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Nicki Minaj - Only ft. Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown -
Published: 3 years ago By: NickiMinajAtVEVO

By: NickiMinajAtVEVOPublished: 3 years ago

317, 022, 316 views

1, 689, 860 Likes   157, 908 Dislikes

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Gabriella Oviedo
'Gabriella Oviedo' 6 minutes ago
why was there an ad in the middle of the video?
Leah And_TheSquad
'Leah And_TheSquad' 45 minutes ago
2018 February? Nicki Looks Like A Mix Of Drake And Cardi B Anyone Agree?!
Ryan Hayward
'Ryan Hayward' 1 hour ago
Good tune !!
Shawnte Mitchell
'Shawnte Mitchell' 2 hours ago
"i never fucked nicki cause she got a man" i mean she wouldn't care🙄😂😂😎🤣🤣🤣😋
malik akchar
'malik akchar' 2 hours ago
this is ok too
Reptillian Brute
'Reptillian Brute' 2 hours ago
H-h-hu1 hu2 big titties freeshavacadoo
Хесоям Аезакми
Kayla Love
'Kayla Love' 4 hours ago
lil wanye sound high like always like if you agree.
человек обыкновенный
кто от Шевцова?
Jesus armando ardiles leon
queenaza 7u7
Blue Flames
'Blue Flames' 6 hours ago
'MBoY4567' 8 hours ago
Who’s listening in 2021?
'MBoY4567' 8 hours ago
What’s the video about? Torturing people?
Yuuka Chan
'Yuuka Chan' 8 hours ago
Drake is creepy XD
Light Sky
'Light Sky' 10 hours ago
Drakes part was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Andrea Powell
'Andrea Powell' 10 hours ago
october' sexy holiday cheer
KaySoze Official
'KaySoze Official' 10 hours ago
Any song where Nicki Wayne and Drake just kill it
Habgame Getahun
'Habgame Getahun' 10 hours ago
Luvin ya Ym.. Nicki Minaj
Justice Beanbuff
'Justice Beanbuff' 11 hours ago
Omg I'm in love❤💖❤💖❤💖😘😘😘😘😘💛💙
Tamara Craig
'Tamara Craig' 15 hours ago
Chris and Nicki look good Wayne still the king and I love Drake Great song
Ardlil Haq
'Ardlil Haq' 16 hours ago
I dont know the mean of the lyric but i know i think its not good when you play with your parents.better with me,i can play this song every time with my parents because they dont know english. They just know english Yes (iya) and No (Tidak) #indoenglish ✌
x s t r e l a h x
'x s t r e l a h x' 16 hours ago
Sammie Fowler lll
'Sammie Fowler lll' 19 hours ago
I always wanted this to ask this one question: What the absolute fuck is drake wearing on his feet?
Hala Butler
'Hala Butler' 19 hours ago
0:40 Your welcome
safara williams
'safara williams' 20 hours ago
I seriously can't stand Nicki but damn when my brother showed me this video I am obsessed she looks completely outstanding
'OMGITME 30' 21 hours ago
Just pure bars👌
Rochey Pierce
'Rochey Pierce' 24 hours ago
Love this song
ALex Nguyen
'ALex Nguyen' 1 day ago
big butt
Noah Pendrey
'Noah Pendrey' 1 day ago
Grace x Burch
'Grace x Burch' 1 day ago
Luvvv ittt
'Kitten' 1 day ago
This is dominatrix
Lilly Phillips
'Lilly Phillips' 1 day ago
Rebecca Wolfe
'Rebecca Wolfe' 1 day ago
Chris looks possesed
Scarlett and Grace Smiles
She didn't say she didn't guck Chris XD 😎😙😙😛😜🤑😗😉😎☺️
Scarlett and Grace Smiles
So big that anyone else in the room is soo UNCOMFORTABLE YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSI LUV DIS SONGGGGGGGGG so bad I legit watch it all the time ☹️😞🤓😔😎😎😎😎🙃☺️😗😝🙃🙃☺️😗😊
Anyla Pickens
'Anyla Pickens' 1 day ago
Who else thinks Nicki is a hoe? Like if u do (I'm not saying I do I just want some votes)
Anyla Pickens
'Anyla Pickens' 1 day ago
Who here thinks Chris Brown is sexy
Alex RR : )
'Alex RR : )' 1 day ago
The typical song that put some girls to anoy their mothers...
Adrian Farrel
'Adrian Farrel' 1 day ago
Q park anyone ? 😂
Me Myself
'Me Myself' 1 day ago
Nicki is so fake
Clayton Hampton
'Clayton Hampton' 1 day ago
Drakes part 😂😂
Its Yenthe
'Its Yenthe' 1 day ago
Trevon Shuman
'Trevon Shuman' 1 day ago
Chris Browns part fire🔥🔥
Mark Jones
'Mark Jones' 1 day ago
This song is dope
Mark Jones
'Mark Jones' 1 day ago
Can you come to my birthday party
Mark Jones
'Mark Jones' 1 day ago
Love you
Emy Ap
'Emy Ap' 1 day ago
This reminds of 50 shades
Bobbir Bradshaw
'Bobbir Bradshaw' 1 day ago
My gurl!
Atrinity Phillips
F who u want nock
'ISAAC MOMOH' 1 day ago
The Cholo Geek
'The Cholo Geek' 2 days ago
I like the Sith Lord contact lenses.... nice touch
MaName Jeff
'MaName Jeff' 2 days ago
0:43 liar liar plants for hire.
Charles Williams
'Charles Williams' 2 days ago
Luv u NICKI!!!
Rainbow Flow
'Rainbow Flow' 2 days ago
lil wayne is trash
Gene Letourneau
'Gene Letourneau' 2 days ago
00:32 cuando te tienes que parar para la escuelaxd
Betty Wilson
'Betty Wilson' 2 days ago
Love uuuuuu big all OVER
Robert Tar Beats
'Robert Tar Beats' 2 days ago
Thïs ïs fün
Ayisha Bennett
'Ayisha Bennett' 2 days ago
Anyone else think Chris Brown is hot as HELL no just me okay 😪😙😗😘😋😝😜😛💜💛💚💙
Trevon Shuman
'Trevon Shuman' 2 days ago
Cienna Winczuk
'Cienna Winczuk' 2 days ago
This song is lit but how is duck tape and somebody? Thats the real question there.
2K Video
'2K Video's' 2 days ago
This is hard to watch .-.
Genisis Greene
'Genisis Greene' 2 days ago
Chris tho (creepy but cute💖💖💖)
'brxzy.anxiety' 2 days ago
Miss Urielle The Voice
Coumba Ndiaye
'Coumba Ndiaye' 2 days ago
Love the reaction of old white ladies listening to sing song
miss miss
'miss miss' 2 days ago
DizzyFart 77
'DizzyFart 77' 2 days ago
This video makes me uncomfortable and why do you have to do this to those boys and not girls? *#BOYSLIVESMATTER*
Plamen 21 Stanislavov
Kripe Kripe Kripe KUSH KUSH KUSH KUSH kush
Hunter Mason
'Hunter Mason' 2 days ago
She use to be good but now she is making the dumbest songs
The Four Challenger
That thumbnail for Nicki must have been so embarrassing for her!!!
melie msp
'melie msp' 2 days ago
This is why i don't let my Little sister watch YouTube.
Promise Agu
'Promise Agu' 2 days ago
2018 anyone??
2K Video
'2K Video's' 2 days ago
Chris brown looks so satanic .-.
'Dom' 2 days ago
Qpark! Lol
Valentina Poindexter
*i nEvEr FuCkEd WaYnE* *I nEvEr fUcKeD dRaKe*
Emily Sherman
'Emily Sherman' 2 days ago
Love this song
Phoenix Girl Mythics
"These curls are my sons" I thought that was what she said 😂
Jassa Singh
'Jassa Singh' 2 days ago
drake looks like ross!! 😂
Brooke Knee
'Brooke Knee' 2 days ago
Not eord word
Brooke Knee
'Brooke Knee' 2 days ago
I know every eord
Hayden Gunter
'Hayden Gunter' 2 days ago
I love this song
Beast Nation
'Beast Nation' 2 days ago
4:42 I go PUM-PUM-PUM! xD
'Harald' 2 days ago
Want to clear my Throat when listening to lil wayne' s part
Kawaii Cookie D
Heyy im french Liker tous ceux qui sont fr
Joshua Highlander
'Joshua Highlander' 2 days ago
my man full he just ate
Joshua Highlander
'Joshua Highlander' 2 days ago
u know if u leave me idll be quite
Joshua Highlander
'Joshua Highlander' 2 days ago
let it soke in like seson
'MusicNationVEVO' 2 days ago
declan mckelvie
'declan mckelvie' 3 days ago
who,s watching this in 2018
ninja sabo
'ninja sabo' 3 days ago
it gave m a bad trip
kailey stanton
'kailey stanton' 3 days ago
Ithaka Yakame
'Ithaka Yakame'' 3 days ago
damn Chris Brown look hot in this video I come here every now again just go look at him this my jam real talk. buy his look makes me want to look at the video lol 2018...
idvi tapia
'idvi tapia' 3 days ago
mooMoo Milk
'mooMoo Milk' 3 days ago
ok but if this is Nicki's song then why does she *only* speak for like 1 minute in a 5 minute song
Damnnn woman 😎
leasia millage
'leasia millage' 3 days ago
OMG I love it
leasia millage
'leasia millage' 3 days ago
OMG I love it 😍😘
leasia millage
'leasia millage' 3 days ago
OMG I love it 😍😘
leasia millage
'leasia millage' 3 days ago
OMG I love it 😍😘
leasia millage
'leasia millage' 3 days ago
OMG I love it 😍😘
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