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Game Theory: Luigi, the RICHEST Man in the Mushroom Kingdom? (Super Mario Bros) -
Published: 5 months ago By: The Game Theorists

By: The Game TheoristsPublished: 5 months ago

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Sure Mario may get the girl, but Luigi apparently gets the gold. I always wondered how Luigi wound up with his own mansion. Turns out, he's filthy rich. He'd have to be to afford a home like that. But just how rich are we talkin'? I'm about to show you.

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THANKS to Edward for the amazing editing on this video!

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Charlie Wilder
'Charlie Wilder' 22 minutes ago
Start a new channel called comic theory plzzzzzz I think it would do really good love the vids
Tara Schuetz
'Tara Schuetz' 1 hour ago
loving the new theme song
E Snethen
'E Snethen' 1 hour ago
Im a nerd who loves over-analising random things in games.
E Snethen
'E Snethen' 1 hour ago
6:43 ...That picture is so weird looking.
Pedro Rivera
'Pedro Rivera' 11 hours ago
Pendleton 115
'Pendleton 115' 18 hours ago
Meanwhile in Australia a small cottage will go for $3M
Apollo Crawford
'Apollo Crawford' 21 hours ago
I didn't know I share a birthday with the release of Luigis mansion
Meiwah Torres
'Meiwah Torres' 22 hours ago
I played that arcade game @ Dave n busters a few months ago lol it was rlly fun
Ethan Fabela
'Ethan Fabela' 22 hours ago
they don't just have Luigi Mansion arcade in Japan it's in the US at Dave & Busters too
Mike Zema
'Mike Zema' 1 day ago
wow 175cm I'm slightly taller than Luigi
Jose angel Torres
I subscribed and put notifications
Madeleine Fisher
'Madeleine Fisher' 1 day ago
13:28 Did you try Pinkerton's? ... No Canterville Ghost fans? ok ill show myself out
jor sep
'jor sep' 1 day ago
i want to know. how long does it take him to find all this info and do all this math and melt my brain...? like, i really trully want to know.
Derp Keeper
'Derp Keeper' 1 day ago
But later he got a second mansion
'DarkRed' 1 day ago
Oh my god guys look back at the video at the part where Luigi is showing you the emerald and it's actually not in his hand it's floating That's a theory for another day
Christian Haugland
safe Anybody watch one's better this qne ?
'Darkdragon2000' 1 day ago
I LOVE key lime pie, don't you dare insult it.
'Cj's Gaming Show' 1 day ago
you should srll a book called "Pixel mesuring for dummies"
GG greatness
'GG greatness' 2 days ago
p.s. Thank you MattPatt for helping me in my Architecture class :p
GG greatness
'GG greatness' 2 days ago
Luigi's mansion is basically the Biltmore of the Mushroom Kingdom. Exept for the ghosties. There aren't any ghosties at Biltmore
'D00MMAST3R' 2 days ago
13:25 Have you tried Oxy Clean? I forgot how to spell it.
Organized Chaos
'Organized Chaos' 2 days ago
I've watched this video around five times now and the pie section still pisses me off. Cooked apples are nasty, what the hell are you trying to say?
Brandy_fredrick Fan
I'm here matpat 🔔🔔🔔🔔
Misha Patel
'Misha Patel' 2 days ago
Blue Linky
'Blue Linky' 2 days ago
key lime pie is the best
william mccormack
'william mccormack' 2 days ago
btw hydrogen peroxide dissolves blood. just thought youd like to know
Sean Barnett
'Sean Barnett' 2 days ago
Is it sad our math/computer teacher showed us this
'Owl' 2 days ago
What is the website where he got the second empire style?
The Plush Squad
'The Plush Squad' 2 days ago
You can play the Luigi's mansion arcade game at a dave & busters at Chino Hills (or nearby) in California.
'sandvoxel' 2 days ago
He is 5'11
Ashley Gomez
'Ashley Gomez' 3 days ago
hi Mat Pat I've been trying to make theory videos on my Chanel but I failed and my uploaded videos are full of cringe and I want to make non-cringe videos. How do I not make videos that are not full of cringe.
CoCo Coconuts
'CoCo Coconuts' 3 days ago
'ParraLaxz' 3 days ago
Brandy The Dancing Demon
Yay I got a shoutout for having the bell ringing
Fox sniffing flower
I hope jnco jeans make a comeback
TheSwagginNarwhal Its Legit
He had to suck and blow is way to the top
Cow Master
'Cow Master' 3 days ago
Luigi has to suck and blow
Cameron Harris
'Cameron Harris' 3 days ago
12:16 very wrong
'Jelephant' 3 days ago
the arcade one is in Murrica now. I played it.
'Idakiller' 3 days ago
Use peroxide to get those blood stains out
Wilex Heynderickx
'Wilex Heynderickx' 3 days ago
"Suck your way to the top." ~ MattPat 2017
'RuneLar' 3 days ago
You didn't answer the question in the title. Is he the richest man in the Mushroom Kingdom? How much is Princess Peach's castle worth? How much does Mario earn when he collects coins? DK has a lot of bananas, does he have the market cornered? Not to mention Bowser and Wario. I think a net worth episode is called for.
StoryShift Chara
'StoryShift Chara' 3 days ago
did u know that Luigis shadow is him hanging himself!
Alana Mullins
'Alana Mullins' 3 days ago
DID HE SAY BASTARD?!?! SLAAAAAYYYYY BITCH YAS im so proud. ur growing up to be a filthy mouthed person #￶mama'sproud
'GasterYT' 3 days ago
Royal Pyroar
'Royal Pyroar' 4 days ago
2:04 "It wasn't a good pie it was a keylime pie, like the waluigi of pies" Matpat you have gone insane As insane as Vsauce telling himself facts he already knows.
Jenny Hart
'Jenny Hart' 4 days ago
Hot damn Luigi is ROLLIN in it!
Julia Catanese
'Julia Catanese' 4 days ago
I won 2$ on a scratch off lottery ticket. I was so pissed tho, I never mailed it in
SilentSniper V
'SilentSniper V' 4 days ago
10:48 Hmm. Sounds like my house, NO ISTALLATION WHAT SO EVER
SilentSniper V
'SilentSniper V' 4 days ago
I actually live in a Victorian "mansion" type of house. It was a mansion, until the standards were bumped up. Now it's just a big house. But it's over 120 years old, so I think it's pretty cool.
Yvonne Bich
'Yvonne Bich' 4 days ago
The French-made baguette launching Death Star®
Ban is Gr8
'Ban is Gr8' 4 days ago
1. That little devil baby ghost was born a ghost, it didn't die. And 2. One of the ghosts descriptions say that she saved a ton of money just for herself for the afterlife. She's the mother of that devil child....
The weird Person in the background
Try using shaving cream to get out blood stains. It worked when I used it.
'Artyforgaming' 4 days ago
"Suck and blow his way to the top"
the flying squirtle
I found one of those arcade machines in a Dave and busters in Florida!
Ben Paver
'Ben Paver' 4 days ago
mega MANsion
Nicholas Vigil
'Nicholas Vigil' 4 days ago
lol matpat is life
Purple Pixlemon Celabe
I like key lime better
The Beast
'The Beast' 4 days ago
Yo matpat, yo notification squad right here!
'alecj' 4 days ago
'GamingAcePokemon' 4 days ago
MatPat I have a question everyone is probably afraid to ask: Why do you need to know how to remove blood stains? *post comment* *doorbell rings* I'll get it! *answers* OMG MatPat I love your cha- *dies* MatPat: STIGMATIZED PROPERTY!
Praise the Moon
'Praise the Moon' 4 days ago
also, the poltergast 3'000 may be worth something
'VotingChipmunk' 4 days ago
Since Mario's height has been confirmed at 5'11", doesn't that change the Mansion size? Or am I going about that wrong?
'mdelarme' 4 days ago
Kinda Makes you wonder if luigi is the one who bankrolls zll the mushroom kindom sporting events, go cart races.....idk castle reconstruction.....and he might make bank from all that too....
Emmy Awesomesauce
'Emmy Awesomesauce' 5 days ago
I'm part of the notification squad!!!!
Diabølik LoversGirl666
Mat...Why tf do you have blood stains in your carpet!?
Arcane Celestial Paladin
XD  what's funny is that my mom and I used to live in Florida, and she LOVED the Key Lime Pies there!
Abbie Lee
'Abbie Lee' 5 days ago
14:07 A RUPEE!!!!!
Gaming Warrior & Gizmo Vlogs
luigi likes being Mr.L Mario is a sosiopath Peach is A crazy mushroom kingdom owner Rosalina is the daughter of Peach and Luigi Toad is a fungus that took over when !people! used to be the mushroom kingdom people
Tori Pearson
'Tori Pearson' 5 days ago
13:30 looks like another Wendy's employee put too much ice in his diet coke again.
'GreatSharks' 5 days ago
13:59 me when theres a steam sale
BlackRose Tutu
'BlackRose Tutu' 5 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about how Daisy could be the richest out of those 4?
Allen Pratt
'Allen Pratt' 5 days ago
key lime is the best u liar
TitanShifter F
'TitanShifter F' 5 days ago
He forgot about Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
Gryffondox Gaming
'Gryffondox Gaming' 5 days ago
Coming up next to Film Theory: How did Harry Potter become rich?
unicorn msp
'unicorn msp' 5 days ago
you deserve a million more subs
Pepsi Guy
'Pepsi Guy' 5 days ago
notice he said (70k) 70,000. but wrote 70,0000 (700k)
Sir Fox
'Sir Fox' 5 days ago
Can u do one on mass effect. Don't have any theory ideas, but I really like that game
Hannah Fashimpaur
'Hannah Fashimpaur' 5 days ago
Hydrogen peroxide gets blood out of most fabrics
Meteor Smash
'Meteor Smash' 5 days ago
Good thing I always favored Luigi over Mario.
Savanna_Banana Ramos
I love luigi i really dont like mario :/
Hannah Bean
'Hannah Bean' 5 days ago
He's actually 5.11
'EnderCreeper02' 5 days ago
That arcade game was at main event for me and I still didn't know how to play in English
Lince Tompa
'Lince Tompa' 5 days ago
Luigi also owns a casino
Grace Ruscheinski
'Grace Ruscheinski' 5 days ago
I love Architecture! The whole time I was like:😁😁😁😁😁
master of malor
'master of malor' 5 days ago
2:16 'Apple' Pie... suuuuuuuuure Matpat.... suuuuure
Shari Hollingshead
my mom told me not to watch this vid and i started laghing histaricly and my brother went: L's mansion?
'cnj393' 5 days ago
I can't believe myself. I watched it all. Should I be ashamed? Hmmmmmmm..........
'DuDeofASG' 6 days ago
Suck and blow to the top... (°//_//°)
William McKay
'William McKay' 6 days ago
I love key lime pie
Curtis Rigney
'Curtis Rigney' 6 days ago
now there's 27K
Daniel Dugovic
'Daniel Dugovic' 6 days ago
How does that vacuum work?
Ryse Cuttie
'Ryse Cuttie' 6 days ago
Luigigamer 54
'Luigigamer 54' 6 days ago
'ShaneDaRaab' 6 days ago
It's also basically the plot of 'Die Hard'
Jay Callejas
'Jay Callejas' 6 days ago
MAT U tricked me with ur inpression im serious
Addictive Code
'Addictive Code' 6 days ago
what about Luigi's mansion 2. I bet the money after that will leave him with a pool full of money
SistahBallingah _
'SistahBallingah _' 7 days ago
Actually Chauncy was born a ghost, he never actually died as a baby
'B I' 7 days ago
but first, we need to talk about parallel universes
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