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Angkor: Ancient Mega City in the Jungle -
Published: 3 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 3 months ago

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What on Earth? | Tuesdays 9p
Scientists use LIDAR to unlock secrets behind the ancient city of Angkor, including an impressively complex network of water channels.
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Rick Halverson
'Rick Halverson' 3 weeks ago
Global warming? Certainly ancient liberals would have forced that ideology, so they could tax the ignorant.
Blink Scene
'Blink Scene' 4 weeks ago
Some Indians are saying Angkor wat was build by ‘ Tamil king’ , in telling ya , NO ! They are built by CAMBODIANS!!!! DON’T CLAIM THE GREAT TEMPLES AS YOURS!!! It’s already in heritage of the world ...... pleasssseeee guys , ONE WORLD , ONE EARTH , ONE ANGKOR WAT , and we’re all ONE SPECIES OF HUMANITY. Thank you
Yao Long Liao
'Yao Long Liao' 1 month ago
Happy to see it, because im from cambodia
Rayyan Deen
'Rayyan Deen' 1 month ago
There should be a VR version of the city
'FACTZ OVERDOSE' 1 month ago
I am so confused I dont know if this was built by Indians or Cambodians cause the temple looks like the ones in the southern part of the india but how would Indians reach Cambodia in the ancient times this leads me to confusion please someone tell who built it???
isis smith
'isis smith' 1 month ago
Image golf shock fantasy lecture rock neither catch piece pool.
Zallow Xx
'Zallow Xx' 1 month ago
I'm From Cambodia
yuir on ice
'yuir on ice' 2 months ago
And they have 7 king at the time
yuir on ice
'yuir on ice' 2 months ago
I am from Cambodia so I know about Khmer history and Angkor wat too
'BRO _SAD' 2 months ago
The temple located in Cambodia. There are many many more temples for you to explore in Cambodia.
'LostMySauce' 2 months ago
These videos are always so short.
Odin Choy
'Odin Choy' 2 months ago
Looks like a map in Battlefront 2
Talha Farid
'Talha Farid' 2 months ago
What episode is this ? Help plss
daisy qurian
'daisy qurian' 2 months ago
It marks the hinduism prevalence throughout the world in past
'The BLACK WING KH' 2 months ago
Yeah it me city in there i live in cambodia yo😂😂
Jay E King
'Jay E King' 2 months ago
Great clip
Sarin Chhen
'Sarin Chhen' 2 months ago
ពិតជាមានមោទនភាពមែនទែន អង្គរ កម្ពុជា
The Sentry
'The Sentry' 2 months ago
Anyone else realize that it kinda looks like yavin 4 on battlefront 2?
thomas laux
'thomas laux' 2 months ago
Virus maybe
Ashish Chaudhari
'Ashish Chaudhari' 2 months ago
i play game named 'DIAMOND RUSH' inspired this city... in that game that level name is angkor vat..😍 fabulous game....
Ersan Seer
'Ersan Seer' 2 months ago
Cool video but the over-scripting and dramatization instantly makes the viewer feel like we're watching sensationalist shit. Would be super intriguing, entertaining and educational if you didn't script such a cheesy narrative and encourage the actors to exaggerate. It reeks of bullshit.
Anand Vaid
'Anand Vaid' 3 months ago
Dinosaur carving..look ut up
'Meiji' 3 months ago
Stupid Indians caliming Angkor... I'm not Cambodian but if you look at all of the sculptures on the temples the people clearly look Austroasiatic and not Indian.
KGETC Engineer
'KGETC Engineer' 3 months ago
The new recovery of word ‘Sovanphumi ‘= Land of Gold entry in khmer ancient script
TheSpeeding Turtle
'TheSpeeding Turtle' 3 months ago
Sub to ma
Jack Frost Jack Frost
They humans were harvested and taken to their true Masters on a distant would.
James Ellis
'James Ellis' 3 months ago
Yellowstone goes off it goes off nothing we can do about it
KGETC Engineer
'KGETC Engineer' 3 months ago
It is khmer engineering knowledge. Khmer have had specified methods to design and construction and have school for study this subject at Taphrom Temple. The results, Temples over the country. Those temples, constructed, not for Hindu but make Town and City. The king 🤴 have sharp vision for future.
'Anon.' 3 months ago
why am i subscribed to this shit when the only shit they show is teasers??
Death Valley Dazed
'Death Valley Dazed' 3 months ago
So, this video leads one to believe the city "dried up" the people had to move away? Thanks for the video. Gotta go there someday. The comments below raise good questions that I hope Science Channel will answer.
Martin Kennedy
'Martin Kennedy' 3 months ago
2,000 years ago people moving othet new home. They can not come back.
'DisturbedSquirrel' 3 months ago
Been there!
Jaydev Solanki
'Jaydev Solanki' 3 months ago
Now The Rain weeps his hall, no one there's to hear!
Akash Guha Thakurata
'Akash Guha Thakurata' 3 months ago
Angkor Vat is an ancient Hindu temple complex which also the largest temple ever built. It was built by a Tamil king in Cambodia
john shan
'john shan' 3 months ago
'TheFourthWinchester' 3 months ago
Anyone else see Shiva's trident or is it just me 🙄
'LorenzoDIYz' 3 months ago
Great video
Voeurn Solin
'Voeurn Solin' 3 months ago
well just to be clear to everyone. This temple is in Cambodia I'm Cambodian so i know deeper. It was made by the old generation of Cambodian people not "INDIAN" as other people trying to fool the viewers. It's was first made by the king name Jayavarman the 2nd and was finished years and years after by Jayavarman the 7th.
Daath Muse
'Daath Muse' 3 months ago
We haven’t gone anywhere.. we’re still here. 👲🏾
Pozitif Channel
'Pozitif Channel' 3 months ago
Hello, let see our video about behavior of paederus thankss
Amazing Creation
'Amazing Creation' 3 months ago
The flood of Noah is the cause! 3 quarters of a million people would be pretty hard to wipe out. If it were just water poisoning, they should find bodies everywhere.
The ßAT
'The ßAT' 3 months ago
Farcry 3
Andre Boccaccio
'Andre Boccaccio' 3 months ago
Tyler Sar
'Tyler Sar' 3 months ago
Yesss some history on Cambodia
Navin Pemarathne
'Navin Pemarathne' 3 months ago
1:17 Reminds me of the Curse-Rotted Greatwood from Dark Souls 3
Grandpa Goodman
'Grandpa Goodman' 3 months ago
Wasn't this city in like, tomb raider.
mano lehan
'mano lehan' 3 months ago
City was made by Tamil king suryavarma......abandoned due to high heat of sun
Emma Debenham
'Emma Debenham' 3 months ago
I went to Angkor only a few days ago! What a coincidence! (It's incredible, a definite must see)
A Few Wonders Conveyed
Being Indian defines EVERY Astonishing thing you can think of..
Adam Celadin
'Adam Celadin' 3 months ago
This was not build 600 years ago haha :D
Nayib Noyola
'Nayib Noyola' 3 months ago
Probably Predators didn't make it so they killed everyone off
Alex White
'Alex White' 3 months ago
Wrong, thats Yavin 4
Dave Slaz
'Dave Slaz' 3 months ago
I visited Angkor in 2000 and loved every second, I need to go back.
'JaMiEsT_' 3 months ago
nitz vision
'nitz vision' 3 months ago
It was made by Hindus 3000. Years ago...hindus had high tech architecture and tech to break stones....hindus had expertise in engineering ..astrology ...but they died in nuclear war called. Mahabharata ..3000 years ago
First Last
'First Last' 3 months ago
Are they working for a tourist company ?
Colin Brown
'Colin Brown' 3 months ago
Mind blowing🤓
sokun sana
'sokun sana' 3 months ago
I am from cambodia!!!☺☺
τοΆντρας μπλε
You guys don't make content for young people, I feel like I have to be 80 to enjoy this.
Robbie Dehlinger
'Robbie Dehlinger' 3 months ago
Wow. It’s on my bucket list to go there now lol.
Ashton Byrne
'Ashton Byrne' 3 months ago
First comment 11 person to watch
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