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Pitbull - Freedom -
Published: 1 year ago By: PitbullVEVO

By: PitbullVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

13, 309, 796 views

78, 332 Likes   7, 336 Dislikes

Pitbull's latest music video featuring Norwegian Cruise Line's newest ship, Norwegian Escape. To learn more about Norwegian Cruise Line and Pitbull's upcoming Cruise "Pitbull's After Dark Party" visit:

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'mangatic776' 1 day ago
very subtle
Cena Josée
'Cena Josée' 1 day ago
John Cena jr and me are together since may 2010 and unbreakable invicible and happy and free from WWE forever and going in vacations soon we deserve it.
Francis Crowley
'Francis Crowley' 2 days ago
What's the name of china girl?
Glenda Consorte
'Glenda Consorte' 2 days ago
I love you Armando 😘
Stephanie Bunch
'Stephanie Bunch' 4 days ago
Diego Sanchez
'Diego Sanchez' 4 days ago
like si crees que todas las chicas estan hermosas
Evelyn Ramirez
'Evelyn Ramirez' 1 week ago
Pitbull i love you
Alicia campbell campbell
what does freedom mean
Auli Korhonen
'Auli Korhonen' 2 weeks ago
Heather Fries
'Heather Fries' 2 weeks ago
Come join the NCL Fans on FB!
'CoolGamerEmirhan' 2 weeks ago
watcing 2017 !!!!
Lance Dapetilo Arellano
I loved the freefall
Lance Dapetilo Arellano
the breakaway was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
'michell007ful' 3 weeks ago
Yo me imagino en esos dias que Pitbull filmo el video , los Crew Members estarian haciendo alboroto por tenerlo a bordo. Que envidia.
Jordan Alexander
'Jordan Alexander' 3 weeks ago
I'm going on that ship in April the Norwegian Escape
dimaswisastra bagus prasetyo
PITBULL you sing in FREEDOM OF THE SEAS is verry verry good, don't in NCL NORWEGIAN ESCAPE...becaus FREDOOM OF SEAS is name FREEDOM=kebebasan!!
James Mira
'James Mira' 3 weeks ago
I played this song and danced when I made the right decision and ended a poisonous relationship. 😂😂😂
'SebiConc' 4 weeks ago
I got off today off the escape. I miss the crew. Such a great cruise
'Dzhem1' 1 month ago
Have anyone cruised with Royal Caribbean? The are the best!
Mohamed Elhawary
'Mohamed Elhawary' 1 month ago
Cadê os BR ???
Gregory Anderson
'Gregory Anderson' 1 month ago
Richard Ojeda
'Richard Ojeda' 1 month ago
Hello my name is Richard, a Personal Cruise Consultant directly with Norwegian Cruise Line. For immediate reservations and assistance, contact me at (954)514-4531. I have all the latest/up-to-date specials & promotions. It would be my absolute pleasure to speak to you. I look forward to your call. Thank you.
cony madahy dahan
'cony madahy dahan' 1 month ago
no me gusta la voz de este tipo canta orrible con esa voz tan fea que tiene siempre ke canta con otro artista arruina las canciones 🙈👎👅
'TBLA' 1 month ago
Sofía Rodriquez
'Sofía Rodriquez' 1 month ago
oh yh this song I heard in the cruise I went to
'p6mkq' 1 month ago
Mexico,Australia and Bahamas = super hot.
Aditya kumar verma
'Aditya kumar verma' 1 month ago
so good sir
Mya Michelle Sutton
'Mya Michelle Sutton' 1 month ago
bruh they never stopped playing this song XD
'Ski2010' 1 month ago
People have to learn to step back and give other breathin rm
Fatima Piokoe
'Fatima Piokoe' 1 month ago
PITBULL -yooooohooo 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋FREEDOM - Jadooore leur tutu rouge les danseuses sont belles à croquer......hmmm sexy 💋💋💋💋💋
Audrey Van Delden
'Audrey Van Delden' 1 month ago
cuz i'm free to do what i want. And have a good time. NICE ^^
Jordan R Adams
'Jordan R Adams' 1 month ago
Happy birthday, Pitbull! I am so proud of you all the fans around the world and have a good time out there. Love you, ladies!🎉🎈😊
'bergercookie' 1 month ago
Too hot papi !!!! Happy Birthday Pitbull ❤🔥😍😘😘😘😘
jose cruz pascua lopez
Mariano Salerno
'Mariano Salerno' 2 months ago
Dylan Jhonson
'Dylan Jhonson' 2 months ago
Brayden H
'Brayden H' 2 months ago
I got of the Escape today!! It was awesome
Rushdi Ishmail
'Rushdi Ishmail' 2 months ago
Great song. 😎
The Gamer Tank
'The Gamer Tank' 2 months ago
getting off the epic the escape and the getaway was so hard love this cruise line so much this song played all day on every boat.
bathbaby123 bathbaby123
Juleia Sassin I love someone else it is miagge more
bathbaby123 bathbaby123
I love you so much Bab Maigge more
Dimi Marinov
'Dimi Marinov' 2 months ago
If Siria guy watch this video maybe will cry...
Franek Yutube
'Franek Yutube' 2 months ago
Franek Yutube
'Franek Yutube' 2 months ago
Ahmed Alaa
'Ahmed Alaa' 2 months ago
Meezma Rocks
'Meezma Rocks' 2 months ago
And one watching this in 2017?
'slumnote' 2 months ago
that woman on 2:45 got some hair on her under....
Minamandolina juričević
Pitbull you get best boat ever and you super rich Merry Christmas of Minamandolina for Pitbull
shubham panda
'shubham panda' 2 months ago
Beautiful Girls that u ever find in Pitbull songs.....Beauty with Talent.
Ana Paula Ortiz Rico
'Ana Paula Ortiz Rico' 2 months ago
Victor montano
'Victor montano' 2 months ago
This song is shit, specially Pitbull's laugh so annoying nipple head i rather listen to Soup Dragons.
Younes MO
'Younes MO' 2 months ago
Mr worldwide
Valen Fiorucci
'Valen Fiorucci' 2 months ago
Y Argentina? o.o
chandu prem
'chandu prem' 2 months ago
wow that's lovely ....that's y I'm crazy about ur music pb.......😍😍😍😍😎
1.2.3 Grazielle
'1.2.3 Grazielle' 2 months ago
Cadê os BR ???
'맨소버' 2 months ago
간단하게 멜로디 참 잘만드네. 핏불 성님. 메이꼬가 제일 이뻐~~~
Can Yiğit
'Can Yiğit' 2 months ago
bigulu vifao poar soar p3 ?
youssef gonzales
'youssef gonzales' 2 months ago
Possible participation in the fallopian
Blanca Bacelis
'Blanca Bacelis' 2 months ago
la mas bonita es la de México .. jeje
belgian peacekeeper
'belgian peacekeeper' 2 months ago
2:23 "wrong"!
Fede Reynolds
'Fede Reynolds' 2 months ago
No veo la bandera de argentina..
'Nirvanalight92' 3 months ago
Who is at 1:22? What is her name?
La Sin Nombre
'La Sin Nombre' 3 months ago
Puro gringo aquí.
nate li
'nate li' 3 months ago
not original, copying soup dragon...
Jessica Gray
'Jessica Gray' 3 months ago
I went on the Norwegian Jade. It was the best! totally recommend it. The whole Norwegian cruse line was amazing. while I was watching this I was thinking about that amazing Trip
David Marcel Arseneau
Pit Bull is a Hispanic Mister Clean! Dock in Portsmouth NH! I'll be Your Tour Guide, and Hook you Up, Bro!
Alejandro Sanchez Rodriguez
not like
B Strong & Do Your Job
Pitbull, I want his life so friggin bad...
Tyler Eatmon
'Tyler Eatmon' 3 months ago
Who's the curly haired girl at 1:08?
Evan Brokerthayer
'Evan Brokerthayer' 3 months ago
bad ass man
'WhaterAnimations' 3 months ago
Brasil aqui para representar !
alejandro motaguevara
'LucioBrah' 3 months ago
A R G E N T i N A <3
Jesus lp
'Jesus lp' 3 months ago
espain apaña ole ole y ole prciosoooo
Kristin Burton
'Kristin Burton' 3 months ago
sexy man
Kristin Burton
'Kristin Burton' 3 months ago
pitbull is so awesome
Brayan Perez
'Brayan Perez' 3 months ago
very well yeah
Kevin Carranza
'Kevin Carranza' 3 months ago
y ¡¡¡ARGENTINA!!!(? 🌎
sred sred rum
'sred sred rum' 3 months ago
Whatta douche
T R77
'T R77' 3 months ago
And the weather this century: Freedom, and some other thing. (Who knew you'd get that!) 😲 😤 😨 😩 😢 😴
Karen Jonny
'Karen Jonny' 3 months ago
it is mostly for adults only . well they have activities for the kids but no to much becuase all they do it is the water slides so I don't blame them ,because it is amazing hahahaha good job norwegian scape
Karen Jonny
'Karen Jonny' 3 months ago
the boat was amazing so much to do and big as hell .hahaha so much fun . we loved it We had such a Good time . party every night all night long. crazy good .
Boy Russo
'Boy Russo' 3 months ago
Brasil caraio
emilija bikše
'emilija bikše' 3 months ago
Cat like your soynds
Hjw Jjbwvjvj
'Hjw Jjbwvjvj' 3 months ago
Nicholas Vandal
'Nicholas Vandal' 3 months ago
How to listen to pitbull : Mute your device...freeze the video at the British babe 😍, pull out rag, lock the doors.
Paulo Vithor
'Paulo Vithor' 3 months ago
Viktor Engene
'Viktor Engene' 3 months ago
Bad promotion to Norwegian Escape PS I'm Norwegian :(
ines cuellar
'ines cuellar' 3 months ago
I love this songggg
mohammadjavad janipoor
João H.F.C.
'João H.F.C.' 4 months ago
Chinesa nem peito tem kkkkkk
'Miki' 4 months ago
Michelle Burgos Colon - Mexico Lisa DeLorenzo - Australia Kristin DeCesare - UK Ashley Flores - USA Teena - Brasil Adriana Navas 02:33 Thank me later
Sumit Singh
'Sumit Singh' 4 months ago
cool song woooooo
Alicia Lopez
'Alicia Lopez' 4 months ago
es una berga el pitbull
blanca visual
'blanca visual' 4 months ago
boy botar al pato donal trump para ke lebante un muro i no puedan pasar + pankhitos komo pytvul a azer musika de miejda este pabos no fue a la escuela
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