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RESIDENT EVIL 7 NEWS | New Short Footage & Latest Updates | Merch, Music, Lucas & More -
Published: 1 year ago By: Where's Barry

By: Where's BarryPublished: 1 year ago

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Resident Evil 7 News Updates
New Footage, Lucas, Music Video, Merch, and More!
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A quick news update on Resident Evil 7 as we get within less than 2 weeks until the release of the game. We talk about a new Biohazard official music video by Japanese Rapper Uzi, New RE7 gameplay footage that shows Lucas being semi-kind to what may be Clancy Javis in a VHS tape, and a closer look at how that chainsaw scissors weapon we talked about will look. We also discuss the different officially licensed Resident Evil 7 Merchandise available including the heat sensitive mug and blood candle. And the Resident Evil 7 London Experience Pop Up Event & Live Action Trailer coming to the UK.


YOUTUBE: Tom Humble (Awesome RE7 YouTube):
VIDEO: Uzi Biohazard Rap:
VIDEO: RE7 London Experience:
TWITTER: Capcom Morgane On Twitter:
Merchoid RE7 Merch (I don’t get paid):
VIDEO: Chainsaw Scissors & More:
VIDEO: Resident Evil 7 Candle:



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'HatCHeTHaZ' 1 year ago
Looks like the label on the tape says "Happy Birthday"
Tropical Wolf
'Tropical Wolf' 1 year ago
Whats the backround music called
jaden Rolon
'jaden Rolon' 1 year ago
yeah Lucas did help Clancy. To his death xD
SniperGhost RTDF
'SniperGhost RTDF' 1 year ago
Love ur voice <3
Prince Saison
'Prince Saison' 1 year ago
Oh so i knew it that Lucas wouldn't PROBABLY kill the protagonist since i don't see Lucas trying to kill that's sweet how hes helping you out :)
Ours Rapieure
'Ours Rapieure' 1 year ago
please the link of the footage
'deltavagen' 1 year ago
i really think of getting the VR just for this game. but i do not know if it gets me motion sick and so will destroy my experience with the game
'SCHMEATY GUAC' 1 year ago
i wonder if lucas only freed clancy so they can test and torment him, like the regenerator like creature in the basement from the tv ad could be clancy, or the bakers tried to do the same and try to care for him and he probably refused and got himself killed maybe, because those hands that are tied up aren't ethan's game model, but it's clancys
Grand Gojira
'Grand Gojira' 1 year ago
can't wait for RE 7 I'm counting down each day I'm so excited
สุธาวัลย์ อนันตเดโชชัย
Lucas might have some humanity ? XD
Bat Man
'Bat Man' 1 year ago
I can't wait for this game. I pre ordered the Deluxe Edition.
'0ddMonk3y' 1 year ago
I hate when game company take their sweet time releasing their products. I mean everything's finished, right? Why not release it early? -_-
'0ddMonk3y' 1 year ago
That rap music video was terrible as fuck. The beat was on point tho. But why everyone wanna be a rapper? Why not county music or pop? Rap is dead and people making horrible rap music is just kicking a man while he's down.
pepeww ww
'pepeww ww' 1 year ago
Halal Ali
'Halal Ali' 1 year ago
lucas good seed or bad seed we are going to have to find out lol
Age Of Sigmar
'Age Of Sigmar' 1 year ago
I will prefer in the third person mod gameplay lool! is just my thought
daniel Edward
'daniel Edward' 1 year ago
so exited January 24 hurry up!!!
'dra6o0n' 1 year ago
The more they work on RE7 the more you realize that a 'Outbreak' style game is very possible with that game engine and first person perspective. The feeling of powerlessness works very well in Outbreak when different characters scavenge and survive in co-operation, by splitting up to solve puzzles and such.
Chen Gong
'Chen Gong' 1 year ago
i just noticed he posted my comment i feel noticed
'THE BULLDOG' 1 year ago
Will we be able to download the game on Steam while the review copies are here?
'THE BULLDOG' 1 year ago
Everyone is freaking the fuck out! We are number one but every one is replaced by a Jack Baker quote
'HappyXDday' 1 year ago
I was able to read the tape and it was labeled as " happy birthday"
'dillajohn' 1 year ago
omgosh whats going on u know :o
Idk or Something
'Idk or Something' 1 year ago
resi_ razor
'resi_ razor' 1 year ago
OMG! 13 days!!!!
'GamerboyDoesStuff' 1 year ago
My theory about Clancy is that Clancy you will play as Clancy for the first part of the game trying to escape then play as Ethan for the rest
Kevin dela Cruz
'Kevin dela Cruz' 1 year ago
As expected, blood candles are running out!!! Hmm... I'm curious about Lucas. And RE 7 experience in London??? I wanna watch that!!! (If I have that chance.)
Gary Smith
'Gary Smith' 1 year ago
Yo Barry! You should do a whishlist video on what should (and shouldn't) include RE7. What the game should include to make it spectacular and not a big let down. Maybe connect this story to the franchise and not only make it a separate event (?) It would be cool to see.
'MrFree2BeMe1' 1 year ago
I just Pre-order some Diapers!
Tomb Runner
'Tomb Runner' 1 year ago
this is too cool! well the Lucas part at least. maybe he'll give some answers.
edward guerra
'edward guerra' 1 year ago
'BluSheep' 1 year ago
0:50 I think you mean insect leg scissors. ;D
Peaches Boling
'Peaches Boling' 1 year ago
Albert A.
'Albert A.' 1 year ago
I really wanted an RE7 walk through guide!! I know, play the game without it the first time, but they make great collectibles!! Seriously, there needs to be one, even if it releases after the game does!!
markell tyrus
'markell tyrus' 1 year ago
Luckily I got about 7 blood candles and will use one of them for the kitchen VR demo
Mr. Producer
'Mr. Producer' 1 year ago
I want that mug
omar Balooshi
'omar Balooshi' 1 year ago
It's clancy tape .. because clancy is wearing a black shirt opposite to ethan who was wearing white shirt
Blazen Dea7h
'Blazen Dea7h' 1 year ago
I don't like the 1st person perspective/gameplay. I'm not fully on board with the story nor characters. Combat's okay, other than that I'm glad there's horror again, puzzles and exploration. The sound design is absolutely outstanding and might be the best in the series.
L1 Metal Gaming
'L1 Metal Gaming' 1 year ago
"Resident Evil 7 News" should be its own series. Maybe "Resident Evil News 7". Catchy. Now go get a van.
Resident Evil Hardcore
Hopes the game are better than that Japanese rap LOL
Spikey boy
'Spikey boy' 1 year ago
That rap song is so cringeworthy
'Soulglitc_h' 1 year ago
I'm pretty sure the tape is Clancy's. Clancy wore a little bracelet on his right arm in the beginning hour demo and the guy in the tape has the same one on his right arm.
Luka Vojinovic
'Luka Vojinovic' 1 year ago
I need the game i need the game i need a game
'Murasakibara' 1 year ago
But seriously doe, I have the most serious question anyone could ask, where IS barry ? o:
Watching !
'Watching !' 1 year ago
When I receive my copy for resident evil 7, I am pretty sure that I will be forgetting to sleep for several nights and I may even forget that I have a job. Just saying.
Blueberry Muffin
'Blueberry Muffin' 1 year ago
How awesome would it be if Lucas actually tried to help people. May be he secretly hates his dad cause he treats him badly, well we'll know in 13 days :D
'Malukogamer115' 1 year ago
'Deadspaceed' 1 year ago
i was going butt im 2 young
Sassy Driving Lad
'Sassy Driving Lad' 1 year ago
OOOOOO I need that coffee mug
'Batman' 1 year ago
collectors edition sold out... :'c
'Jenn1382' 1 year ago
Love it! 💗 Only thing I loved in the rap video was the extra never seen before scenes from the game lol
Wesker JHG
'Wesker JHG' 1 year ago
The amout of dislikes on the video you sent in the link tho xD
'GamerGuy' 1 year ago
why is it taking so long!!
Wesker JHG
'Wesker JHG' 1 year ago
13 more days... 13 more DAYS! Fuck im such into the mood to play that game right now but they just keep us wait and wait and wait :( I Hope the game kick asses as I predicted
Wesker JHG
'Wesker JHG' 1 year ago
Sold out? ''Oh Noooo......'' - Leon when Ashley dies from RE4
'GamerGuy' 1 year ago
the tape might be mia's tape?
'GamerGuy' 1 year ago
now we know what jack baker use to cut up people and might be you
'GamerGuy' 1 year ago
I cant wait
Michael Russell
'Michael Russell' 1 year ago
I'm so excited 😆 it's been a painful six months
'Schhwifty' 1 year ago
Out of blood scented candles?! [Enter Leon's Nooooo soundclip from RE2 here]
Kapi 0006
'Kapi 0006' 1 year ago
Wating for RE 7 so much !!!!! :)
Dear Yoko
'Dear Yoko' 1 year ago
first !!!
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