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Women Try The NFL Fitness Test -
Published: 8 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 8 months ago

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"I didn't know we were supposed to go until we were collapsing!"

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Mariel Cooper, NFL Free Agent
Steve Smith, New York Giants Super Bowl Champion
Stark Training Center

Elisabeth Arritt
'Elisabeth Arritt' 7 minutes ago
I wanna see women or men or people try ballet (actual ballet) for a week or a month.
DadLeft WhenIWas2
'DadLeft WhenIWas2' 10 hours ago
Kelsey is such a typical white girl it kills me😂😂
PJ Krumholtz
'PJ Krumholtz' 12 hours ago
I really doubt any of these women are actually football fans. Definitely the "patriots fan" prolly a bandwagon.
Isabella An
'Isabella An' 12 hours ago
Yesssss GO PATS!!!
Dr. Phil
'Dr. Phil' 14 hours ago
Matthew McMillan
'Matthew McMillan' 17 hours ago
Jordan makes me hate buzzfeed
Jordan is a typical crossfit try hard
Nate Butler
'Nate Butler' 19 hours ago
Didn't even watch the video. Went right to the comments to see how many girls on here be calling people sexist
'utUBEr00001' 20 hours ago
Poor Kelsey hahaha
'Steak4k' 20 hours ago
Jordan isn't athletic everyone else is just fucking terrible
lil victor123
'lil victor123' 20 hours ago
Did they do better than brady in the 40 yard dash?😂😂
Gordy Luft
'Gordy Luft' 22 hours ago
I clicked on this figuring that they aren't going to put non professional athletes up against 225lbs for bench press but at least 135 would make sense. Some of these woman are in peak physical condition
tiffany diep
'tiffany diep' 22 hours ago
Why is Jordan so arrogant
Evan Fravel
'Evan Fravel' 1 day ago
They surprised me at the end with the 40 I thought they were gonna run AT LEAST a 7. In high school I ran a 4.82 (at the time I was 6'1" 180) I wanna try again tho now that I'm nearly 6'5" and 175. I think it would make me a little faster, btw I also played d line so that's probably why I wasn't super fast haha
Derek Johansen TiDom
Michelle is actually sorta quick...and Jordan is basically a guy
'Captainsparkist' 2 days ago
I knew they would have bad form as soon as I saw the crossfit plates
Tanner Perkins
'Tanner Perkins' 2 days ago
Jordan is hot
'LeopardShark21' 2 days ago
I like the Patriot fan girl #superbowlchamps
hugo Donnelly
'hugo Donnelly' 2 days ago
I swear Jordan has bigger arms than the NFL players I swear to god
Jackthe Baller
'Jackthe Baller' 2 days ago
That jordan chick pisses me off how she acts so tough by benching nothing I know she probaly doesn't workout but still
Mai A
'Mai A' 2 days ago
The bar? Most High School Freshman girls can bench that much which is 45 lbs. Not many times but at least once. The NFL combine uses a weight 5 times as heavy at 225 lbs, a weight high enough where more than 3 out of 4 men cannot lift it even once.
Olivia Phillips
'Olivia Phillips' 2 days ago
Inder Singh
'Inder Singh' 3 days ago
They need to commit suicide
Esaie Lafleur
'Esaie Lafleur' 3 days ago
Jordan fucked all them up
P Hawj
'P Hawj' 3 days ago
Jordan is a fawkin athlete!
Long Change
'Long Change' 3 days ago
Jordan is so cute 😍
LaVar Ball
'LaVar Ball' 3 days ago
For the broad jump I can do 7'0 and I'm 11
Leonel Esqueda
'Leonel Esqueda' 3 days ago
I don't like Jordan
jeff francis
'jeff francis' 4 days ago
100 reps with the bar is low key inpressive.
Haden Bolton
'Haden Bolton' 4 days ago
Fuckin Buzzfeed
Lolla sole
'Lolla sole' 4 days ago
Kelsey is me
Leo 180
'Leo 180' 4 days ago
:48 is that a penis...on the nook of her left arm?
Ian Jackson
'Ian Jackson' 5 days ago
except they do the bench with 225 not 45 lmao
Jordan Poole
'Jordan Poole' 5 days ago
Luke RøckDance
'Luke RøckDance' 6 days ago
Jordan distroys
Byron Games
'Byron Games' 6 days ago
Mariel cooper bro I remember him from undrafted I wish I he would he made the redskins
Samuel Perez
'Samuel Perez' 6 days ago
this shows woman are basically useless their bodys were designed to lay on their back and get fucked not for physical abilitys
Joseph Lopez
'Joseph Lopez' 6 days ago
Nice too see they sprint as fast as linemen 😂
•Yasmin Lisk•
'•Yasmin Lisk•' 6 days ago
You know the drill... 1. Logan Paul 2.Liza Koshy 3.Jake Paul 4.David Dobrik 5. pewdiepie 6. PopularMMOS 7.Gaming With Jen 8.Jenna Marbles 9. II SuperwomanII 0.SSsniperWolf
'ttgk' 6 days ago
The bench press would have weights on it for a guy...
Deadpool 23
'Deadpool 23' 7 days ago
Organ was bouncing it off her chest.
'mathewparrett' 7 days ago
Take off the head phones you steve smith wanna be rip off.
'tbhunter000' 7 days ago
that benchpress in the beginning is easy
Ben Franklin
'Ben Franklin' 7 days ago
That vertical is absolutely terrible..
the unicorn gang member
Go Patriots
Rayray b
'Rayray b' 1 week ago
Yooo Michelle is a beast when it comes to these challenges! She's my inspiration ❤️
AJ Vazquez
'AJ Vazquez' 1 week ago
I stopped the video at bench press. NFL bench press is 225 pounds
Gary The Guitarist
These aren't normal girls they tried to find the strongest most athletic women so they make it look way better than what an average woman can even come close to
Tee Rob
'Tee Rob' 1 week ago
This is why women don't play football
Trap meme lord Dank
The girl with the glasses is trying really hard to 1 up everyone
William Swagford
'William Swagford' 1 week ago
What's funny is that NFL players are lifting over 250 pounds and they are lifting maybe 50
'NDSD 1' 1 week ago
I didn't see 225 pounds on that bar.
Chris Sayles
'Chris Sayles' 1 week ago
They were trash at the 40 damn
Chris Sayles
'Chris Sayles' 1 week ago
Jordan is a patriots bandwagon
Chris Sayles
'Chris Sayles' 1 week ago
It's actually 225 lbs for the bench press not just the bar if it was an actual 225 they would all get 0
Chris Sayles
'Chris Sayles' 1 week ago
This just proves that women can't do everything and this sport is only for men
Jacob Nehtrow
'Jacob Nehtrow' 1 week ago
frigging love buzzfeed
'Magnavix' 2 weeks ago
Find me a woman that can rep 225 that isn't a bodybuilder and is fit and athletic enough to play in the NFL.
Abel and retractedsafe Gaming
Jordan looks like Mia khalifia
Mac Hawkins
'Mac Hawkins' 2 weeks ago
If women can be in the NFL make them do a 200+ pound bench
Tony Stark
'Tony Stark' 2 weeks ago
Jordan can get this meat!
Nate Teele
'Nate Teele' 2 weeks ago
That was terrible. I put up better numbers when I was 11....... and I'm a linemen
Erika perez
'Erika perez' 2 weeks ago
Jordan thinks she's all that
'PuroYO' 2 weeks ago
23 non-weighted bar lifts....... This is a joke, right?
Chris Georges
'Chris Georges' 2 weeks ago
If it were really that easy I would get recruited straight from high school
'FEARTHESPEAR' 2 weeks ago
i cringed on all of these
'kthbarber' 2 weeks ago
Take that Feminists
Lance hatcher
'Lance hatcher' 2 weeks ago
I did the 40 dash in 3.30
'Z AoT' 2 weeks ago
I need a woman like Michelle in my life
JackWJack !
'JackWJack !' 2 weeks ago
I love mtndew
'I love mtndew' 2 weeks ago
these feminists go super try hard to try and prove they're not different than men, bit they end up sucking at everything, and the one who said she's a patriots fan is grossing me out nobody wants you in their fan base lol
Jose Vega
'Jose Vega' 2 weeks ago
You know they did not give a damn about them girls lmao lying asses
'SoHAtomic' 3 weeks ago
Lol :18 seconds said his number was 11 but his jersey said 12
Steelers Nation Six
'Steelers Nation Six' 3 weeks ago
Um this is not what they do at the combine
Obtain MiTz
'Obtain MiTz' 3 weeks ago
My shuttle run was 9 sum
Jack O
'Jack O'Brien' 3 weeks ago
4:17 Jordan and Michelle ran 5.1 not 5.8 get your rounding right buzzfeed
Emily Annette
'Emily Annette' 3 weeks ago
Jordan did great! 🐸
Camden Jackson
'Camden Jackson' 3 weeks ago
Here in the Midwest we eat meat, Drink beer, And watch football
Gunar Maw
'Gunar Maw' 3 weeks ago
Dude I'm way faster I did the 60 yard shuttle in 12.05 and I'm 11
- vShaper -
'- vShaper -' 3 weeks ago
45? I'm thirteen and I can do 80 not even that fit
'timmyp34' 3 weeks ago
completely worthless video, bfb you blow
'IsabellaLC' 3 weeks ago
jordan and michelle are such beasts and my literal fitness goals!
'ArmaRes' 3 weeks ago
not's no surprise the crossfit girl did the best. I just thought she would have done better.
Shelby Brasfield
'Shelby Brasfield' 4 weeks ago
Am I the only one who doesn't hate Jordan? It's not like she's rude, they are all wanting to the best and she just happens to be very athletic. Stop getting pissed when she wins. I dare you to try to do what she does.
Neo Jasmine
'Neo Jasmine' 4 weeks ago
Jordan has to lower her ego just a little bit
All Things Flexible
'All Things Flexible' 4 weeks ago
Jordan and Michelle are boss
'Guard' 4 weeks ago
random dodgy cunt
'random dodgy cunt' 4 weeks ago
Jordan and Michelle seems to be always trying to one up each other
Alejandro Z
'Alejandro Z' 4 weeks ago
nfl fitness test is a joke.I would like to them run a marathon.
Ryleigh Smith
'Ryleigh Smith' 1 month ago
I like Jordan. She is proud of what she can do. I bet if some of you who are saying "I hate Jordan" would do the same if you could do what she does. Don't be mean just because she is proud of herself
Issac Wubbena
'Issac Wubbena' 1 month ago
Jordan was trying that hard with only 45 pounds 😂😂😂
spikeball pro8
'spikeball pro8' 1 month ago
My stats bench: 9 45 lbs vertical 14 inches broad jump 5'10" 60 yard shuttle 24.54 sec 40 6.86 sec
Raffi G
'Raffi G' 1 month ago
Jordan and Michelle can get it
Strength MM
'Strength MM' 1 month ago
OMG they broke the combine record!!! 100 reps!!! wait.... is that 45lbs.... but that's not what's used in the combine....
MultipulFandoms HelpMeh
Austin Walker
'Austin Walker' 1 month ago
No weight hey my god I'm 13 and I bet I can do better
'Yoptifine' 1 month ago
Jordan and Michelle are the kids who think pe class are the olympics
'Pandarito23' 1 month ago
I think jordon is a bandwagon she is a fan of the patriots
Hollywap35 1
'Hollywap35 1' 1 month ago
It's not. A fitness test really,' the combine is where you show how fit you are. There are actual fitness tests....
Andy Dang
'Andy Dang' 1 month ago
Why is everyone hating on Jordan?
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