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Women Try The NFL Fitness Test -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

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"I didn't know we were supposed to go until we were collapsing!"

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Mariel Cooper, NFL Free Agent
Steve Smith, New York Giants Super Bowl Champion
Stark Training Center

「Internally Screaming」
Those fitness test are sexist
Kathy Porter
'Kathy Porter' 1 day ago
They failed loo
Thomas Weeden
'Thomas Weeden' 3 days ago
Notice how they don’t have “Average” women do these anymore.
Martin A
'Martin A' 3 days ago
no weight on the bench???
Gunter Guntlicker
'Gunter Guntlicker' 3 days ago
MEN and Women ARE NOT EQUAL. In work or sports. I find it funny that women want equal pay across end the board even though they can't do ANY labor job alone. Hell, I was watching Oak island and when they needed an ambulance two women showed up. They had to have the men there help carry an average sized guy. Now what would happen if no men are there to help? Gonna make a guy with a broken leg walk on it? No, you do not deserve equal pay when u can't do equal work. I'd love to see ANY WOMAN IN THE WORLD be able to do my job
Blue Skittles
'Blue Skittles' 7 days ago
I think I’m faster than Kelsey and selorm on the 40 :)
Loganlloyd dankness
Die buzzfead
Dominick Perez
'Dominick Perez' 1 week ago
just think a 350-400 pound line man had a better 40 than these women XD
Molly Abramson
'Molly Abramson' 1 week ago
Jordan crushed
Claren Dennis
'Claren Dennis' 1 week ago
Outside of Jordan being a patriots fan, I would try to holla at her...
'SexkeksProducts' 1 week ago
Und jetzt ein IQ Test! ^^
Mexican4Life1234 Mendoza
Aye she likes the Patriots
Elder Fidelis
'Elder Fidelis' 2 weeks ago
If you want equality women should raise there own standards. In the military the women's strength test is half of a man's. Equality shouldn't involve lowering the bar, it should be about individual improvement
'NOBEL DJ' 2 weeks ago
45 thats it?
Baby Squishy master
'Baby Squishy master' 2 weeks ago
Jorden was winning cause she is a pats fan
'pornhubhatesme' 2 weeks ago
White girl beat the poc T r i g g e r e d
'jutubaeh' 2 weeks ago
they cant kick a böwl 3 ft -.- äh för wm is äh ^ ^
'jutubaeh' 2 weeks ago
0:05 wörkync GüRL --.^^
Emoh Ruo
'Emoh Ruo' 2 weeks ago
The girls should try out for ladies rugby but there are no pads or helmets
Reaps Adventures
'Reaps Adventures' 2 weeks ago
It think its the NFL Combine?
'ATK47' 2 weeks ago
thats just 45 not 225
No dish too deep
'No dish too deep' 2 weeks ago
Dang a girl in glasses who also kicks butt that much. I wouldn't mind getting to know one.
Jacob Friedman
'Jacob Friedman' 3 weeks ago
What was the point of this. Anyone can technically complete the combine since it's not a pass or fail thing. They lifted just the bar in the bench press. I'm not saying they had to have 225 but it was odd. Also Stephen Paea did more reps (49) with 225 than 2 of them did with just the bar. Kinda funny.
Joel Martinez
'Joel Martinez' 3 weeks ago
Still here tying to find michelles boobs
Watching this is embarrassing
This test is easy peasy
Frank Ramirez
'Frank Ramirez' 3 weeks ago
En espanol remedio para l Caceros que se puede cural con Ellis
'scooterfid' 3 weeks ago
My Calculations were correct 1: Jordan 2:Michelle 3:Kelsey 4:Selorm
'who's man?' 3 weeks ago
That's a weird looking kitchen
Eric Lozado
'Eric Lozado' 3 weeks ago
Lmao they're benching just the bar
Adam Haney
'Adam Haney' 3 weeks ago
A woman will never make the NFL ever unless its for publicity and in the name of feminism. None will ever be good enough even on a high school team.
War_ Josh _
'War_ Josh _' 4 weeks ago
lmao thats not even an actual 45 pound bar its like 25 pounds and there is no weight on it
Not Important
'Not Important' 4 weeks ago
the point of this was... what?
Sinister Mephisto
'Sinister Mephisto' 4 weeks ago
Jordan #1 pick
'rraannddoomm' 4 weeks ago
ok... why is the bench press like 0 pounds? Just to hide the fact that men are much stronger?
Jusitn Kane
'Jusitn Kane' 4 weeks ago
Feminism powers on 😒
Zachary Lao
'Zachary Lao' 4 weeks ago
0:48 , Jordan ily ❤❤❤ go pats
'CandiedChloe' 4 weeks ago
The amount of men trying to mansplain and getting angry about them "not getting the whole experience cause they are women" Has me dead😂😂
haiitz. tt
'haiitz. tt' 4 weeks ago
I do this all the time in PE tbh this is kinda easy
Maz Dela Cerna
'Maz Dela Cerna' 4 weeks ago
Found this scrolling on YouTube... glad I did!!
'LAVIN20' 4 weeks ago
Why do women want to be like men. Brutish violent. It's sat
Terry Bruce
'Terry Bruce' 1 month ago
Pretty funny...the guys were kind.
Ded Pewl
'Ded Pewl' 1 month ago
NFL fitness test!? More like Little league fitness test gmfu
BaconMan LovesFedoras
Ayyyeeee Steve Smith.
'B K' 1 month ago
It looked like Michelle and Jordan were 5.08 not 5.8. Just saying. 5.08 is very respectable
'RJMB' 1 month ago
Now stick 2 plates on that benchpress bar and see how they do...
Jacob Nyquist
'Jacob Nyquist' 1 month ago
This video proves men are superior
Jeff the savage
'Jeff the savage' 1 month ago
Jordan was definitely the best
The booty Warrior
'The booty Warrior' 1 month ago
At least 100lbs
Bears Vlogs
'Bears Vlogs' 1 month ago
They don’t have weights on them!!!!
kemiyah nelson
'kemiyah nelson' 1 month ago
DAMN Jordan
Gabe Buehler
'Gabe Buehler' 1 month ago
This hurt to watch
Dhruv Sabharwal
'Dhruv Sabharwal' 1 month ago
LOL seriously LOL, there was no weight in the bar and they still had less reps than some players
christian herlihy
'christian herlihy' 1 month ago
I know the tale off the emperor's new clothes but I didn't know they got into the business of making weight plates.
Ben Weaver
'Ben Weaver' 1 month ago
I’m 13 and have a 21” vertical, they’re adults and have at most a 17.5”
Natalee Denlinger
'Natalee Denlinger' 1 month ago
Yes people we get it, there was not 225 on the bar but this is just for fun I doubt any of them could do 225. This is just a dialed down simulation
Dylan Debenedictis
'Dylan Debenedictis' 1 month ago
OG avg combine stats (weigh in avg is 314 lbs) Bench (225 lbs) 26 reps 40 yard: 5.36 sec Vertical: 27 reps Broad jump : 8-4 20 yard shuffle: 4.85 sec Buzzfeed girls (averages) Weight:???? Bench: no weight added just bar. 40: 6.07 sec Vertical: 16.37 inch Broad jump: 6'3" 20 yard shuffle: 6.05 sec Lets compare the girls to the male Eqivilate body type: WR Bench(225 lbs) : 15.4 40: 4.55 sec Vertical jump: 35.0 inch Broad jump: 10'0" 20 yard cone shuffle: 4.25 sec
Ella Lesnever
'Ella Lesnever' 1 month ago
Go pats
Bob Wellington
'Bob Wellington' 1 month ago
That wasnt a 225 lb bench press
Racist Black Man
'Racist Black Man' 1 month ago
Is this a fuckin joke?
Cory R
'Cory R' 2 months ago
4:10 top left girl's form lol.
Cory R
'Cory R' 2 months ago
0:49 okay, you can leave now.
Mo Overall Fitness Hacks
except they didnt do the test
Triple X Gaming
'Triple X Gaming' 2 months ago
If they wanna talk speed then talk to Julio Jones and Brandon Cooks
Julian Hicks
'Julian Hicks' 2 months ago
4:05 started the timer late af
'JFJ Zay' 2 months ago
Jordan’s a bandwagon
Sumit Mahajan
'Sumit Mahajan' 2 months ago
Is the bench press 225 lbs
'dontyouhohome' 2 months ago
Every "NFL fitness test" I've ever seen had 2 plates on the bar.
'TOM C' 2 months ago
Evan Morris
'Evan Morris' 2 months ago
On my high school team people do 8ft for the long jump
John Paolo Elias
'John Paolo Elias' 2 months ago
They do know that the actual bench press is 225LBS. Right?
'Kraker' 2 months ago
So if you eat sleep breath drink football how does it feel and taste
rodrigo e
'rodrigo e' 2 months ago
Jordan the try hard
Bill Beis
'Bill Beis' 2 months ago
now its time for you to stand here and let a huge black guy tackle you .
Bjorn Karlsson
'Bjorn Karlsson' 2 months ago
I thought you were supposed to bench your own bodyweight
Eric and Dylan
Buzzfeed has a nack for employing unattractive beta losers. Diversity btw
Gymna Stics
'Gymna Stics' 2 months ago
Try the gymnastics top testing it is so hard you have to climb up an 11 or 12 foot rope and have to do for then 60. Push ups in about 50 secs
'ABugarin' 2 months ago
Go pats
Gaming Girl
'Gaming Girl' 2 months ago
whos here to dislike the video just because its Buzzfeed?
Screwin Ewin
'Screwin Ewin' 2 months ago
“women fail a basic physical fitness test”
Sothbeachboy 21
'Sothbeachboy 21' 2 months ago
Nice 35 pound bar you got there
John Henry
'John Henry' 2 months ago
what is this garbage these woman didnt even break a sweat... this is not the nfl combine training
Makayla Random
'Makayla Random' 2 months ago
'David' 2 months ago
David Twa
'David Twa' 2 months ago
this video had nothing to do with football btw
Mishel Melgar
'Mishel Melgar' 2 months ago
Jordan always has to be the best 🙄
Mishel Melgar
'Mishel Melgar' 2 months ago
Umm I don't understand why it's just women. Can't it be normal people. Some women are stronger than men. Some people.
Tom W
'Tom W' 2 months ago
i know damn well they aint gonna be benching 225 im a freshman in highschool and my max bench is 195 you cant say this is the nfl combine if you dont atleast give then a decent amount of weight they had to do the bar 45lbs that 5 times less than 225 i get that they are woman and therefore not as strong as men but make it more than just the bar
ebenezer silver
'ebenezer silver' 2 months ago
Patriots are cheaters
vgmoneyy g
'vgmoneyy g' 2 months ago
I'm not joking this is actually funny
'DefiantBoris' 2 months ago
Buzzfeed showing that men are superior?! Whats wrong on!?
Tru metalhead on Maui ey
The 40 times need a little work.
Tru metalhead on Maui ey
Have them lift 100lbs for 10 reps.4.6 40 time, and do the Jugs machine to see their pass catching skills.
Mortal Goof
'Mortal Goof' 2 months ago
Bruh I'm about to be 12 and I have a 22 inch vert
Evelyn Murphy
'Evelyn Murphy' 2 months ago
Jordan won lmao
'J M' 2 months ago
Why wasn’t there weights on the bench press weights
Mystic Oblivion
'Mystic Oblivion' 2 months ago
They act like women aren’t people this is just awful.
Cameron Rose
'Cameron Rose' 2 months ago
How is 4.3 good? I ran that in middle school
'S B' 2 months ago
Thought you were gonna say ok now men do the reps. +180 lbs
'elrictheblue' 2 months ago
Jordan Is the Eugene of this Competition.
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