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Women Try The NFL Fitness Test -
Published: 12 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 12 months ago

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"I didn't know we were supposed to go until we were collapsing!"

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Mariel Cooper, NFL Free Agent
Steve Smith, New York Giants Super Bowl Champion
Stark Training Center

Lmao they went so easy on these girls there was no waight on the bench press but a 45 pound bar lmao
big mike
'big mike' 3 days ago
Kelsey looks like Elle fanning.
'X OvO X' 3 days ago
Jordan getting drafted
Mr. Red Head
'Mr. Red Head' 4 days ago
In the 40 yard dash the timer was started late they would have all had like 6.5s to 7s if it was started correctly
'xerxes' 4 days ago
"Women Try The NFL Fitness Test" *they proceed to struggle with just a bar*
Garrett Hunt
'Garrett Hunt' 5 days ago
Roi-Rawhiti Makutu
Jordan thinks she's good at everything
Mr. Smith
'Mr. Smith' 6 days ago
Jordan like that ugly girl no one wanna date, so she decided “imma beef up”. Nope
Evan Price
'Evan Price' 7 days ago
You gptta train to failure or u don't improve.
Gracie Lund
'Gracie Lund' 1 week ago
How many fricken buzzfeed channels are there 😂
Kelsy Sosa
'Kelsy Sosa' 1 week ago
Bruh my names Kelsy but not with a extra e
Happy Meal Is Here
Roidlan MkTrenna
'Roidlan MkTrenna' 1 week ago
That girl thought she was so cool. Woah you can bench the bar? WOW
Tyrique Range
'Tyrique Range' 1 week ago
They got Steve Smith jersey # wrong whenever he was introducing himself
Ashton Pickering
'Ashton Pickering' 1 week ago
I run the 40 in 5.3 lol
'Roblol' 1 week ago
since when did 5.08=5.8? 4:15
Gorki XXX
'Gorki XXX' 1 week ago
This is rugby with an armor, not football.
Street movie Productions
Yeah jordon let’s go the patriots
Esther Simon
'Esther Simon' 2 weeks ago
My boyfriend doesn’t play for a college team but he would definitely love to do this and looking at how he used to run track in high school and his workout routine I have to say I think and truly believe he’ll be very compatible and I think the hardest for him will be the bench press because shoulders gives out at times when weighted on. Now if it comes to catching/throwing the football as well, I will have to say the scouters would be very pleased! My boyfriend would honestly pay to do this because he loves competition along with showing there is talent comparing to eating and breathing athletes making to the big leagues and ones with dreams.
justin gies
'justin gies' 2 weeks ago
Isn't the bench weight supposed to be 225?
The S.H.A.E ballers
'The S.H.A.E ballers' 2 weeks ago
what bench press weight did they use?
湯 茂 林 Maurice
'湯 茂 林 Maurice' 2 weeks ago
Below average results..Most Average Joes would have doubled their numbers 😂😂 just like in the military, women need the watered down version. Put half their body weight on the vast atleast jeeez
Supahtripp X
'Supahtripp X' 2 weeks ago
Well that didn't look like a 45lb Olympic bar, they're repping 15lbs for 100 reps, the NFL combine has you rep 225, a 45lb Olympic bar and four 45lb plates, seems like the easy womanized version of the NFL combine, on the other hand I'd love to see the low T try guy betas try to bench 225
'Tyler' 2 weeks ago
the nfl does 225 lol
'pissmate' 2 weeks ago
Equality for women put 225 on that bench
Lily Rose
'Lily Rose' 2 weeks ago
Birgit Männigo
'Birgit Männigo' 3 weeks ago
Jorden like has a thing with 7
'BerserkTV' 3 weeks ago
knows nothing about football... googles best NFL team "The New England Patriots are the best NFL team" i'm actually a really big Patriots fan
Brittany Wyatt
'Brittany Wyatt' 3 weeks ago
jordan is so overly competitive its ridiculous
Savage Panda
'Savage Panda' 3 weeks ago
Jordan wanted to win everything
Jack Crane
'Jack Crane' 3 weeks ago
I think the bar bench press is probably the most pathetic think I’ve ever seen
Alexander Anger
'Alexander Anger' 3 weeks ago
The NFL combine has a 225 bench press
'TVOLGs' 4 weeks ago
LOL I’m pretty sure I ran 218 yards (200) metres in 18 seconds and I’m way younger then them
Jayden Urbalejo
'Jayden Urbalejo' 4 weeks ago
FR jordan is pissed me out bc think she’s so good but she’s not she garbage
'RoYaL' 4 weeks ago
Jesse James
'Jesse James' 4 weeks ago
45 lb bench press, wow so hard.😒😒 Put some big boy weight on that bar and then we will see how tough these gals think they are.
shadow games roblox
'shadow games roblox' 4 weeks ago
Wow Jordan is soo great
Cherokee Creation
'Cherokee Creation' 1 month ago
boo patriots
Nancy Collins
'Nancy Collins' 1 month ago
I disliked this vid just cause she said she was a patriots fan
Messy Gs
'Messy Gs' 1 month ago
I believe Jordan was replaced by a stunt devil this video
- -
'- -' 1 month ago
I knew jordan and michelle would be the best
J.R. Elgran
'J.R. Elgran' 1 month ago
Selorm made us look Bad :-/
Jeremy Borman
'Jeremy Borman' 1 month ago
i feel like the jordan is a bandwagon. like if u agree
'rhilldhill' 1 month ago
5.08 and 5.8 are not the same thing (40 yard dash times) And good idea on the shuttle run to have the finish right next to a wall.
B. Natural
'B. Natural' 1 month ago
Woman are a problem......
'K S' 1 month ago
Yassss pats!
Kaylie Greenleaf
'Kaylie Greenleaf' 1 month ago
Lindsay Bullock
'Lindsay Bullock' 1 month ago
Go Patriots
nhgfd juytre
'nhgfd juytre' 1 month ago
They must have forgotten to put some weight on that barbell.
Damien Neff
'Damien Neff' 1 month ago
jordan would make the best
Jeesaf Oceanleft
'Jeesaf Oceanleft' 1 month ago
Imagine doing this sort of workout everyday, if not every other day. Peak performance.
Jeesaf Oceanleft
'Jeesaf Oceanleft' 1 month ago
Christ. "Now I'll have a stronger connection when I watch football" That's the only thing gained out of this, huh.
Lance Smith
'Lance Smith' 1 month ago
The bench press is the nf l combine uses 225 pounds for reps test, they were using. 45 pounds,
Rìca Cassandra
'Rìca Cassandra' 1 month ago
YAS Jordan's a pats fan
Elizabeth Ingham
'Elizabeth Ingham' 1 month ago
Yes patriots
Łôńëłÿ Ñìght
'bryan' 1 month ago
we have 3 girls in our football team 🙄
SQ Embry
'SQ Embry' 1 month ago
Jordan is the best
PoodleCorp 21
'PoodleCorp 21' 1 month ago
How much did that bar weigh lol
'Raptor2k' 1 month ago
*For all you fuckin femenazis sayin "ohhh they didnt start late, women are just soo athletic" - u might just stfu for a sec and actually look when the timer started* They begin to run: Timer only starts here lmao:
Chris Walter
'Chris Walter' 1 month ago
There aren't even any weights on the fucking bench press
V1ct0r Han
'V1ct0r Han' 1 month ago
So they bring in Steve Smith from the giants, but not THE FUCKING STEVE SMITH SR?!?!?!
Drakea Love
'Drakea Love' 1 month ago
I want to do this. I can probably to 40 yards in 4.41..
iRays HD
'iRays HD' 1 month ago
0:55 that girl should kill herself. Already know imma hate her fcking Pats fan
Vaibhav Singh
'Vaibhav Singh' 2 months ago
that's not football.
bob the Builder
'bob the Builder' 2 months ago
How heavy was the bar?
Womeb try the NHL Combine fitness test.
Do Thien
'Do Thien' 2 months ago
That moment when you notice only the only people who hate Jordan are the women in the comment section. Why? Because she's more athletic than any of you? LOL. I like Jordan, everyone, not just a girl, should be FIT.
'robertsd247' 2 months ago
Did they take the knee and hate on the country?
kawaii herd
'kawaii herd' 2 months ago
I feel like Jordan won everything...
Kenan Aragon
'Kenan Aragon' 2 months ago
We get it Jordan. Your good
'RAYSERNAXO' 2 months ago
I love football ⚽️
DJ Soul
'DJ Soul' 2 months ago
Many people can’t even do as much as these ladies can. I’m proud of each of em
Salami Pastrami
'Salami Pastrami' 2 months ago
I like how they didn't write any of the 40 yard dash times correctly
Russel Hustle
'Russel Hustle' 2 months ago
wow 107 reps on a 45 pound bar, i could do that with one hand.
'KaydenProductions' 2 months ago
ewww patriots fan
Kevin and Kaden Productions
Jordan is hella athletic
Gavin Burns
'Gavin Burns' 2 months ago
My vertical is 18.5 and I’m younger then them
Birgitte Henniger
'Birgitte Henniger' 2 months ago
Grace McCabe
'Grace McCabe' 2 months ago
I love how Jordan just acts casual and then smashes it
RoGμΣ Ctrl
'RoGμΣ Ctrl' 2 months ago
People are so freaking salty. These ladies came out with a positive attitude and had fun along the way. I went back to see what people were talking about with Jordan but I saw NOTHING!!! I only saw the jealousy brewing in people's hearts for no good reason, I can't understand why people dislike others for being good at something.
'rrgert4' 2 months ago
jordan is a typical crossfitter
Jacob.a__30 0110
'Jacob.a__30 0110' 2 months ago
we all know white people can't jump
Mr V
'Mr V' 2 months ago
I like Jordan
Anthony Izquierdo
'Anthony Izquierdo' 2 months ago
Kelsey wore step up sneakers for this lol
Thicc Youngman
'Thicc Youngman' 2 months ago
mfw I had a 10'3" broad untrained. zzzz
'SilverSpoonsuploader' 2 months ago
... we will compare the men ends. LOL Men only sport....if women ever get into's over. "Woman speaking"
Holden Aultman
'Holden Aultman' 2 months ago
Dang Jordan is the GOAT
Atg Zheng
'Atg Zheng' 2 months ago
My vertical is 6 inches higher and I'm a 5'2 14 year old boy
Jelena Bubonja
'Jelena Bubonja' 2 months ago
The 40 yard dash should be sprinted on the toes. That way they could be much quicker. But regardless they were amazing.
'Reidfootball6000' 2 months ago
That's a 45 pound bar
Adolfo Cepeda
'Adolfo Cepeda' 2 months ago
how much was the bar? 20 or 45 lbs?
Cassidy Long
'Cassidy Long' 2 months ago
Yasssss patriots
Jack B
'Jack B' 2 months ago
There only benching like 30 pounds.
The Longangsters
'The Longangsters' 2 months ago
Ayyy patriots
6,653 Miles Above the Earth
0:50 stopped watching right there
Mark Cherry
'Mark Cherry' 2 months ago
Jordan was never supposed to bounce the bar off her chest
'Whodey!' 2 months ago
Lol they use 45lbs. Bar as the bench press test
Alex Montano
'Alex Montano' 2 months ago
The girl who said I'm a huge patriots fan aka I'm a huge bandwagon
Mister Tripp
'Mister Tripp' 2 months ago
I can guarantee they didn't actually do 100 reps
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