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Game Theory: Luigi, the RICHEST Man in the Mushroom Kingdom? (Super Mario Bros) -
Published: 2 months ago By: The Game Theorists

By: The Game TheoristsPublished: 2 months ago

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Sure Mario may get the girl, but Luigi apparently gets the gold. I always wondered how Luigi wound up with his own mansion. Turns out, he's filthy rich. He'd have to be to afford a home like that. But just how rich are we talkin'? I'm about to show you.

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THANKS to Edward for the amazing editing on this video!

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Illuminati Theories
'Illuminati Theories' 1 month ago
Dear Game Theory, I started watching your videos about a year and a half ago and i just wanted to say thank you. My family has been going through extremely harsh times for my entire life and its amazing to watch your videos, it makes me feel good and happy :D. All you Theorists have made these times in my life very easy and i'd like to thank you guys so thanks so much!!!!! Even the people behind the scenes you guys make the magic happen! When i turn this computer on and start watching an episode of Game Theory, Film Theory, or GTLive its like walking through the gates of Disney Land so Thank You. :)
Queenie Ralph
'Queenie Ralph' 2 hours ago
saw a super paper mario reference
Sunny Brady
'Sunny Brady' 17 hours ago
He has to "Suck and Blow" his way to the top... I'm still a child right?
Matthew Piroli
'Matthew Piroli' 19 hours ago
Notification Squad!!
'0.9C' 20 hours ago
'0.9C' 20 hours ago
hey that is dashie's song.
Andrew ShadowAG and SG
3 days after 9 11 scary
SFLeMoN 47
'SFLeMoN 47' 24 hours ago
So, you don't like key lime pie? I understand. I'm allergic to kiwi. That was completely irrelevant.
'TacoArmyUnite!' 1 day ago
mat pat, you could have just figured out the size of luigi and then measured the house using luigis
'MasterAnime97' 1 day ago
11:34, $70,0000 ? OK MatPat, OK.
'CatInASac' 2 days ago
Oh no... Key-Lime pie is the standard pie that for me can't go too horribly wrong. I just can't stand pies that are too sweet... Ugh. Apple, if just slightly tart, is great.
Cayden O,o
'Cayden O,o' 2 days ago
P.s. mat its amazing how you do your videos! you must work alot to find out the size and speed and everything else!
Cayden O,o
'Cayden O,o' 2 days ago
luigi put on your big boy pants and save mario! luigi : wait what? yeah! save 'em
Kyle Schmitz
'Kyle Schmitz' 2 days ago
Sir gent
'Sir gent' 2 days ago
Notification squad right here
'Handsoap' 2 days ago
11:36 70,0000? as in, 700,000? what?
'Hyper_Warrior' 2 days ago
You know you haven't watched game theory in ages when you think of this as a new intro.
Detestedcone348 xbox
hay can you do a theory on bio shock
'HMHS.BRITANNIC' 2 days ago
Hey Matpat They have the arcade version of Luigi's mansion at Dave N' Busters yay American release
Josh Benn
'Josh Benn' 2 days ago
Hate to be a Picky Princess Peach, but at 11:34 it should say $70,000 not $70,0000
Kratos Aurion Plays
1:21 Is it exclusive? I could have sworn I saw a Luigi's Mansion arcade game in one of my arcades earlier this summer. 12:17 lol
Sean S
'Sean S' 2 days ago
I played that game here in America at Dave and Busters
Mark Tilton
'Mark Tilton' 2 days ago
he said 70,0000
Naninki :3
'Naninki :3' 2 days ago
I found most of this video good, except for some reason I kept getting annoyed during the part where he talked about the mansion prices and home types.
valerie seraphina
'valerie seraphina' 2 days ago
wow i'm shorter than mario...
B-but... The (haunted) Mansion didn't cost anything to make, E Gadd clearly states that it "appeared out of nowhere" The mansion most likely belonged to the original residents (the portrait ghosts) and brought back by King Boo, but the mansion itself is a ghost too The mansion never existed before Luigi won it
'Gabi' 3 days ago
The arcade game is in the US now! :) I saw it in Denver in English
Adolfo Pena
'Adolfo Pena' 3 days ago
How did you make the 16-bit animation?
'happybeejv' 3 days ago
yes its fun to theorize about games an pop culture but let us not forget that the professional application of theorizing is used in espionage, politics, business, science, and keeping the unavoidable global technocracy honest by giving money to independent media outlets that are a safe space for whistleblowers you will literally change reality but only if you choose to, while also getting actually useful products that you really should get regardless
Frisk Flamingo
'Frisk Flamingo' 3 days ago
ok tbh i was eating i almost chocked to death from laughing to much!! LOL KEEP UP THE AWESOME AND FUNNY WORK! PS: IM A NERD! :P -Your fan Frisk
Christopher Cano
'Christopher Cano' 3 days ago
Notification Squad here!
'gamerguys' 3 days ago
14:50 I CANT
Kaden Copelan
'Kaden Copelan' 3 days ago
lemon gets blood out of carpets and clothes
Sonflagen Hobbs
'Sonflagen Hobbs' 3 days ago
Adolfo Pena
'Adolfo Pena' 3 days ago
I missed it when Game Theory used to have variety.
'Tc' 3 days ago
notification squad
'pokemonslayer101' 3 days ago
i love your work
Shatterd Nightmare
I just pressed notification
'Vik-killer' 3 days ago
Roasted Rye
'Roasted Rye' 3 days ago
Hey man I love your stuff like I stopped watching you a while back but you're really not that bad But then again SCREW YOU KEY LIME PIE IS AMAZING
Ryan Heady
'Ryan Heady' 3 days ago
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is that all you talk about
'BLARGAG111' 3 days ago
Pro tip: Get blood out of the carpet with peroxide ;)
'TheGamingMango' 3 days ago
joined notification squad
the darkmessiah
'the darkmessiah' 3 days ago
Dawn Weed
'Dawn Weed' 3 days ago
You're videos are awesome. I love Luigi's Mansion and I love your channels! 🙂🙂🙂🙂😃😃🙂
Finn O
'Finn O'Hare' 3 days ago
you do realise that you're gonna have to recalculate mario's height for Mario Odyssey?
Natasha Makin
'Natasha Makin' 3 days ago
key lime is the best pie!
Raif Costello
'Raif Costello' 3 days ago
At 5:43 A Picture Of Burns's summer mansion is shown from the Simpsons tapped out.
Rim Pacific
'Rim Pacific' 4 days ago
I didn't know that my house was technically a mansion like what the hell Mom no one told me ;-; except I dunno why I'm mad about it xD
Christopher Kim
'Christopher Kim' 4 days ago
13:26 wow it looks like Mat is trying so desperately to cover up any evidence of him murdering someone - maybe he's a murderer?!?! but hey, its just a theory
Kayla_pbc_ Caffrey
notification squaaaaddddd
killer kitten
'killer kitten' 4 days ago
aidan burgess
'aidan burgess' 4 days ago
2:10 Matpat, how dare you diss the pie of key lime like this, you will be receiving a strongly worded letter, sir.
'CHE ElE' 4 days ago
you are a genius
Dialga The Time Lord
This doesn't even factor in his casino.
Reece Christian
'Reece Christian' 4 days ago
How did you price the gold diamonds.
Isobel Ramirez
'Isobel Ramirez' 4 days ago
There is one Luigi's mansion arcade machine that's all in English here in San Bruno at Gama ride (an arcade place in a mall) it's sooooo fun!
I am Mia
'I am Mia' 4 days ago
Yes! I'm 0.01ft taller than Mario, I can die happy now.
'Teeler' 4 days ago
BOY WHATS YOUR PROBLWM KEY LIME IS AMAZING. Gud video tho but still. Key lime.
Amelia Jukes
'Amelia Jukes' 4 days ago
Hi I'm so happy for you guys please follow my awesome friend
baquir sayed
'baquir sayed' 4 days ago
I know something worth more.....a thing much smaller than the whole mansion. A set of Minecraft 's Diamond armor
'daANIMAL' 4 days ago
That mansion costs as much as my house :(
Song Note
'Song Note' 4 days ago
Yo whats the soundtrack at 2:58? Its pretty cool B)
TheMB 456
'TheMB 456' 5 days ago
Hold up if luigi is the richest guy in mushroom kingdom then he might have made money from his ghost hunting because luigi is probably mad at Mario for overlooking him so why would he care about saving he would think "marios got this one" but he wants to save him anyway why because he makes money from ridding the house of ghosts also he has to have a business because how the hell will luigi afford the rent nor morgage so he needs to make money some how and he not a playable character in most normal Mario style games so he doesn't get as many coins and when "new super luigi U" came out he got access to many coins but not enough so this is why he hunts ghosts in the many mansions he's in
Ashawndra Edwards
'Ashawndra Edwards' 5 days ago
I miss having regular game theory , THEORY , episodes to watch. I don't trust anyone on the internet to debunk theories quite like our Matt Pat and Gang hope to see more regular theories coming out soon :) Love you guys
'sharkattacklou' 5 days ago
you also need to count the 1 million trophies hes one for doing absolutly nothing
Samantha Divis
'Samantha Divis' 5 days ago
Anyone else realize the Bob Vila picture? I really don't want to be the only dork that did!
patria silverio
'patria silverio' 5 days ago
sheesh...Lysandre would love this mansion.
Kaylee Orozco
'Kaylee Orozco' 5 days ago
God Damn it im as tall as a fricking (trying not to swear) game character!! I'm ticked off but I'm also ecstatic. Wow I REALLY need a life!
Kaleb Goad
'Kaleb Goad' 5 days ago
Keylime is the best man.
Shiny gold Rainbow dash
except he didn't buy it,he WON it
Ace Engel
'Ace Engel' 5 days ago
hey notification squad
Delltheninja Bacon empire
I saw a Luigi's mansions arcade machine in Colorado in Dave and busters
Zachary Day
'Zachary Day' 5 days ago
"We're a family-friendly show"- MatPat "You filthy rich bastard." - also MatPat
jason McBourne
'jason McBourne' 5 days ago
all i need to find in a second empire victorian house now is a few million dollars and some dead people
'CaptainKanker' 5 days ago
Do this intro again it is badass
Spell ICUP Nigga
'Spell ICUP Nigga' 5 days ago
*S u c c n' b l o w*
Asher Devito
'Asher Devito' 5 days ago
u shure its only in japan? i played one at a arcade place a couple months ago
Reb2589 lololol
'Reb2589 lololol' 5 days ago
Mario is the same height as me!!
'Hypetastic' 6 days ago
16:03 Matpat sounds much, much more intense at the end of the video
'SlickNicky10' 6 days ago
Is it just me or don't people usually end up in a graveyard due to death
'toslyforyou' 6 days ago
MatPat you forgot to account for one thing, If you take into consideration how much money Mario makes off his games, Luigi's still second fiddle.
Sarah Arnold
'Sarah Arnold' 6 days ago
note squad
'nfarkhondehpay' 6 days ago
Did anyone else see that he wrote 70,000 with an extra 0? :) I love your content MatPat
Jack Brooks
'Jack Brooks' 6 days ago
I've played that arcade game at Dave and Busters.
Chase Helmer
'Chase Helmer' 6 days ago
Um, In Mario odyssey Mario is like 2 feet tall rip
Duct Tape Lord
'Duct Tape Lord' 6 days ago
t e h i l a • o r h u e
buy one get one free 😂😂😂
John Griffiths
'John Griffiths' 6 days ago
we are the bell ringers we are notification squad
Timothy N
'Timothy N' 6 days ago
Keylime is best pie! err well, besides lemon meringue .
Ronald Coleman
'Ronald Coleman' 6 days ago
Im pretty sure Luigi would hump the furniture regardless of the mansions value LOL
Probly an alien
'Probly an alien' 6 days ago
Dude ur videos r awesome
When he had the pie on the bed all like that... I immediately thought of Mycroft Holmes. Anyone else?
Reb2589 lololol
'Reb2589 lololol' 6 days ago
I love Sonamy
'I love Sonamy' 6 days ago
Why'd you put 4 zeroes in 70,000? It looks like this: 70,0000. Unless... THIS WAS INTENTIONAL! :O (Kind of like Toby Fox and Scott Cawthon. They have these "errors" for a reason.)
I love Sonamy
'I love Sonamy' 6 days ago
Stephanie: In a British accent! (Yes, I saw that one. ;) )
Vsyo Vo Mrake Nochi
If you want to remove blood stains, you have to suck it out while it's still fresh. True fact.
Sebastian Bowman
'Sebastian Bowman' 6 days ago
I was a bell ringer squad when it came out
'PusdienlaikaŠovs' 6 days ago
Its only 5 times as big as my apartment
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