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Women Try The NFL Fitness Test -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

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"I didn't know we were supposed to go until we were collapsing!"

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Mariel Cooper, NFL Free Agent
Steve Smith, New York Giants Super Bowl Champion
Stark Training Center

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Try the gymnastics top testing it is so hard you have to climb up an 11 or 12 foot rope and have to do for then 60. Push ups in about 50 secs
IronBat Productions
Go pats
Queen Ashika Mastuffa
whos here to dislike the video just because its Buzzfeed?
Screwin Ewin
'Screwin Ewin' 4 days ago
“women fail a basic physical fitness test”
Sothbeachboy 21
'Sothbeachboy 21' 4 days ago
Nice 35 pound bar you got there
John Henry
'John Henry' 5 days ago
what is this garbage these woman didnt even break a sweat... this is not the nfl combine training
Makayla Vlogs
'Makayla Vlogs' 5 days ago
David Murphy
'David Murphy' 5 days ago
David Twa
'David Twa' 6 days ago
this video had nothing to do with football btw
Mishel Melgar
'Mishel Melgar' 6 days ago
Jordan always has to be the best 🙄
Mishel Melgar
'Mishel Melgar' 6 days ago
Umm I don't understand why it's just women. Can't it be normal people. Some women are stronger than men. Some people.
Tom W
'Tom W' 6 days ago
i know damn well they aint gonna be benching 225 im a freshman in highschool and my max bench is 195 you cant say this is the nfl combine if you dont atleast give then a decent amount of weight they had to do the bar 45lbs that 5 times less than 225 i get that they are woman and therefore not as strong as men but make it more than just the bar
ebenezer silver
'ebenezer silver' 6 days ago
Patriots are cheaters
vgmoneyy g
'vgmoneyy g' 7 days ago
I'm not joking this is actually funny
'DefiantBoris' 7 days ago
Buzzfeed showing that men are superior?! Whats wrong on!?
Tru metalhead on Maui ey
The 40 times need a little work.
Tru metalhead on Maui ey
Have them lift 100lbs for 10 reps.4.6 40 time, and do the Jugs machine to see their pass catching skills.
Mortal Goof
'Mortal Goof' 1 week ago
Bruh I'm about to be 12 and I have a 22 inch vert
Evelyn Murphy
'Evelyn Murphy' 1 week ago
Jordan won lmao
'J M' 1 week ago
Why wasn’t there weights on the bench press weights
'Oblivion' 1 week ago
They act like women aren’t people this is just awful.
Cameron Rose
'Cameron Rose' 1 week ago
How is 4.3 good? I ran that in middle school
'S B' 1 week ago
Thought you were gonna say ok now men do the reps. +180 lbs
'elrictheblue' 1 week ago
Jordan Is the Eugene of this Competition.
Aeon Music
'Aeon Music' 1 week ago
still better than tom brady
Russell Hack
'Russell Hack' 1 week ago
This doesn't even compare to my freshmen fitness test lmao
joseph E
'joseph E' 2 weeks ago
That moment Jordan is a trap 😭
Mexican HypeBeast
'Mexican HypeBeast' 2 weeks ago
Jordan da best
Dhruv Sabharwal
'Dhruv Sabharwal' 2 weeks ago
WTF there was no fucking weight on the barbell
Ting Tong The Russian Spy
4:16 They messed the times up
Parker Dunlop
'Parker Dunlop' 2 weeks ago
I’m sorry you have so many subs
'Meds' 2 weeks ago
Jordan is the fucking hulk
'Farrahrized' 2 weeks ago
bench press with no weights
'MrBoredom123' 2 weeks ago
False, they did not even get close to trying the NFL combine. Women would get smoked in the NFL or UFC but we find it acceptable to integrate the military and law enforcement.... What a joke!
'sweettrav20' 2 weeks ago
No woman will ever play in the NFL
Smoke Break
'Smoke Break' 2 weeks ago
They did better than regular nfl athletes
Tristan Thomas
'Tristan Thomas' 2 weeks ago
4:43 no rep
Hillio Da GOAT
'Hillio Da GOAT' 2 weeks ago
Jordan killed it
Pineapple Chunks
'Pineapple Chunks' 2 weeks ago
Jordan Patriots come on. Carolina Panthers 4 Life
Jim Shorts
'Jim Shorts' 2 weeks ago
225!!! Not an empty bar.
Alksandra Pawluczuk
'Alksandra Pawluczuk' 2 weeks ago
pbedience of girls play dead sit do what you are told to do qhore then you gonna be my personal toilet
the quiet kid
'the quiet kid' 2 weeks ago
Jordan bounced the bar so in the power lifting world those last reps did not count just saying
Lani Mills
'Lani Mills' 2 weeks ago
what a joke, this is not a nfl fitness test, this is primary school athletics and i know kids who'd outperform these women
danny pomfret
'danny pomfret' 2 weeks ago
Are half of theses trans...?
Lawrence Howlins
'Lawrence Howlins' 2 weeks ago
5.08 seconds is not 5.8 seconds, guys. Pfff.
Alex Sleyster
'Alex Sleyster' 2 weeks ago
Woman can play football too this is proof
J. Lueb
'J. Lueb' 3 weeks ago
Bet they can get some ill jams with that 16 in. vert
'CONNOR KELLEY' 3 weeks ago
Bench press but eye bar weights a ounce
Kaboom Coba
'Kaboom Coba' 3 weeks ago
I'm sure these women would fit right in with Legends of Football, aka Lingerie League.
'talgwatr' 3 weeks ago
another vid' that shows how "equal" we are......bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alikhan Tulebayev
'Alikhan Tulebayev' 3 weeks ago
so why does the timer shows 05:08, but it's counted as 5.8 secs? Isn't it suppose to be 5.08 secs or the timer is wrong?
gally turndrop
'gally turndrop' 3 weeks ago
bruh she bounced it off the chest
Larkin Hancock
'Larkin Hancock' 3 weeks ago
They got discount Steve Smith
Karpov Liam
'Karpov Liam' 3 weeks ago
The NFL fitness test is this weak?
'xRISINGSnip3rx' 3 weeks ago
All of them are flat chested
Shelah Driver
'Shelah Driver' 3 weeks ago
This was awesome! One of my fave buzzfeed
Grant Whiteley
'Grant Whiteley' 3 weeks ago
So um.... This isnt even close
'CapriceTV' 3 weeks ago
Jordan killed them
abby haney
'abby haney' 3 weeks ago
0:50 Girl get out of my face. FLY Eagles FLY
rg alt
'rg alt' 3 weeks ago
Don't you know the difference between 5.08 seconds and 5.8 seconds?
BearGrylles J_Walthall_Bear
This is a joke
'elShit07' 3 weeks ago
Lol and woman are equal to men.... right!
C Whit
'C Whit' 3 weeks ago
6 sec 40 times..jesus fucking Christ and these women arent obese.....
'SamytheGreek' 3 weeks ago
Are you just being nice, she asks. men have been humoring women forever, if we stopped they would stay home and not leave the house (perfect time to make a sandwich)
'Thebassinkid.' 3 weeks ago
Bitches want equality out 225 on that bench.
Justin Bozeman
'Justin Bozeman' 3 weeks ago
So the NFL football test is bench pressing a 45-pound bar LOL no make them do the real fucking test and show that women could not do one single repetition of the weight that they have to in the NFL combine.
Chris Sinclair
'Chris Sinclair' 3 weeks ago
You can't "Literally" breathe, sleep and eat football!!! That's a figure of speech! The opposite of literal!
Oscar Wesolowski
'Oscar Wesolowski' 3 weeks ago
What happened to 225lb bench press? Only 45lbs which is the bar only.
Vlql Vlql
'Vlql Vlql' 3 weeks ago
world champions.. lol
Jaxsen Miller
'Jaxsen Miller' 3 weeks ago
Women: Women can do football! Me: **shows video** WoMEn CaN dO FoOtBAll
Daniel Magnuson
'Daniel Magnuson' 3 weeks ago
Benching the bar and not 225.... get the fuk out
'Fullrusher' 3 weeks ago
Jordan was hot
David Kennedy
'David Kennedy' 4 weeks ago
... how many times can you lift an empty bar?.... seriously? I mean, yes, I get it - the bar is weighted, still just hilariously sad.
Meme Lord
'Meme Lord' 4 weeks ago
I disliked Bc u had a pats fan go birds
Eric Sill
'Eric Sill' 4 weeks ago
Hahaha. "The BROAD Jump"
JFK Shot First
'JFK Shot First' 4 weeks ago
Wait I'm confused... I thought women could do everything men could do I mean that's what buzzfeed has always said
'Hippietrogdor' 4 weeks ago
the fact they benched 45 instead of 225 bugs me XD
Chetan Yarlagadda
'Chetan Yarlagadda' 4 weeks ago
Wow she does CrossFit and she’s a patriots it can’t get worse
King Reams
'King Reams' 4 weeks ago
4:10 there's no way that's a 5.08 I run a 5.1 and I'm way faster then them
'WorthyDragon' 4 weeks ago
1:48 i can do 1 milion of those
Beastmode 595
'Beastmode 595' 4 weeks ago
Middle school boys are stronger than most women lol
'rwest1833_MGTOW' 4 weeks ago
Anyone want to bet they can't make a decent meal though??? Like most women...good for nothing.......because men don't need a women who can bench press a 35 pound bar 100 times....they need a nurturing, caring women to run a home and care for a family while the men provide for it all....but the system and courts have turned them into self centered, lazy feminists covered in tattoos who all think they can do the same things men can do...ya know....except actually be a man.... Save your life and your money boys....GO MGTOW!!!
Andrew2014 Smietanski
They didn't do the NFL combine at all. They only benched 40 pounds!
'BigFackah' 4 weeks ago
lol! there no fuckin weights on those bars wtf hahaha
Touchole 79
'Touchole 79' 4 weeks ago
The girl that’s a pats fan is already my favorite
'MrSexyScottish' 4 weeks ago
Holy "5 minutes of my life I'll never get back" Batman. Do people actually still believe that women can do what men can athletically? REALLY?
Tiny Trinkets
'Tiny Trinkets' 4 weeks ago
Jordan is a good person... GO PATS
Cosue Pl
'Cosue Pl' 4 weeks ago
225 on bar helo ???
Quantaztic _
'Quantaztic _' 1 month ago
I could do 250 reps If i had a 45 pound bar
Allan Joseph
'Allan Joseph' 1 month ago
ayyy jordans a patriots fan
Vidal J
'Vidal J' 1 month ago
Good job Michelle!!!! I love you 😙😍
barcelona fan
'barcelona fan' 1 month ago
Try soccer
KevinCummings Fitness
Id do most of them
Pancake McAwesome
'Pancake McAwesome' 1 month ago
Of course she is a patriots fan😂
C&K YT vlogs
'C&K YT vlogs' 1 month ago
And I am a girl
C&K YT vlogs
'C&K YT vlogs' 1 month ago
I have played football since I was 5 and when i am there age I am pretty sure I could do that and BOOOOO Patriots
'Jvontrion01' 1 month ago
Jordans a stud
James Brainard
'James Brainard' 1 month ago
They didn't aay that at the combine the bench press weighs 225
Arnie Kando
'Arnie Kando' 1 month ago
There were no weights on ?
Zack Palmisano Bodybuilding
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