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Game Theory: Luigi, the RICHEST Man in the Mushroom Kingdom? (Super Mario Bros) -
Published: 1 year ago By: The Game Theorists

By: The Game TheoristsPublished: 1 year ago

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Sure Mario may get the girl, but Luigi apparently gets the gold. I always wondered how Luigi wound up with his own mansion. Turns out, he's filthy rich. He'd have to be to afford a home like that. But just how rich are we talkin'? I'm about to show you.

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'JEFF OWEN' 12 hours ago
NumberOneBoi Gaming
'NumberOneBoi Gaming' 12 hours ago
1:19 I live in America and I have played that. It was fun.
'Unibros' 12 hours ago
Super Mario Bros.1985Explore in YouTube Gaming lol \
Pedrohugo Maia
'Pedrohugo Maia' 22 hours ago
also: remember sm64 DS! luigi's minigames in the rec room, all based on luck. so yes, HE ALSO WIND BY GAMBLING.
andy temple
'andy temple' 1 day ago
There was an extra 0 in 70,000
maya anderson
'maya anderson' 2 days ago
How are you not a professor at a college??????
Elias Vigil
'Elias Vigil' 2 days ago
I love key lime pie
Nia Brown
'Nia Brown' 2 days ago
You're better off just investing in a new home because you'll just end up spending the difference between the two houses on repairs. Pass.
'CyberEyeNat' 2 days ago
Emily Murphy
'Emily Murphy' 2 days ago
Anyone whachin this is in 2018?
DemonPony 3009
'DemonPony 3009' 2 days ago
*GT asks about the era* Me: I’d say Victorian. Answer: Victorian! Me: CALLED IT!
Chus Papi
'Chus Papi' 2 days ago
I like key lime better than apple pie....
'IceBear01' 2 days ago
12:27, 18 + 3 = 21 not 51
'Nico' 3 days ago
Remove blood stains with Hydrogen Peroxide
Reiley Murray
'Reiley Murray' 3 days ago
Rhe editor put 30,0000 instead of 30,000
Toxic doctor Mullins
I sear they have the best intro ever
Izzie water toad
'Izzie water toad' 3 days ago
So your saying Mario jump man Mario the psychopath is taller ten I am..... wowwwwwww
'It's James' 3 days ago
13:33 use hydrogen peroxide m8
'Crypticrator' 3 days ago
Yes I know that it wasn't out by the time of the video but I just wanted to put it out there there is now an English version of the luigi arcade game.
Indigo Nightroad
'Indigo Nightroad' 3 days ago
Luigi's mansion is the best
Mickey Lincks
'Mickey Lincks' 3 days ago
Cold water will help get an immediate spillage of blood out of anything, enfasis on the "cold." Hydrogen peroxide will help with the stained parts, but depending on how old it is, it might not help very much. Good luck! ^ω^
Jaime McCann
'Jaime McCann' 3 days ago
It does tie in well with Luigi's portrayal in the anime film, Peach-hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen. Honestly I've always thought of him as a bit of a selfish, penny pinching fancy pants, but not in an unsympathetic way like Wario, more as an endearing character flaw, much like his low self esteem, nervousness, and lack of confidence.
Blair Imani
'Blair Imani' 3 days ago
MatPat, I am literally learning SO much. I love this channel.
'ITSflamell' 4 days ago
What Did I just see ...... 12:15
That one Dude
'That one Dude' 4 days ago
In 2018 Luigi's mansion arcade came to America
'Gamers' 4 days ago
Saw Your Channel Newly subscribed and in bell team :D
Sour patch Kid vlogs
Why does matpat have blood stains
Woofer Duper 05
'Woofer Duper 05' 4 days ago
12:19 IM F**KING CRYING!!!!!
nolan chuba
'nolan chuba' 4 days ago
i played the arcade game too in merica
'Gvan707' 4 days ago
'Gvan707' 4 days ago
They have the Luigi game at a arcade near me
Earth Chan
'Earth Chan' 5 days ago
1:45 what's the name of the music
Jaben Payment
'Jaben Payment' 5 days ago
So let me get this straight. Your saying there can be the possibility of millions of dollars in a haunted mansion?! I’m sold!🤑
fnaf 123
'fnaf 123' 5 days ago
Is that neebs gaming 500k song in the background
BiG CheEtO
'BiG CheEtO' 5 days ago
I like key lime pie...
Jorie Schwartz
'Jorie Schwartz' 5 days ago
11:34 umm u put 3 zeros
Jess Pumroy
'Jess Pumroy' 5 days ago
Youre gonna want some hydrogen peroxide for those blood stains.
Aa Superflash
'Aa Superflash' 5 days ago
why would you have blood on your carpet mat pat?
Sanic the gamer
'Sanic the gamer' 5 days ago
1:20 actually i found it in florida
anti social
'anti social' 5 days ago
Julius Turunen
'Julius Turunen' 5 days ago
Real complain pause channel enter sign reporter fight tactic cycle.
'TheDogeGamer' 5 days ago
Notiflication Squad?
'ImSuicidal' 5 days ago
He said 70,0000 was tht on purpose or accident
Nathan Fitzgerald
'Nathan Fitzgerald' 6 days ago
Why would you know how bad blood stains are?
spencer ward
'spencer ward' 6 days ago
The Luigi's Mansion Arcade Game is actually at my bowling alley now. So that's pretty cool
Cheeky Seal
'Cheeky Seal' 6 days ago
I think us Europeans still use mansard roofs Did I say it right?
Kira DeLorme
'Kira DeLorme' 6 days ago
2:04 damn why u trashin key lime that’s like one of my faves :’(
Stephen Pritchett
'Stephen Pritchett' 6 days ago
What are you talking about key lime pie is awesome.
Foxy 101
'Foxy 101' 6 days ago
I love key lime pie
'themutantlizard' 6 days ago
If i were wealthy enough to afford a mega mansion i wouldn't waste my money on a mansion id build a fort
J Coll
'J Coll' 6 days ago
I made an animatoin in my sketchbook it's about Luigi he and his brother get a mansion for yoshi and birdo
Leticia Smith
'Leticia Smith' 6 days ago
This is the most nearest Chanel I ever seen and I like it 😹😹👱🏽‍♀️
'DAMIR_921' 6 days ago
but E.Gadd says the mansion appeared a few days ago
Theodore Vlahakis
'Theodore Vlahakis' 6 days ago
We have the Luigi arcade at David busters
EnderKnight 777
'EnderKnight 777' 6 days ago me 3 gaming laptops....😆
Crystal Kyogre
'Crystal Kyogre' 6 days ago
I love key lime pie....
Isabella Pietrello
Haha! That part where Mat-Pac just shows up bouncing around with does big ol' googly eyes! 3:29 But I don't like it that Mac Pac sweared at the end and distributed inappropriate content.
OBurn Star
'OBurn Star' 6 days ago
You know that with most of your Mario theories you’re disproving your Mario is evil theory
Isabella Pietrello
I could, again, dance to that intro! 0:17-0:37
'IAmSeamonkey' 6 days ago
you know it's getting to the point where matpats 2million dollar mansions are actually a HUUUUUGE bargain. you could pay that for a normal house and still get it cheap.
A Patato
'A Patato' 6 days ago
12:22 xd Luigi is gonna be a father:>
the bom bom
'the bom bom' 7 days ago
what is teh tiem ti calls ri a noine tis toime to theorst
Harry White
'Harry White' 7 days ago
I love Game Theorists Photoshops
Connor Young
'Connor Young' 7 days ago
Uhh... the Luigi’s mansion arcade game is in a dave & busters in Georgia.
Kayleigh Lute
'Kayleigh Lute' 7 days ago
My grandmother literally bought a house that someone was murdered in because of how much cheaper it was. . . My younger cousin may or may not have seen ghost of the man murdered by his wife in that house, I mean, the kid found a photo and told my aunt that he sees him in the house a lot. . . But hey, it was cheaper!
Nerdy Evy
'Nerdy Evy' 7 days ago
The Luigi arcade game isn't only in Japan. We have it here in British-Columbia Canada. In an arcade in the fraser valley (specifically Abbotsford) known as Castle Fun Park. Haven't had the chance to play it yet but am looking forward to it next time I go
Lama Maker
'Lama Maker' 1 week ago
Nooo I did not get to finish this game and matpat I have an emoji for u 🧐
Gamer Geek
'Gamer Geek' 1 week ago
Luigi humping 😂😂😂😂
Used Napkin
'Used Napkin' 1 week ago
Considering the fact that he has enough money to renovate an old mansion and (presumably) live comfortably I wouldn’t really call this a “secret”
Anthony Pravato
'Anthony Pravato' 1 week ago
OKAY MATPAT YOUVE GONE TOO FAR THIS TIME. I'm with you when you said you'd pick Apple pie over key lime, but it is by far not the worst pie. This is shameful, I come here to enrich my mind with facts about video games not have my second favorite pie DISGRACED like this. P.s. It's ok tho I forgive u bby :^)
the blue-eyed wolf
i subcribed and rang da bell
haley sullivan
'haley sullivan' 1 week ago
blood stains? try hydrogen peroxide, my guy
Lily Gifford
'Lily Gifford' 1 week ago
I am 5"4 so yeah I am taller than mario
Lily Gifford
'Lily Gifford' 1 week ago
I hate apple pie I would love to have a key lime pie tho.
'SIMSteven' 1 week ago
I find this video and realize at the end that the numbers for a Perfect Score are exactly the same as in my guide up at GameFAQs.  Kinda wondering if that's where he got it from!  Regardless, there's one unaccounted number here: the extra diamonds you get from defeating ALL Gallery Ghosts in a single suction - in the PAL Hidden Mansion mode only.
'FruitHammerPlays' 1 week ago
In a British accent
'Goldenboy0125' 1 week ago
But I played that Luigi Mansion arcade at Dave and Busters?
'Here's Carnage' 1 week ago
Notification squad here and present!
'Cswolfe107' 1 week ago
In the beginning I’m pretty sure I heard REDBONE....did I? But, redbone wasn’t out then. Was it?
Thomas Hubbell
'Thomas Hubbell' 1 week ago
dont toucha my spaghet
'Matthewzard' 1 week ago
Your theory’s are being supported by the games
Soul night
'Soul night' 1 week ago
The house name spelt bra lololololol
'Mr.Tequila' 1 week ago
I’m in quizbowl
We Will Pauline
'We Will Pauline' 1 week ago
Are you 100% sure that the mansion is a victorian? It looks more edwardian because of how the decor looks; it seems to be heavily influenced by art nouveau. But that aside, great theory
Kawaii Taco
'Kawaii Taco' 1 week ago
1 million likes and MatPat will make an episode talking like he did at the beginning of the episode
Aiden Coleman
'Aiden Coleman' 1 week ago
If Luigi is rich and has 500,000,000.00 wouldent he buy his way in to nitendo
JLT Gamer
'JLT Gamer' 1 week ago
Why do you have to clean bloodstains?
Mr phoenix
'Mr phoenix' 1 week ago
He put one too many zeros in the seventy thousand
Y the lemon of neptune
12:21 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ɪ'ᴍ 5'1"
't091293' 1 week ago
Lol, there is no such thing as "Italian racial stereotype", Italians are not a race, it is a nationality :D Races are white, black and asian, it is a different thing. Italian, German, Hungarian, Swedish etc. people are different nationalities, but all part of the white race for example.
'BeastGamer72' 1 week ago
Best thing I won out of a raffle was a cake
The Galaxy Cat Girl MEOW
'DWsProductions' 1 week ago
fresh blood stains? use peroxide.
Starstruck Rainbow Gamer
1:48 "Mario 'secretly a sociopath' Mario" why must you do this to me
'iragenustik' 1 week ago
Make a cool outro
Andres Parra
'Andres Parra' 1 week ago
4:42 uhhhh MatPat? You said in your Mario Kart Video that Mario is officially 5'11 inches... so this means that Luigi is not 5'8... that should mean that your math is wrong so..... yea...
'Knockles' 1 week ago
4:28 “10 feet tall, or 3 centimeters.” yes, 10ft = 3 cm.
flyingduck64 n
'flyingduck64 n' 1 week ago
What do you mean key lime pie is my favorite pie
Shelton B
'Shelton B' 1 week ago
Isn't it kind of funny how the mansion style is second empire, and Luigi is the second most popular brother in the Mario games (not including year of Luigi)
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