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Game Theory: Luigi, the RICHEST Man in the Mushroom Kingdom? (Super Mario Bros) -
Published: 10 months ago By: The Game Theorists

By: The Game TheoristsPublished: 10 months ago

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Sure Mario may get the girl, but Luigi apparently gets the gold. I always wondered how Luigi wound up with his own mansion. Turns out, he's filthy rich. He'd have to be to afford a home like that. But just how rich are we talkin'? I'm about to show you.

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THANKS to Edward for the amazing editing on this video!

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Donovan Mendoza
'Donovan Mendoza' 1 hour ago
How fast is scout in team fortress 2
JeSoos Channel
'JeSoos Channel' 1 hour ago
the luigis mansion arcade game is on maui
Carrot Cat
'Carrot Cat' 3 hours ago
Did anyone else see the flicker of light in the background at 9:25 ? Spoopy
Kitty Master
'Kitty Master' 4 hours ago
"Ya done got scooped" Nah. "Ya done got stigmatized" YES. Heeyyy, Notification Squad where you at?
Singularity Multitude
Hydrogen peroxide will remove blood stains
Mango man
'Mango man' 5 hours ago
ya boi in the notice squad
Missli3k0 GAMING
'Missli3k0 GAMING' 5 hours ago
Suck and blow heheheh
Super RPG 2
'Super RPG 2' 6 hours ago
Hey mat pat I played the luige dark moon arcade at davenbusters
Angela Baggett
'Angela Baggett' 7 hours ago
*WHAT IS THE FRENCH DEATH STAR TELL MEH i need facts doh im ill and i cough a lot wish me luck*
'Zisu' 9 hours ago
Soak the bloodstains on the rug in cold water.
Wolf _Doge
'Wolf _Doge' 11 hours ago
7:17 I’m ded XD
da boi
'da boi' 14 hours ago
Key lime is best. Like if you agree
da boi
'da boi' 14 hours ago
No wonder he's a baby. Afraid he'll lose his money.
Husky Popsical
'Husky Popsical' 16 hours ago
snow does stuff
'snow does stuff' 17 hours ago
.... im smaller than mario... ;~;
Tine Carpio
'Tine Carpio' 18 hours ago
Did I just get a Mario McDonald's ad?
luka obratov
'luka obratov' 21 hours ago
Know you its egad
Flint Run Fast Boi
'Flint Run Fast Boi' 22 hours ago
All you have to do is walk outside of the mushroom kingdom and walk for 10 minutes, then ur rich
Deh Flea
'Deh Flea' 1 day ago
i find it funny he said keylime is the waluigi pies im an amiture actor and one of the projects im working on as of recent is acting as waluigi and i personally love keylime pies.......match made in heaven??
DS Bevis
'DS Bevis' 1 day ago
Just a tip if you stain your Close or something else use hydrogen peroxide to get the stain out
Cold Toast / Warp Star
This was released on my birthday!
That $70,000 has an extra '0'.
Tarlo The Boar
'Tarlo The Boar' 1 day ago
Luigi's Mansion Arcade looks Great!
Joy Kat Nora
'Joy Kat Nora' 2 days ago
Florea Andrei
'Florea Andrei' 2 days ago
"suck and blow his way up to the top"
'MahNamJeff' 2 days ago
Something wrong with this theory is that the mansion dissapears without a trace. So Luigi cannot sell it.
Bat Man
'Bat Man' 2 days ago
175cm =5'9
Jonny Johto
'Jonny Johto' 2 days ago
Did anyone else notice the typo at 11:34?
Nevaeh Goode
'Nevaeh Goode' 2 days ago
My Dad is
P u p p e t e e r
'P u p p e t e e r' 2 days ago
o h n o
ben bob
'ben bob' 2 days ago
Doirpy Potatoast
'Doirpy Potatoast' 2 days ago
.... Then I'm only a half inch taller than Mario......
'KKGaming121904' 2 days ago
suck my ashley
'suck my ashley' 2 days ago
"Blood stains are IMPOSIBLE to get out" *every girl nods*
kadyn goodson
'kadyn goodson' 2 days ago
Im #notification squad
'Brainfly' 2 days ago
Came here to say that the arcade game isn't a Japan-exclusive anymore (played it when I was in Scarborough).
James Hurley
'James Hurley' 3 days ago
carlos perez
'carlos perez' 3 days ago
You can't search the post 2008 market because it is 2001
Hayden TCEM
'Hayden TCEM' 3 days ago
MatPat you make me want to neuter myself that baby Chauncey was born a ghost you sicko I don’t even want to know why you do what you’re doing are you searching dead babies for nothing
Hayden TCEM
'Hayden TCEM' 3 days ago
Waluigi is an awesome character, Mario is not a psychopath, and Keylime pie and apple pie are just as equal as every single race MatPat you are such a pie racist come on you don’t like Keylime pie you have not lived until you have tried chocolate covered frozen Keylime pie on a stick
Hayden TCEM
'Hayden TCEM' 3 days ago
Look like you’re on YouTube your opinion does matter only mine does ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I did this all on the phone with a microphone ha ha ha ha
Hayden TCEM
'Hayden TCEM' 3 days ago
Well now Luigi has six mansions so this entire theory needs to be revamped
Bernard Joseph
'Bernard Joseph' 3 days ago
Joshua Badachi
'Joshua Badachi' 3 days ago
Vid starts at 1:49 >:) heh heh....
Matthew Piercy
'Matthew Piercy' 3 days ago
10:52 It's not easy being green is a Once Upon a Time episode.
young puzzle
'young puzzle' 3 days ago
Can I have that harp I know how to play
derek w
'derek w' 3 days ago
Lugis mansion is my favorite game
Joseph Smith
'Joseph Smith' 3 days ago
Lol 11:34 messed up the number
'Techy' 4 days ago
If my saved up money would be anything worth on Earth (Based on if i had access to it and if there were to be a 1:1 transaction rate) i could buy myself the Entire Omniverse 3.8 Times and still have 75 Sextillion Dollars left.
Fire Ferlidae
'Fire Ferlidae' 4 days ago
2:20 , dont forget e . Gadd
alwin winter
'alwin winter' 4 days ago
13:39 Matpat, that baby was BORN as a ghost. Ugh, don't you do any research?
Nintendude 64
'Nintendude 64' 4 days ago
0:00 - 0:17 ur British impressions are not good at all!
deadly nightshade
'deadly nightshade' 4 days ago
Try hydrogen peroxide for blood....takes a good scrubbing but it's easier
Big Ron
'Big Ron' 4 days ago
#pooppy die
Big Ron
'Big Ron' 4 days ago
Gage Michael Weaver
Luigi ducks and blows for life
'IMGSxPANDA' 4 days ago
"Chineese arcade game" goes to round 1 arcade and plays the game in English
'CupcakeCult' 4 days ago
*Breaks through the wall* Oh YeAh!
Soup Productions
'Soup Productions' 4 days ago
13:24 You know toothpaste gets rid of blood real nice... I mean not that I would know... *whistles*
The Troll Lord
'The Troll Lord' 4 days ago
Shut your face Key LIme is a good pie
'YuppyPlays' 4 days ago
I'm not a hardcore Resi fan by any means, but did he just use Resi 5 to describe the mansion part of the series which took place in earlier games?.. ( @ 2:41 )
'demonablkhrt' 4 days ago
How tall is luigi compared to humans
Chris Ponsen
'Chris Ponsen' 4 days ago
If you combine all the Mario games together and all the coins mario has collected over all the games, wouldn't he be more rich than Luigi since I'm sure out of 30 or so years worth of Mario games, he must've collected way more than $500M worth of coins. Even so, if you're considering Luigi as a real person in our world to be part of that 2600 number of people who are worth 500M+, wouldn't that 2600 number increase by quite a lot, because then we'd have to consider every other video game character in existence to be part of our real world and look at their entire networth from all the currency collected in all their games converted to real money. I know this video only focuses on Luigi, but the video title and some of the statistics can be a bit misleading if we're trying to use logic and reason in video games and applying it to the real world. Glad it's just a theory though, and not real, so in the end, it doesn't even matter.
William Hane
'William Hane' 4 days ago
I love key lime pie
Colin Dixon
'Colin Dixon' 4 days ago
Luigi is my favorite brother mean
doomraider 816
'doomraider 816' 4 days ago
That's central high schools football feild
Jake Dickinson
'Jake Dickinson' 4 days ago
Your not a nerd your just smart and I'm your friend
Josiah C.
'Josiah C.' 4 days ago
That accent at the beginning kinda reminded me of GradeAUnderA
Lydia Rosen
'Lydia Rosen' 5 days ago
how the mario crew got those carts. Luigi bought them all for his buddys. please like if you agree.
LAST KNIGHT 101 ????
Luigi not in front of the children!
Andie P
'Andie P' 5 days ago
MattPatt, you don't know pies, Key Lime pie is freaking DELICIOUS.
Seth Brummit
'Seth Brummit' 5 days ago
I want to point out matpat called luigi a filthy rich bastard 16:00
Saisho Bokaru
'Saisho Bokaru' 5 days ago
12:14 I died
Katy Fleschner
'Katy Fleschner' 5 days ago
Please make a video about how bowser survives falling in lava
James Hurley
'James Hurley' 5 days ago
Apple pie is delicious
J. Frazier
'J. Frazier' 5 days ago
@The Game Theorists in Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time what was the star gate going on about what Luigi's intentions?
'Tedjugaming' 5 days ago
They have Luigi’s mansion arcade in the USA now
Fire_Squad_47 5
'Fire_Squad_47 5' 5 days ago
9:52 I spit up my milk
The Fairy Tale Pony
FYI: hydrogen peroxide gets blood out. Just tryin to help Marpat
Pootis Giver
'Pootis Giver' 5 days ago
Mat you are disgusting! Waluigi is the best Mario character!
fortunate fool
'fortunate fool' 5 days ago
Yes!! I'm one inch taller than Mario!!
Angela Holcomb
'Angela Holcomb' 5 days ago
Meh meh meh it is a myth
Georgia Brown
'Georgia Brown' 5 days ago
But I played an english version here in Canada (The arcade game)
Jack Strizek
'Jack Strizek' 5 days ago
that feel when its 70,0000=70,000
Blue Phoenix
'Blue Phoenix' 5 days ago
so much for the luigi's mansion arcade game being in only japan, it's in the US at dave n' buster's, not sure when they moved them here though
Leon Sullivan
'Leon Sullivan' 5 days ago
Just a note, but if you ever do have to get rid of blood stains in your carpet, use lemon juice and salt to loosen the stain, and then a lot of elbow grease to remove it.
Thanath Lohitnavy
'Thanath Lohitnavy' 6 days ago
11:34 he wrote seventy thousand as 70,0000 haha
fireboy gaming dragon
16 year's ago not 15
Nick Farrow
'Nick Farrow' 6 days ago
Luigi's mansion or Peach's castle worth more? Guess you can add Wario's Lair in there too LOL
Larry Chauncey
'Larry Chauncey' 6 days ago
Didn't realize you were Australian.
Jester Works Gaming
And this is before you factor in that he's now the prince of the mushroom kingdom after he got together with Peach
Cole Macklin
'Cole Macklin' 6 days ago
Luigi:Oh Yeah! Unsuspecting viewer:🤤 12:13
'KHAOTIC 03' 6 days ago
The Luigi’s mansion arcade game isn’t in Japan anymore it’s in Dave and Busters now
Jadon Wallace
'Jadon Wallace' 6 days ago
That Luigi's Mansion arcade game is also now released in America at certain Dave and Buster's.
cheri scholten
'cheri scholten' 6 days ago
Dustin Martin
'Dustin Martin' 6 days ago
Key lime is the supreme pie.
Joe,Roblox and more!
At the start he said, “a grave yard you’ll be dying to get into” “a GRAVE YARD you might be DYING to get into”
Aaron Kelly
'Aaron Kelly' 6 days ago
there's something wrong with mario's face or is it just me (4:46)
Zully Murga
'Zully Murga' 6 days ago
I thought the luigi's mansion arcade game was exclusive to Japan yet in my local mall there's one exactly like that but in english
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