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Women Try The NFL Fitness Test -
Published: 6 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 6 months ago

2, 860, 524 views

34, 119 Likes   1, 426 Dislikes

"I didn't know we were supposed to go until we were collapsing!"

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Mariel Cooper, NFL Free Agent
Steve Smith, New York Giants Super Bowl Champion
Stark Training Center

'33' 36 minutes ago
This would be buzzfeed..... they did everything midget version..
Ghandi Bot
'Ghandi Bot' 1 day ago
Boi that Shuttle run I did it and got 9.89
E N Gon
'E N Gon' 3 days ago
dude the more i watch these videos the more I'm attracted to Jordan.
'lonnie499' 4 days ago
Jordan is literally good at anything
Melanie Hipolito
'Melanie Hipolito' 5 days ago
Jordan is so competitive o:<
'PatriotsTimTebow' 1 week ago
Lmao one of the buzzfeed heads was like "lets have this video set up by steve smith" and realized clickbait only pays so much so they couldn't afford the actual steve smith
'TheAllInOneChannel' 2 weeks ago
They couldn't even last one snap in the nfl
Nicholas Hansen
'Nicholas Hansen' 2 weeks ago
id pick jordan for my female football team lol... strength and explosion
Nicholas Hansen
'Nicholas Hansen' 2 weeks ago
uhhh the do reps of 225 at the combine... thats like a rep of 10 lmao
danny rogers
'danny rogers' 3 weeks ago
Bruh Jordan did the best in all of them '
Juliana Joy
'Juliana Joy' 3 weeks ago
in school 4 the 40 yard dash 9 was good
Juliana Joy
'Juliana Joy' 3 weeks ago
i ahd 2 do evry 1 of these except bench press
Juliana Joy
'Juliana Joy' 3 weeks ago
gym class all over again
Autumn Rae
'Autumn Rae' 3 weeks ago
Michelle was so awesome. not just in how well she did but how supportive she was. just jumping around and clapping for everyone the whole time
Emmi Burns
'Emmi Burns' 3 weeks ago
i loved jorden just because i like the patiots too!
Dontae Scisson
'Dontae Scisson' 3 weeks ago
I like Michelle better.
shakobie mccoy
'shakobie mccoy' 4 weeks ago
107??? get outta here.... Jordan is ridiculous
EB Vlogs
'EB Vlogs' 4 weeks ago
How did Tom Brady get in did he deflate the bar or something?
'tomatokiller7x' 4 weeks ago
you know you hit rock bottom when you collaborate with buzzfeed, I feel bad for you steve smith
Ashley Woods
'Ashley Woods' 4 weeks ago
Michelle Is so supportive omg
Faith Obra
'Faith Obra' 1 month ago
i don't understand why people are putting down jordan for being sinply competitive? like as a competitive swimmer, i always feel the pressure to be the best in any work out related activity we have in school. maybe the same goes for jordan as she is a lifter.
Windex cleaner Multi flavor
Did any body else notice that Jordan kept trying to out shine Michelle
auot ukun
'auot ukun' 1 month ago
now you listen you feminists...that's the gender gap right there in your face...Buzzfeed :D
Hiram Rosa Jr
'Hiram Rosa Jr' 1 month ago
marry me jordan
Boden Albright
'Boden Albright' 1 month ago
I liked Jordan... until I found out she's a patriots fan
Monsieur Longbow
'Monsieur Longbow' 1 month ago
#teamjordan i have the utmost respect for her and Michelle after the UFC video
Imed Oth
'Imed Oth' 1 month ago
4 eyes slayed the scene !!! the least expected
'Olixscarne' 1 month ago
Where is the weights
Mrs. Mckfuzzins
'Mrs. Mckfuzzins' 1 month ago
Jordin was getting like all 7s
Christina Ward
'Christina Ward' 1 month ago
Lily Raimey
'Lily Raimey' 1 month ago
Jordan is such a beast. She inspires me.
Gaming Crew
'Gaming Crew' 1 month ago
Jordan is clearly the best
shannon stephens
'shannon stephens' 1 month ago
I dont get the hate for Jordan. Shes just competitive and confident in her skills..nothing wrong with trying push yourself and being proud about the results.
'LokiTetch' 1 month ago
Maybe dont label the video "Women try the NFL fitness test" if they're not actually going to even attempt the bench press part of it with the real weight. So what if they couldn't do it very well, the point is for them to try it right?
Joel Stucki
'Joel Stucki' 1 month ago
Of course, at the real combine the bench press is 225 lbs...
'Clorpy' 1 month ago
We aren't watching this for the purpose of the video. I'll leave it at that.
'Clorpy' 1 month ago
Lmao the bench press bar is only 45lbs
'tacocheeze' 1 month ago
This is so sexist
Zachary Wagner
'Zachary Wagner' 2 months ago
Everyone's attacking Jordan for winning. It seems like buzz feeds majority political side praises people who lose and attacks those who win. If they keep it up, we will all be losers pretty soon. And then they will start hating on the biggest losers and praising the winners. And then turn on the winners and so on.
'UnAmazingLil' 2 months ago
lets go pats
Ishan Wagener
'Ishan Wagener' 2 months ago
the way they pump their arms
TwentyOne Cookies
'TwentyOne Cookies' 2 months ago
On my soccer team we call shuttles suicides.
Sandra Deason
'Sandra Deason' 2 months ago
there's another Steve Smith in the NFL and he played wr
Shelby Orchard
'Shelby Orchard' 2 months ago
Jordan is the most annoying person i have ever watched.... in every video
Kim Tisor
'Kim Tisor' 2 months ago
GG Jordan
'KateGaming' 2 months ago
I love how happy Michelle is for everyone else!!
Lexie D625
'Lexie D625' 2 months ago
I walk in, she says that she's a huge Patriots fan. I'm like "HELL YEA GIRL"
Elisia Macias
'Elisia Macias' 2 months ago
I'm always rooting forJordan!!!!!! *woot woot* why is everyone hating on her, geezz
Charles Diluzio
'Charles Diluzio' 2 months ago
Michelle is my favorite one, she always seems like she's just trying to have fun and holding back on winning...and she's really cute haha
'songboxjim' 2 months ago
john cena
'john cena' 2 months ago
patriots A.K.A. the deflateriots
'Joxii' 2 months ago
No joke, Jordan killed it XD
Ethan Wilburn
'Ethan Wilburn' 2 months ago
How heavy was the bar ... there is no way it's 45
Lora Lardizabal
'Lora Lardizabal' 2 months ago
Michelle and Jordan though <3
olive 13
'olive 13' 2 months ago
in basketball and soccer "shuttles" have always been called suicides for me.
'flameboy986' 2 months ago
"I'm not super athletic" does 23 reps XD
Karis Neal
'Karis Neal' 2 months ago
Jorden likes cheaters (the patriots/cheatriots
'fluffynoses' 2 months ago
"I'm actually a really huge football fan...well I'm a really huge Patriots fan." I'm glad she made that self-correction there lmfao
Crimes Against Kings
'Crimes Against Kings' 2 months ago
I'm not gonna even bother to scroll through these comments.
Patricia Flanagan
'Patricia Flanagan' 2 months ago
do people train like swimmers!!
'SepherStar' 2 months ago
The world record for bench press by a woman is 264lbs by a 130lb woman. The ratio of body weight to weight benched is about the same for the male bench press record holder, Kirill Sarychev.
Destiny Infante
'Destiny Infante' 2 months ago
Michelle is my fav
'Ani' 2 months ago
michelle's such a team player
Karla Zendejas
'Karla Zendejas' 2 months ago
la werita ya había salido en otro vídeo de buzzfed
Laura Penaloza
'Laura Penaloza' 2 months ago
Jordan is my spirit animal.
vishal sorout
'vishal sorout' 2 months ago
I love Michelle the most but Kelsey is so adorable
TARIK Bilgiseven
'TARIK Bilgiseven' 2 months ago
I LOVE ❤️!! This serie
Clash of Stuff
'Clash of Stuff' 2 months ago
I think my vert was 34 inches and I am 12 no joke I swear if I was lying any of u cold kill me
Clash of Stuff
'Clash of Stuff' 2 months ago
They had no waights
Ti. Sonders
'Ti. Sonders' 2 months ago
Moral of the story, I really need to keep working out LOL!
Trinity Ferrell
'Trinity Ferrell' 2 months ago
jordan did really good👌
'jamesLuthorHebrew' 2 months ago
they're just women never gonna be good at anything.
Seizure Procedure
'Seizure Procedure' 2 months ago
Damn I could run the 40 faster than all of them
The Dorough Kids
'The Dorough Kids' 2 months ago
They were good (for girls)😋
Mark  Jones
'Mark Jones' 2 months ago
I'm sorry, but just dropping the weight without any control does not count as a bench
'Jayson' 2 months ago
That guy is rattled from those women
Sarah Bentley
'Sarah Bentley' 2 months ago
Kelly Knutelski
'Kelly Knutelski' 2 months ago
The other girls looked pretty annoyed by Jordan
Pee pee bucket
'Pee pee bucket' 2 months ago
I love the patriots
'MB 4L' 2 months ago
Jordan is 🔥
'Skizzims123' 2 months ago
the girl on the bottom right for the 40m must of run track at some point. that form was amazing.
'Tempro' 2 months ago
Ban magon
Nathan Manies
'Nathan Manies' 2 months ago
When she said she was a Patriots fan, I immediately knew she had no clue about football
Hidipohamba Shikufa
'Hidipohamba Shikufa' 2 months ago
i love Jordan
Hidipohamba Shikufa
'Hidipohamba Shikufa' 2 months ago
i hate michelle
RoaryRainor Is The GOAT Gibbs
Jordan is the best
kimberly perez
'kimberly perez' 2 months ago
Okay we all know that Jordan did great but Michele did amazing as well.
Muskan Pandey
'Muskan Pandey' 2 months ago
Kelsey is so fucking sweet like can we talk about ber excitement every single time and she doesnt care about competition
Izzi Stewart
'Izzi Stewart' 2 months ago
Jordan needs to chill. I mean yeah it's great she is super good. And if I was capable of doing that I'm sure I would, but she wasn't very supportive, plus hint she went last on all of the competes so she could make sure she did better than somebody else.
'jazzikidable' 2 months ago
'Iheartyouxx' 2 months ago
Is it just me or does Michelle look like Natalie from Natalie's outlet
Talayeh Bryant
'Talayeh Bryant' 2 months ago
these kinds of videos make me not like Jordan so much
Obsidian Msp
'Obsidian Msp' 2 months ago
Michelle is love Michelle is life
Cole L
'Cole L' 2 months ago
My brain has physically forced me to hate Kelsey. I don't even know why,she seems alright but I just hate Kelsey
Gummy Bearz
'Gummy Bearz' 2 months ago
I always root for Michelle in these types of videos! She's so cute and hardworking!
Anna Gamer
'Anna Gamer' 2 months ago
Suraj Patel
'Suraj Patel' 2 months ago
Patriots fan wins...shocking
Jacob Borree
'Jacob Borree' 3 months ago
NFL players bench 225 at the combine and they were benching about 50lbs at most. how is this relatable.
Lord of Weirdos
'Lord of Weirdos' 3 months ago
I love football, and it's awesome to workout for it too!
Calvin Hardy
'Calvin Hardy' 3 months ago
Boo patriots!
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