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Travis Scott - beibs in the trap ft. NAV -
Published: 1 year ago By: TravisScottVEVO

By: TravisScottVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

88, 544, 780 views

684, 088 Likes   31, 673 Dislikes

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Frank Jansen
'Frank Jansen' 6 hours ago
'doointhedoo' 13 hours ago
so let me guess. they all O.D.'d on drugs in the end? not a very pleasant video.
Luzinete Oliveira
'Luzinete Oliveira' 14 hours ago
Verse 2: Travis Scott] Nightmares, high life, sleepy, night-night (yah!) Flashes, spotlight, pull up, nice guy (yah, yah) Help me, please, beast, beast it (yah!) Bite me, ride me (yah!) Strike me, indict me (yah, yah) Sniper, swiper, rapper, trapper (ooh, yah!) I'm—lit—, light (yah!)—ning— (yah, bitch, yah) White—bitch (bitch)—, she thick (bitch) Pulled out of the hood Toyota Drove back to the hood Lambo (ooh) Crushed Xans, crushed Xans in my soda Riding around the city with my eyes closed (yah, yah) Crazy Girls got it popping, AOD got it popping (yah, yah) Tryna text my accountant Ain't no service in the mountains (straight up) Won't you come to the bottom? Know you heard a lot about 'em (yah!) Heard they take that, then they change like a mood ring (yah, yah!) I watched 'em take that, then they change like a mood ring Pulled out of the hood Toyota Drove back to the hood Lambo (ooh) Crushed Xans, crushed Xans in my soda Riding around the city with my eyes closed (ooh) [Chorus: NAV & Travis Scott] I just poured a 8 in a liter Throw some Jolly Ranchers in, make it sweeter Versace my clothes, I'm with a white ho And she snorting three lines like Adidas Got a black girl rolling off Molly Got a white bitch snorting up snow Say she want real niggas in the party Parents gon' leave the keys to the condo Bitch, close the door, there's shit on your nose (ooh, that coca) She said she want more She said she want more (ooh) So I'ma get more (ooh) Yeah, I'ma get more (ooh) Bitch close the door, there's shit on your nose (ooh) She said she want more (ooh) She said she want more (ooh) So I'ma get more Yeah, I'ma get more (ooh)
Joe waz
'Joe waz' 23 hours ago
It’s making me dizzy
yailin garcia
'yailin garcia' 1 day ago
too lit
*that cocca*
brock brooks
'brock brooks' 1 day ago
'she snorting 3 lines like a deva' haha i have a girl like that
bicho da goiaba
'bicho da goiaba' 1 day ago
Good like
Chris Carter
'Chris Carter' 1 day ago
"she snorting three lines like adidas"
'l3X' 1 day ago
just started with making music..damn... Travis never disappoints. huge idol!! 🐐 💥💥💥
Michaela Collins
'Michaela Collins' 1 day ago
My song!!
'RICH SLY FLY' 1 day ago
good to see Asahd do what his father envisioned for him! 💯
overlord shaq
'overlord shaq' 2 days ago
ASAP Rocky!!!
Prank Hub Tv
'Prank Hub Tv' 2 days ago
Taron Carter
'Taron Carter' 2 days ago
straight up its lit
'Blake' 2 days ago
NAV- Beibs in the trap ft.Travis Scott
Amy Anderson
'Amy Anderson' 3 days ago
Luv it
Yvener Eugene
'Yvener Eugene' 3 days ago
Who’s the girl at 3:04 👀
Jasmine Chase
'Jasmine Chase' 3 days ago
my brother owns that same car:)
'ITS_JOSH' 3 days ago
this song's Dope but a couple of years from now one of these guys is gunna do life cuz a white girl ODed in his bathroom givin him head
MasterThief Tv
'MasterThief Tv' 3 days ago
h antyy gamaei
'h antyy gamaei' 3 days ago
Acid Bath
'Acid Bath' 4 days ago
They should be nav’s song travis has a great voice but if this video was the first video I saw of his I would of thought he couldn’t sing for shit
de todo un poko xd
Soy el único que no entiende ni madres ??
Lyss Trujillo
'Lyss Trujillo' 5 days ago
duck thus song
'Java' 5 days ago
Nav go hard!🔥
Marquis Elizaar-Joaquim Akeesh III
Always thought that hook was beibs and got pissed when I heard him say nigga
'CheavorTV' 5 days ago
Beibs in the trap is Dope!
Jonathan KV
'Jonathan KV' 5 days ago
Lil Splinter Gang Gang
This vid made me dizzy
N Man
'N Man' 6 days ago
Sammy Wingz
'Sammy Wingz' 7 days ago
Where da black girls n molly tho? 🤣
Hayven Moses
'Hayven Moses' 7 days ago
I cant stand Pop Hop
Lil Yan
ronald barcoz
'ronald barcoz' 1 week ago
yo no se por que les copian los trap latinos a los americanos q no tienes musica lastima jon z
Groovy D
'Groovy D' 1 week ago
I used to think this was SOOOO TRASH but now I bump it crazy
Miguel Vallejo
'Miguel Vallejo' 1 week ago
This that get that extra yay, fat lines get cool with the plug. Get that special, half ball for the low 💯💯❄
Jay Ti
'Jay Ti' 1 week ago
Wow what a song 🔥🎧
Albes Sanson
'Albes Sanson' 1 week ago
I truly dozed off with boredom... next
'Phorming' 1 week ago
February 2018 anyone?🚨
Ava Brown
'Ava Brown' 1 week ago
Nice! I like the video! You should check out some videos on my page when you get the chance. Its full of talented artist 😁
'Da'Naiyah Fenty' 1 week ago
He should do a remix with Gucci he would kill this beat 😍😭
Joe Ramsey
'Joe Ramsey' 1 week ago
Travis has been on the grind for a while it's recognition time and Kylie don't hurt with her sexy self. Jr
'BIGJR 361' 1 week ago
Travis bruh bruh when u collabing asap? Come on
saurabh 67
'saurabh 67' 1 week ago
Fookin autotune
alpha axr
'alpha axr' 1 week ago
William Ferguson
'William Ferguson' 1 week ago
still a banger
Rhiannon Rose
'Rhiannon Rose' 1 week ago
Dad of Kylie’s baby??
'Crax' 1 week ago
Some say that he appeared in a music video and did donuts in a Lamborghini. All we know is, he's called The Stig
Randy Jackson
'Randy Jackson' 1 week ago
It’s lit !!
Savi Logic
'Savi Logic' 1 week ago
Travis shouldn't be in this lol
Xtreme Gamers
'Xtreme Gamers' 1 week ago
2:09 when someone snipes my tire in GTA 5.
'Prabhjot1811' 1 week ago
right on my birthday
Sam Young
'Sam Young' 1 week ago
someone plsssss put this on soundcloud!!!!!!!
Bernardodacruz bernier
lit 2018
killer trap rich gaming
travis savage nav beibs like vibes ayr boi gang it aye
Brayan Silva
'Brayan Silva' 2 weeks ago
Travis ❤
Emma Chandler
'Emma Chandler' 2 weeks ago
I love this song
Daniel Molina
'Daniel Molina' 2 weeks ago
This song is straight fire 🔥💯
Dr. Smash
'Dr. Smash' 2 weeks ago
Sad that this song got no radio play,but it's God damn good
Tota Sizzler
'Tota Sizzler' 2 weeks ago
Justin bieber
Ben Nemzek
'Ben Nemzek' 2 weeks ago
Ching chong
Pagode The Wall
'Pagode The Wall' 2 weeks ago
I didn´t know that KYLE WALKER sings
'Kojo' 2 weeks ago
My Favorite Song of 2016
Dominick Silverio
'Dominick Silverio' 2 weeks ago
Who tf is driving the lambo ?
Luna4real Lol
'Luna4real Lol' 2 weeks ago
How did the camera dude or whatever it's called not get "sickkkk"
IlllIlllI- -_-
'IlllIlllI- -_-' 2 weeks ago
Look look
'Look look' 2 weeks ago
No entiendo nada pero esta burno el tema
Guilherme Souza
'Guilherme Souza' 2 weeks ago
🇧🇷 wellcome 2018 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jake Tyrone
'Jake Tyrone' 2 weeks ago
If you listen close you can tell that the first verse is actually Justin Bieber autotuned and that’s why it’s called beibs in the trap
Bradberry exe
'Bradberry exe' 2 weeks ago
This songs fire but old
Erick Aguirre
'Erick Aguirre' 2 weeks ago
Music Is Jon z Trap Latino 👑💎🎧
'Adam' 2 weeks ago
never gonna get old
put this song at 1.25 so llliiitttttt!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nikola Spasojevic
'Nikola Spasojevic' 2 weeks ago
Kago Mago
'Kago Mago' 2 weeks ago
'BrownBoySavage' 2 weeks ago
'2melapelasway' 2 weeks ago
Hooper 1333
'Hooper 1333' 2 weeks ago
this lit asff
Yakuza 看西街
'Yakuza 看西街' 2 weeks ago
Still lit🔥
Brandon Cox
'Brandon Cox' 2 weeks ago
It’s crazy bc this song didn’t blow up until months later after it came out
Nya G
'Nya G' 2 weeks ago
So sad to watch the glorification of all that traps and kills. Murda.
Chauncy Isthrugliestniggaever
Im just a local artist reaching out, I still work a 9ta5 keepin It humble, If one person listens to my music that would mean the world to me🙏🙏🙏
Saif H
'Saif H' 2 weeks ago
NAV beibs in the trap ft Travis $cott
'MamboKeengz' 2 weeks ago
baso de codeina 2 litros me pica la cara y no son los mosquitos
Slick Tabares
'Slick Tabares' 2 weeks ago
There’s always that stupid "2018 ?" Comment that gets a stupid amount of likes
Melis An
'Melis An' 2 weeks ago
2:39 WTF is travis doing??😂❤
AzAPx z
'AzAPx z' 2 weeks ago
Moad Algembri
'Moad Algembri' 2 weeks ago
This song is fire as f**k
Alaric Candela
'Alaric Candela' 2 weeks ago
Nav goes hard
Hard-Hitting Bass
'Hard-Hitting Bass' 2 weeks ago
Love this song but I ain't gonna lie 3:21 is lowkey disturbing
Tyler Mensah
'Tyler Mensah' 2 weeks ago
Travis had a damn baby 👶🏾
Richard Borders
'Richard Borders' 2 weeks ago
Good luck on your new babe girl travic
'KosiaK' 2 weeks ago
Congrats on being a father
XEN 117
'XEN 117' 2 weeks ago
Nav face reveal
Uganda knuckles
'Uganda knuckles' 2 weeks ago
Jon Z Ft Ñengo Flow Remix Spanish
Andrew Skelly
'Andrew Skelly' 2 weeks ago
lit af
'Warthogkch' 3 weeks ago
im here for the lambo
Endy M
'Endy M' 3 weeks ago
Congrats on the child
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