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Women Try The NFL Fitness Test -
Published: 10 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 10 months ago

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"I didn't know we were supposed to go until we were collapsing!"

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Mariel Cooper, NFL Free Agent
Steve Smith, New York Giants Super Bowl Champion
Stark Training Center

'RAYSERNAXO' 1 hour ago
I love football ⚽️
DJ Soul
'DJ Soul' 8 hours ago
Many people can’t even do as much as these ladies can. I’m proud of each of em
Salami Pastrami
'Salami Pastrami' 13 hours ago
I like how they didn't write any of the 40 yard dash times correctly
Russel Hustle
'Russel Hustle' 13 hours ago
wow 107 reps on a 45 pound bar, i could do that with one hand.
'KaydenProductions' 18 hours ago
ewww patriots fan
Kevin and Kaden Productions
Jordan is hella athletic
Gavin Burns
'Gavin Burns' 22 hours ago
My vertical is 18.5 and I’m younger then them
Birgitte Henniger
'Birgitte Henniger' 22 hours ago
Grace McCabe
'Grace McCabe' 1 day ago
I love how Jordan just acts casual and then smashes it
RoGμΣ Ctrl
'RoGμΣ Ctrl' 2 days ago
People are so freaking salty. These ladies came out with a positive attitude and had fun along the way. I went back to see what people were talking about with Jordan but I saw NOTHING!!! I only saw the jealousy brewing in people's hearts for no good reason, I can't understand why people dislike others for being good at something.
'rrgert4' 2 days ago
jordan is a typical crossfitter
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 2 days ago
we all know white people can't jump
Iv Anderson
'Iv Anderson' 5 days ago
I like Jordan
Anthony Izquierdo
'Anthony Izquierdo' 5 days ago
Kelsey wore step up sneakers for this lol
Thicc Youngman
'Thicc Youngman' 6 days ago
mfw I had a 10'3" broad untrained. zzzz
... we will compare the men ends. LOL Men only sport....if women ever get into's over. "Woman speaking"
Holden Aultman
'Holden Aultman' 7 days ago
Dang Jordan is the GOAT
Atg Zheng
'Atg Zheng' 1 week ago
My vertical is 6 inches higher and I'm a 5'2 14 year old boy
Jelena Bubonja
'Jelena Bubonja' 1 week ago
The 40 yard dash should be sprinted on the toes. That way they could be much quicker. But regardless they were amazing.
'Reidfootball6000' 1 week ago
That's a 45 pound bar
Adolfo Cepeda
'Adolfo Cepeda' 1 week ago
how much was the bar? 20 or 45 lbs?
Cassidy Long
'Cassidy Long' 1 week ago
Yasssss patriots
Jack B
'Jack B' 1 week ago
There only benching like 30 pounds.
The Longangsters
'The Longangsters' 1 week ago
Ayyy patriots
6,653 Miles Above the Earth
0:50 stopped watching right there
Leshia Danica
'Leshia Danica' 1 week ago
How effective is Eprosoke Training Program? I have heard many awesome things about this popular training program.
Mark Cherry
'Mark Cherry' 1 week ago
Jordan was never supposed to bounce the bar off her chest
'Whodey!' 1 week ago
Lol they use 45lbs. Bar as the bench press test
Alex Montano
'Alex Montano' 2 weeks ago
The girl who said I'm a huge patriots fan aka I'm a huge bandwagon
Mister Tripp
'Mister Tripp' 2 weeks ago
I can guarantee they didn't actually do 100 reps
Yack Sweets
'Yack Sweets' 2 weeks ago
God patriots fan
JXF_ 911
'JXF_ 911' 2 weeks ago
They where just benching the bar?
Sam C.
'Sam C.' 2 weeks ago
As a person who plays football, I wheezed throughout this video.
Kyle Luster
'Kyle Luster' 2 weeks ago
Lol so gay no whieght on the bench
'N.W.O WOLFPACK' 2 weeks ago
best kinda mess
'best kinda mess' 2 weeks ago
trying to make women look strong these bitches wouldnt make a pop Warner
Alexandre Stevenson
'Alexandre Stevenson' 2 weeks ago
Jordan should try rugby
'BlueBoyGaming_YT' 2 weeks ago
Reyes Nunez
'Reyes Nunez' 2 weeks ago
Jordan is on some roids haha
Ethan Bagshaw
'Ethan Bagshaw' 2 weeks ago
Tryin to trick us into thinking they have the good Steve smith
Haylie Roberts
'Haylie Roberts' 2 weeks ago
Jordan isn't my absolute favorite of the girls either but honestly the way everyone in the comments always hates on her leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I feel like if Jordan showed more stereotypically feminine traits, such as being less competitive or being conventionally pretty like Michelle then nobody would be nearly as critical of her.
Brutus Tan
'Brutus Tan' 2 weeks ago
And again, Buzzfeed is fucking SJW feminist Science denying CANCER and blight on society. Trying to ERASE GOOD NORMAL NATURAL Gender DIFFERENCES, INNATE, to the detriment of all but ESPECIALLY Men and Unconscionably BOYS.
Power Co.
'Power Co.' 2 weeks ago
The combine usually means nothing in pro sports in the nba combine Kevin Durant did terrible in it but he was still the best player that year and is still one of the most dominant players in the nba
Preston Crandall
'Preston Crandall' 2 weeks ago
Has anyone actually tried benching without weight, it's literally a toothpick. 23 is fucking atrocious
CornRow Kenny
'CornRow Kenny' 2 weeks ago
This is pathetic to watch. They aint even have any weight on the bench press
Elizabeth Collier
'Elizabeth Collier' 2 weeks ago
Women can do football
Robert Caffrey
'Robert Caffrey' 2 weeks ago
nfl combine bench press is 225 not just the bar
Everything 1k
'Everything 1k' 2 weeks ago
How much did that bar weigh at my school it weighs forty and I do like 23 those shits weighed like 15 pounds
'Mr.RainMan' 3 weeks ago
jordan too OP
TAL Videos
'TAL Videos' 3 weeks ago
There slow af
Victoria Ashlyn
'Victoria Ashlyn' 3 weeks ago
Jordan literally didn't mention that she does cross fit one time and she didn't gloat or boast or anything, she just did well. Why are people hating on her?
'Whiteczyk' 3 weeks ago
Wow benching the bar only.
Shin Ledre Dez
'Shin Ledre Dez' 3 weeks ago
Men are physically and genetically superior....ITS FACT
Sarah Bentleyuc
'Sarah Bentleyuc' 3 weeks ago
That's not fair the women don't have testosterone
John Kwak
'John Kwak' 3 weeks ago
0:53 I'm a patriots fan too lol
'osu5inarow' 3 weeks ago
It's sad that children could do better
Heroic Llama
'Heroic Llama' 3 weeks ago
I'm 12 I have a better broad jump than selorm
justin howard
'justin howard' 3 weeks ago
Jordan is a beast.
Urban Epiphanies
'Urban Epiphanies' 3 weeks ago
You can tell jordan is a competitor
Alana & Audrey T
'Alana & Audrey T' 3 weeks ago
I love Jordan she's my favorite how bout your?
Evan Johnson
'Evan Johnson' 3 weeks ago
Skrt the turtle
'Skrt the turtle' 3 weeks ago
They should have put average NFL players stats as a reference to how they did
Jacob Perez
'Jacob Perez' 4 weeks ago
How many bench press reps are the guys able to do?
Brad White
'Brad White' 4 weeks ago
Me and my friend did 80lbs for 150 reps without break the other day and we are 13. Just proves our superiority in athletics and strength
'asambi69' 4 weeks ago
Lets see the actual equality when you drop 225lbs on the bench press.
Pink Panda gamez
'Pink Panda gamez' 4 weeks ago
Lil Titan
'Lil Titan' 4 weeks ago
Michelle and Jordan ran 5.1 forty yard dashes not 5.8
'Gage' 4 weeks ago
Bar looked like 25 lbs
Paul Valenzuela
'Paul Valenzuela' 4 weeks ago
That Jordan girl Was to much of a try hard Michelle was just having fun with it
Dale Nguyen
'Dale Nguyen' 4 weeks ago
Am I the only one who thinks Jordan is like just ewwwwwww dude, she's so unnatural bruh
marsguy009 aka shadowninjakirby5
How was Michelle's jump 6'3" and Jordan's 7'1" there's only like a 5 inch difference 2:47-2:53
'SteakGames' 4 weeks ago
Some of those girls run faster than Tom Brady's 5.28
Cody Donton
'Cody Donton' 1 month ago
I'm pretty sure they need to the same as they actually do in the combine. Lifting just the bar doesn't count😂
Immortaltitan 12
'Immortaltitan 12' 1 month ago
Jordan looks like a man
Coolbrosryder 12
'Coolbrosryder 12' 1 month ago
Now, lets compare to males
Jenna Buck
'Jenna Buck' 1 month ago
Yassss Jordan!!!
Jeremiah Fletchall
'Jeremiah Fletchall' 1 month ago
screw the pats
Robin GIlliland
'Robin GIlliland' 1 month ago
Frank Bro07
'Frank Bro07' 1 month ago
Y is jordan so good
Thanos Titan
'Thanos Titan' 1 month ago
The blond woman lazy asf I didn't want to hurt myself with a empty bar cause I have no common sense.
Vincent Amerena
'Vincent Amerena' 1 month ago
Bruh they have no idea how to do bench press u don't drop it on your chest and they dident even have any Weight of the bar
Miller Mumm
'Miller Mumm' 1 month ago
of course the only team you like is the patriots BANDWAGON!!!!!!
DA Boss
'DA Boss' 1 month ago
I'm rooting for Jordan she's a pat
Karina Marie
'Karina Marie' 1 month ago
I knew I have always loved Jordan. Patriots for the win. 😊😎🏊🏼‍♀️
Power shark
'Power shark' 1 month ago
Trap meme lord Dank
'Trap meme lord Dank' 1 month ago
Kelsey is my favorite
'RyanPerson' 1 month ago
That moment when you realise that 2 girls can bench more than you could back in highschool. Yuck it's been almost 10 years since then and I still haven't figured out how to get stronger
'big_Blue_berry' 1 month ago
Jordan is a stud
'big_Blue_berry' 1 month ago
I'm a really big Patriots fan ( I know nothing about football just a van wagoner)
Suh Dude
'Suh Dude' 1 month ago
They had no weights on the bench press and the couldn't do at least 50 reps of 45 pounds lmao and girls say there stronger the men
Cee Gee
'Cee Gee' 1 month ago
congrats on your hall of fame nomination, steve.
Brian Nelson
'Brian Nelson' 1 month ago
'NimbleTV' 1 month ago
I'm a huge football fan, I'm a patriot fan. So what I learned is she isn't a football fan
'3vro' 1 month ago
Another dislike to another buzzfeed video
Brett Johnson
'Brett Johnson' 1 month ago
Im a 15 year old guy and my vertical jump is way better than these girls
TopGunner 232
'TopGunner 232' 1 month ago
I'm 13 and I have harder hockey practices lol
Michaela Richardson
'Michaela Richardson' 1 month ago
I was all for it until she said she was a patriots fan 😂😂
Jerrieme Stebbins
'Jerrieme Stebbins' 1 month ago
That's not the combine! This is fluff. There is no weight on that bar..this is weak attempt to prove women are just as good as guys..smh. there not!
Brothers Gaming602
'Brothers Gaming602' 1 month ago
Go pats!!!!!!!!
The gaming Cactus
'The gaming Cactus' 1 month ago
Jordan person sucks at bench pressing they touch there chest
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