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Travis Scott - beibs in the trap ft. NAV -
Published: 1 year ago By: TravisScottVEVO

By: TravisScottVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

92, 450, 733 views

713, 155 Likes   32, 565 Dislikes

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habib feshmi
'habib feshmi' 7 hours ago
i beez in the trap beez beez in the trap
james saint patrick
Nah trav ruins it for me
dalton Light
'dalton Light' 1 day ago
This shit is fire
Cesar Garcia
'Cesar Garcia' 1 day ago
I believe this stage is in New york Manhanttan ive been there for a really good creative show before !! love this song !!!!
abhijit ramekar
'abhijit ramekar' 2 days ago
2.40 to 2.45😂😂😂lol travis 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥
Delilah Wanko
'Delilah Wanko' 2 days ago
That Aventador!
Jay Rodriguez
'Jay Rodriguez' 2 days ago
They lit!
'Gab501' 2 days ago
Wtf is that car doing at 1:29 to 1:34 ? 😂
Jo Nate
'Jo Nate' 2 days ago
nav wack, travis killed it
'Taggadude' 3 days ago
Who produced this song?
nicole siebenthall
Once Travis starts humming in auto tune I’m sold
2p Shakur
'2p Shakur' 4 days ago
Dwight Williams
'Dwight Williams' 4 days ago
Song descent
Parker Huffman
'Parker Huffman' 4 days ago
Nav Ft. Travis Scott***
Sean Ojha
'Sean Ojha' 5 days ago
This video wants me to visit Mars.
Sean Jones
'Sean Jones' 5 days ago
April 2018 anyone?
ANGEl cover
'ANGEl cover' 5 days ago
🔥🔥2018 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Calvin Paz
'Calvin Paz' 5 days ago
Best song from the album PERIOD
Taz Maniac
'Taz Maniac' 5 days ago
Crazy girls got it poppin AOD got it popping 💯 tryna text my accountant aint no service in the mountains
11 Sanedakos
'11 Sanedakos' 5 days ago
2:40 bandages confirmed
Kimberly Ramos
'Kimberly Ramos' 6 days ago
Kimberly Ramos
'Kimberly Ramos' 6 days ago
That song is good 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💋👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Davi Ferraz
'Davi Ferraz' 6 days ago
'Zombl337' 6 days ago
3 and a half minutes of no talent, extended words and SOOOOOOO MUUUCCCHHH AUTOTUNE!
StarzTheAqua X2
'StarzTheAqua X2' 6 days ago
2:09 When you hit a banana peel in Mario Kart
Sin Identificar
'Sin Identificar' 6 days ago
Daniel Harris
'Daniel Harris' 6 days ago
need subscribers
Daniel Harris
'Daniel Harris' 6 days ago
Lue Ciefer
'Lue Ciefer' 6 days ago
Why he sound so much like beibs
Almirante Sp
'Almirante Sp' 6 days ago
Beib beibe do biruleibe beibe?
Ravage X.G
'Ravage X.G' 7 days ago
I like it
Ishan Lacmane
'Ishan Lacmane' 1 week ago
2:40 travis is using fortnite bandages
Meme Boi El Pajero.
Vengo a escuchar una de las canciones que más me gustan del género trap y encuentro un millón de comentarios diciendo algo de Un tal Jon z y un niño flow o algo así, Además de que algunos dan cáncer, "Le kopiaron a shon seta y niño floug" De verdad que no entiendo a la gente de hoy en día :"v.
'S H I B A Y' 1 week ago
1:05 Post Malone Vibes
max fenster
'max fenster' 1 week ago
sick! Thats Travis Scott and NAV at their best!
Martinez de la torre
'WizAmadWorld' 1 week ago
NAV is just a genious 🙄💥💥
Liam Rosenberg
'Liam Rosenberg' 1 week ago
3:11 is just weird
'thirteen' 1 week ago
*If anyone could take a couple of seconds to read this:* I made this song 'Laila' 🌸 and I know it's something special, a possible hit. If you enjoy listening to NAV or Travis you'll possibly like this song aswell. Check it out, I won't dissapoint you. 🌟 Sincerely, 13
Parker Huffman
'Parker Huffman' 1 week ago
Is Nav allowed to say the N Word🤔
kalee nantais
'kalee nantais' 1 week ago
Bob Liberty
'Bob Liberty' 1 week ago
At 2:41 Travis already knew one day he’d need some “band-aids”
'poetwashere' 1 week ago
This song rly was playin when I was clapping cheeks in the back of my Toyota Corolla ffs
Kaye Tavia
'Kaye Tavia' 1 week ago
Miguel Nava
'Miguel Nava' 1 week ago
Travis part was trash
Kenan Quliyev
'Kenan Quliyev' 1 week ago
Travis thank you very much ❤❤❤❤👑👑👑👑👑💵💵💵💵💵💵👑👑👑👑👑💲💲💲💲💲💲💍💍💍💍
Ace Boogie
'Ace Boogie' 1 week ago
This my shit when im candy flipping
Lil Brook
'Lil Brook' 1 week ago
'ciro' 1 week ago
2:40 when you in the storm tryna bandage up
'God's Community' 1 week ago
*What do you look up to?*
Mohamed Ali
'Mohamed Ali' 1 week ago
Christopher Quillin
Whos watching this in 2019?!
'Zes' 1 week ago
ts not beibs, girx canb just worthlesx
'Zes' 1 week ago
wrong,idts. no such thing as get or havx or givx or not, can do be anyx no matter what and any can b perfx
'huncho' 1 week ago
2:44 travis 😂💔
Bryan Garcia
'Bryan Garcia' 2 weeks ago
It should of been NAV ft Travis Scott
Thatmexican Guythough
At 0:12 is that chanel westcoast
Jay Mccune
'Jay Mccune' 2 weeks ago
Nav is a dog
'P A V L O' 2 weeks ago
Two weeks ago it had 70M only lol
Penguino The Penguin
2:40 when you gotta bandage up in a 1v1 in fortnite
'Eamsaart' 2 weeks ago
this whole time i thought justin was ft but it was actually nav
Thanasis L
'Thanasis L' 2 weeks ago
This is literally the best video clip i ve seen in my whole life no cap!!!🔥🔥
'TeaDot' 2 weeks ago
2:41 getting that bandage on, on fortnite
Jake Davis
'Jake Davis' 2 weeks ago
who want hea d
Jake Davis
'Jake Davis' 2 weeks ago
i giveee head
Alyssa Caldwell
'Alyssa Caldwell' 2 weeks ago
I can't believe this 1 yr old already
Alex Hdz
'Alex Hdz' 2 weeks ago
That girl at 2:13
Aaron Rogowski
'Aaron Rogowski' 2 weeks ago
This white girl is doing coke. Oh crap she ran out and needs more. So I'm gonna get more. In my Lamborghini. End of song. Wtf this song is not that hot.
'Raj' 2 weeks ago
here before 💯 mill
Lev Beats
'Lev Beats' 2 weeks ago
I believe where the line is crossed for privacy is when you have to search through things that you aren't initially granted too. People should have to provide a warrant in order to go through other peoples information. The creator of Facebook is currently being tried for invading peoples privacy, and it is now illegal.
i J 9 7
'i J 9 7' 2 weeks ago
Definitely one of my favorite music videos and songs ever
liss and prii
'liss and prii' 2 weeks ago
do you want to play with the demons
Serjuan Bene
'Serjuan Bene' 2 weeks ago
Janie Salazar
'Janie Salazar' 2 weeks ago
I love your music good job 🎶🎶🎶🎶
Maxo Coolin’
'Maxo Coolin’' 2 weeks ago
Private Eye Royale Cyber Investigative Service
WHAT THE FUCK? Due to the title of the song "biebs in the trap" .... THIS ENTIRE TIME I THOUGHT IT WAS JUSTIN BIEBER & TRAVIS SCOTT. Sounds exactly like BEIBER & TRAVIS SCOTT. Didn't know it was "NAV" , or whatever his name is .
Midnite Kashay
'Midnite Kashay' 2 weeks ago
Still bangs‼️🔊🔊🔊
Olivia Moore
'Olivia Moore' 2 weeks ago
2018 ?
kobe legend
'kobe legend' 2 weeks ago
It lit Lamborghini
Ry Fare
'Ry Fare' 2 weeks ago
No Name Just Game
'No Name Just Game' 2 weeks ago
Snipe it....swipe it....
Nancy Lindasy
'Nancy Lindasy' 2 weeks ago
idk good quest
Erica Muñoz
'Erica Muñoz' 2 weeks ago
always to 🔥LIT🔥
Ann Locklear
'Ann Locklear' 2 weeks ago
Travis Scott I'm going to find me another Hood speed going to find me another husband I'm tired of you in these white women
Ann Locklear
'Ann Locklear' 2 weeks ago
Travis Scott I don't think I want to mess with you with all them white women
Ann Locklear
'Ann Locklear' 2 weeks ago
Travis thought you loved you you some white women
Ann Locklear
'Ann Locklear' 2 weeks ago
Travis Scott showed up you don't know nothing about taking nobody doing picking holy Dorian kicking who's door in
Seniore Booze
'Seniore Booze' 2 weeks ago
865743564 million dollar video xD
xx tentación
'xx tentación' 2 weeks ago
itsem betch
'itsem betch' 2 weeks ago
he has the weirdest music videos. any smart person would notice the mk ultra influences. still a good song, i just think his videos are a little creepy.
'REALEST NiBBa' 3 weeks ago
I hare people who reply to their own comment
'Kaneki' 3 weeks ago
Jisel que es eso
'Drake's Edits' 3 weeks ago
Who is the girl at 2:13 and 3:03?
'MrBlack864' 3 weeks ago
This song gets stuck in your head!
Salma la marocaine
'Salma la marocaine' 3 weeks ago
'LORD EMPIRE' 3 weeks ago
Like si Eres Latino pero te laten estas Rolonas 🔥
Gesù Pinguino
'Gesù Pinguino' 3 weeks ago
I spinned my phone
'AD VR GORKHALI SWAG' 3 weeks ago
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