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Game Theory: Luigi, the RICHEST Man in the Mushroom Kingdom? (Super Mario Bros) -
Published: 6 months ago By: The Game Theorists

By: The Game TheoristsPublished: 6 months ago

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Sure Mario may get the girl, but Luigi apparently gets the gold. I always wondered how Luigi wound up with his own mansion. Turns out, he's filthy rich. He'd have to be to afford a home like that. But just how rich are we talkin'? I'm about to show you.

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THANKS to Edward for the amazing editing on this video!

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Preston Ganoe
'Preston Ganoe' 11 hours ago
R&M []
'R&M []' 13 hours ago
Baroque Revival = B.R.A Architecture
'KestrelDC' 17 hours ago
Why the hell is he still following his abusive, sociopath brother around?
Mr.Cinniamon Bread
'Mr.Cinniamon Bread' 20 hours ago
time is a tool that you put on the wall,or wear it on your wrist.
Justin Waters
'Justin Waters' 20 hours ago
I can never get tired of that intro animation. I would actually love a video that is all of MatPat's intros from over the years. Please MatPat, think about it.
'TheWGamer43891' 21 hours ago
They have the arcade game in Lebanon
kala master
'kala master' 22 hours ago
luigi mansion arcade was in dubai and dave and busters .
'Lupafel' 1 day ago
Funnily enough, I hate apple pie and love key lime pie.
Jade S
'Jade S' 2 days ago
I actually like key-lime pie
cc rbx
'cc rbx' 2 days ago
Pink gold peach must be rich she is gold
Try cold water and a scrub sponge
Dark Lord
'Dark Lord' 2 days ago
and how about he money in luigi mansion dark moon?
Wandee Ruangsri
'Wandee Ruangsri' 2 days ago
#notification squad.
Andrea Smith
'Andrea Smith' 2 days ago
hey not that I actually there's a fat cats in Arizona that has a weegee's Mansion arcade game
Sketch Bean
'Sketch Bean' 2 days ago
So Rosalina's Father from another timeline/cycle of the galaxy is a millionaire now? Huh
The Bird
'The Bird' 2 days ago
7:51 Neymar's house
Animation Life
'Animation Life' 2 days ago
.... but I like key lime pie
If you like KEY LIME PIE reply to this comment. If you like APPLE PIE like this comment!!!
'Coco's Corner' 3 days ago
That Waluigi-Pie thing doesn't work if: A - You love Waluigi or B - You hate pie either way
Glyn Hughes
'Glyn Hughes' 3 days ago
Hey mat pat, since you are the god of theory's, would you consider me a "matpat clone" if I made a theory channel, I would not use any of your content, I would just like to ask so I can show my friends that you don't consider any theory channels as "matpat clones"
'R GG' 3 days ago
Bill Gates is worth 75 billion
PJ Demigod
'PJ Demigod' 3 days ago
Well thank you MatPat. I AM on a Quizbowl team!
sammy the master criminal
riddle me this. if you know me youll want to share me but if ypu share me ill be gone what am I ???
Ali Mortada
'Ali Mortada' 3 days ago
12:15 Can someone please remind me how this is supposed to be a kids game?
Gabriel Costa
'Gabriel Costa' 3 days ago
My friend lives in a historical mansion that the founder of town lived in the 1700s
Cassandra Wickham
'Cassandra Wickham' 3 days ago
What did waluigi do? NOTHING! NOTHING I SAY!
'Corvax' 4 days ago
I don't think anyone here is gonna get that lifestyles reference. Also is that the background music from the imaginary axis?
Joshua Perry
'Joshua Perry' 4 days ago
what about luigis mansion dark moom
'BreakfastBoy' 4 days ago
there is one of those arcades in melbourne australia in english
Maria Winberg
'Maria Winberg' 4 days ago
i know that because i am swedish
Maria Winberg
'Maria Winberg' 4 days ago
thats a swedish word
Maria Winberg
'Maria Winberg' 4 days ago
Jae McKee
'Jae McKee' 4 days ago
I want to comment on all do your videos from now on to raise their relevance and hopefully TEACH PEOPLE!!!!!
evil leafygaming
'evil leafygaming' 4 days ago
Come on, he said it! Where's the notification squad?
Creeper Catgirl
'Creeper Catgirl' 4 days ago
soooooooo, do i get that shout out now?
Jessica McCurdy
'Jessica McCurdy' 4 days ago
The first album was a Europe ytjuuyo
Jessica McCurdy
'Jessica McCurdy' 4 days ago
I really dican have a good time but
'Collin' 4 days ago
1:19 i found one in texas. (edit: fixed time mistake)
Bottle flip Master
jace anderson
'jace anderson' 5 days ago
i love key lime pie
'prettyinpink903' 5 days ago
Has anyone else noticed that he didn't even mention that the baby has older brothers? He completely forgot about the twins. Even more stigmatization
Matthew Pangburn
'Matthew Pangburn' 5 days ago
Try Oxi-Clean for bloodstains, MatPat.
Asu Rito
'Asu Rito' 5 days ago
DOES JOEY GRACEFFA LIVE THERE (escape the night reference)
The cool Caz
'The cool Caz' 5 days ago
I found the s luigis mansion arcade at surfers pardice gold coast timezone anit so hard to find now is it pat
abrowgaming !
'abrowgaming !' 5 days ago
DK HAS A BNNANA FOREST AND BARELLS OF...stuff...donkey kong rules the fruit market and I guess or what evers on those stupid barrels!
Black Specture
'Black Specture' 5 days ago
So corpse party school would be worth £20
'Calye12' 5 days ago
MatPat completely forgets the fact that EVERYTHING was an illusion, except for the money itself.
'3DSBoss' 5 days ago
You should do a video about the backstory of fawful from the original Mario and Luigi rpg trilogy. When you look deep into what lore is there he becomes a pretty interesting character.
'LukeNightShade' 5 days ago
He's tryed it, HOW DID IT GET THEIR!!! O_O
Mo Bubbles
'Mo Bubbles' 6 days ago
what about dark moon
Franklin Donut
'Franklin Donut' 6 days ago
I totally expected tons and tons of 0s....
Andrew Childs
'Andrew Childs' 6 days ago
Mat, to get blood stains out, you want warm water and lemon juice. Not that I would that by experience... I just watched Deadpool waaaay too many times.
Luigi's Manshion Is basically the Ghostbusters of Mario
Samuel Durham
'Samuel Durham' 6 days ago
SUCK and blow...
Austin Z
'Austin Z' 6 days ago
1g. Csgo??? No???
Daniel Hernandez
'Daniel Hernandez' 6 days ago
redo it now that mario is confirmed 5"11
Stephen oliver
'Stephen oliver' 6 days ago
Holy gold standard batman
Turtle BROS
'Turtle BROS' 6 days ago
I don't now if it's this game or luigi dark moon but light shows a u can see Luigi being and and the VERY first ending when Luigi died....look it up its creepy as so he sees
Yanis Srrban
'Yanis Srrban' 6 days ago
blood can be washed off with very cold water so have fun washing your carpets
BumpintheNight Nerf
Matpat I went to Dave and busters last Christmas and I played that game a bunch it was so fun (the Dave and busters was in little rock arkansas)
Grass Whistle
'Grass Whistle' 7 days ago
I actually played that Luigi's mansion arcade game. It was awesome.
'Ervenion' 7 days ago
I played the Luigi's Mansion Arcade game with my friend while I was at Dave and Busters!
Inferno Gaming
'Inferno Gaming' 7 days ago
You put "£70,0000" which triggers me slightly 😂
Duburaj Singh
'Duburaj Singh' 7 days ago
The Mangle
'The Mangle' 1 week ago
I love key lime 🍋 pie.
yosef safiah
'yosef safiah' 1 week ago
if u didnt know, u can play the luigis mansion game at dave and busters
'HyperDust' 1 week ago
3:27 "...a pointless waste of time... "...considering the game is a work of fiction." Mm those quotations
esm helios
'esm helios' 1 week ago
Anyone notice that he said 70,000 but wrote 70,0000
Josh Jimison
'Josh Jimison' 1 week ago
Do Wario's Mansion. I bet wario is more rich then Luigi
'teapotspooks' 1 week ago
11:38 when the editor accidentally puts five zeros instead of four in 70,000
Emma Tan
'Emma Tan' 1 week ago
StoryShift Chara
'StoryShift Chara' 1 week ago
the new arcade game is in Dave and busters I went there and wanted to play it but it was too busie
Dave Da Wolf
'Dave Da Wolf' 1 week ago
I found that Luigi mansion arcade in California
B Moss
'B Moss' 1 week ago
My school was a mansion from that Era.
Heckler Gameing
'Heckler Gameing' 1 week ago
I thought toads mushroom head was hat and he is bald
TS Prism
'TS Prism' 1 week ago
What's bigger? Luigi's Mansion or the Spencer Mansion? I always wondered.
Mitchell Mammel
'Mitchell Mammel' 1 week ago
I'll get a blue yeti and do some VA work for ya, think it would be better for the British accent.
Joshua Gregory
'Joshua Gregory' 1 week ago
Baroque Revival Architecture. Otherwise known as B.R.A.
'Bonedude' 1 week ago
142390000 G is the MAXIMUM AMOUNT YOU CAN GET in Luigi's Mansion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plank Lee
'Plank Lee' 1 week ago
Do a theory on how strong you think siatama is ( one punch man
game theories intro is the only Intro I don't skip
'-' 1 week ago
Luigi:oh ya oh ya oh ya Matpat:oh no Luigi oh no...
DisTuber mario
'DisTuber mario' 1 week ago
heeeeyyyyy. so i thought of super smash bros. could you compare heights from that game for this situation? cause i thought link is about 5 foot 3 inches right? would you be able to use that height to compare to mario and luigi's height?
'OceanSea2904' 1 week ago
Galax - Tube
'Galax - Tube' 1 week ago
Oml that French death star shooting... "Baguettes"? Huge breadsticks? Idk, but that was one of the best things in this video!
Jedi drakey6
'Jedi drakey6' 1 week ago
Boi key lime is da good kush
'ERROR' 1 week ago
the Luigi's Haunted Mansion arcade game is in America. I've played it at Dave & Buster's. it was loud.
Thomas Paine
'Thomas Paine' 1 week ago
They now have the arcade games in America
Purple Fishy2006
'Purple Fishy2006' 1 week ago
GradeAunderA did the voice for the start or matpat has his voice
Kawaii Pikachu
'Kawaii Pikachu' 1 week ago
Im here
Monica Miller
'Monica Miller' 1 week ago
It's 2017 pat
T Bradshaw
'T Bradshaw' 1 week ago
please give me a Luigi Mansions shout out actually give me a Tails Mansions shout out because I like Sonic the Hedgehog
MelonManiaProductions YT
1:25 there's actually those arcade games at a dave and busters not too far from my house
South Snowy
'South Snowy' 1 week ago
So what you're saying is that no matter how many coins Mario collects, Luigi is the richest man in the kingdom?
pun princess
'pun princess' 1 week ago
you made good points in this video but you've forgotten something,professor E.gadd said the ghosts built the mansion in one night and those ghosts were from paintings but they are real,Chauncey,Lydia and Neville didn't die in the mansion if it was built in one night but if you get rid of the house's stigmatizing then Luigi is WAY more rich than you say,all the treasure and junk is still worth a load of cash but the ghosts don't put a damper on the price just letting you know
Soviet Temple
'Soviet Temple' 1 week ago
i'm mentally unstable
Cool Esai
'Cool Esai' 1 week ago
wwwwwwwwwwuuuuuuuuuutttttttttt 🤑
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