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Game Theory: Luigi, the RICHEST Man in the Mushroom Kingdom? (Super Mario Bros) -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: The Game Theorists

By: The Game TheoristsPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Sure Mario may get the girl, but Luigi apparently gets the gold. I always wondered how Luigi wound up with his own mansion. Turns out, he's filthy rich. He'd have to be to afford a home like that. But just how rich are we talkin'? I'm about to show you.

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THANKS to Edward for the amazing editing on this video!

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Boxie SFM (BoxieGold)
'Boxie SFM (BoxieGold)' 25 minutes ago
Mario is as tall as me... god-damn it.
Frankie Jesselli
'Frankie Jesselli' 47 minutes ago
The detail behind these videos is just astounding! No one does better theories than you. NO ONE!
Gotham Guardian13
'Gotham Guardian13' 51 minutes ago
Can we get some Final Fantasy love soon? How heavy is Cloud's sword? How long is Sephiroth's? How hard does Tifa punch? Is it possible to make a sword that also shoots bullets? How much hair gel does Noctis use on a daily basis?
'PicamU' 55 minutes ago
13:26 Try salt, that always works for me
'angelbless45' 1 hour ago
@MattPatt Maybe a new theory of where Breath of the wild will fit? :)
'truck2224' 4 hours ago
7:39 is this a pc masta race joke I see there?
'ProDonut' 5 hours ago
If u sub I'll sub back
Spring trap
'Spring trap' 5 hours ago
Can MATPAT plz make a longer version of this new intro?
Anyone notice how the windows on the top floor of Luigis Mansion resemble Cthulhu?
Julius Air Kull
'Julius Air Kull' 5 hours ago
you goddamn LIAR! 'You've never had to remove bloodstains! You can get them out best with just regular cold water. has to be cold tho.
Sarah Louise
'Sarah Louise' 5 hours ago
here in australia a tiny apartment cost 2 -5 million dollars.............
'Ultratomic' 6 hours ago
You released this video too soon, Super Mario Odyssey came out with proportional humans lol
luky luke
'luky luke' 8 hours ago
I think bowser is the most richest man in the mushroom kingdom just look how much big castles he have
Mahon Kennedy
'Mahon Kennedy' 8 hours ago
key lime pie is my favorite flavor of pie
Jaester Maester
'Jaester Maester' 9 hours ago
Notification squad
'SadSynth' 10 hours ago
I love how channels go completely down hill and lose themselves after getting famous 🤗
Chad Kanner
'Chad Kanner' 10 hours ago
Notification squad
John Marco
'John Marco' 10 hours ago
hey do slender man
L & J Everything
'L & J Everything' 10 hours ago
11:44 LOL
Diego Portal
'Diego Portal' 11 hours ago
Será que alguém pode colocar legendas em pt-BR por favor
The Raging Stormtrooper
Played that game at Dave and busters
Armed Bullet Animations illuminati
Notification squad
'EROCK 127' 11 hours ago
the arcade machine is also at dave and busters
Suicide Lucy 19
'Suicide Lucy 19' 12 hours ago
notification squad
The Twin Gamerz
'The Twin Gamerz' 12 hours ago
notification squad
isaiah domenech
'isaiah domenech' 12 hours ago
I subscribed
Lyric Hardesty-Rice
'Lyric Hardesty-Rice' 13 hours ago
alex hunt
'alex hunt' 13 hours ago
Bowers is the only one who can back that amount of money and not care about it.
Christian Beechwood
'Christian Beechwood' 13 hours ago
for that bloodstain, try a lemon and seltzer water mix.
Owen Kreikemeier
'Owen Kreikemeier' 13 hours ago
Has MatPat ever pinned a comment?
Pokeball Z Gaming
'Pokeball Z Gaming' 13 hours ago
Hydrogen peroxide dissolves blood
'JLCP91' 13 hours ago
MatPat, how loud is the super horn? What exactly would it do to a person near it?
Donte Mcallister
'Donte Mcallister' 13 hours ago
"You filthy rich bastard!" Damn MatPat is a savage
The Creator Lps
'The Creator Lps' 13 hours ago
I'm as tall as Mario...
'Cap'n' 14 hours ago
11:33 "Seventy thousand..." 70,0000 Sure. That's seventy thousand.
Gaming Alex
'Gaming Alex' 14 hours ago
make a huge theory about donkey Kong or other characters away from the mario franchise
Cyber Jackalope
'Cyber Jackalope' 14 hours ago
I dunno. Gold is probably so prominent in the Mushroom Kingdom that it's probably near worthless.
Hunter Asmundson
'Hunter Asmundson' 14 hours ago
Notification squad
Beni and jackson Brkic
Jacob Cain
'Jacob Cain' 14 hours ago
actually matpat. bleach does work.
Jeffery Ross
'Jeffery Ross' 14 hours ago
fun time foxy
'fun time foxy' 14 hours ago
keylime is the best
'dwalters98' 15 hours ago
Your comment in the video about that kid making roughly 1.3 million in a single month piqued my interest. Did the math based on subscriber counts, and if everything were perfectly proportional (I know it's not), then Game theorist makes about 14.5 grand based on that (divide 1.3 mil by 680 to get the money per mil subs, then multiply by 7.6 for the amount of million subs he has). The things you know.
Jenna1 pinhot
'Jenna1 pinhot' 15 hours ago
notifications squid :p
Jane S.
'Jane S.' 15 hours ago
This game is my favorite of all time
Trebor nitram
'Trebor nitram' 15 hours ago
I played the arcade game at Dave and busters
Habib Ali
'Habib Ali' 15 hours ago
Somebody pls frikkin tell me the intro song!!!!
'Nathansaterda' 15 hours ago
He put 4 Zeros lol
DAaron McCraney
'DAaron McCraney' 15 hours ago
Did anyone else think something different when he said suck and blow😂
Girliplier Chan
'Girliplier Chan' 16 hours ago
am I the only person that Luigi was rich, I have literally played Luigi`s mansion AND Luigi`s mansion dark moon a THOUSAND TIMES!!!!!
stargirl 64
'stargirl 64' 16 hours ago
Exclusive to Japan? I don't think so I played the arcade game in gold cost last month
'5h0ckblock' 16 hours ago
too bad in real life luigi would be in jail for using fake money to buy a new house. that mansion and its contents were all either fabricated by the boo's or the magic paintings of the ghost of that painter.
Mr.Pirate Bunny
'Mr.Pirate Bunny' 16 hours ago
Key lime pie is my favorite 😢
Lincoln Newell (abelincolnguy)
notification squad
mindzombie 01
'mindzombie 01' 17 hours ago
"Suck and blow his way straight to the top"- The Game Theorists. 2:35
Nyxus Valon
'Nyxus Valon' 17 hours ago
Let's not start a flame war here, but I prefer kelime pie to apple, or any other pie for that matter (I'm not much of a pie person
'PokéNerdPizza' 18 hours ago
Am I the only one who thinks the glass at the roof looks like the mask of Rey Mysterio
Dan H
'Dan H' 18 hours ago
Dan H
'Dan H' 18 hours ago
Dan H
'Dan H' 18 hours ago
3:26 how could you
Dan H
'Dan H' 18 hours ago
1:49 SHUT UP
Dan H
'Dan H' 18 hours ago
1:00 well excuse me that theory was dumb I mean he's not a sociopath oh wait
'Lethal_Looter' 18 hours ago
How dare yo make me watch 30sec ad D:<<<<
Channel 62
'Channel 62' 19 hours ago
I don't know why but I've never cared for Luigi but I did play this game for more time than I care to admit!
Scar Gamer (Anonymous gaming)
noto squad
'Bwandino' 20 hours ago
just joined the notification squad
Brandon Traub
'Brandon Traub' 20 hours ago
this is the best one i've seen yet.
jaybacca453 gaming
'jaybacca453 gaming' 21 hours ago
Its not exclusive to japan, come down to jersey to play luigi's mansion arcade and ACTUALLY know what your doing.
Salma Almansoori
'Salma Almansoori' 21 hours ago
MatPat you're a killer because in the part 15:40 you said to be rich look at a old mansion but I almost died from the spider 🕷 webs and spiders you even let my cousin almost die because he's opposed with Spider-Man so he thought if he touch a spider he will be spider man btw we are kids I'm almost nine and he's six
thedarr 24
'thedarr 24' 22 hours ago
will he do the other mansions?
'Hreesto' 22 hours ago
MatPat is cancer
Caiden Johnson
'Caiden Johnson' 23 hours ago
suck and blow your way to the top ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Caiden Johnson
'Caiden Johnson' 23 hours ago
I don't know about you guys but I click on videos to look a comments
a b
'a b' 23 hours ago
'PsychoBuster96' 23 hours ago
Try some hydrogen peroxide there buddy. works wonders on blood.
Prankster Gangster Nation Fan
Golden Tentacle
'Golden Tentacle' 1 day ago
Notification squad
AverageNoob Inc
'AverageNoob Inc' 1 day ago
Notification Squad
Nikodimos Triaridis
"And alternatively suck and blow his way straight to the top" Oh, so it's a documentary on the life of every Pop Singer of the last 10 years?
Toby Prowse
'Toby Prowse' 1 day ago
Burn's summer mansion hell yeah
'Raspberry_Pi_961' 1 day ago
Hydrogen peroxide gets blood out, just so you know.
Star KuteKitten
'Star KuteKitten' 1 day ago
The intro is so awesome
Dylan Sandve
'Dylan Sandve' 1 day ago
American Housing Market: 30 000ft^2 for $2 - $20 million. Vancouver's Housing Market: 3 000ft^2 to 5 000ft^2 for $2 - $3 million. That's not a joke by the way, that's 100% accurate.
Dream Catcher
'Dream Catcher' 1 day ago
heres how most of us are doing this step one) listen to your friend and watch game theory step two) watch videos step 3) not take in any imforation step 4) i cant write anymore so just go with it step five) anyone noticed the numbers step 6) someone save me
'MagnumHawaii' 1 day ago
Actually the Dave and Busters in Ward Center in Honolulu has the Luigi's Mansion Arcade game, as well as some other Nintendo based arcade games. It's pretty fun, especially for an arcade rail shooter.
white leaf
'white leaf' 1 day ago
Can you do a theory on if some people of the Nintendo are insane
Apex Gaming
'Apex Gaming' 1 day ago
$1.3 million dollars for a house the size of half a football field?! *Cries in Singaporean*
Matthew Magoffin
'Matthew Magoffin' 1 day ago
MARIO is actually my height (don't worry I'm 13' but still a midget)
'Saiyan0X' 1 day ago
I just got an idea: the new Super Mario Oddysey shows Mario with actual "humans", and modern cars and buildings, so NOW we can get Mario's height =D
Chris Bolt. 136
'Chris Bolt. 136' 1 day ago
Makes Beer joke in video Has a video talking about how drunkness is bad
majora the memelord
notification squad
Gabriel Ibarrar
'Gabriel Ibarrar' 1 day ago
*__* /. \ |. | \.____/
Joshua Roark
'Joshua Roark' 1 day ago
how strong is bill cypher? also is he really dead? help with your theories matpat
'Deathcat77' 1 day ago
Hydrogen peroxide, lemon water mixed with alka seltzer, or some warm water with ammonia mixed in will get rid of that blood.
Gabriel Liao
'Gabriel Liao' 1 day ago
Music @ 8:24 ?
Jegaveirney Namasiado
Didn't the bald professor guy say that the mansion was just an illusion made by the ghosts? Even so, the treasure inside is still most of the money. P.S. I like key lime pie. Why do you say such mean things about it MatPat?
Links Blade
'Links Blade' 1 day ago
notification squad
Mac Scott
'Mac Scott' 1 day ago
I like key lime pie...
ha HA! No.
'ha HA! No.' 1 day ago
Second Empire didn't make ANY sense because you used a Death Star and it threw me off. :(
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