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Pitbull - Freedom -
Published: 1 year ago By: PitbullVEVO

By: PitbullVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

14, 434, 449 views

82, 206 Likes   7, 611 Dislikes

Pitbull's new album 'Climate Change' is out now! Includes new single "Options" ft. Stephen Marley and "Greenlight" ft. Flo Rida, LunchMoney Lewis plus new collaborations with Kiesza, Jennifer Lopez, Jason Derulo, Leona Lewis, Enrique Iglesias and more! Get it now:
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Matthew Robb
'Matthew Robb' 2 days ago
Please don't be on my cruise...
InstinctiveNinja999 Gamer
I got off the cruise ship yesterday
jayson paragsa
'jayson paragsa' 4 days ago
coz I'm free to do what I want....and have a good time.. 🙌
'OGAnarchy' 6 days ago
oh my god pitbull altered the lyrics. soup dragons is better no disrespect to pitbull
'OGAnarchy' 6 days ago
the other versions are better.
'Zayn' 1 week ago
Hirak Halder
'Hirak Halder' 1 week ago
Karen Albarran
'Karen Albarran' 2 weeks ago
I love pitbulls music my name is Karen play some more music mr. Pinball
'GOURAB KAIRI' 3 weeks ago
just omg
Ana Maria Perez Dias
que fome no está mipais
Arlete Silva
'Arlete Silva' 3 weeks ago
*cadê os caraio dos br??😂*
Cameron Kanachki
'Cameron Kanachki' 3 weeks ago
Pitbull, thanks for ruining the classic song I'm Free by The Soup Dragons with this piece of crap song.
Ajay Puhal
'Ajay Puhal' 3 weeks ago
omg omg omg omg omg omg song
mr Jacob Dalman
'mr Jacob Dalman' 3 weeks ago
this song is so good
triller sammy
'triller sammy' 4 weeks ago
very good song
J Wells
'J Wells' 4 weeks ago
Am free to do what I want and have a good time just live your life cause you only live once
- inTegrity -
'- inTegrity -' 1 month ago
When I live #Twice I do it for real 😎
Richard Fernando
'Richard Fernando' 1 month ago
this was on the wimpy kid movie
Bram Schiebroek
'Bram Schiebroek' 1 month ago
Best intro I've ever heard! Whenever I hear this song I repeat the intro at least twice. Thank you for this masterpiece.
Arunkrishnan GM Chempoor
Supper song pittbull wonderful singer
Vitial FFA
'Vitial FFA' 1 month ago
Pit bull is every low class persons favorite artist
Mrs D
'Mrs D' 1 month ago
My flags made this video❤️USA-México-Spain😘💯❤️
Gabriel Parra
'Gabriel Parra' 1 month ago
Aizen Almeida
'Aizen Almeida' 1 month ago
q temaso me encanta
All-Around Video Gamer
Did anyone come from Diary Of A Wimpy Kid?
Ellie Elizabeth
'Ellie Elizabeth' 2 months ago
Friend: "what country are you from?" Me: "I am from no country, I am Mr Worldwide."
Alok Nath
'Alok Nath' 2 months ago
Peter Productions
'Peter Productions' 2 months ago
i literally hear this song on almost every summer commercial but i love this song
Erika steel
'Erika steel' 2 months ago
I went on that cruise it was amazing
'Blurryface012' 2 months ago
Who else came here from the new Diary Of A Wimpy Kid movie?
Oliver A
'Oliver A' 2 months ago
🎵Free to do what i want and have a good time🎵
lampard ktw
'lampard ktw' 2 months ago
fucking pitbull find always sex pussys
alonso solis
'alonso solis' 2 months ago
longteng lin
'longteng lin' 2 months ago
'zzzzImTired' 2 months ago
hot girls in the video. The song is trash. He shouldn't have been allowed to sample the rolling stones song.
Radek Bastl
'Radek Bastl' 2 months ago
Faith.. that's the most important thing. I love that Lady Britain .. she is my Goddess
Dane Hart
'Dane Hart' 2 months ago
Woww.. this is masterpiece
Kennethgxy 43tvjgcxi Owenghvhkgjc76gg
Michael owen 13456789
'FusioN' 2 months ago
diary of a wimpy kid brought me here
Sophie Calabrese
'Sophie Calabrese' 2 months ago
oml my favourite song now, i just changed fav songs like two days ago!!! lmfao!! ( my fav song was uma thurman by fall out boy)
wesley and jeffrey swag productions
the long haul copied this fricking song to make the movie cool
King Brendan
'King Brendan' 2 months ago
The cruise line that he rented that boat from is famous.....I litarally just got back from a cruise on Norwegian Dawn.....#Norwegian Rules.......#Fuck CarnivalCruiseLine
Marcelo León Abarca
'Marcelo León Abarca' 2 months ago
Salva !!
Denise Calvo
'Denise Calvo' 3 months ago
i also like this song
Waz Uupp
'Waz Uupp' 3 months ago
I'll probably get hate but whatever Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul Trailer
Karla Castillo
'Karla Castillo' 3 months ago
The Besssssst💘.
The Duskull Kid
'The Duskull Kid' 3 months ago
the long haul!!
kay kay YASS
'kay kay YASS' 3 months ago
Did he say 3.99 OMG thats sad
'KING KWAN' 3 months ago
Sub to my channels it will get better and is growing its new
Jőzef BK
'Jőzef BK' 3 months ago
Morocco ❤❤❤❤
TST BNB PitBull Kober126
What's the girl's name from the UK. She is so hot.
QUAN Jamerson
'QUAN Jamerson' 3 months ago
'VLOGGER AYUSH' 3 months ago
who came after watching brown gentlemen live stream
secur developer
'secur developer' 3 months ago
ني مطفي
stargavity 12
'stargavity 12' 3 months ago
Thx Royal Caribbean ad
ámbar fer
'ámbar fer' 3 months ago
obvio que la de México era la mejor.
Edmund Fabon
'Edmund Fabon' 3 months ago
i love to dance with a lot of songs of Pitbull lik this song like it.
- inTegrity -
'- inTegrity -' 3 months ago
*yawns* #Freedom ..hmph.. 😎
kayty slwep
'kayty slwep' 4 months ago
simplemente México es el mejor
Toufik Kerouani
'Toufik Kerouani' 4 months ago
Prince Hunt
'Prince Hunt' 4 months ago
the boy is a beast, hot track
kevin aldair mechan pisfil
Soup Dragons - "I'm Free"
AceJay sanders
'AceJay sanders' 4 months ago
Lucy Evangelist
'Lucy Evangelist' 4 months ago
It's super no What super??? It's perfect
AceJay sanders
'AceJay sanders' 4 months ago
no sky is
AceJay sanders
'AceJay sanders' 4 months ago
no ws
Hosein Abdolahi
'Hosein Abdolahi' 4 months ago
Karla Castillo
'Karla Castillo' 4 months ago
Mi fav.💖
N. Oliva
'N. Oliva' 4 months ago
Just me ??The Chinese girl doesn't look Chinese at all...
'M R' 4 months ago
guzal . rangli
Not My Rodrick
'Not My Rodrick' 4 months ago
Who's here from the new Diary of a wimpy kid the long haul trailer
- inTegrity -
'- inTegrity -' 4 months ago
The only way to win is not to play. #Nah 😎
Scstar of Animal Jam
'Scstar of Animal Jam' 4 months ago
HA HA HA HA HA. I just realized that woman at 2:58 gave the other guy her sea pass card...
Anonymous User
'Anonymous User' 4 months ago
another clever ad of NCL lol just like NCL's advertising by doing a music video of happy with pharrell williams and btw i saw a youtube video about ship spotting in miami and used pitbull's song when the Norwegian Escape is about to depart from the port
Jazlynn Ohana
'Jazlynn Ohana' 4 months ago
im noemi erudina castillo dob 11_15/1974
'mysticalsquared' 4 months ago
Diary of an Autistic Kid: The Little Hypocrite
Bhuchal singh
Matvey Yevtushenko
'Matvey Yevtushenko' 4 months ago
I love pitbull
Fernando Jiménez
'Fernando Jiménez' 4 months ago
It is a version or rather a plagiarism of the song "I'm free" of the Soup Dragons. An excellent British group from the time of the Stone Roses.
Ryo Anugerah
'Ryo Anugerah' 4 months ago
How to make a Pitbull song. 1. Mention 4-5 random cities, especially Miami. 2. Say "dale" repeatedly. 3. Say as much Spanish words as possible.
Kuma Biwa
'Kuma Biwa' 4 months ago
久々に洋楽でおっ!と思った 体も軽く高速リズムきざみたくなる♪~freedom!
Aleksandar Kastratovic
his voice on the beginning "paramparampara" made the mexico girl so sexy ... omg :D
'KING KWAN' 5 months ago
The escape was awesome
oooohhhhh sound of year Music of the year like :)
May 9
'May 9' 5 months ago
Rosie Mason
'Rosie Mason' 5 months ago
that goes to all men who made me miserable
'SeaPicklez' 5 months ago
lol i went on this ship for a week and this was one of the songs they played
uncle jack
'uncle jack' 5 months ago
i love your lips . 😂
'Datks' 5 months ago
La de China es una tabla, no tiene tetas
'Anita' 5 months ago
'mangatic776' 5 months ago
very subtle
Cena Josée
'Cena Josée' 5 months ago
John Cena jr and me are together since may 2010 and unbreakable invicible and happy and free from WWE forever and going in vacations soon we deserve it.
Francis Crowley
'Francis Crowley' 5 months ago
What's the name of china girl?
Glenda Consorte
'Glenda Consorte' 5 months ago
I love you Armando 😘
Stephanie Bunch
'Stephanie Bunch' 5 months ago
Diego Sanchez
'Diego Sanchez' 5 months ago
like si crees que todas las chicas estan hermosas
Evelyn Ramirez
'Evelyn Ramirez' 5 months ago
Pitbull i love you
Alicia campbell campbell
what does freedom mean
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