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Game Theory: Luigi, the RICHEST Man in the Mushroom Kingdom? (Super Mario Bros) -
Published: 1 year ago By: The Game Theorists

By: The Game TheoristsPublished: 1 year ago

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Sure Mario may get the girl, but Luigi apparently gets the gold. I always wondered how Luigi wound up with his own mansion. Turns out, he's filthy rich. He'd have to be to afford a home like that. But just how rich are we talkin'? I'm about to show you.

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Luigi would have more or less money depending of how much money you collect. So you probably just said 500.000.000 because that's how much you've collected. That's just my theory.
'TheBlueFire' 10 hours ago
Luigi also spends time at the casino. NASTY.
Alex Hall
'Alex Hall' 15 hours ago
11:41-11:52 I watched this at 11:50 at night and now I can't sleep. Thanks Mat.
Zz Zz
'Zz Zz' 15 hours ago
“Suck and blow” you see it right Oh I’m just dirty minded
'TeamSmeak' 19 hours ago
12:15 I cant breath.
'Joer'ct Drew' 19 hours ago
If your STILL watching the comments for this video, there is a port of the original Luigi's Mansion coming to the Nintendo 3DS
'Liborg' 1 day ago
Ghostbusters Nintendo edition
unay boi
'unay boi' 1 day ago
This was updated on my birthday 0.0 yeees
Oskari Heino
'Oskari Heino' 1 day ago
Do you think .dk
Oskari Heino
'Oskari Heino' 1 day ago
Try vodka
Milez Playz
'Milez Playz' 2 days ago
But He Spends All The Gold On A NEW Mansion So He Would Have THAT Much Money.. (GAME THEORY VIDEO ON HOW MUCH THE NEW MANSION COSTS!) XD
'Peanutbutterdog' 2 days ago
That French empire got wrecked when Bismarck showed up.
Andreas Otto Hansen
I was always more of a Gothic man myself.
Reice Gray
'Reice Gray' 3 days ago
Both waluigi and key lime are he best I. Their field so this automatically discredits your theory
Mash Maximum
'Mash Maximum' 3 days ago
I like key lime pie.... and just plain key limes..... and plain pie....... I'm lonely
cyraji bidello
'cyraji bidello' 3 days ago
Tell you the rest when I win
Olamide Adela
'Olamide Adela' 3 days ago
I got that trick on Twitch. Google *"Runaway Virgin" by Lester Patterson!*
John Johnson
'John Johnson' 3 days ago
You take that back. Key lime pie is delicious.
'garyjoe0675' 3 days ago
'Germie' 3 days ago
Elea 88888
'Elea 88888' 3 days ago
Try baking soda and lemon juice.
Saad Ashraf
'Saad Ashraf' 4 days ago
1:19 we have it in England too
Samantha Nicholls
'Samantha Nicholls' 5 days ago
we are all most at 10 MILLION SUBS YAY
9-tails Of awesomeness
You might be a nerd, but I love it because it: 1. Makes me learn SO much more. 2. Makes me think a lot, (which i love) 3. It gives its fans AWESOME vids to watch, 4. THE JOKES! 5. You can do what you love, be around theorists all the time, and get paid a lot. ❤️❤️
'JimmyNutrin7878' 5 days ago
Cloe Gemmel
'Cloe Gemmel' 5 days ago
Why didn't the wife in Sinister wonder why they got the house for such a great deal?
Voltrix 996
'Voltrix 996' 6 days ago
Lol i have seen that luigi mansion arcade game in Australia
hello people
'hello people' 6 days ago
This just proves money doesn't buy happiness
Riley Lam
'Riley Lam' 7 days ago
i love matpat, but hate on keylime pie?? that hurts pal :(
'ECLIPSE' 7 days ago
I HAPPEN TO LOVE KEY LIME PIE( but I'm not angry at ya, also love this vid, and al! The vids... How bout the whole channel, yup i have been subscribed for a while.know on this account at least a year, but on my old account, since before the creeper, and bullet bill episodes. You do a good job man.
That creepy clown next door
11:34 Wait... Isn't there an extra zero?
Cole Megaw
'Cole Megaw' 1 week ago
*human centipede jenco jeans sequence*
Aura Glare
'Aura Glare' 1 week ago
Sweetie...hydrogen peroxide for blood.
Blue Bell
'Blue Bell' 1 week ago
1:11 that day was my birthday! Coincidence? I think not!
Lou Who
'Lou Who' 1 week ago
Mat:" blood stains are impossible to get out of carpet. I've tried bleach, I've tried vinigar, I've tried baking soda, nothing works." Me: "-laughs- who's blood is on your carpet? Who have you killed?"
'AnnieLawrence' 1 week ago
That beginning will piss all British people but me off
Epic Sans
'Epic Sans' 1 week ago
josh tassin
'josh tassin' 1 week ago
Thanks! I love most of your videos!
Super Bee
'Super Bee' 1 week ago
"Suck and blow his way to the top"😆
Bot Fairy
'Bot Fairy' 1 week ago
Bryson Clark
'Bryson Clark' 1 week ago
I'm THAT RICH!?! Gimme my switch :p
The Doughnut Weasel
Gd legendaryfire
'Gd legendaryfire' 1 week ago
Traffic Jam
'Traffic Jam' 1 week ago
You sure it’s exclusive to Japan I played it at an arcade on my birthday last year. Also, to get blood out of your carpet try ammonia.
Kray IzMe
'Kray IzMe' 1 week ago
Woah, I just found out 2 REALLY important things 1. Luigi is rich 2. Mario is taller than me (Sad)
poop monsta
'poop monsta' 1 week ago
"suck and blo his way straight to the top"
Dora Cuk
'Dora Cuk' 1 week ago
i gueset victorian
The Hanging Rope
'The Hanging Rope' 1 week ago
'BLUERAYGUNNER' 2 weeks ago
I always laugh at Luigi jumping the furniture going "Oh Yeah!"
pigy porcus
'pigy porcus' 2 weeks ago
'Clickbait' 2 weeks ago
Why do you have blood on your carpet, MatPat?
Daniël R
'Daniël R' 2 weeks ago
10 mill
'bigzurn08' 2 weeks ago
Key lime pie is my is only in my top ten cause I haven’t tried ten different flavors of pie...
'Vectrell' 2 weeks ago
Wait we have those luigi's mansion arcade cabinets in TEXAS!!
Zee GamingPotato
'Zee GamingPotato' 2 weeks ago
13:31 ikr
Zombie Guy
'Zombie Guy' 2 weeks ago
The ghosts are all from E. Gadd’s picture’s
Superdjgamer Vlogs
'Superdjgamer Vlogs' 2 weeks ago
What about the land of the mansion
Blue Phoenix
'Blue Phoenix' 2 weeks ago
watching this again because of the remake coming to 3ds
Carpenter Gaming
'Carpenter Gaming' 2 weeks ago
Omg,I love Luigi’s Mansion(don’t judge,I play old and new) and I’ve played dark moon cuz I have a lot of systems Ps1,ps2,ps3,ps4,GameCube,PlayStation portable, PlayStation vita, 3Ds,and a wii
Daphne DeLurme
'Daphne DeLurme' 2 weeks ago
11:42-11:51 is so scary!!!😱
'hannah' 2 weeks ago
Hydrogen peroxide my friend, does magic to blood stains
Nevan Woodworth
'Nevan Woodworth' 2 weeks ago
Over $986K already? 986K + 500M let me estimate now
'MICHELLE ROMANS' 2 weeks ago
Woo I’m in the notification squad
Nic D
'Nic D' 2 weeks ago
Waaaaaaaa, why you hate on waluigi >:(
A Sandwich
'A Sandwich' 2 weeks ago
I saw that arcade game at my local arcade. IN AMERICA. I’m pretty sure it’s not just for Japan
'ÇØŁÈ X3' 2 weeks ago
This is why i hate Area and Perimeter...
Zavier Legendre
'Zavier Legendre' 2 weeks ago
I was listening to this while playing Mario kart 8 as Luigi. And I just finished the Luigi's mansion based track. Coincidence?
'Einnor829' 2 weeks ago
Not to be weird, but wouldn't it be more accurate to use the pre-2008 housing market for your research, considering when this game came out? I mean, the difference might not be much, but it seems like it would be more accurate for the math.
John Martin
'John Martin' 2 weeks ago
I meant
John Martin
'John Martin' 2 weeks ago
I meant Theory not Siri
John Martin
'John Martin' 2 weeks ago
Make a Serie of Gilligan Island please
Stick Animator Games
I would eat the key lime pie first.....
Jessica Banks
'Jessica Banks' 2 weeks ago
Jessica Banks
'Jessica Banks' 2 weeks ago
Pound s
Abdullah Aswad
'Abdullah Aswad' 2 weeks ago
never have i known a man who has fun analysing rooftops of mansions...
Thumbs down for your slander of key lime pie
Noah Nadeau
'Noah Nadeau' 2 weeks ago
My family cleans carpet for a living so lemme give you a tip. Hydrogen peroxide will get those hard to get blood stains, keep on murdering!
ibis otter 273
'ibis otter 273' 2 weeks ago
¡Oh honey, you did not just insult key lime pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the absolute best pie ever.
MC Smirk
'MC Smirk' 2 weeks ago
oh and don't luigi need some VERY BIG BOY pants ey? no....k...ill go back the the closet....ill just stlk your channel till the next one...
Viktorath Zyn
'Viktorath Zyn' 2 weeks ago
That arcade game is at a Round 1 here
ZipDev Original
'ZipDev Original' 2 weeks ago
Wait but shouldn’t E Gadd have taken the mansion for himself if he’s evil and wants money?!?!?!
Third Teir
'Third Teir' 2 weeks ago
Key lime pie taste great how could you say that
Lethargic Watermelon
Key Lime pie is delicious 😑 Especially with a Graham cracker crust 🤤
TheMegaBomb Bob
'TheMegaBomb Bob' 2 weeks ago
"suck and blow his way to thetop"
DA_GAMING_Pyro tips{}tricks{}songs{}and more
luigi is my favorite character
Julius Turunen
'Julius Turunen' 2 weeks ago
Gang advocate else hip luck nearly obligation last.
'Hinawa's Ghost' 2 weeks ago
I know this video is a year old but the arcade game isn’t actually a Japan exclusive. I played it at Dave and Buster’s when I was in Chicago.
My Profile Picture is God
Notification squad.... wait
Mickael Ghorayeb
'Mickael Ghorayeb' 2 weeks ago
Stanley Joo
'Stanley Joo' 2 weeks ago
Sign the check to get luigi's lost fortune because he is dead
Best thing I won in a raffle was a huge hula hoop
Jon-John Pinckney
'Jon-John Pinckney' 2 weeks ago
All that cash and he couldn't buy himself a better Go-Kart...
Jennifer russo
'Jennifer russo' 2 weeks ago
Wait but isn't that mean that Luigi get richer because of his other richer adventure in Luigi dark moon so it's 6 millone
'Wickedgaming447' 2 weeks ago
Cheyanne Barnes
'Cheyanne Barnes' 2 weeks ago
Everyone calls me a nerd
miranda Gratton
'miranda Gratton' 2 weeks ago
How do you know that blood stains are hard to get out
Ashley Davis
'Ashley Davis' 2 weeks ago
I guess he doesn't have to be a plumber any more
Tackle Fat Kids
'Tackle Fat Kids' 2 weeks ago
Oh yea
Eg Er Vali
'Eg Er Vali' 2 weeks ago
1:22 It's not exclusive to Japan, I played it in Romania last summer while I was on vacation.
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