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Pitbull - Freedom -
Published: 2 years ago By: PitbullVEVO

By: PitbullVEVOPublished: 2 years ago

15, 505, 768 views

85, 984 Likes   7, 895 Dislikes

Pitbull's new album 'Climate Change' is out now! Includes new single "Options" ft. Stephen Marley and "Greenlight" ft. Flo Rida, LunchMoney Lewis plus new collaborations with Kiesza, Jennifer Lopez, Jason Derulo, Leona Lewis, Enrique Iglesias and more! Get it now:
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Jinil Jinu
'Jinil Jinu' 19 hours ago
[ES] long distance
Bayrakları memelerinde taşıyorlar
'xxDJ_360xx' 5 days ago
🇺🇸🇬🇧🇪🇸🇦🇺🇧🇷🇨🇳🇲🇽🇧🇸🇵🇷 ❤️💙💛🧡💚💜💕🖤💖 2018
Miss Holwenn
'Miss Holwenn' 1 week ago
From #Ferdinand movie 🐂💖
Paul Brian
'Paul Brian' 2 weeks ago
2:41 ¿Qué es PARTY PATCH? What is PARTY PATCH?
fernando mauricioo
'fernando mauricioo' 2 weeks ago
who watching in 2018?
Tony bueno
'Tony bueno' 2 weeks ago
Дарья Понсова
Это Драго?
'DanlawsYT2018' 3 weeks ago
Diary of a wimpy kid brought me here
'DanlawsYT2018' 3 weeks ago
Help these people r kidnapping us
Prince Kumar
'Prince Kumar' 3 weeks ago
Where is freedom?
Manuel David Rendon Acevedo
Anyone already came back from Ferdinand?
'GreatHeart' 3 weeks ago
Music 2018
'Music 2018' 4 weeks ago
Jonathan Caro Carballo
Janet Chambers
'Janet Chambers' 4 weeks ago
RS 1990
'RS 1990' 4 weeks ago
I prefer The Soup Dragons version over this!
Sajidul Islam
'Sajidul Islam' 1 month ago
Nice rap
'ZEPECEPEC' 2 months ago
Coasters & Company
'Coasters & Company' 2 months ago
So this is where we got that meme...
Kristina Petric
'Kristina Petric' 2 months ago
Wow! Love this song...
DimasWisastra BagusPrasetyo
NCL??? fredoom of the seas is best...
Antonio Castro
'Antonio Castro' 2 months ago
Redwolf Gaming // Artc Wolf
I went on the cruise ship in the music video a week ago
Leo Wang
'Leo Wang' 2 months ago
How many of them has he done- all of them
Alondra Medina
'Alondra Medina' 2 months ago
Like si eres de mexico
Vegethia Goddess
'Vegethia Goddess' 2 months ago
I want to be free but I am not I want freedom
Jaya Shankar
'Jaya Shankar' 2 months ago
daina florence maryjayashankar DV
Bagoes Bond
'Bagoes Bond' 2 months ago
Girl with USA Flag . Bigger than all *if you know what i mean*
Mist Wartune
'Mist Wartune' 2 months ago
But you ain't been to Scotland...come here then you will be Mr been to UK as in England...but not Scotland...I'm thinking come here...then you really will be Mr Worldwide...and you get to sample things you have never had before...😉
krasaychik_98 PRO
'krasaychik_98 PRO' 2 months ago
2:25 👹👺/😐😟😬😓😒🙄😑😔
Tom Tomyar
'Tom Tomyar' 2 months ago
U.k. Spain 😋😜
Michael Bencsits
'Michael Bencsits' 2 months ago
pitbull is ugly and dirty and no one at all likes him he stinks like fish
Francesc nuño
'Francesc nuño' 2 months ago
Con tanta tía buena no vi el barco
'Shital' 2 months ago
my dream trip
Jingwen Gao
'Jingwen Gao' 2 months ago
I am proud of China, glad my country is in this music video
Rushdi Ishmail
'Rushdi Ishmail' 2 months ago
Great song.😎👌
Евгений Стратонов
Клип.Просто Бомба.Шикардос!!!
'ISpitHotFiyaa' 2 months ago
I'm free. To rip off a song. And sell out to a cruise line.
Arun Aravind
'Arun Aravind' 3 months ago
I love 💕 Australia 🇦🇺
Susy Perez
'Susy Perez' 3 months ago
Fuckin legend ! 🙌
Jonathan Moreno
'Jonathan Moreno' 3 months ago
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul included this song in the movie. Now this song is one of my favorite songs! :D
Theamazing Gamerman34
Diary of a wimpy kid: the long haul (2017) bought me here.
Trinity W. O’Donnell
Sponsors are everywhere if you have talents in your profession. It’s a proof. Good job.
konmong lo
'konmong lo' 3 months ago
I'm Going On The Norwegian Escape Soon
Patricia De La Cruz Reyes
Jajajaja México bien cagado
Jaya Shankar
'Jaya Shankar' 3 months ago
daina florence maryjayashankar DV
oo o
'oo o' 3 months ago
pitbull's golden ratio 90% girls 10% music 0% hair
balabomma ashok
'balabomma ashok' 3 months ago
great emotional and physical
Seth4K Gaming
'Seth4K Gaming' 3 months ago
Youssef Essaid
'Youssef Essaid' 3 months ago
We from Morocco love you a lot and you are the first in this world we love, great artist
'Asphalt8ficionado' 3 months ago
I found that song...
María Angélica Porras Manrique
Tierra Firmé mí niña.
Capt.Ir.H.Kosasih Ceo
the freedom sing by pitt bull verry nice my listening joy...
'AR_Gaming' 3 months ago
I got room 1010 on this ship
ahmad najafi
'ahmad najafi' 3 months ago
who can say what is the name chaina girl that shake flag
Amanda NP
'Amanda NP' 4 months ago
Pitbull, you are truly an amazing person. I mean, sending that private jet for the cancer patients? That was truly an act of pure kindness. ❤️❤️🌎🌎
Aimee Seek
'Aimee Seek' 4 months ago
That will be me making a lot of money with my degree (this year). My cousin is already making a lot.
Vinod Sharma
'Vinod Sharma' 4 months ago
pit bull ur dressing sense is fantastic
Vinod Sharma
'Vinod Sharma' 4 months ago
fucking song
'G S' 4 months ago
0:18 song starts
Kodi Williams
'Kodi Williams' 4 months ago
I love pitbull I can gess any of his song just by him saying Mr. World wide
SwiftFOX Ahoy
'SwiftFOX Ahoy' 4 months ago
With Pitbull's voice is like dem dogs that bark!!!!! #305
'И И' 4 months ago
Что-то китайка, на китайку не похожа- похоже на европейку. А мексиканка, вообще должна была курить траву.
'p6mkq' 4 months ago
Mexico - Angel from KOF Australia - DeAnne Berry
Brendan Grantmyre
'Brendan Grantmyre' 4 months ago
Wimpy Kid brought me here
'youisiaint' 4 months ago
Its just a cover of a mediocre song from the 90's with different lyrics
'carguy101' 4 months ago
I've have been on Norwegian escape and I heard this song on the ship ALOT
imad Adil
'imad Adil' 4 months ago
14 مليون مشاهدة
'NI No' 4 months ago
Your the best music near Justin beaber
Nathan Henrique
'Nathan Henrique' 4 months ago
O vídeo só tem isso de visualizações?
'JoeU54' 4 months ago
How did this guy get famous without talent or skills? Seriously, 15 M views? For what? Oh yeah, girls in bikinis Real original
Kevin Start
'Kevin Start' 5 months ago
How to be Pitbull : 1, always say MR.WORLDWIDE 2, include alot of bikini girls 3, speak like a dead soul
Aaron Nope
'Aaron Nope' 5 months ago
Soup Dragons anyone? That's where the bassline and idea came from. Take a smash hit, redo it, cash in. It's the P-diddy formula and still lame. At least the SD version was an original take.
Dada Gaga
'Dada Gaga' 5 months ago
الحمد الله
J Princeton
'J Princeton' 5 months ago
The Single Life anthem.
'XENION MUSIC' 5 months ago
Can u please loan me 500,000 please
Jaden Eichler
'Jaden Eichler' 5 months ago
I got in that crushing it was awsome
Blenderson Nobre
'Blenderson Nobre' 5 months ago
Brasil sempre bem representado por ele Pit bull 💙💚💛
little star
'little star' 5 months ago
0:10 「俺の乳首ビッッグ」
Lukimus Prime
'Lukimus Prime' 5 months ago
I know Pitbull is bald but in the thumbnail he kinda looks like Simon Pegg
Raymond Jones
'Raymond Jones' 5 months ago
I Just got off Norwegian Escape today.
Tyler Buck
'Tyler Buck' 5 months ago
This song is in the 2017 movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul
MK Rules
'MK Rules' 5 months ago
Mayor Access
'Mayor Access' 5 months ago
Pobrecita la China 😂😂Sin t*t*s
Meh Raj
'Meh Raj' 5 months ago
I like you pitbull
edgar ivan reyes ortega
mis respetos par ti pitbull eres la fiesta andando
Jesus Lopez
'Jesus Lopez' 5 months ago
SkyForce DaWolfie
'SkyForce DaWolfie' 5 months ago
dis is me rn (::
Md Sumon
'Md Sumon' 5 months ago
Ornella Ammaturo
'Ornella Ammaturo' 5 months ago
I work in this company (Norwegian Cruise Line) and this fucking song it's playing ALL-THE-TIMEEEEEEEEEEEE
lizbeth quezada
'lizbeth quezada' 6 months ago
ya tienen mucho q no pasan esta cancion en telehit
'gamingworld0514' 6 months ago
Put a ferriswheel on your boat.
Richard Comtois
'Richard Comtois' 6 months ago
ok be free but not tu much by by
'M N' 6 months ago
I thought this song was for a popeyes commercial
Kaitlyn S
'Kaitlyn S' 6 months ago
I went on one of their cruises last summer and they played this song all the time, and to this day it's still fucking stuck in my head.
Matthew Robb
'Matthew Robb' 6 months ago
Please don't be on my cruise...
InstinctiveNinja999 Gamer
I got off the cruise ship yesterday
jayson paragsa
'jayson paragsa' 6 months ago
coz I'm free to do what I want....and have a good time.. 🙌
'OGAnarchy' 6 months ago
oh my god pitbull altered the lyrics. soup dragons is better no disrespect to pitbull
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