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This is How Nature Produces Perfect Ice Discs -
Published: 11 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 11 months ago

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In particularly cold areas, freak atmospheric conditions can create perfect circles of ice. They're absolutely stunning!

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Herbert Tchechel
'Herbert Tchechel' 4 months ago
'blacksheep837' 11 months ago
couldn't find anybody in the whole world that actually saw it just somebody who saw pictures of it
'Cubeazza' 11 months ago
Do people actually believe this shit? Fuck off it wouldn't be that perfect somebody just came and cut it into the circle
Doug Reed
'Doug Reed' 11 months ago
"Phenomenons"? Sigh...
'Minn259' 11 months ago
I hate this channel. It has cool videos, but they're too short and this channel has far too many commercials
JAHA Scoots YT
'JAHA Scoots YT' 11 months ago
I feel the need to step onto it...
'Phines' 11 months ago
'megri' 11 months ago
fuckin your app. why dont you share on youtube the full video. im going to not use your app. i dont want to made my device app junk
Nilesh Darunde
'Nilesh Darunde' 11 months ago
That's a really big frozen pizza.
'yarimo' 11 months ago
God is amazing.
TF2 scout memes
'TF2 scout memes' 11 months ago
So i could throw a small circle of ice into a cold pool and it turns giant?
wool544 w
'wool544 w' 11 months ago
Noice ufo
Jutavis Gaming
'Jutavis Gaming' 11 months ago
Wow! But is the ice hard enough to stand on it?
Mr. Doggo
'Mr. Doggo' 11 months ago
Nazis back at it again wit their Wunderwaffe bs
'N0TS0SUBTLE' 11 months ago
Science is always scrambling for an answer but its funny as to how the non entity of evolution and naturalism is smarter than we are as there are many inexplicable things. Jesus is the Truth. Wake up.
George Espinoza
'George Espinoza' 11 months ago
science BITCH!
'Khangzar' 11 months ago
smh tryna cover up the aliens i see
Raid Syed
'Raid Syed' 11 months ago
'Timmate' 11 months ago
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