when a woman wears a thin material dress which exposes the colour of her skin or wearing a tight dress which shapes her body." [Al-Fataawa 146/22]
Halal Chef
'Halal Chef' 1 year ago
⚠🖒 The Example Of This Dunyā The Messenger of Allāh Ṣallallāhu-'Alaihi Wa Sallam said: “Indeed, the food of son of Ādam is set forth as a parable for the world (Dunyā), even if he adds spices and salt into it, then let him look to how it ends up (as waste).” ● [مختصر صحيح الجامع الصغير ٢١٩٥ ، حسنه الألباني]
'SKIZZO YT' 1 year ago
Allahu Akbar!
Sohail Khan
'Sohail Khan' 1 year ago
can some one tell who is giving the lecture??
Meemon fatima
'Meemon fatima' 1 year ago
Subhan Allah
R Islomzoda
'R Islomzoda' 1 year ago
Here are 28 Tips revealing how you can earn the mercy of Allah, earn a position in Jannah, have your prayers answered and earn multi-billions to trillions of good deeds and in conclusion please Allah: 1. Whoever recites Ayatul-Kursi (Surah 2:255) immediately after each prescribed prayer, then nothing can prevent him from entering Paradise except death! – Memorise and recite this ayah if you want Jannah. There are other virtues to Ayatul-Kursi! 2. No one will enter paradise because of his good deeds but because of Allah’s mercy (Bukhari) – Always beg for the mercy of Allah and repent for taking any wrong path. His mercy you will Insha-Allah earn as Allah is Al-Afu (The Most Forgiving). One of the best times for this is prayer times. Note: Those who are merciful will be shown mercy by the Most Merciful. Be merciful to those on the earth and the One in the heavens will have mercy upon you (Tirmidhī 1924) 3. Whoever performs wudhu (ablution) and does so well, and then says: “Ashhadu al-la ilaaha illallaah wahdahu la shareeka lahu wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan 'abduhu wa rasuluhu” all 8 gates of Paradise are opened for them and they can enter from whichever they wish! (Sahih Muslim) – Wudhu in itself has many virtues to help you enter Jannah. 4. Whoever prays the two cool prayers (Asr and Fajr) will go to Paradise. (Sahih al-Bukhari). - NEVER miss any of your daily obligatory prayers. Each participates enormously in making you among those who enter Jannah. For sure you wouldn’t miss one of the 5 pillars of Islam? 5. Perform the 12 key important Sunnah mu’akkadah rakats. It is stated that: "Whoever prays twelve rakats in a day, a house will be built for him in Paradise (Sunan an-Nasa'I Vol 2. 1811) 6. Perform The Night prayers such as Tahajjud or Qiyam ul layl. Research why & see their virtues . 7. OF COURSE AS A MUSLIM YOU SHOULD KNOW AND NEVER IGNORE THE 5 PILLARS OF ISLAM ALONG WITH THE 6 PILLARS OF FAITH 8. Whoever asks Allah for Paradise 3 times Paradise will say, ‘O Allah, admit him to Paradise.’ Whoever seeks protection from the Fire 3 times, Hell will say, ‘O Allah, protect him from the Fire.’ (al-Tirmidhi, 2572) 9. Whoever calls the Adhan for 12 years, Jannah will become mandatory for him. (Sunan Ibn Majah). - If this is so perform the Adhan even when you pray alone! Note: A female doesn't perform the Adhan 10. After every prayer you can Insha-Allah have wrong actions forgiven even if they are abundant as the foam on the sea. For this when you are performing the Tasbih say: Subhana'llah 33 times and Allahu Akbar 33 times and Al-hamdu lillah 33 times, and seal the 100 with La ilaha illa'llah, wahdahu la sharika lah, lahu'l mulku wa lahu'l hamd, wa huwa ala kulli shay'in qadr (Muwatta Imam Malik) – Allah is Al-Afu (The Most Forgiving). He shall Insha-Allah bless you with his mercy 11. Laa 'illaha 'illallahu wahdahu la shareeka lahu, lahul-mulku wa lahul-hamdu, wa Huwa 'alaa kulli shay'in Qadeer Subhaanallahi, walhamdu lillaahi, wa laa 'ilaha 'illallahu, wallaahu 'akbar, wa laa hawla wa laa Quwwata 'illaa billaahil-'Aliyyil-'Adheem, Rabbighfir lee - Whoever says this will be forgiven, and if he supplicates Allah, his prayer will be answered; if he performs ablution and prays, his prayer will be accepted. (Al-Bukhari, cf. Al-Asqalani, Fathul-Bari 3/39, among others. The wording here is from Ibn Majah 2/335) – PERFORM THIS WHEN YOU WAKE UP (go to the following link to read the IMPORTANT comment in page 132. This is a must!) 12. Allah's Messenger went to bed, sleep on his right side and then say, "All-ahumma aslamtu nafsi ilaika, wa wajjahtu wajhi ilaika, wa fauwadtu `Amri ilaika, wa alja'tu zahri ilaika, raghbatan wa rahbatan ilaika. La Malja'a wa la manja minka illa ilaika. Amantu bikitabika al-ladhi anzalta wa nabiyyika al-ladhi arsalta! Allah's Messenger said, "Whoever recites these words (before going to bed) and dies the same night, he will die on the Islamic religion (as a Muslim). [Bukhari] 13. When you beg Allah for his mercy for all your sins ensure that you also beg for his mercy for any SHIRK that you may have committed knowingly or unknowingly in your life. After a person dies, they will not be forgiven for shirk. The only chance of forgiveness for shirk is if one repents BEFORE they die. 14. Indeed, anyone who fasts for 1 day for Allah's Pleasure, Allah will keep his face away from the (Hell) fire for (a distance covered by a journey of) 70 years (Bukhari)! – Fast regularly e.g. Mondays and Thursdays. 15. Fast in Ramadan as it is one of your 5 pillars and continue on with fasting in the 6 days of Shawwal where it is Sunnah for you to fast in which you get a blessing of fasting for a lifetime (At-Tirmidhi) – Imagine the good deed behind fasting for only 6 extra days 16. Whoever takes a path in search of knowledge, Allah will make easy for him the path to Jannah (Jami` at-Tirmidhi) 17. Whosoever last words are: La ilaha illa Allah, will enter Paradise. (Sunan Abu Dawud). Beg Allah every day to make these your last words. Allah shall Insha’Allah respond to you as he is Al-Mujeeb (The Responsive)! Never quit begging Allah! One of the best times to beg Allah almighty is when you beg Allah almighty for something in the times of obligatory prayer. 18. If you want a very high position in Jannah beg Allah to be blessed with one of the best positions of Jannah-Al-Firdaws. BEG IN ALL YOUR OBLIGATORY PRAYERS and other good times about 3 times or more. NEVER STOP this! You will Insha’Allah get a response of a Yes. Many reasons for this e.g. Allah is Ar-Razzaq (The Provider) he shall provide you with the good answer Insha’Allah. 19. Recite Durood/Salawat regularly. Many virtues from a Durood. Many different Duroods available to recite with great benefits to increase your chance of entering Jannah. Research them. Reciting a Durood is showing love for our Prophet (PBUH)! 20. Most beloved deed to Allah is that which is done regularly even if it is small. Perform a specific good deed regularly for example reciting a specific surah of the Holy Quran every single day. One example is Surah al-Fātiḥah: gives a reward of reciting 2/3 of the Quran which is equal to about 2,157,807 Good Deeds (rounded up & from the view that Quran has 323671 letters). 21. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: ‘Whoever reads Surah al-Kahf on the day of Jumu’ah, a light will shine for him from beneath his feet to the clouds of the sky, which will shine for him on the Day of Resurrection, and he will be forgiven (his sins) between the two Fridays. 22. There is a surah in the Qur'an, with 30 verses, which will intercede for its companion (the one who recites it) until he is forgiven (Surah Mulk) (Sunan Ibn Majah) – Recite this surah every day. If you do so Insha-Allah you will gain the mercy of Allah (a solid help to enter Jannah) 23. Allah has 99 names, 100 less one. Anyone who learns them will enter Jannah. (Al-Bukhari and Muslim) – By definition: Memorizing the names, understanding the meanings, acting in accordance with their implications and calling upon Allah by them will earn you a position in Jannah. 24. One can earn good deeds even after death: “When the human being dies, his deeds come to an end except for 3: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge, or a righteous child who prays for him.” (Sahih Muslim 1631) – Note that the beneficial knowledge is one of the 3 ways to earn good deeds even after death. For this give all out there your beneficial knowledge of Islam to help them for their afterlife. Whenever they practice what you teach them you gain good deeds. Even if you pass away you gain good deeds because the help you gave out will Insha-Allah be spread out for generations and you would gain good deeds whenever anyone practices from the help you once gave out after it reaches them due to you. Imagine earning multi-billions to trillions of good deeds Insha-Allah!!! Your position in the afterlife will Insha-Allah be Jannah from something simple you do. So why not do it? 25. Subhan Allah wa bihamdihi (Glory be to Allah and Praise Him) - Whoever says this 100 times a day, will be forgiven all his sins even if they were as much as the foam of the sea (Bukhari) – Recite these strong words every day and Insha-Allah the mercy of Allah you would gain (a solid help to enter Jannah). There are other virtues from reciting this (one more listed below). 26. Subhan-Allahi wa bihamdihi - He who recites this in the morning and in the evening 100 times, will not be surpassed on the Day of Resurrection by anyone with better deeds than one who utters the same words or utters more of these words [Riyad as-Salihin Book 16 Hadith 44 – Collected from Muslim] – Imagine bringing Multi-Billions of good deeds or even trillions in the day of judgment for something so simple. Just start and don’t quit (recite everyday). 27. Earn the strong supportive Dua of Your Parents for your afterlife 28. REMAIN IN THE RIGHT PATH ALL YOUR LIFE (avoid doing major and minor sins etc)
l mohamed
'l mohamed' 1 year ago
Here are some motivating tips from Allah and our Prophet (SAWS) to help you raise your degrees in Jannah as well as increase your property. I) Raise your degrees 1) Memorising the Quran Abd-Allah Ibn 'Amr narrated that the Prophet (SAWS) said :"It will be said to the companion of the Quran : Recite and rise in status, recite as you used to recite in the world, for your status will be at the last verse that you recite." [ Tirmidhi and Abu Dawood ] 2) Doing a lot of dhikr Abu Darda (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates that the Prophet (SAWS) said :"Shall I not inform you the best and the purest of your deed in the sight of your Master, which is the highest in your degrees, is superior to your spending gold and silver in charity, and is better than confronting and fighting against your enemy, cutting one another's necks?". The companions submitted :"Yes, indeed!". He (SAWS) said :"It is remembering Allah." [ Sahih Tirmidhi ] 3) Saying a dhikr after fajr and maghrib that will make you raise 10 degrees According to Abou Ayaych Al Zarqi (may Allah be pleased with him), the Prophet (SAWS) said :" Whoever says in the morning :'La ilaha illa Allah wahdahou la charika lah lahou moulk wa lahoul hamd wa houwa 'ala kouli chay in qadir' has the reward of releasing one slave among bani Ismail, 10 good deeds are written for him, 10 bad deeds are removed for him and is raised 10 degrees and is protected against Shaytan until the evening. And if he says it in the evening, then he has the same things until the morning." [ Ahmed ] 4) Doing good deeds(at least compulsory good deeds) and staying away from bad deeds Allah said :" And whoever comes to Him (Allah) as a believer, and has done righteous good deeds, for such are the high ranks (in the Hereafter)." (Quran 20:75) 5) Doing a lot of nawafil (non compulsory deeds) According to Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him), the Messenger of Allah (SAWS) said :" Allah said :" Whosoever shows enmity to someone devoted to Me, I shall be at war with him. My servant draws near to Me with anything more loved by Me than the religious duties I have enjoined upon him, and My servant continues to draw near to Me with supererogatory works so that I shall love him. When I love him I am his hearing with which he hears, his seeing with which he sees, his hand with which he strikes and his foot with which he walks. Were he to ask [something] of Me, I would surely give it to him, and were he to ask Me for refuge, I would surely grant him it. I do not hesitate about anything as much as I hesitate about [seizing] the soul of My faithful servant : he hates death and I hate hurting him." [ Bukhari ] 6) How to earn Jannat ul-Firdaws (highest degree in Jannah) Allah said :"1) Certainly the believers have succeeded : 2) They who are during their prayer humbly submissive, 3) And they who turn away from ill speech, 4) And they who are observant of Zakah, 5) And they who guard their private parts, 6) Except from their wives or those their right hands possess, for indeed, they will not be blamed, 7) But whoever seeks beyond that, then those are the transgressors, 8) And they who are to their trusts and their promises attentive, 9) And they who carefully maintain their prayers, 10) Those are the inheritors, 11) Who will inherit Al-Firdaws. They will abide theirein eternally." (Quran 23 : 1-11) 7) Making a sincere du'aa that you desire Jannat ul-Firdaws It was recorded in the Two Sahihs that the Messenger of Allah (SAWS) said :"If you ask Allah for Paradise, then ask Him for Al-Firdaws for it is the highest part of Paradise, in the middle of Paradise, and from it spring the rivers of Paradise, and above it is the Throne of the Most Merciful." [ Bukhari and Muslim ] II) Increase your property II-1) How to build a palace 1) Reciting 10 times surah 'Ikhlas' The Prophet (SAWS) said:"Whoever recites Qul huwallaahu aHad (Surah Ikhlaas) ten times, Allah will build for him a house in Paradise." [Saheeh al-Jaami’ al-Sagheer, 6472)] PS : It is a very easy way to earn a palace and it only takes about one minute. So you can earn 10 palaces in 10 minutes. Don't waste this great opportunity and try to make this a motivating habit and earn as many palaces as you can. 2) Praying 12 rak'aat in a day Narrated by Umm Habibah (RA) that the Messenger of Allah (SAWS) said :"A house will be built in Heaven for one who prays 12 Sunnat Rak'aat in a day and evening as follows : 4 rak'aat before and 2 after the Dhur Prayer, 2 after the Maghrib Prayer, 2 after the 'Ishaa' Prayer and 2 before the Fajr Prayer." [ Tirmidhi ] PS : According to the scholars, the 4 rak'aat should be performed by 2 prayers of 2 rak'aat 3) Going to the masjid The Prophet (SAWS) said :"Whoevers goes to the masjid or comes back from it, Allah prepares for him a house in Paradise every time he goes or comes back." [ Bukhari and Muslim ] 4) Building a masjid The Prophet (SAWS) said :"Whoever builds a masjid (mosque) for Allah, Allah will build for him likewise in Paradise." [ Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim ] 5) Abandoning arguments and lies and improving your behaviour Abu Umamah (RA) narrated that the Prophet (SAWS) said :"I am a guarantor for a house on the outskirts of Paradise for whosoever leaves off arguing, even if he is in the right; and a house in the center of Paradise for whosoever abandons falsehood, even when joking; and a house in the upper-most part of Paradise for whosoever makes his character good." [ Abu Dawud ] II-2) How to earn other great things in your property 1) A tree in Jannah Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud (RA) reported that the Prophet (SAWS) said :"I met Nabi Ibrahim (AS) when I was taken on Mi'aj (ascension to the heavens) and he told me :"O Muhammad, convey my salam (greetings) to your ummat and tell them that Jannah has good soil and sweet water, but it is barren. The plantation of Jannah is (the recital of) Subhan'Allah, Alhamdulill'AH? La ilaha illa Allah and Allahu Akbar." [ Sunan Tirmidhi, hadith: 3462. Imam Tirmidhi has classified his hadith as sound (hasan) ] PS : It is time to build our own huge forests insha'Allah. So let's get motivated. 2) A palm tree in Jannah Hadhrat Jaa'bir (RA) narrated that the Prophet (SAWS) said :"For the person who recites 'SUBHAN'ALLAH HIL AZEEM WA BIHAMDIHI' (Pure and Perfect is Allah in his glory and praise], - A date palm will be planted for him in Paradise". [ Tirmidhi ] 3) Treasures of Jannah Hadhrat Abu Dharr (RA) narrated that the Prophet (SAWS) said :" Should I not tell you of one treasure of the unlimited treasures of Paradise?" I replied spontaneously "Oh Rasulallah (SAWS) that would be an honor indeed!" Rasulallah (SAWS) said :"That rare is 'LA HAWLA WA LA QUWWATA ILLA BILLAH."(There is no power and no strength except with Allah) [ Ibn Majah ] 4) A particular amazing palace Abdallah Ibn 'Amr (RA) narrated that the Prophet (SAWS) said :"There is a room (palace) in Paradise whose outside is seen from its inside and whose inside is visible from its outside." So Abou Malk Al Ach'ari (MA) asked :"For whom is it, O Messenger of Allah?". He (SAWS) said :"These rooms will belong to the ones who speak good words, feed the poor, they fast and pray at night when people are at sleep." [ Reported by Tabarani and authenticated bu Shaykh Albani in Sahih Targhib No. 617) PS : These 4 conditions can be done during Ramadan since we have to fast, speak good, feed the poor (even if just once) and pray at night when people are asleep (after Taraweeh for example). Besides, this palace is probably made of glass if we can see the outside from the inside and the inside from the outside. So let's all strive for this amazing palace. 5) Hoor Al Ain (women of Paradise) The Prophet (SAWS) said :"Whoever suppresses anger and he is able to act upon it, then Allah (SWT) will call him on the day of judgement in front of everyone and make him choose whichever one of the women of Paradise he wants (of Al hoor Al Ayn)". [ Sahih Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud ] PS : Let's not let go of all of these wonderful rewards. Because remember, the bigger your property, the greater the pleasure. It's time for us to wake up. Share this with others so that you gain as much rewards as them practising. May Allah grant all of us Jannat ul-Firdaws. Ameen.
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