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Game Theory: Luigi, the RICHEST Man in the Mushroom Kingdom? (Super Mario Bros) -
Published: 8 months ago By: The Game Theorists

By: The Game TheoristsPublished: 8 months ago

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Sure Mario may get the girl, but Luigi apparently gets the gold. I always wondered how Luigi wound up with his own mansion. Turns out, he's filthy rich. He'd have to be to afford a home like that. But just how rich are we talkin'? I'm about to show you.

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THANKS to Edward for the amazing editing on this video!

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the Gamernick56
'the Gamernick56' 3 hours ago
My favorite intro
mollytroll06 Röste
'mollytroll06 Röste' 3 hours ago
13:28 I know your secret. Dont worry your secret is save whit me. 👽👻
Hisham Zahran
'Hisham Zahran' 5 hours ago
Luigis mansion is in Saudi ara
'tjloo5001' 7 hours ago
i feel bad for mat, doing all this work just for... omg 7 million views .-.
'Xian6402' 17 hours ago
It's not a mansion, a MEGA mansion, thank for reading!
Keira Christensen
'Keira Christensen' 17 hours ago
"Oh no, Luigi. Oh... no..."
Shin Gojira 2017
'Shin Gojira 2017' 20 hours ago
if I saw the mommy and daddy ghosts I wouldn't suck em up because there taking care of their child <:-)
Yoshidex WGY
'Yoshidex WGY' 22 hours ago
LIER! I played that Luigi's Mansion game at David Busters
'xcapital1' 1 day ago
Luigi's Mansion arcade has a US version I played over a year ago
Mattman Playz Games
I played that Luigi's mansion arcade game recently and it was in English so I actually understood it
Oshaw Kitty
'Oshaw Kitty' 1 day ago
They had the arcade version near where I live
Andrew Campbell
'Andrew Campbell' 1 day ago
I subscribe
Fr0sTyPlAyZ MC
'Fr0sTyPlAyZ MC' 2 days ago
Is anyone else familiar with the "super guide" mechanic? Luigi collects a lotta coins! I remember one where he accidentally got a star coin! (shut up I know it's the game devs)
MarshKip Gaming
'MarshKip Gaming' 2 days ago
I understand why you would add up the totals of the mansion and the furniture inside, HOWEVER, if i'm not mistaken, Professor E. Gadd tells Luigi how the mansion appeared out of nowhere, and all of the ghosts he had previously captured and made into paintings fled and hid in that mansion.
Franck Auguste
'Franck Auguste' 2 days ago
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Kobrah De Duelist
'Kobrah De Duelist' 2 days ago
Wario owns a planet and a gold mine Bowser owns a dozen castles
epic sword mewz
'epic sword mewz' 3 days ago
chimichanga22 me
'chimichanga22 me' 3 days ago
Did you bleed out on a carpet matpat? 😕
Lord V1LE
'Lord V1LE' 3 days ago
the standard gold bar size is 400 not 350 so you're about 12.5% off.
Julian Stuckey
'Julian Stuckey' 3 days ago
1:28 It's not exclusive to Japan. Played it at a Dave & Buster's in South Carolina.
jesse paauw
'jesse paauw' 3 days ago
Do something about skylanders
Momo No Soda
'Momo No Soda' 3 days ago
2:04 PLEASE tell me I wasn't the only one who who thinking of something else.
'SableWolfAngel' 3 days ago
Dunno if anyone has pointed this out yet, but that arcade game isn't a Japanese exclusive, at least not anymore. They have an English version available to play in Dave & Buster's. I played it only two months after this video was released. It's pretty easy and fun, too.
ElectroFox22 / Phoenix27
1:19 this thursday in dubai i saw that machine arcade game in eng at the mall of the emirates
Wynuat_the_ ronin
'Wynuat_the_ ronin' 3 days ago
12:16 oh Luigi ;3
'KadenzPlayz' 3 days ago
At 11:40 you said 70,000 but put 70,0000
The_Sloth Emperor
'The_Sloth Emperor' 3 days ago
Gabe Riley (Higher Rank)
2:30 mario deserved it, nto my problem *drops the Poltergust 5000 and walks away*
'AdrijusHD' 3 days ago
Lol, he talks about luigi's mansion and the game is Super Mario Bros.
Polygon Cartoons
'Polygon Cartoons' 3 days ago
Dammit! And I was feeling sorry for Luigi!
Soul Storm
'Soul Storm' 3 days ago
Did anyone else think of Good Charlotte when he said lifestyles of the rich and famous
Melon Man
'Melon Man' 4 days ago
Did you use hydrogen peroxide? Or lemon water?
Jazzy Turtle
'Jazzy Turtle' 4 days ago
The only thing I ever won in a raffle was a toy camera
Chocolate Chip
'Chocolate Chip' 4 days ago
its been a long time since i saw ur vids game theroist i have been watchin when u had 3M subs
Galactic Gamer
'Galactic Gamer' 4 days ago
Creether King
'Creether King' 4 days ago
Who else got a switch ad
'Iballisticbenny' 4 days ago
Notification squad
'Luigi's Mansion' 4 days ago
Let Me Get This Straight? A Plain Plumber (Luigi) Has More Money Than A Explorer Businessman (Wario)?
That one Guy
'That one Guy' 4 days ago
Matpat:your secrets safe with me Me: physcoticly laughs* AHAHHAHAHAHHAH * Family:get the suitcase and the bleach
Meg Guid
'Meg Guid' 5 days ago
Mario is 3 inches taller than me... I'm very very short
Tracytron 54321
'Tracytron 54321' 5 days ago
PS Trondheim
'PS Trondheim' 5 days ago
futuristic super castles
Morgan Thorpe
'Morgan Thorpe' 5 days ago
when you're watching this video while playing Tapped Out and you see Mr. Burns' Summer Mansion. Gets triggered
Luna Lovaine
'Luna Lovaine' 5 days ago
For that blood stain? Hydrogen Peroxide. That usually does the trick
'swede' 5 days ago
notificatin squad
Dank Memes
'Dank Memes' 5 days ago
But the thing is, he used all his money to buy his new mansion. THEORY BUSTED
'Jayrfinite' 5 days ago
Now do dark moon.
This reminded me of the old Game Theory episodes. Great video, MatPat. :D
Heyzeus Creesto
'Heyzeus Creesto' 5 days ago
I also noticed the extra 0.
the aster of heaven
But I like keylime pie...
Chris P. Bacon
'Chris P. Bacon' 5 days ago
That price is assuming the Mushroom Kingdom uses US dollars and the gold-to-mushroom kingdom currency exchange rate is the same. If there's Beanbean Kingdom coins in there, that's more work. Does a Mushroom Kingdom coin equal 1 USD?
Milo Crespi
'Milo Crespi' 6 days ago
Mr. Mat Pat, you are wrong by saying that the Luigi's Mansion Arcade game is exclusive to Japan. Me and my friend John played that machine at a Dave and Busters, in California!
Tai-nin Inazuma
'Tai-nin Inazuma' 6 days ago
7:38 is that PC Gamer God from Dan Bull's video? XD
Irene Corvington
'Irene Corvington' 6 days ago
11:36 I located an extra 0
Marcquise White
'Marcquise White' 6 days ago
You're a very weird genius
'Firesly1' 6 days ago
"... YOU FILTHY RICH BASTARD." Damn Ol Matty boy getting aggressive
'AvaPlaysMC' 7 days ago
How about now we shove the place in california, the 2 bedrooms places 1. something million$
Amberlyn Graves
'Amberlyn Graves' 7 days ago
crispy liza good point...
Kimber Prime
'Kimber Prime' 7 days ago
I personally like Luigi more than Mario.
'ChanneI' 7 days ago
Nice video. I like the part where you left out the value of the land the mansion sits on!! How many acres is that!!
JJ Prince
'JJ Prince' 7 days ago
Daaaaaang! Man, Luigi rocks!
Safety Pumpkin
'Safety Pumpkin' 7 days ago
He has a marioplex of dollars
Turtle Man
'Turtle Man' 1 week ago
Wait you tried those that means you have blood stains
Jovloknite Gaming 9001
I hate Austin u r batter
Esdras Velasco
'Esdras Velasco' 1 week ago
And Lugi become an ghostbuster
Rebel Ranger Harv
'Rebel Ranger Harv' 1 week ago
I prefer to have my first dime be magic.
Teenfury Gaming
'Teenfury Gaming' 1 week ago
#notification squad
The Man
'The Man' 1 week ago
Dude that picture of the football field is a pic from my high schools new football field
Kawaii Umbreon 225
My dad likes key lime pie and I am taller than Mario
aadyn on fire
'aadyn on fire' 1 week ago
Can I ask why does it always say error 404?????
Turtle Time
'Turtle Time' 1 week ago
MatPat? More like MATHPAT
Jack Boetjer
'Jack Boetjer' 1 week ago
What about the age of the money
Bitter Cider
'Bitter Cider' 1 week ago
Oh come on, now we're measuring things in "Trumps"? 😩😂😂
Adam Karim
'Adam Karim' 1 week ago
The arcade one is also in magic planet egypt
Anthony Walker
'Anthony Walker' 1 week ago
Seltzer water and lemon for blood....dumbass.
rainbow cupcake
'rainbow cupcake' 1 week ago
I have your intro calculated so I know exactly when to press skip ten seconds
Judah Atkins
'Judah Atkins' 1 week ago
"Enough money to buy a mansion, made out of other, smaller mansions."-Handsome Jack
Loldude 121 RBLX
'Loldude 121 RBLX' 1 week ago
"he has to *S U C C* and *B L O* his way to the top"
'MrTesla1231' 2 weeks ago
If you've played Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, you know that Mario and Luigi are the BEST of brothers.
Emperor Pikachu
'Emperor Pikachu' 2 weeks ago
I played that in America at my local David Busters
'Kirbee' 2 weeks ago
11:34 $70,0000
Aidi Dalene
'Aidi Dalene' 2 weeks ago
matpat? why do need to know how to get bloodstains out of a carpet? uhhhh....
Marvens Art
'Marvens Art' 2 weeks ago
12:21 Enjoy ur laugh 😂
'Jules' 2 weeks ago
16:01 Luigi,you filthy rich bastard
Shadow Warz
'Shadow Warz' 2 weeks ago
'xx.jra.xx.04' 2 weeks ago
12:16 lmao dirty Luigi
SamDoran TheScienceMan.
Mike Boschert
'Mike Boschert' 2 weeks ago
so luigi is actually 6'6 since we now know that Mario is 5'10 cause of the mario kary gtlive episode. this means he is even more rich yeah?
'kawaiicat330' 2 weeks ago
Luigi's Mansion was released exactly 6 years before I was born! XD
Mario Plays mario crap
Thomas Simon
'Thomas Simon' 2 weeks ago
possibility Does anyone hear smarter this video .
Jonathan Rivera
'Jonathan Rivera' 2 weeks ago
I found that arcade game in a Dave n busters, it's pretty much dark moon first person
Courtney Hager
'Courtney Hager' 2 weeks ago
Now that we know that Mario is 5'11", what has changed on the price?? 🤔🤔
adit bhimani
'adit bhimani' 2 weeks ago
Notiffication squad plz
Miss LifescanX
'Miss LifescanX' 2 weeks ago
Holly N
'Holly N' 2 weeks ago
Matt insulted keylime pie how dare you
'jotting23' 2 weeks ago
Luigi should have let mario just die
cutie_tem_142 inku_ender_253
but the mansion isn't real
'Boogie' 2 weeks ago
Using baking soda to clean human blood. Heh. Looks like matpat never learned nothing with W.W. "Heisenberg".
'TerraEarthera' 2 weeks ago
The Mansion is a day old...Professor E. Gad says so...
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